Hotshot 11 ch05 The Interviews

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      *  THE INTERVIEWS  ;;
      *                  ;;

 in this issue we got some real
     kewl interviews with:
        SCORP of hitmen,
    xentrix of BEYOND FORCE
 ZORIS of the force/air design

Ö: hey guys, please tell me your
real name and your actual age.
s: okay, my real name is yuri
zagt, which is rather unusual in
holland and i'm 16 years of age.
x: ok it's as follows: petri
voutilainen and i'm 16 years.
z: my real name is daniele raggi
and i'm 20 glorious years.

Ö: what's your job in your
s: i'm doing alot of things, i'm
a elite swapper, doing some
graphics, helps with vinews and
some public relations.
x: i'm a coder and i swap abit.
z: well, i do most of the real
graphics in my group. once upon
a time i swapped aswell, but i
was too lame and everybody
dropped me!

Ö: how many groups have you been
in, and what's their name?
s: to be honest, i'm not such a
'group hopper'. in the past i
and duck-d built up a group
called ACID HOUSE. boy, i was
lame in those days. after that
we joined tfc(foxfire crew)
which was really fun! later we
joined MANOWAR. later we built
up ruthless, and now HITMEN.
x: hmmm... let's see. actually
i've been in 4 groups. the first
two were so lame that there's
nothing to talk about them.
anyway, their names were, PPC
and SKYSCRAPER. after that i was
a half year in knickers. later i
joined death sector. after some
months i got an offer to join
beyond force, and so i did.
z: my first group was DEMONS,
a real nice group built by my
brother, zagor and gi909. it was
sometime in 1989. then in march
1990, danny/the force gave us
the offer to join,and so we did.
nowadays i'm also in the grafix
label called, AIR DESIGN.

Ö: how many members are there in
your group?
z: the force consists of:
ITALY: me, zagor, gi909, gabriel
ximox and el dio.
ISRAEL: danny, nir p, g shavitt,
ronny and some other cool dudes
in the same country. we also got
some kewl australia dudes.

Ö: when did you buy your 64?
s: yee, i forgot. i got it on my
birthday a long time ago.
x: i bought my first 64 about
6-7 years ago and since then it
has been my only one.
z: i think people never care,
but it was back in 1985.

Ö: when did you become famous?
s: i think it all started when i
was in manowar, but even more
when i was in ruthless.
z: i'm still waiting. people
think that italy is a land of
lameness, and i must say that
they are 100 percent right!

Ö: what's your future plans?
s: i wish i could answer that,
because then my schoolteacher
wouldn't shout my head off. i
would like to earn some money
with the 64 too.
x: to finish my liker+packer,
learn better to play my guitar,
visit all kind of parties plus
other shit.
z: now i'm working on a game,
and in the future.... well, only
god knows!

Ö: who are your BEST pals in the
computer scene?
s: ofcourse all in hitmen, all
in the old ruthless, all my
contacts and some guys i want to
name are guys in: crest, silicon
ltd, trc, manowar, origo, x-ray,
gp, i+t and ofcourse you!
x: all the beyonders and my
contacts i guess....
z: all forcers, tat, ruler, bct,
arm, you morpheus and your nice
little dog.

Ö: who is the best graphixer,
musican and coder?
s: kjer, flamingo and ses as
coders. bizzmo, crept, scrap and
thunder as graphixers and as
musican(s), audial arts.
x: mario van zeist as coder.
arthur van dole as an graphixer.
and about the musicans: there's
so many good i can't decide.
z: flamingo as the best coder.
as the best graphixer i like
redstar and ranger of steel is a
good musican.

Ö: how many hours a day do you
spend infront of your computer?
s: well, atleast one hour but
mostly more.
x: not so much nowadays. it also
depends if it's holidays, week'd
or something else.
z: less than 2-3 hours aday.

Ö: what do you think about the
scene these days?
s: as far as i'm concerned, it's
rather cool, but i think some
guys is a little bit lazy.
x: as many guys have said, it's
going down and i sure agree.
nowadays alot of groups are
moving over to the amiga.
z: i like the scene. amiga can't
to anything against the old 64.

Ö: what do you think about
cracking then?
s: it's fine as long as there's
some good games.
x: i don't have any particular
stand to this because i just
don't care about cracking any-
more. they can do it as long as
they want to. but i think theres
not so much to crack these days.
z: i don't like it, and i don't
hate it.

Ö: what do you think about the
s: it's great to play games on
it. the amiga itself has never
heard of a decent scene.
x: as i said before, many people
are moving to amiga. sure amiga
has got great music capasibility
but i'm bored to demos that i've
seen. usual vectors and stuff.
when i'm going to stop on the 64
i'll maybe buy something bigger
like an amiga. time will show.
z: good to play kick off on,
but nothing else.

Ö: are your group going to do a
disc magazine?
x: haha... when this kind of a
question refers to beyond force
i can assure you that there's
only one answer. and that means
NO WAY! the reason is that there
is too much mags allready.
z: nooooo... stop those mags!

Ö: in your opinion, which is the
BEST disc magazine right now?
s: i guess it's mamba, and the
reason is that mamba have been
in the scene for a long time and
it includes alot of text too.
x: well, well... i'm not sure
about this as i said in the
previous question there's much
mags and i guess i haven't seen
very much of those mags lately.
anyway, i like mamba, corruption
remark and hotshot very much.
z: i say HOTSHOT (only to lick).

Ö: what do you like our magazine
hotshot then?
s: i'm very pleased to get it
each month and i really think it
belongs to the top 5!
x: i like hotshot very much...
and fuck you all who thinks that
i only says this to lick ass...
no way, i just say how it is and
i surley don't care what others
z: hotshot is hotshot...

Ö: please describe a lamer.
x: a lamer is a person who don't
have sense of humour. he takes
everything to seriously like
there wouldn't be anything else
to do. also he can be a ripper
of some kind.
z: no doubt. wildcat of ics!

Ö: do you often goes to these
fame copy parties?
s: yes, a matter of fact i do.
i used to go to venlo every
month and i also were at our
party with silicon ltd.
x: i try to. i just came home
from the hz-party so what the
heck... parties is fun!
z: not so often because italy is
a bit outside from the party
scene,but i couldn't have missed
the hz party...

Ö: do you have any idols in the
s: no,not really !if i see some-
one doing some real cool grafix
i think: i could have done that
too, but i hate to work on a
logo for so long.
x:yes, i admire people(coders)
like galleon, mario van zeist,
etc. mario is very talented
coder and able to invent genius
systems like hawkeye! i also
admire galleon for all his fame
z: no, i have not. i leave the
idols to the children.

Ö: do you want to change some-
thing in the scene?
s: yes, kick all the guys/groups
which think they have something
to say about other groups.
x: yeah, seeing the scene going
up again would be nice. nothing
else. no no! stop all wars!
z: yeah, wildcat/ics face with a
real sledgehammer.

Ö: what are you doing in your
s: going out with my friends,
doing some KARATE and doing some
swapping and i also grab the
phone for some hours.
x: i play some eletric guitar
and i code! in the summer i do
train myself with my friend by
z: i like to play football and

Ö: do you have a girlfriend?
s: yes, and a damn good one too.
she's 19 years, and she's hot!
x: no not actually, but let's
say that there's one person
very close to me(ahhhh!).
z: no, i haven't.

Ö: what's your favourite: food,
movie, country, magazine, game,
music group, sport and animal?
s: shoarma, junkfood and others.
   die harder, naked gun.
   my schoolbooks?
   super cars, hotrod, creatures
   nwa, paris ghetto boys, cpo.
x: rice and steak
   bad taste, total recall
   tie teen kwalehti, gorezone
   emilyn hughes int. soccer
   entombed, dismember
   non special sport
   no, no dog. i say a PIG!
z: pizza
   total recall
   alan parsons project

Ö: what makes you happy/angry?
s: nightparties in amsterdam
with booze, girls, graffity and
freaking makes me happy. and
mega industries makes me mad for
still writing lies about me.
x: happy: getting stoned, cool
stuff, good looking girls, good
food, good music, finishing a
good demo and splatter.
angry: no sense of humour, flat
tyres, bubble butts, bad marks,
mandolin, smelling socks, fairy
tales, sundays, breams.
z: my friends makes me happy and
wildcat/ics makes me MAD!

Ö: name three things you'd bring
with you on a desert island.
s: a helicopter, my girlfriend &
a trunk loaded with anti-kids
stuff like condoms etc.
x: a girl, electron microscope
and tons of food.
z: a girl, c64 and an eletric

Ö: thanks guys,it was nice to do
these interviews with you. do
you want to say something to the
s: stop all those mags that
compares real life with computer
life by having a section called
something like WAR IN THE GULF.
i really laugh about these mags.
x: yes, sure... get up our lazy
ass, before you'll left your
whole life slip away. have fun
in your life. finally a thanks
to moz(ic)art and to hotshot for
making this interview which made
me happy! see ya....
z: yeah, why are you reading
this when you can be outside,
fucking and fucking?

  *  ;*<<;><<;*<<<*  ;*<<;><<;
  *  ;*  ;   ;*   *  ;*  ;   ;
  *<<;*  ;   ;><<;*<<;*  ;   ;
  *  ;*  ;   ;   ;*  ;*  ;   ;
  *  ;*  ;   ;   ;*  ;*  ;   ;
  *  ;><<_   ;<<<_*  ;><<_   ;
  *                          ;
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