Hotshot 09 ch07 Different Things

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      *                  ;;

      *     REACTIONS     ;
      *                   ;

your mag is very cool, but the
sounds... why don't you take two
better ones?

dear DUSTY,
as i have said to all the other
freaks which complains on the
music: we will continue to use
moon's tunes until he stops on
this computer! elle ur anders?


yep! hotshot is in my opinion
the best looking mag around.
gosh, i really like the actual
mainstyle. the text is cool too.
the charts seems to be quite
fair. but in your demo review
you react a bit too hard, i
think. but anyway, all in all a
fucking great magazine.

dear FRESH,
well, gee thanks! when i look
back at the reviews i have
written i understand you. i'll
try to be more careful with my
selection of words. but i must
say that some demos that i
reviews IS lame!


hotshot is not the best mag
around, but i sure enjoy reading
it! change the hotshot logo in
the main routine because its too
ugly. it reminds me of BIRD of
ex-light. your mag is cool so no
hard feelings, ok?

dear GILIUS,
you wrote that the logo reminded
you of bird. don't make me so
depressed! i'll ask bird if he
can do a new logo for us. hehe,
just kidding! anyway, i hope you
will love hotshot futher more.


hotshot is rather cool but in
almost each issue something
bugs! like the big displayer,
'in which chapter you are'.
there are also some irritating
text bugs and the stars are to
often used but they are funny.
let chorus do a new logo. this
one is old-styled. you sure rule
the mag scene in sweden! and
your intros are always cool. i
really like recieving this mag!
ps. keep the waving text! it's
atleast orginal!

dear SCORP,
let's start at the beginning.
about the bugs: we know this
problem and we will try to do
our best in the future. many
complained about the logo. but
as chorus left us, this one will
probably stay for a while.
the stars is something special.
it's our sign of recognision.
anyway, i think we also rule the
mag scene in sweden also in the
whole scandinavia!      see you!


hey, nice mag but could you
please use another music from
moon/fhi because he makes cooler
ones then those two which are in
issue 8. anyway, i hope to
recieve hotshot as quick as you
possible can.

dear SLAINE,
i agree with you about the two
tunes. so, moon, come on and
make two new tunes special for
hotshot. anyway, if you want to
recieve hotshot you must send a
disc with the letter.


all bornere laste hotshot mag,
undtagen karl, han sad fast i en
spiral! anyway, hotshot is the
best mag around. keep that up
pals! hotshot sa ved man det er

dear BAZE,
another weirdo reaction from u!
is 'karl' a friend of yours or
what? anyway, thanks again...


      *    BULL'N CRAP    ;
      *                   ;

as in the last months many
things went wrong in the scene,
many lies were spread, much crap
was told and many dudes slugged
on each other,some things should
be decleard up now! as you might
have red in s'n crime many dudes
complained about what omg did.
printing private addresses of
members from crazy and so on...
and i really thought that was
lame to get someone caught who
does illegal stuff on his
machine. but i was wrong and
didn't thought of the things
which happend before, because it
were the crazy'ers who began to
write much crap about omg in
mamba. fight back! and this is
why there are so many wars in
the scene. people are slagging
on each other for no reason.
just to prove how cool they are.
why can't the people ignore or
forgive those things? another
fact is that groups uses their
mags to slug on their personal
enemies. some examples: S'N C
said: don't vote for tristar,
they haven't deserve to be in
the charts. BAD NEWS slagged on
transcom for no reason and even
called them lame. COOCOC wrote
crap about paramount, just cause
roy/dynamix is in war with (p).
PARANEWS called brainboms lame,
just because they're in war with
them. and there are still many
mags with the same lies and they
all try to dictate the readers
what they think or not. what i
wanted to show you with my ex's
is that your own opinion should
not stand in your own mag to
destroy your personal enemy. a
mag should be loyal and not to
slug on others. got the point?
yes? then try to stop those
attacks and just use your mags
to report about what's going on
in the scene.       MANIX/EXOTIC

       danish translation
AMOK      : to go completley mad
CAMELOT   : camel lordt
DEMOTION  : demo lamer
DISCKILLER: gigalamer
LASER     : a piece of shit

RCS of BONZAI is the main leader
of a socity called 'den bonzai-
anske relgion'.

did you know that INTRUDER or
LEGEND tried to join flash inc.
we got hold of some information
saying that he was kicked out of
several groups. so we decided
that he was not able to join.

a local lamer wanted to join
us in flash inc but as he didn't
want to lend his autocycle to
MORPHEUS and EPSILON, he had no
chance to join.

did you know that CHIEF 1 of
DUNEX is only 14 years old and
1.80 centimeter tall!

  *  ;*<<;><<;*<<<*  ;*<<;><<;
  *  ;*  ;   ;*   *  ;*  ;   ;
  *<<;*  ;   ;><<;*<<;*  ;   ;
  *  ;*  ;   ;   ;*  ;*  ;   ;
  *  ;*  ;   ;   ;*  ;*  ;   ;
  *  ;><<_   ;<<<_*  ;><<_   ;
  *                          ;
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