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  THE RULING COMPANY proudly presents:  
 * FRONTPAGE twentyseven,X-MASS issue * 
 this TRC-production was released after 
 CAMELOTS party denmark *27-29/12/93*!  
 the CREDITZ 4 this special X-MAS issue 
 -intro music 'jinglebells' by DEFBEAT- 
 introcoding done by TRAX,rest by defb. 
 - intro-gfx by RMC,issue gfx by TRAX - 
 LAST X-MAS/wham converted by HITHOUSE! 
 texteditor: ACTION JACKSON of **TRC**  
 yoo back up... starting frontpage for  
 you again! ISSUE #27 already, with a   
  lot of gossip & other SMASHING events!
 just released for CAMELOTS pardey so   
 this one's just for yar entertainment  
 events which makes this issue complete 
 -the ARENA pardey invitation 1994      
 -GOSSIP from the scene!                
 -hollywood film news & entertainment   
 -sum SURPRISES for you all.            
 what happend in the scene in december? 
 -IRONCAT has left TRC to join a new    
  founded group called: AVANTGARDE!     
 -AVANTGARDE consists of the following  
  well-known people: DEFF, JACK DANIELS 
  MAGICMAN, and FREESTYLE.              
 -WESTBAM quit legend and the scene!    
 -DERBYSHIRE RAM has never joined AVT!  
  at the moment he's still groupless.   
 -jazzcat/rebels joined ALPHA FLIGHT    
 -RSI booted DENSE coz of in-activity!  
  further cracker DOUBLE-T/RSI quited,  
  while TBB joined RSI as swapper!      
 -CRUZE/lithium has joined THE RULING   
  COMPANY as supplier. cruze was also   
  asked by SUCCESS and RED SECTOR INC.  
 -GOREFEST(swapper) & ZAR(cracker) have 
  also joined TRC!                      
 -TRICKET/VR decided to quit the scene! 
 -FAIRLIGHT will organizise their       
  EASTERN party in gothenburg in 1994!  
 -a new crack team has been built up    
  'IMPRESSION' with members of trance,  
  rebels etc. MEMBERS are: toxyc,stone, 
  outlaw & cruncher. DR.JONES just left 
 -RICHIE/ILS has quit the scene!        
 -illusion still continues with GREGO & 
  suzieuzi,while both were busted for   
  abusing 950's & their bbs' are being  
  down at the moment.                   
 -TSS/SCS survives in da water in venlo 
  XXX-XXX-XXXX as their HQ!             
 -POWER SURGE new hq nr. XXX-XXX-XXXX   
 -at the beginning of december E.O.M. & 
  T.E.I. were both formatted. at the mo 
  everybody is able to connect again!   
 today we are participating CAMELOT'S   
 party just before the end of this year 
 1994 will continue with COOL and HEAVY 
 parties like the following ones...     
     the highland conference 1994!      
 the PARTY takes place at jonkoping in  
 sweden between 17-19 june 1994. many   
 things will guarantee this party to be 
 a SUCCESS, like: synthesizer show, the 
 scene awards, big prices for compos &  
 many more! - INFORMATION AT EQUINOX -  
 another show is the ARENA'94! this VIP 
 show is held at monte carlo where you  
 get the FUTURE information about all   
 aspects of the computer & videogames   
 industry! tickets available at TRC hq! 
    date of happening: 6-9 march'94     
 STAKEOUT II (r.dreyfuss,e.estevez)     
 a woman joins the cop force of drey-   
 fuss & estevez in this sequel, where   
 they must all pose as a family.        
 BODILY HARM (a.baldwin,n.kidman)       
 a thriller about a love triangle!      
 PHILADELPHIA (t.hanks,d.washington)    
 hanks plays a gay AIDS stricken attor- 
 ney who hires homophobic attorney wash 
 ington to represent him in a law suit! 
 FLESH & BONES (d.quaid,m.ryan,j.caan)  
 when ryan decides to leave her husband 
 for the road life, she find quaid who  
 fill vending machines for a living and 
 the romance begins.                    
 ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES -r.julia,a.huston 
 with the same crew as part one the ad- 
 dams have returned in a great comedy!  
 JOEY COYLE (john cusack)               
 an unemployed longshoreman finds one   
 million dollars & runs into problems!  
 - THE PARTY 1993!  - THE PARTY 1993! - 
        funny gossips and facts         
 -the #1 cracker, BUCKLAR/SCS still     
  couldn't finish his crack of Lions U. 
 -NSD/SCS went to the church on the     
  last day of the party with a danish   
  girl he met at WEST END!              
 -PSYCHOBILLY/RSI thought that SCAT of  
  RSI won the gfx-compo becoz he was    
  1st on the list! the fact that he did 
  not know was that the computer messed 
  up the final results! so SCAT/RSI was 
  not even in the top 10... embarassed  
  walked psychobilly away from da stage 
 -CASE/??? entered the party in an out- 
  rageous costum coat 'grenztruppen'!   
 -when we arrived at 0800 am at the     
  party TRAX/TRC took a chair and never 
  let it go! next time he told us to    
  bring WHEELS with him 2 DRIVE AROUND! 
 -if you need cartridges, amiga 1200s   
  or anything else contact count-0/rsi! 
 -when TMB/ENTROPY kicked out his shoes 
  in the bus, THE EMERGENCY ALARM went  
  off... almost 50% of the bus popula-  
  tion in the back jumped & run forward 
  to the driver's seat as TMB'S SOCKS   
  where sooo fucking stinking,smelling  
  that everone was trying to get sum    
  FRESH AIR! finally when TMB wipped on 
  his shoes again, half the crowd went  
  back to their seats. he weared his    
  socks for five days!!  baaaaahhh!     
 -GARBAGE & TROEP went in co-operation! 
      - THE PARTY 1993 RESULTS! -       
 MUSIC COMPO:                           
 1.'??????' RED DEVIL/FAIRLIGHT         
 2.'WITHOUT BLUES'/LIGHT                
 3.'THE PARTY 93'/ZYRON of ANTIC        
 GRAPHICS COMPO:                        
 1.'COMPIC' by OXIDY of FAIRLIGHT       
 3.'INDIAN & WAR.' by DEEKAY of CREST   
     and of course the DEMO COMPO!      
 RESULTS DEMO COMPO as follows...       
 1.TOWER POWER    from CAMELOT          
 3.VISUAL DELIGHT from FOCUS            
 4.legoland 3     from fairlight        
 5.comalight 11   from oxygen           
 the GRAPHICS compo had many contes-    
 tants. check out also the great gfx of 
 the NON-WINNERS like:hein holt,mirage  
 & sander of FOCUS,rob of CAMELOT(in    
 mine opinion the BEST one!),ivan of    
 smash designs,joe/antic & electric/ext 
 now GET READY for the *RAINBOW PARTY*  
 also know as radwar 8! held by: tsri,  
 radwar,spreadpoint and fairlight.      
 DATE:15/16 january 1994! order infor-  
 mation sheets at this addy: XXX X XXXX 
     ***    LAST MINUTE NEWS    ***     
  sum internal problems. he joined the  
  64+amiga section of SILICON LTD.      
 -rune of hoaxers has quit the 64 scene 
 -in 'THE PULSE' party issue was writ-  
  ten that a guy called: rawfist of pxn 
  has joined TRC. to clear things up,   
  i don't know rawfist at all and so    
  he's no member of THE RULING COMPANY  
 thats all for this issue, as you see i 
 skipped the RANKINGS for this issue    
 coz i haven't that much contacts any-  
 more!  wish you all the best for 1994! 
 *     *     *    *    *    *    *    * 
 FRONTPAGE 27 was released on 31-12-93! 
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