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 ACTION-JACKSON is proud to present you 
 TRC -=- F R O N T P A G E  #18 -=- TRC 
 again a new issue of the best ONE-FILE 
 magazine for PAL/NTSC, done by EMPIRE! 
 this time i'm planning to come 2 venlo 
 AGAIN coz there will show up sum cool  
 friends of mine from DENMARK, so thats 
 why i put this new issue together and  
   i also did it coz therez sum very    
 IMPORTANT NEWS i have to tell ya all!  
 letz turn the page towards the CREDITZ 
 yar fav.text-editor-ACTION JACKSON/TRC 
 the MUSIC you here was exclusively dun 
 for trc by GUY SHAVITT of sidchip scr. 
 latest ELITE news sampled in SEPTEMBER 
 -                                    - 
 -  the RULING COOP TRC+TBI is OVER!  - 
 -                                    - 
 -THE RULING COMPANY will go on alone,  
   as TRC, together with the guys from  
  odissey: JRC, SPARKY and YEYUS. these 
   guys are now trc-members and their   
  group ODISSEY is dead! THE BLASTERS   
  will go on with jr.predator & bl.hole 
 -the coop TRC+TBI did die coz we got a 
  good offer from odissey, a TRC board! 
  the coop existed:  1 year & 8 months. 
 we in TRC wish da BLASTERS all da BEST 
 -jester re-changed his name into SEAL, 
   but was THROWN out of TRC coz his    
  CRACKING-ability was too low to REACH 
 the trc STANDARD! good luck elsewhere! 
 -DR.CRIME is a full TRC member on c64  
  and mainly AMIGA. he's modem-trader.  
 -CHRIS of brutal is now PANTHER/brutal 
 -flood of FAIRLIGHT quited the scene!  
 -mr.bappalander/ex-skyline technics    
  joined LIGHT as their new composer!   
  the syndicate & lawyer formed EXTREME 
 -'BACKDOOR' is x-factor's new board,ya 
  can phone them on: 901-386-6455       
 -T R O E P is the budget-label of TRC! 
 -mario van zeist quited da programming 
  for 'HAWKEYE 2'!                      
 -the burglar/ex-orion joined SUCCESS!  
 -CHUM was kicked out of chromance.     
 -mr.perfect/hysteric is now SHOCKER/h. 
 -the beast left hysteric & joined TAT! 
 -WRATH CHILD(sysop g.s) joined ENIGMA. 
 -exulans,zensonic & slatanic joined X- 
  FACTOR, alpha was kicked out!         
 -cs/demotion joined DUNEX and POWER    
  was kicked out of the danish group!   
 -PARADIZE got two new members from the 
  music group -MOZ(IC)ART- called: geir 
  tjelta & trond k.lind.                
 -ARTIX joined PARADIZE as graphican.   
 -jeroen tel formed SONIC CIRCLE.       
 -BEYOND FORCE stopped making demos!    
  thats all for the news in this issue  
  just put it all in yar next magazine! 
 ACTION-JACKSON'S ranks for november'91 
 25.stormfront24.unique   23.bonzai     
 22.century   21.tat      20.the force  
 19.awesome   18.hotline  17.success    
 16.rebels    15.dominat. 14.hysteric   
 13.dunex     12.transcom 11.legend     
 10.paradize   9.x-factor  8.light      
  7.ics        6.brutal    5.x-ray      
  4.chromance  3.GENESIS P 2.ENIGMA     
  1.TALENT (yo bod, still at #1!)       
 -sum guys didn't reply within 4 weeks- 
 the LATEST NEWS of the FILM-FRONT here 
 -DENNIS, THE MENACE from the comics &  
  and tv-hero will come to live in a    
  new film from JOHN HUGHES(home alone) 
 -MICHAEL JACKSON stars in 'the $30 mil 
  lion MIDKNIGHT' as an all powerful &  
  all knowing person who creates an ex- 
  traordinary FANTASY WORLD to live in! 
 -james cameron's T2 follow-up is the   
  drama 'THE CROWDED ROOM'.             
 -ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER will play in da 
  film 'SWEET TOOTH', an man from L.A's 
  fast lane until his father dies and   
  ARNIE has to carrie on the family tra 
  dition as TOOTH FAIRY!                
 -STEVEN SPIELBERG will produce 'juras- 
  sic park', an dinosaur-AMUSEMENT park 
  that goes HORRIBLY wrong!             
 -lena olin will play a psychiatrist in 
  'MR.JONES' who falls hard for her new 
  patient.... RICHARD GERE!             
 -ANOTHER SEQUEL is born! this time its 
  from hunt for red oct., PATRIOT GAMES 
 -DEMI MOORE links up with TOM CRUISE   
  as attorneys, defending 2 marines on  
  trial 4 murder in 'A FEW GOOD MEN',   
  SMALL ROLES are here too for: kiefer  
  sutherland, kevin bacon & j. nicolson 
  in 'CREATIVE DIFFERENCES'.            
 -melanie GRIFFITH plays the role of    
  daffy gangster's mistress in 'BORN    
 thats all for the film-news this time! 
 HOTSHOTS! - with charlie sheen!        
 Yeah.. the new 'naked gun' is out!     
 CHARLIE SHEEN(TOPPER harley) goes back 
 to the navy as pilot coz they need him 
 he falls in love  with ramona in here! 
 expect a lot of SUPER-HIGH-COMEDY like 
 the naked gun humor & see this one.    
 RATING: 90% out of 100%                
 SPYMAKER -'secret life of ian fleming' 
 JASON CONNERY as ian flemming.ian gets 
 a job as reporter & goes to moscow. he 
 gets a true story which may not be pu- 
 blished! ian wants to fax it 2 europe, 
 the COPS are after him but ian escapes 
 in london he gets another job as bank- 
 er & will be a SPY when therez a war!  
 the WAR starts & ian is SPY NOW. ian   
 gets a girl (lida). ian's job is to    
 NAIL general helstein & sum lame SS-rs 
 the SS-ers kill lida at a bombincident 
 and a tin horse saves ian's life once! 
 RATING: 75% out of 100%                
 ANOTHER YOU - gene wilder & r.pryor!   
 GEORGE & EDDIE in a new comedy! george 
 is a man who has to get back in the    
 REAL LIFE! eddie helps him with that.  
 george takes over the PLACE of an MIL- 
 LIONAIR coz he looks the same way!lots 
 of funny situations in this COMEDY.    
 RATING: 80% out of 100%                
 i really like movies with seagal! its  
 seagal(gino) is a cop! RICHIE kills a  
 good friend of gino on the street cal- 
 led bobby. richie is crazy, kills sum  
 more innocent people & gino goes after 
 him alone! a boss with sum helpers is  
 also after richie. richie KILLS 'm ALL 
 lots of fightings in shops & bars.GINO 
 BEATS up richie at the end! gino goes  
 further with bobby's wife & her son.   
 RATING: 100% out of 100%               
 -        - END OF FRONTPAGE -        - 
 - frontpage #18 was released at 9-11 - 
 - 1991 on the monthly venlo meeting! - 
 - FIXED by empire & FILLED by aj/trc - 
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