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 ACTION-JACKSON is proud to present you 
 TRC -=- F R O N T P A G E  #21 -=- TRC 
 BACK to kick ass after a half month of 
 delay to bring you this ONE-FILED MAG! 
  i heard you all CRYING in the POST i  
 got from you l8ly,WHEN COMES FRONTPAGE 
  OUT? you were right 2 ask, since CBA  
  joined the ARMY i had to do sum more  
  things to keep up TRC! so with this   
 NEW issue i hope i can make it good 2u 
 letz turn the TEXT towards the CREDITZ 
 yar fav.text-editor-ACTION JACKSON/TRC 
 REM/radiosong was converted by IRONCAT 
 in december'91! CREDIT him if u use it 
 -if you still didn't january 
  we KICKED the germans out -CEVIN-,    
  -EXCELSIOR- and -POMPOM- coz of lazy- 
  ness! CEVIN tried to join FAIRLIGHT & 
  got REFUSED as answer! l8r CEVIN fix- 
  ed his ONE-MAN crew EXTASY!           
 -call the new X-FACTOR bbs:7186292657! 
 -morten salthe(ex-PANORAMIC DESIGNS)   
  has joined -SHAPE- as coder!          
 -also e.mikkelsen & h.flesland joined  
  SHAPE as swappers! SHAPE's music de-  
  partment is called -BLUES MUZ'-       
 -HOTLINE is back! i know the names of  
  the refounders(2), but its a secret!  
 -SKYWIZE/VISION is back in the HOAXERS 
 -CBA/RULING COMPANY joined the ARMY(ed 
  tour of duty take 46 is ready!)       
 -HYSTERIC'S new trader NOT the usa!    
 -after a few months ILLUSION came back 
  freestyle,prodigy and the despiser!   
 -EXTREME is dead! b-wyze,god,kopkilla, 
  delta joined SUCCESS! communist join- 
  ed F4CG, while DELTA left already to  
  join LEGEND! MANX was kicked out of   
  success & STEEL/EX-PADUA joined SCS!  
 -rough/success joined HYSTERIC!        
 -in february TRAX,RMC & DEFBEAT tried  
  to join 'PARADIZE', but got refused!  
 -DUKE/dom,JANEC,GOD were all caught by 
  the COPS, but they know the LINKER!   
 -FLT will soon release 'legoland ii'!  
 -MR.STARK/BABYGANG coded the game cal- 
  led HEKTIC! they released it as first 
  but it was NEVER NTSC fixed!          
 -IN-ACESS is a subgroup in 711, which  
  will start to code games...           
 -JUDAS joined the guys in CHROMANCE    
 -PAGE & TBB left DEATHSECTOR in order  
  to join HOAXERS as musicians.         
 -CHROMANCE got a new modemtrader from  
  germany called SLJIVOVICA.            
 -xfactor budget label is called FIASKO 
 -CITADEL OF ILS. now GLORY+HYS board!  
 -the swedish #1 FAIRLIGHT!             
        *** AUSTRALIAN SCENE ***        
 -PATTO joined TDU as musician,gfx-er!  
 -mindcrime joined BATTERY as graphican 
 -and finally DEMOLITION has died there 
 50.pina       of trash software   (29) 
 49.j.daniels  of dominators       (25) 
 48.prometheus of the foxes        (16) 
 47.techno     of compagnions      (24) 
 46.anarchy    of graffity         (--) 
 45.don.prom.  of vagabonds        (--) 
 44.audience   of sunrise          (--) 
 43.goldrush   of crest            (--) 
 42.antichrist of genesis project  (15) 
 41.trigger    of enigma           (3!) 
 40.goblin     of light            (22) 
 39.eazy-e     of alive            (--) 
 38.gotcha     of cosmos design    (--) 
 37.truse      of tdu              (--) 
 36.hercules   of heartbeat        (27) 
 35.daniel     of force israel     (10) 
 34.aslive     of hysteric         (--) 
 33.dr.disk    of legacy           (28) 
 32.remix      of clique           (--) 
 31.rune       of hoaxers          (26) 
 30.nightshade of success          (--) 
 29.anonym     of padua            (--) 
 28.gerwin     of fairlight        (23)      of f4cg             ( 5) 
 26.shocker    of success          ( 4) 
 25.sodapop    of fairlight        (--) 
 24.greg       of faces            (20) 
 23.sonny      of dominators       (25) 
 22.crossfire  of acrise           ( 6) 
 21.spikes     of dunex            (14) 
 20.aaron      of fairlight        (23) 
 19.chancer    of babygang         (17) 
 18.dr science of atlantis         (19) 
 17.shocker    of battery          (30) 
 16.spiderman  of x-factor         (18) 
 15.silco      of paradize         (13) 
 14.ayatollah  of fairlight        (--) 
 13.kristian   of shape            (--) 
 12.tch        of brutal           ( 8) 
 11.dense      of hysteric         (12) 
 10.wildcat    of ics              (11) 
  9.deff       of dominators       ( 3) 
  8.rcs        of legend           ( 9) 
  7.bod        of talent           ( 1) 
  6.bishop     of dominators       (--) 
  5.hellraiser of mayhem           (--)     of chromance        ( 2) 
  3.JANEC      of GENESIS PROJECT  (15) 
  2.HERO       of ILLUSION         ( 1) 
  1.DRAKE      of GENESIS PROJECT  (15) 
  hope you like this way of CHARTING... 
 itz a bit MORE personal for the REAL   
 swappers in the scene! now sum points: 
 * DOWNER of the month - TRIGGER/enigma 
 * highest CLIMBER otm - DRAKE  /gp!    
 * highest NEW ENTRY   - HELLR. /mayhem 
 FINALLY we come towards the FILM NEWS  
 and reviews for this month...          
 -A.SCHWARZENEGGER has agreed to appear 
  in 'SUPERMAN V',but he won't be taken 
  the place of C.REEVE. arnie will be   
  playing a SUPERHERO who saves super-  
  man's LIFE!                           
 -after lethal weapon 3, MEL GIBSON 'll 
  play a pilot in 'the rest of daniel', 
  who takes part in a SUSPENDED ANIMA-  
  TION EXPERIMENT that goes WRONG and   
  50 YEARS L8R is accidentally revived  
  by 2 young boys.                      
 -JAMES BOND will be seen on television 
  in 100 separate tv-series...          
 -CHARLIE SHEEN will play an undercover 
  COP in 'fixing the shadow' and the    
 -kiefer sutherland will star an ameri- 
  can who becomes a TAIPAN/sort of boss 
  in taiwan in the 1950s in 'CHINAGATE' 
 -the director of ARACHNOPHOBIA, frank  
  marshall, moves his sights to...      
  CANNIBALISM in 'ALIVE!', the story of 
  a rugby team who survived a plane     
  crash in the andes by EATING.......   
  GUESS WHAT???                         
 -CHEVY CHASE stars in 'so i married an 
  axe murderer' as a man who discovers  
  he and his two children are about to  
  be SLICED by his NEW BRIDE!           
 -at last jack NICHOLSON stars in -HEY! 
  WOLF- with michelle pfeiffer as the   
  girl who get gripped by a WEREWOLF!   
 thats the news, herez sum new reviews! 
 PROBLEM CHILD 2                        
 JUNIOR is back & moved with dad to a   
 new place,morthville! jr goes 2 school 
 & he KICKS ASS there like hell. therez 
 also a 'problem GIRL' who tries to     
 trick JR. this film is full of fun,    
 like when people THROW UP at the crazy 
 dance in the CARNIVAL PARK. his dad    
 fells in love with annie, the mother   
 of the problem girl! jr & the girl try 
 to fit them together coz dad wants to  
 MARRY a BITCH 'lawanda'! the film is   
 pretty cool with weird laugh-scenes... 
 RATING: 95% out of 100%                
 SHEP survives a SPACE-WAR in the uni-  
 verse, but has to upload his engine at 
 EARTH for 6 weeks! he hates that. he's 
 never been there & ya'll see lots of   
 humorious situations with HULKAMANAI!  
 to get sum action too, two spacy BOUN- 
 TY-HUNTERS have followed shep to kill  
 him but he will SURVIVE coz he's the   
 HERO! he'll live at a standard family! 
 cool film for a saturday eve..         
 RATING: 85% out of 100%                
 ********* PADUA OPINION POLL ********* 
 all answers to this poll were that we  
 (PADUA) should CONTINUE creating DEMOS 
 only one 'no' came in by argos/oregon! 
 PADUA will work on their next demo,but 
 first have to solve an internal probl. 
 ------ EASTERN & SUMMER PARTIES ------ 
 first party is held by LIGHT/PHENOMENA 
 in sweden on 17-20 april '92 : you can 
 get your INVITATION from LIGHT-members 
 NEXT ONE is from -MAJIC 12,TRISTAR &   
 RED SECTOR- which is held from....     
 18/19 APRIL'92 in sopron/hungary! info 
 at majic 12,XX XXX XXX,XXXX,sopron/HUN 
 -------- B R U T A L  PARTY'92 ------- 
 this party 'll take place on an ISLAND 
 (NOT BAHAMAS!) called SAMS0 in denmark 
 from 26/6 - 29/6! INFO at brutal-memb. 
 CONTACT the staff of TRC if you like:  
 or for REACTIONS & INFO'S 4 frontpage: 
 so keep on writing & tell me the truth 
 ********* LAST MINUTE NEWS! ********** 
 -CHANCER was kicked out of BABYGANG!   
 -CRYSTAL/amiga switched 2 the 64 too,  
  members are:DAD,OPUS 3 & SUPREME!     
 -met & m+m/F4CG joined MAYHEM!         
 -becoz of trouble in denmark, DUKE +   
  HULKSTER/DOM got busted! also the     
  bandit(a worldwide card-hacker) got   
  caught. SAINT left dominators too!    
 -coz FLT was busted on PC, SAVAGE left 
  to join LIGHT coz he's afraid of that 
  WE've done it again! this is the END  
 of yet another FRONTPAGE issue! hope   
 you've all enjoyed it & spread it wide 
 FRONTPAGE #21 was made by AJ/TRC & fix 
 ed by the UNHOLY in CANADA on 7-4-1992 
 before i forget i'll THANK all people  
 who send in their news 4 this release! 
 ANOTHER SMALL POINT:                   
 itz my BIRTHDAY(23!) on 9 april, so ya 
  know what to send me you all readers  
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