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      *  ABOUT MAGAZINE  ;;
      *                  ;;

HOTSHOT will be released in the
   beginning of every month!


to help us with HOTSHOT, please
    send the following STUFF:

   *     news'n rumours     ;
   *        REACTIONS       ;
   *         votings        ;
   *       BULL'N CRAP      ;
   *     advertisements     ;
   * articles+party reports ;

you can also be interviewed in
hotshot by sending us a letter &
tell us that you want to be
interviewed. if we think you're
enough fame & cool the interview
sheet will arrive to you in the
near future.


     send your stuff to me:



   thanx to these groups that
follows, for all kinds of help !

EXOTIC                    HITMEN
titron                     cross
dark science             paragon
energy                   manowar
gentlemen                smaract
RUTHLESS                  bonzai
sharks+tnt              X-FACTOR
brutal                    spirit
illusion                   style
PADUA                     chrome
dsi                        triad
the vibrants          the freaks


           ship o'hoj!
and please be welcome to another
edition of your favourite mag,
HOTSHOT. this is the 9th issue
and i got something to tell you
about it. well, let's start by
saying that there's not so much
text as it uses to be. because
no one is making any cool demos
right now. i suppose many groups
are saving their demo to HZ's
party. i decided just to do some
reviews of some of the million
mags around. also a very few
things happend this month. but
this issue is good anyway. it
keeps it's usual standard. i've
got alot of help with this issue
but mainly with the votes that
chorus fixed for the last time
as he re-joined triad. and now
i would like to say something to
FLIMBO of XENTRIX. you wrote a
letter and said that you'll
maybe write about the scene in
england. that would be nice, but
please write it on paper and
please make it quite long. well,
i have also decided to put in a
new page called SCIBBLE BOARD.
it will contain a few lines
written by readers. pure possip
or what ever you wanna write.
but make it short, otherwise you
can write a long text and i'll
put it under the bull'n crap
headline. i also want you guys
to send phonenumbers to all the
boards that's in the scene.
ok. i hope you've enjoyed this
issue and look forward to the
next one. maybe 2 issues will be
spreaded at horizon's party!

        have a nice time

  *  ;*<<;><<;*<<<*  ;*<<;><<;
  *  ;*  ;   ;*   *  ;*  ;   ;
  *<<;*  ;   ;><<;*<<;*  ;   ;
  *  ;*  ;   ;   ;*  ;*  ;   ;
  *  ;*  ;   ;   ;*  ;*  ;   ;
  *  ;><<_   ;<<<_*  ;><<_   ;
  *                          ;
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