Hotshot 10 ch06 The Reviews

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      *    THE REVIEWS   ;;
      *                  ;;

THE INTRO starts with a logo
coming up on the screen, 2 pixel
lines at a time. below that you
will find a 2x2 upscroller.after
that the intro starts showing
several different pictures by
plotting them on the screen.

THE MENU contains a 1x1 char-
scroller below a hires picture.
above the picture some sprites
are placed with the names of the
different parts. you can move a
white arrow to select what part
you want to load, but the turbo
loader didn't work on the re-
viewer's diskdrive!!!

a picture moving with a hardware
scroller in the x-direction,and
a small scroll. besides that is
a routine that shows different
small 3 color logos by covering
different areas of the logo at
different times.

PART 2 - CTHUCHU contains a pic-
ture moving with a hardware
scroller in the x-direction. the
sideborder is open, and features
some sprites with upscrollers
but they're moving in a somewhat
bugged way.

PART 3 - YOG-SUTHOTH contains a
techteching upscrollers with the
same char all over it ($3fff
effect) and some goes
from the very last line of the
screen's textarea and into the
upborder. above that you can
find some moving sprites that
goes into the sideborder.

PART 4 - NYARLATHOTEP contains a
picture moving with a hardware
scroller in the x-direction, but
the colorcopying routine copies
SHIT into the colormemory on the
very leftmost and rightmost col-
umn and that is a lousy bug.
below that you can find a 1x1
charscroller and above that is
some moving spritegraphics.

PART 5 - AZATHOTH has got a pic
that moves up and down in a fld,
and when it moves up it reveals
some moving sprites. besides the
picture is a small moving multi-
colour scroll and above it is a
stretching and rotating area.

PART 6 - ITHAQUA has got a tech-
techscroll, one moving hireslogo
and a techteching hireslogo.

PART 7 - HASTUR has got a flic-
kering spriteroutine in the down
border and a hireslogo - that's
bigger than the showing area -
which is moving in y-direction.
in the upperborder there are
moving sprites that changes text
once in a while.

        code:       40 p
        graphics:   27 p
        music:      50 p


THE INTRO consists of a moving
logo, two flashing scrolls and
a routine that changes between
text screens by moving two
rasterlines towards each other.
nothing special, but it looks
kinda nice to me.

IRQ-LOADER has got a moving logo
and a few textlines that shows
how many blocks that haven't yet
been loaded and a 1x1 scroll.
it loads fast, so the loading
delays won't be disturbing like
in some slower irq-loaders.

PART 1 - BOBSCROLL this part
features a bobscrollroutine -
which changes char in the middle
of the bob area - and a hires

this boring part has got 16 mega
dycps without ora (UGLY!!) and
a scroll below it.

this part has got a small piccie
which tech-techs. over and under
it are 2 scrolls built up by one
completely filled char, and the
scrolls have got different speed
and colors. below that you will
find another hires logo.

PART 4 - 3DBOB MOVES is a part
that contains a bunch of bobs
moving in 3d, building up pieces
of text in different formations.
the part also contains a logo
and a scroller.

part includes several diagonal
scrolls over the whole screen,
with a dycp and logo moving in-
front of it.

PART 6 - BALLPART .. a few balls
moving in the wellknown routine
where a bunch of balls have been
hanged up to some kind of "roof"
with calculated lines. the rout
pulls one ball out and let it
down against the rest of those
balls with different amounts of
strength. the part contains a
textshowing rout and a flashing
scroller too.

this is a graphical endpart,
where you enter several commands
and get different kinds of mess-
ages displayed. it features a
x-moving hardwarescroller too.

        code:      65 p
        graphics:  74 p
        music:     70 p


  *  ;*<<;><<;*<<<*  ;*<<;><<;
  *  ;*  ;   ;*   *  ;*  ;   ;
  *<<;*  ;   ;><<;*<<;*  ;   ;
  *  ;*  ;   ;   ;*  ;*  ;   ;
  *  ;*  ;   ;   ;*  ;*  ;   ;
  *  ;><<_   ;<<<_*  ;><<_   ;
  *                          ;
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