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      *  B'N C+HZ PARTY  ;;
      *                  ;;

           BULL'N CRAP
hello guys! here is THE ILLUSION
of WEIRD+NATION writing. i will
give u the reason why we kicked
IRON LORD out of weird. he was
really LAME and a lazy shithead!
first, he made many lame error
cracks, but after a while he was
too lazy to crack. he began to
call himself 'MAINSWAPPER'. he
got really many letters from
alot of famous dudes but didn't
answer because of his lazyness!
if you'd sent him a disc, you
had to wait for ONE month to get
it back! after a while he DUMPED
most of his contacts, and he
only got 4 ones left(two of them
were real lamers)! i simply said
to him: 'get more contacts, or
i'll kick you out of weird'. he
only laughed and replyed: lamer!
you can't kick me because i'm
the best(hahaha red.)! i decided
to kick his ass! so that's why
he's been kicked out. thanks for
your attention.
                    THE ILLUSION

note from staff:
this is the first letter to the
BULL'N CRAP section. why don't
you send us a letter, telling us
and the rest of the scene about
a guy who making stupid & lame
things on the c64 and should
just fuck off and die! a message
to IRON LORD: please send a real
long letter to us, so we can
hear your oppinion.


       the HORIZON party
this is some information about
the forth comming horizon party
this easter. let's begin then..
- the party will take place as
  last time, varby skolan. it's
  a big school in a suburb to
  stockholm city called varby.
- the party will start on the
  29th of mars at 0800 hours.
  and it will end on the 1st of
  april sometime in the morning.
- the enterance will be 80 skr.
  do only pay in cash, not cards
  or no foreign money!
- inside you'll find a cafeteria
  where you can buy you daily
  supply of coca cola & candy..
  outside the school you'll find
  a hamburger bar, pizza joint,
  shops and tobacco stores. this
  only lies about 100 meters
  from the party place.
- last year, there came about
  500 hackers, and there were
  still 15 rooms left! there wil
  be room for some 700 people.
- there will be a demo compo.
  both for the sixtyfour and one
  for the amiga. the winners wil
  be elected, as on all the good
  partys, by all freaks on the
  party voting! the demos will
  be shown on a big 4x5 meter
  video-projector. the 3 groups
  in each competition will ofcoz
  get some real awesome prizes.
  the deadline will be on sunday
  the 31st at 1800 hours. the
  deadline will not be moved a
  single minute!
- so what will happen on this
  party then? well, demo coding,
  hamburger eating, game crack,
  ware swapping, coke drinking,
  shit talking, snake fighting,
  vhs watching, game playing,
  lamer hunting, goat wrestling
  and many things more that a
  REAL hacker enjoys...
- how to get there:
  by train: go to stockholm city
  and from there you take the
  subway to 'varby gard'.
  by air:
  fly to arlanda airport. take a
  airbus to stockholm city and
  then the subway to varby gard.
- if there's any problems or you
  want to find out the latest
  news about the party don't
  hesitate to call horizon's bbs
  'the holy grail' at this no.:
  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. or write or
  call bagder & zagor. address:
         bagder & zagor/hz
for an invitation write a letter
this text was written to 64 from
horizon's invitation on paper.
the reason why i wrote this on
the c64 is that i want to help
as much as i can so you guys can
come up to sweden & have a real
good time on the party! see you!


       *<<<*  *<<;*<<<*  ;
       *   *  *  ;*   *  ;
       *<< *  *<<;><<;*<<;
       *   *  *  ;   ;*  ;
       *   *     ;   ;*  ;
       *   ><<<< ;<<<_   ;
       *         ;       ;

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