Hotshot 08 ch06 Different Things

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      *                  ;;

      *     REACTIONS     ;
      *                   ;

your mag is one of the best and
i really enjoy reading this cool
mag. keep that up. well i saw in
hotshot 6 that someone BLAIMED
on that it's hard to read. nop,
it's not. keep that STYLE. i
like it. best wishes in the
future for HOTSHOT!

dear MORRIS,
thanks for your reaction! as we
also think the waving text is
cool'n nice. well we will keep
it as it is! i mean, hard to
read? hmmmm....


hey, i really enjoy reading your
mag! the style of the mag is
just fab! but anyway it would be
really improved if you would
install a printer routine like
red haw/silicon said! a lot of
mags have a print routine, so u
wouldn't steal it from S'N C.
but anyway it's one of the best
mags in the scene!

many magazines might have a
print routine. but the case may
look like this: s'n c was alone
by having a print routine. some
mags stole the idea, some more
and so on. so that's the fact.
by the way,i'm not sure if S'N C
were the first with it, but i
think so.


dear hotshot. yer mag is great.
i usually don't like all those
discmags novadays but yer is so
cool. i just wanna complain
about one thing: the girls! the
girls in the intro on issue 6.
they are not very goodlooking i
think! their tits looks like
pyramides and their arms are
rather squary(know what i mean?)
if swedish girls looks like that
i rather go gay! (just a joke)
but except from that yer mag is
cool as hell!

dear SATO,
as you seen we've changed girl
to this issue. not beacuse of
you ofcourse. but as we used a
santa in our christmas issue, we
thought of using another one in
the near future. these girls
looks good. maybe the face is
is different. actually NOVA/FHI
came up with the idea of making
the girls tits bigger when we've
gonna release a new issue, but
we didn't make that cool idea
real! too bad!


your mag is well done. but it
can still be improved (like all
the other mags). the editors is
doing a great job!

thanks! can you please send
'DYSTANS' address to me. i just
wanna write a letter and say
fuck off EXORY!


your mag is very good and it
have done very good improvements
from issue to issue, but the
music isn't too good (no kind of
offence), but except for that
hotshot is a very good mag,
maybe among the top five.

we will NOT stop using moon's
cool music! (are you reading dis
anders?) anyway... i wish you
the best in level 11!


neiii den var sorme slem? yo
hotshot staff. evertime i get
hotshot my dick turns yellow,
blue and green at the same time.
keep hotshot pumping. hei guys,
what about an interview with me?

dear BAZE,
99.99 percent of the readers of
hotshot read it. and there's
these 00.01 percent which is not
doing it. what are you doing
when you get hotshot? wanking?


hotshot is a good mag, and i
always look forward to the next
issue. anyway, i think there
sould be more text, because you
read it out to fast otherwise.
that's a pitty, but i don't know
how to solve it. i also think
that "the territory" of the text
should be increased, so that you
can see more of the text at the
same time. about the music, i
think that you could use one by
your own musican and one by a
musican which is not in FLASH.
else, just like in hotshot 5.
but anyway, hotshot is cool...

dear MACHO,
at first. i'm proud to say that
this issue includes so much text
that i'm very confused. i've
written all this text between a
firday and a saturday. you're
not gonna solve a problem for us
we gonna solve it by our own. we
only want ideas, that what the
reactions are made for! as said
earlier, we only gonna use moons
music. (reading now anders?)


dear morpheus and chorus, i
think you are doing a prominent
job with 'hotshot'. i give i-man
of ruthless my support when we
talk about the waving text, it
is very frustrating, well i
think it was red haw/silicon who
said that? (what? ed.) anyway,
the main routine is really cool.
do you have to swap with any of
you in FLASH to get some voting
sheets? my own personal reaction
is that you will be the second
best after corruption! stay cool

dear TOUCH,
as with all the other guys that
have send reactions i just say:
thanx! the text will wave until
hotshot dies!


hotshot is surley one of the 3
really good-styled mags, and
important is that it's not like
the german mags. really cool

thanks! your one of few which
did not have something to react
on. (in a negative way) give my
best regards to MARKUS FUNK/MDG.


to much flashing, try to inter-
view more famous people. cool
intro. overall the magazine is
rather cool.

dear STATUS,
famous persons? should that be
you? seriously, it's hard to get
interviews these days. nearly
every one have been interviewed.
if you want to help, your mucho
welcummo! the interviews we've
done so far have not been bad !


      *    BULL'N CRAP    ;
      *                   ;

howdy hotshot. this is DYSTAN of
TRAUMA with some useful stuff
for your cool mag. first, i
would like to say, that i'm not
EXORY, as some mags claimed, i
used to be called GLAFF of
ATOMIC WASTE, and most decent
mags knows me for collecting sum
votes from friends, and sending
them to you. if you would be so
kind to print that, then you're
printing the TRUTH aswell! exory
is still in holocaust. he have
not quitted. i, reconner and
tiebreak left holocaust as they
were simply TOO lame, and we
built up a new group. you can be
sure, that we will be decent!

editorial comment:
YOU, exory or shall i say dystan
to you?, are a fucking lier!
your mouth stinks! you say you
are not the same person as exory
and you used to be called GLAFF
of ATOMIC WASTE. ha! in S'N C
you said you used the lame name,
LEECH/COLDCUT. and here you're
saying that you were used to be
called GLAFF? what kinda lamer
are you anyway? you also told
the truth about your recracking.
before you denied it all, and
now your saying that you 'only'
recracked 5 out of 100. another
lie. the letter i got from you
also included other lies. you
said that ACCU frequently were
changing groups between action
and flash, and then he joined
brainboms. lies! lies! lies!
for the first: 'accu' changed
his name into PUBLIC ENEMY ages
ago. and he did not join 'BB'.
a time ago he left action, to
join us in flash inc. i know we
printed that in number 7, but
only so public enemy could see
what kinda shit people writes
about him! you also printed some
contact addresses. not yours,
just wolfs and tiebreaks. don't
you swap? does recracking takes
that much time? and ofcourse you
send this letter without your
handwriting just to make sure we
won't get any PROOVES against
you! i'm sorry to say, that i
lost the stamp, but i know it
was from aarhus/dk! you obeyed
the rest of the scene to give
you another chance, but as long
as you're in this scene, making
recracks & stuff, you will only
be left to die in the dirt!
as long as hotshot lives, you'll
be banned from hotshot for life
time! save the scene, LEAVE!
if you dear readers have some
of your own thoughts about this
lamer, please write a letter to
us and we'll print it under the
BULL'N CRAP chapter.

steve of x factor is only 1.60
tall? (small people rule, steve)

macro nit GOT MONEY to join DOM!

olav morkrid of pd and the rest
of them, changed their name from
panorama to panoramic because
they thought that they would be
a well known sortware firm. haha

if you mix a crazy member with a
atrix member the result would be
a even crazier member than it
used to be before!

all the kids in the schoolyard
were playing football, but not
SCROLL. he was to dull!

exorcist of laser's name is
TERO SUOMI and he lives in a
town called KAARINA.

CHORUS is in danish 'KORVARK'.

FLASH is in danish 'GLIMT'.

BRUTAL is in danish 'GROV'.

CREST is in danish 'FJERDUSK'.

ATRIX is in danish 'LAME'.

      *   PARTY REPORT    ;
      *                   ;

        the dexion party
the party was held in odense/dk
from 26 to 29 of december 1990
in a large school. it's probably
the biggest party ever arranged
as there were some 700 people
there. i guess that of there
about 25 percent were 64 freaks.
this small attendance and lack
of foreign groups are mainly
because of the party invitation
was not spreaded very well.
anyway, the groups i saw/met
were: fairlight, light, class,
i+t, upfront, triangle, bones,
impulse, atrix, bonzai, laser,
pulsar, censor, dom, vibrants,
foxbat, demotion, amnesia and
some which have vanished from my
mind! the party place was parted
in a large hall (only for the
amiga dudes), 2 gymnasiums and
several classrooms. food could
be bought at the party or in
varoius shops and supermarkets
close to the school. the party
was very well arranged with
officials equipped with walkie-
talkies patrolling the area and
always ready to help with what-
ever possible. VIOLENCE and
VANDALISM as seen at other cool
parties were prevented by an
alcohol prohibition. only one
small group of swedes made some
trouble and they were quickly
fetched by the police.
about 12 demos participated in
the 64 competition where the 1st
prize was 500 us dollars. each
participant had one vote and
BONZAI showed bad sportsmanship
by voting for the worst demo
which easily could have been
made in thirty minutes. this
resulted in dexion cancelling
the votes and assign themselves
as judges. the result came out
as follows: 1. LIGHT
            2. triangle
            3. upfront
            4. x factor
            5. bonzai
            6. fairlight
            7. pulsar
            8. impulse
all the mentioned groups got a
kind of reward. i think people
ought to take this result in
mind when voting for the mags.
good musicans don't make BONZAI
the best demo group. nor can't
quantity(bonzai's 15 parts) beat
quality (upfront's 4 parts).
think about that.
all in all is was a successful
party with too many amiga guys
though. now it's up to all of
you to change that at the DOM
v2 party this easter. see you!

excellent party report sent in

 *<<<*  *<<;*<<<*  ;  * *<<;*<<
 *   *  *  ;*   *  ;  * *  ;*
 *<< *  *<<;><<;*<<;  * *  ;*
 *   *  *  ;   ;*  ;  * *  ;*
 *   *     ;   ;*  ;  * *  ;*
 *   ><<<< ;<<<_   ;       ;><<
 *         ;       ;

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