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      ACTION-JACKSON of TRC & SCS       
           proudly presents             
          FRONTPAGE ISSUE 28            
 FINALLY your hungry stomaches are over 
 for a couple of months. sum people did 
 NOT care about it, others said the MAG 
 died, believers told me to do it again 
 so i did! i just got too many LETTERS, 
 FAXES(although i dont own one but it   
 looks funny!),PHONECALLS about when    
 the new issue of FRONTPAGE will be re- 
 leased as the last one came out awhile 
 after x-mas 93. due to the fact that   
 i believed in those STORIES from you,  
 i hereby bring you again a frontpage # 
 CREDITZ for FRONTPAGE 28 (c) by -TRC!- 
 slow-motion coding by TRAX, hidden gfx 
 drawn by RMC & TRAX! old crappy tune   
 done by JVD/FOCUS. ANNOYING texts done 
 by AJ. nothing more 2 add by CBA & NSD 
 -the MAIN EVENTS of this great number- 
 * HOLLYWOOD CORNER (film updates!)     
 * SARCASM chapter! (SCENE.. BEWARE!)   
 * BOVEN OP HET NIEUWS (dutch journal)  
 * & many more specials 4 u in petto!   
 LETZ kick off with'boven op het niels' 
 * 'boven op het nieuws' = 'scene-news' 
 - A-MAN/ex-ARCADE re-entered the scene 
   as musician for AVANTGARDE!          
 - TROOPER got booted from TRC as he... 
 refused to release his magazine 'META- 
 MORPHOSIS' as an independent magazine! 
 -VENGEANCE rejoined SUCCESS!           
 -megmyx joined PSI as musician while   
  COUNT ZERO left to enter TALENT!      
 -TRSI & DYTEC came to a compromise!    
 -BURGLAR/SCS&TRC took over BOD's place 
  in the staff of the magazine 'propa-  
  ganda' where he'll do the LISTS.      
 -MARVEL is a brand new internet-group  
  for coding games. members are MIRAGE  
 & TDJ/FOCUS,metal/vibrants,psy.burner! 
 -TRC memberstatus update: AJ-CBA-TRAX- 
 -deathlok & cybermosh joined psi as    
 -GREGO put up his famous board IN LIV- 
  ING COLOUR again, same old number!    
 -GET READY FOR A SHOCK! remember the   
  magazine done by skater, - SHOCK! -   
  most sceners believed it should come  
  again, but nothing happened! now the  
  OLD editors bring you the NEW SHOCK!  
  no cracks, but demos will be review-  
  ed inhere! brought to you by MIRAGE   
  & TDJ of FOCUS. also a papermag of    
  SHOCK will be done, most is already   
  finished, available soon under the    
  logical name of - SHOCK UNPLUGGED! -  
 -CHROMANCE memberstatus update: SZAB   
  left the group for PC trouble, while  
  STAKE(crack,supply) & LION(fix,code)  
  joined the hungarian team.            
 ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  --- 
 (c) scene news from bbs & phonecalls!  
 guess we could introduce a new chapter 
 in FRONTPAGE, its kinda funny for most 
 of the sceners as they turned to great 
 musicians l8ly. SARCASTIC or not, just 
 enjoy,take sum fries,sit down & RELAX! 
 (keep provoking & you could be next!)  
  -=- TOP 20 DANCE CHARTS APRIL'94 -=-  
 20. respect    :performed by CROSSFIRE 
 19. take me away : done by JAZZCAT     
 18. no matter what i do : by MOREN     
 17. whatta man!  : done by PUDWERX     
 16. give it up : done by PSYCHOBILLY   
 15. no time to waste: NSD & KRISTINA   
 14. movin' on up! : done by AVANTGARDE 
 13. true love :performed by TRSI+DYTEC 
 12. look who's talking now : by AJ!    
 11. i'll survive! : done by POWERPLANT 
 10. let me be yar underware: by CBA!   
  9. dreamlover  : performed by BURGLAR 
  8. forever young : done by DERBYRAM   
  7. things can only get better:MOTIV 8 
  6. sail away:produced by ALPHA FLIGHT 
  5. born to lose : WILD SIDE           
 4. fuk you in the ass : BOD & MAJESTY  
 3. believe in me : done by COUNT ZERO  
 2. never alone! : performed by TRC+SCS 
 1. I LIKE TO MOVE IT: done by HAIN!    
 mega top 20:every saturday 1500-1700pm 
 every SECOND SUNDAY a great party is   
 held by TRC&SCS(on c64),SILICON(on the 
 amiga) & SUCCESS(on pc). entrance fee  
 is only 7.50 dutch guildens.           
 we've got a capacity for 200-300 party 
 animals.further accommodations are a   
 snackbar,drink/beer,videoroom and two  
 computerrooms. at the mo' we are try-  
 ing to accomplish a telephoneline for  
 modemtrading. the NEXT PARTY data are: 
 8 may, 12 june & 10 july 1994. JUST DO 
 IT! if you come by train: take bus 7   
 direction 'zuilen' at UTRECHT cs! get  
 out at 'humberdreef'.from there walk   
 north/left to the party place. but if  
 you got enuff money to own a car then  
 drive it towards UTRECHT-OVERVECHT.    
 take the 'a2' direction amsterdam -    
 maarssen (N230). drive on N230,zuilen- 
 se ring to karl marxdreef.turn left at 
 henri dunant plein and you'r there!    
 guess thats all info you need for this 
 THEN CONTACT ME AT:                    
 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XX                     
 XXXX XX  XXX XXXX                      
 -HOLLYWOOD update corner april/may'94- 
 *BEAUTY - starring bruce willis        
 midevil fantasy of a sleeping beauty   
 waking up in the 90s in new york.      
 julie roberts might be the beauty!     
 *WOLF - j.nicholson,m.pfeiffer         
 bill randall(nicholson) works at a     
 publishing firm & after being bitten   
 by a wolf, bill becomes more aggresive 
 at work and goes after the top brass.  
 *BLUE SKY-jesssica lange,tommy l.jones 
 jessica stars in a dramatic film about 
 a family moving to a military base &   
 she quickly becomes part of a cover up 
 involving nuclear bomb tests.          
 *CLEAR & PRESENT DANGER -harrison ford 
 ford helps the us declare war on the   
 columbia drug cartel.                  
 *ACE VENTURA:pet detective-james curry 
 when the miami dolphins mascot is sto- 
 len just before the super bowl starts, 
 a pet detective is called in to find   
 him. amazing funny stupid movie!       
 *INTERSECTION - sharon stone,r.gere    
 stone plays the devoted wife and moth- 
 er. gere is the husband trying to con- 
 trol is passion for davidovich.        
 *OVERKILL - wesley snipes              
 the story goes about a cia agent who   
 comes out of retirement to track down  
 his protegeeturned-assassin.           
 *ADVENTURES OF FARTMAN - howard stern  
 should prove to be very interesting.   
 expect anything to happen.             
 this was FRONTPAGE 28 done by ACTION-  
 JACKSON. the NTSC fix was done by      
 ROCKSTAR. hope you liked this short    
 issue which was spread on 1 may 1994!  
 - (c) frontpage 28 ntsc/pal by TRC!  - 
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