Hotshot 07 ch05 Interview

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      *  THE INTERVIEW!  ;;
      *                  ;;

this time we have an interview


please, tell us your real name.
- david fahlander.

...and your age is?
- 17 years old.

what's your job in censor?
- i'm a CODER and MUSICIAN.

for how long time have you been
CODING and making MUSIC?
- i started to code BASIC 4 and
  a half year ago and 2 and a
  half year ago i got mon. then
  i started to CODE for real and
  i released my FIRST demo a
  year ago.
  i started to COMPOSE MUSIC 2
  and a half year ago and i re-
  leased my first tune a YEAR

in how many GROUPS have you been
and what's their NAMES?
- 2 groups! first TRIAD and now

about censor... how many MEMBERS
are there in censor?
- i'm still so NEW in censor so
  i don't know.

when did you buy your C64?
- 1985

what's your FUTURE plans?
- to make different demos and
  STAY on the 64 till it's DEAD.
  and then maybe go to the amiga

who are your BEST PALS in the 64
- chorus, the whole triad,
  epsilon and censor.

who is the BEST coder, graphixer
and musician?
- CODER: hmmhmm, too many good!
  GRAPHIXER: dragon and chorus!
  MUSICIAN: danko

how many HOURS a day do you
spend in front of your computer?
- at the moment, HALF AN HOUR a
  day, but SOON 5-8 hours a day!

what do you think about the
SCENE these days?
- i'm not so familiar with it.
  it feels like the 64 has NO

what do you think about AMIGA?
- it's BORING coz i'm lame on it

who is the biggest asshole in
the scene?

describe a LAMER for me?
- someone who COMPLAINS on oth-
  ers and thinks he is the best,
  and walks around straining his
  muscles on partys.

do tou often go to COPY-PARTIES?
- quite OFTEN.

do you have any IDOLS in the

do you want to CHANGE anything
in the scene?
- yes, less WARS between groups!

what are you doing in your SPARE
- i go to CHURCH and i'm a party

do you have any GIRLFRIEND?
- no, but i will SOON have one
  if she wants me.

what is your FAVOURITE:
   food: crossed potatoes
country: no country
  music: u2, bonney m, vivaldi
  sport: volleyball
 animal: cats
   demo: boozed/censor
   game: elite

do you have any ENEMIES?
- NO, i don't think so.

what would you bring to a desert
ISLAND? (3 things)
- girlfriend, the bible, my 64!

would you like to SAY anything
to the public?


       *<<<*  *<<;*<<<*  ;
       *   *  *  ;*   *  ;
       *<< *  *<<;><<;*<<;
       *   *  *  ;   ;*  ;
       *   *     ;   ;*  ;
       *   ><<<< ;<<<_   ;
       *         ;       ;

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