Hotshot 08 ch05 The Reviews

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      *                  ;;

same ol' intro that have been
used in all issues of r'n r. on
the upper part of the screen,
there's a role logo which don't
look like its saying ROLE. under
that there's some rock'n role
sprites which waving left/right.
the colours in it SUCKS! ever
heard of nice flashing? right
under that there's two 4 by four
scrollers in different speeds.
first you see the very big r'n r
logo on the top of the screen,
which in my opinion is UGLY!
under that a quite nice square!
in that square you can find the
different chapters to load.
there's 14 of them. in the upper
and down border there is this
1-14 chapter chooser. if you
move joystick up/down left/right
you'll be able to choose chapter
to read. when loading a chapter,
it starts to load. it loads for
a very long time. i wonder if
something was wrong with my copy
of r'n r. but then a 'PART' came
up on the screen. on the upper
part of the screen, there's a
rock'n role logo and on the low
part of the screen, there's a
logo waving, which says the name
on the chapter you've choosen.
this looks like a demopart! it's
not nescessary to have this one
in a magazine. REMOVE IT! then
you're entering the reading
screen. there's a logo showing.
the text area is about 17 tec's
and that's good. in the upborder
there's some sprites which shows
you which page you're reading.
in the downborder there's spr's
which shows you the direction
you've choosen. the shifting
between two pages takes alot of
time. you nearly have time to go
to the toilet. the text colours
suck! some times brown, cyan,
yellow and on.. behind the text,
there's this FLASH which don't
looks nice behind the different
colour-texts. yuch! you can also
choose between two tunes, one by
vulgarik and one by skysurfer.
you can also choose which page
you want to go to. for an ex, if
you're at page one you can go
directly to page 9 or what ever.
there's also a print routine.
that's good, but if you like me,
and dont have a printer which is
not installated and press space
the whole shit fucks up! i mean
the music sounds strange and the
text+logo is not what it should
be in normal case.
well i'll tell you what i like
and didn't like about this mag.
DIDN'T LIKE: to little reviews,
horoscope? what for?, reactions
from your own members and those
lame fucking tunes!
LIKE: many optitions, enuff news
and nice graphics on the square.

music:  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<     30p
graphics+design              40p
orginality:                  39p
editorial job:               40p
overall:                     37p

on the upper part of the screen
there's x-ray hires logo. quite
nice indeed. under that there's
a text line which introduces you
to this issue. under that you
see this BILD ZEITUNG logo, and
on that a sprite scroller waving
around. the sinus curve looks
abit strange.
high up on the screen there's
the same bild zeitung logo which
you also could see in the intro.
under that a 1x1 scroll(yuch).
usually i don't like scrollers
in mags, but this one is ok !
under that there's two gfx-bars
and between them there's the
chapters you can choose. this
menu is easy make but it's damn
cool! the only thing is that
the graphic-bars don't reach the
whole way out of the sideborder.
but i suppose you didn't see it
like that on your tv when you
coded this. when choosing a page
it starts to load. after a while
there comes a new screen. you
move the joystick left/right to
flip pages. the routine which
changes the pages bugs. please
FIX THAT! in the upper border
you'll find some small BZ spr's
and in the down border you'll
find some sprites which tells u
which page you're reading. i
think it's nice with all those
different fonts you're using.
I LIKED: the interview, even if
you didn't interview a hacker.
tanja & andrea seems to be two
nice girls, the news and did you
know chapter was cool too.
I DISALIKED: some of the charts
and well, nothing! i like this
magazine alot! GOOD work guys!

music:  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<     60p
graphics+design:             60p
orginality:                  58p
editorial job:               61p
overall:                     60p

a 'SANTA DEADHEAD' is placed in
the middle of the screen. after
a while his eyes starts to roll
around. he disappears, and some
text comes up, where TRC wishes
you welcome to the special issue
too bad the tune didn't played
longer. it sounded good!
well i sure like this graphics!
on the top of the screen you'll
see a frontpage logo. in the
middle of the screen you can see
the text you're gonna read. and
under that you see a trc logo,
which been inproved with some
christmas trees & stuff. well,
i suppose this mag, from the
beginning, was made just for you
to know every new things about
TRC. you find some christmas
hello's, reviews & news aswell.
there's a lack of text in this
magazine. it haves a nice outfit
and if AJ writes more text this
magazine will be much cooler!

          REVIEW POINTS:
music:   <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<    65p
graphics+design:             65p
orginality:                  41p
editorial job:               32p
overall:                     51p

first we have the introduction.
some text comes, introducing the
demo. some ugly DSN shows up on
a 2x2 scroller. this is only sum
shit which introduces the whole
            1ST PART
on the top you'll see 1x1 scroll
with a ugly font. under that
some rasters(anno 1987). right
under that a disoner logo. under
that you'll see these dsn spr's
again. on the bottom of the
screen there's a 2x2 scroller.
            2ND PART
on the top you'll see a disoner
logo. the logo also mirrors in
the 'water' just under the logo.
a SHARK and a fish are wondering
around over that. under that
there's three acid sprites which
is some kind of analysers. some
lines under that a 2x2 scroller
and at the bottom, some rasters!
            3RD PART
on the very top you'll find a
1x1 scroller. under that there's
a 16 spr's multiplexer, which
sure looks like zodiacs old one.
under that this disoner logo.
in the down border there's some
raster analysers which, i think,
is the best thing in this demo!
            4TH PART
on the top of the screen you'll
see disoner's first dycper.
CONGRATULATIONS! really. under
that a 2x1 char-text-changer
which changes too fast to read.
many lines under a 1x1, and a
disoner logo showing.
            5TH PART
on the top there's a disoner
logo on a fld-wave. some spr's
are dancing around on that. the
addy's is showed under that.
i suppose(i know!) that this is
the contact part! wasn't that
modern 2,3 or 4 years ago?
            THE END
on the top you see a 'the end'
logo. lines under you'll find a
2x2 scroller. on the bottom, a
inradicable logo is showing it's
pride(?). in the down border and
a part over the inrad logo a
sprite scroller is installated.
well, this demo was only ment to
be for fun. this demo looks like
those which was made some years
ago. lousy graphics.

          REVIEW POINTS:
coding:  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<    25p
graphics+design:             18p
music (ripped):              55p
overall:                     32p

first of all there's the usual
introducing text. after a while
a nice, nice lion shows up! this
is really COOL! i love it! nice
             2ND PART
on the top, a new text routine
is used. cool! under that you
see three men and one woman
jumping around. this is really
cool. over them some animating
acid guys.
             3RD PART
on the down part you see a not
so cool grafixmania logo. on the
left & upper side of it, there's
some mda sprites. after a while
the mda sprites starts to jump
on the logo. when jumping on it,
the logo 'SQUEEZES' together. it
looks soo nice. on the upperpart
there comes a circulating scroll
which grows from nothing to a
big scroll.
            4TH PART
this part starts up with some
mda sprites in the upper border.
one on each side. in the middle
border there's a face on a guy.
in the middle there's a 'SOUND
MANIA' logo. on the bottom you
see a 1x1 and a 2x2 rotating
around it's own axis. this part
doesn't belong to the rest!
            5TH PART
wow! cool bobs! anyway.. on the
top(border+screen) there's a
'TWEAK IT' logo. in the middle
you see this nice bobs. behind
the bobs there's a huge scroll.
nice but the B & R look strange.
on the down part there's some
values that you can change with
your joystick. you can change
            THE END
oh yes! nice girls! real nice
indeed. when seeing these girls
it reminds me of some kind of
art. and on the left side some
faces is showing. it's MAT, TIM
and JOE of modern arts. they're
talking to each other. i simply
adore those animations. it's a
nice and orginal idea. maybe JOE
is a bit hard on MAT and TIM?

          REVIEW POINTS:
coding:  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<    69p
graphics+design:             80p
music:                       79p
overall:                     76p

very nice indeed. lotsa moving
and lotsa colours. in the upper
border you see some swinging
'PARDEY' sprites. under that you
see a x-factor logo which waves
in the side border. under that
a 'box' which the name is dyppin
around. on the left side of it,
there's some 'TOTAL' sprites, &
on the right 'CHAOS'. a big
scroller is placed under that.
in the down border you see the
complete greetings list.
            1ST PART
first there comes a 1x1 scroll
which shows on the top of the
screen. directly under you see
a plotter. under that a water-
fall picture. after a while a
new zoom routine shows up. nice!
            2ND PART
ok. a x-factor logo on the top.
it sure reach the side border.
under that you see this picture
which takes all the rest space
on the screen. over the x-f logo
there comes a DYCP. not these
usual dycps. this is cool!
nice curves!
            3RD PART
first you aee 180 'bobs'. x-f
have made many different bob
routines. but what follows is
maybe their BEST! a new screen
comes up. some 'X' and 'F' spr's
is placed on the screen. around
these a 'bob scroller' comes up.
max 192 of them! cool indeed!
            4TH PART
at first there's a XF logo on
the bottom of the screen with
some nice star-sprites behind.
then a bob scroller comes. this
is sooo cool! many cool curves!
my favourite is the 3D! under
the logo you can see the amount
of bobs present. also a little
scroller. ofcoz' this is NOT
real bobs (if you didn't know).
            THE END
a XF sign comes first. then it
blows up like some kind of fire-
works. then a usual text routine
comes. behind that, there's a
nice star field. GOOD WORK!

          REVIEW POINTS:
coding:  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<    68p
graphics+design:             55p
music (ripped):              68p
overall:                     64p

          REVIEW POINTS:
coding:  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<    30p
graphics+design:             35p
music (ripped):              57p
overall:                     41p

          REVIEW POINTS:
coding:  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<    20p
graphics+design:             10p
music (ripped):              50p
overall:                     27p

          REVIEW POINTS:
coding:  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<    50p
graphics+design:             70p
music (ripped):              70p
overall:                     63p

          REVIEW POINTS:
coding:  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<    50p
graphics+design:             55p
music (ripped):              60p
overall:                     55p

         LUNACY 2/ANTIC
          REVIEW POINTS:
coding:  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<    15p
graphics+design:             25p
music (ripped):              50p
overall:                     30p

          REVIEW POINTS:
coding:  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<    48p
graphics+design:             39p
music:                       40p
overall:                     42p

          REVIEW POINTS:
coding:  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<    56p
graphics+design:             88p
music:                       80p
overall:                     75p

          REVIEW POINTS:
coding:  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<    60p
graphics+design:             70p
music:                       70p
overall:                     67p

         TRIP 3/CRUSADE
          REVIEW POINTS:
coding:  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<    57p
graphics+design:             64p
music (ripped):              50p
overall:                     57p

          REVIEW POINTS:
coding:  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<   100p
graphics+design:             98p
music (not ripped!):         97p
overall:                     98p

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