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      *                  ;;

      *   MORE REVIEWS   ;
      *                  ;

         coding by d'arc
  graphics by d'arc, coax, htd
 music by a hannula, coax, htd
code:                        57p
graphics:                    57p
music:                       61p
quality:                     59p
overall:                     59p
this demo includes alot of nice
fli graphics, and that's cool.
but all those hires logo really
stinked! the code is quite ok &
the music aswell. consider this
demo as a demo for your discbox.

        coding by tronic
graphics by b-wyze, macho, fox,
   zator, yankee and tronic.
   music by yankee, quan, jt
code:                        35p
graphics:                    30p
music:                       55p
quality:                     20p
overall:                     35p

a demo with lousy graphics isn't
a demo, and this demo got no
kind of graphics OR design. it
does not include any cool coding
either. i tell you, the only
thing i liked was the music and
that's all. jeroen tel rules!

      coding by mark, dyne
graphics by deathbird, slm, zap,
drive, dyne, salem, course, blo
music by metal, macmagix, mixere
   hithouse and the vibrants.
code:                        40p
graphics:                    20p
music:                       50p
quality:                     30p
overall:                     35p

these kinds of demos has been
seen back in 1988. to make mega
un-ora dycps and stuff like that
really makes me wonder what is
happening. the graphics is lousy
and there's only one picture
that is cool. the music is good,
but none of them were made by
some guy from x-rated. this demo
is not the kind you want to see
these days.

  coding by redstar, yup & burp
      graphics by redstar
music by link, mozicart, mc lord
code:                        65p
graphics:                    88p
music:                       71p
quality:                     85p
overall:                     77p

hey guys, this is how demos
should look like! real cool gfx
by redstar, the music is cool
aswell. this demo deserved the 3
place at hz's party. IT'S HOT!

        coding by stein
     graphics by stein, ole
   music by ole, stein, lars
code:                        39p
graphics:                    50p
music:                       78p
quality:                     60p
overall:                     56p

nice introduction indeed. nice
halloween tune. as this is a
music demo, there's not much to
see, but it's cool except the
'desination ii' logo in the main
part. if you press restore in
the main part you will enter the
sky channel test picture. KEWL!

   coding by hbh, bjorn, olav
   graphics by bjorn, richard
  music by mozicart, prosonix
code:                        20p
graphics:                    87p
music:                       70p
quality:                     35p
overall:                     53p

the only thing that makes this
demo cool is richard nygaard's
picture. it's one of the best
ever! too bad it wasn't used
with some REAL coding, because
the coding is lousy. the music
is very nice, as it always is
when prosonix does it. because
of the picture, this demo lasted
at 3rd place at horizon's party.

     coding by hannes sommer
       graphics by gotcha
       music by m hardstad
code:                        40p
graphics:                    55p
music:                       60p
quality:                     78p
overall:                     58p

a real cool demo. fucking nice
animations by gotcha. it became
such a big success so hannes and
gotcha decided to make a game
out of it. cool! this was also a
success when hz showed all the
demos on the big screen. hope
the game'll be out soon.

      coding by mel, icarus
       graphics by rainman
   music by orb, the vibrants
code:                        27p
graphics:                    35p
music:                       45p
quality:                     30p
overall:                     34p

this is a demo that should have
been released back in 1986. it's
nothing special with this demo
which includes a digitized piccy
and some redstar inspired gfx.
great! this demo is not a demo
for you guys which expect more
than three un-ora dycps in the
border, tech-tech and stuff like

coding by sykan, punch, swoffa
graphics by rocket, runch, jay
music by a-man, 20cc, skyline,
       moon, orb, g. axe
code:                        50p
graphics:                    54p
music:                       50p
quality:                     50p
overall:                     51p

well, well, well... i must say
that the noise guys have really
improved their works. the coding
and the graphics is much better.
the fli-woman is just great!

      coding by odin, glerc
   graphics by visual, vision
   music by tracker, soedesoft
code:                        57p
graphics:                    75p
music:                       60p
quality:                     65p
overall:                     64p

wow, a demo from s451. and it's
nice too. extermly cool graphics
by visual which is one of the
best swedes in making graphics.
it's a cool idea, and it's fun
to see all these small pictures.

   coding by sam, gremlin, tnt
 graphics by tlb, sam, gremlin,
     controll, decoy design
   music by mozicart, stranger
code:                        70p
graphics:                    29p
music:                       62p
quality:                     65p
overall:                     56p

this demo finished at 1st place
at the hz party. it's a nice
coded demo, but the graphics are
a real disaster. old logos and
fonts makes this demo go down
abit in quality. the loader did
not work with a tfc 3. the thing
that made this demo cool was the
coding. i especially liked the
parts with the re-animating
finish flags, the blow up 1x1
scroller and some others. save
this demo to yar demo collection

      *   DID YOU KNOW   ;
      *                  ;

...that EUZKERA of science 451
thought that zodiac's grandpa
made all calculations, and that
zodiac was a nobody.

...that SHAPE(ex-full force)
wrote shit in their demo about
flash inc and hotshot just to
please panoramic.

...that panoramic doesn't even
know who zodiac is? in homonews
they wrote that they force a
hammer into zodiac's mouth at
the horizon party but in fact it
was WISCH they did that to.

...that baze of brutal is a
ignorant boy, who only belive in
himself. cut the crap baze!

...TRIX of bonzai is the best
friend of DISCKILLER of demotion
eventhough he's ragging on him
in his notes!

      *     REACTIONS    ;
      *                  ;

your mag is very interesting to
read, but your eyes get tired
because of the waving text! you
should install a routine that
allows the reader to stop the
sidescrolling text by pressing a
key. this would be a reaal help
for your readers! the rest of
the outfit is quite nice.

dear CHUM,
thanks for your reaction. many
guys has complained about the
waving text and some say it's
cool. i tell you what. there
will be a new main routine until
next time, so we'll see if we
gonna take the wave away. just
have the patiece and wait.

yo hotshot staff. hotshot is
among the pure elite when it
comes to disc magazines. but it
have been beaten by brutal's mag
BRUTAL RECALL. don't change the
music. moon is one of the best
composers in the scene!

dear MANIAC,
well, what can i say. hmmmm...
brutal recall eh? kewl moon says
hello and thinks that you are
a cool guy (just because you
call'd him 'ONE OF THE BEST').

i like hotshot very much and i
think it's one of those best
magazines! but i think the chart
which points out the crackers is
wrong, as in every magazine. i
don't think the voters under-
stand what cracker-charts is.
the best gracker groups is those
who makes the best quality crax
and not those which only crack
with speed. first releases are
lame. and a group with lame crax
and first releases is not a good
gracker group. a good cracker
group is a group which makes
good and quality cracks. it hate
those guys which still voting
for cracker groups, just because
they got some first releases.

dear CHORUS,
i'm with you. you're absolutly
right at this point. maybe i can
make two lists for crackergroups
like have one list for quality
cracker groups and one for first
release groups. is that an idea?

  *  ;*<<;><<;*<<<*  ;*<<;><<;
  *  ;*  ;   ;*   *  ;*  ;   ;
  *<<;*  ;   ;><<;*<<;*  ;   ;
  *  ;*  ;   ;   ;*  ;*  ;   ;
  *  ;*  ;   ;   ;*  ;*  ;   ;
  *  ;><<_   ;<<<_*  ;><<_   ;
  *                          ;
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