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this section is for reactions,
reports and articles. but for
this issue we haven't got much
of that, so in this issue we'll
have a third interview instead!!

* reactions to hotshot.
* party reports.
* whatever you want to say to
  the public.
* the story about your group.
* articles about the scene in
  certain countries or parts of
  the world.
* or whatever that might be of
  interest for the readers...

now over to the THIRD INTERVIEW.


this time we have an really cool
interview with TORBEN HANSEN or
better known as METAL of BONZAI.


please tell me your real name?
- my name is TORBEN HANSEN.

and your age is?
- i've just turned 18.

what's your job in BONZAI?
- i'm a full-time MUSICAN.

in how many groups have you been
in, and what's their name?
- well, i started out in a small
group called ZONE 7. after some
time, we 'cleaned' up the crew
and changed the name into DEAD-
LINE. then we all splitted up
and i joined THE ATOMIC FREAKS,
but not for long 'cause all
members(2) joined a group called
U2. again i wasn't present in a
group for long, 'cause i got the
offer to join WWE. i stayed
there some 3 months or so until
some days later i got the offer
to join ABNORMAL, and so i did.
i stayed in ABNORMAL all the way
until the group died. i was then
groupless for about 2 weeks or
so, when me and DRAX came up
with the idea to built up a cool
music company. and then UNITECH
DESIGNS was born. but not for
long, coz DRAX got tempted by
AMOK, and so he joined. then i
asked CONTEX if i could join,
and they accepted. i don't know
why they ever hired me, 'cause
they never used any of my tunes.
ofcoz i couldn't accept to be in
a crew who had such incompetent
leaders who wasn't interested in
using the skills of their own
group. well, enough about them.
2-3 days after i left CONTEX i
recieved a phonecall from SONNY,
and he asked me to join and so i
did. overall i've been in about
NINE groups.

how did you got the interest in
making music?
- i got very interested when i
got the SOUNDMONITOR. and that
was in 1987, i guess.

when did you started making
- i made my first tune in sound-
monitor in 1987.

are you self learned or did you
got help from someone?
- i got some help with the
instruments in SOUNDMONITOR. but
i learned to make music myself.

if you'll RANK YOURSELF on the
music charts, on what place
would that be?
- nahh, that would be selfish to
do, but somewhere between 1 and
10 wouldn't be bad at all....

who came up with the NAME of yar
- no idea.

when did you bought your commy?
- i bought it in JULY'86.

when did you became FAMOUS in
the 64 scene?
- still waiting...

what's yar plans for the FUTURE?
- well.. some question that is..
i really don't know. i guess the
time will tell me.

which guys/girls is your BEST
pals in the scene?
- i'd hate to forget someone,
but DRAX, most BONZAI'ers (don't
know'em all), TIGER, UPFRONT,
PANDROME(amiga) are good friends

who is the best:
coder     : can't pick any
graphixer : the same.
musican   : TIM FOLLIN

how many hours/day do you spent
infront of your computer?
- ONE hour, perhaps less.

what do you think about the 64
scene these days?
- it's gone absolutley CRAZY...
there are too many magazines,
too many LAMERS and not enough
insperation present.

what do u think about CRACKING?
- well, i am not really into the
cracking scene, all i can say is
that you should vote for CRUSH,
'cause he's doing a great and
hard work. that's for sure.

what do you think about the
- AMIGA is spelled without an
'L', i don't know were people
get the wierd idea that it's a
lame computer... it's a GREAT
machine (only if the damn GURU
would PISS OFF).

are BONZAI gonna do a magazine?
- we did one once, but it died
when SONNY left. (but haven't ya
started a new one? red.)

in your own opinion which is the
BEST disc magazine around?
- that's a difficult choise...

and what do you about HOTSHOT
- not bad. i just can't wait to
see the new design. (well, here
it is! red.)

who is the biggest lamer/asshole
in the whole scene?
- some lamer called PER LINDHART
from holstebro/denmark.

please describe a lamer.
- let me put it like this...
  Lack of
      Reserves it?

do you often go to copy parties?
- NO, 'cause i usually can't
afford it.

do you have any IDOLS in the
- naahh.. TIM FOLLIN perhaps..

if you could change something in
the scene, what would that be?
- yes! LESS lamer, LESS mags and
more fantasy in the demosection.

what are you doing in you spare-
- i do alot of homework, play
football and pool/snooker...
drink beer with my friends and
date with GIRLS.. (do you have
more than one? red.)

what's your favourite:
food        : LASAGNE
movie       : no idea...
country     : DENMARK
magazine    : no idea...
game        : no idea...
music group : most HEAVY METAL
              bands (especially
              BAD NEWS - great
              music TRAP).i also
              listen to classic
sport       : FOOTBALL and POOL
animal      : no idea...

what makes you happy/angry?
- happy.. when a BONZAI demo
          get's a decent review.
  angry.. when we don't...

do you have any enemies?
- not that i know of...

name three things that you would
bring with you on a desert
- my computer(s), beers and a
good looking famale electrican.

do you want to say something to
the public?
- yes, vote for BONZAI on all
the charts...


 well, thanx for the interview!


                  METAL INT KLAR
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