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Release 1 September 1991

 action-jackson is proud to present you

 trc -=- f r o n t p a g e  #17 -=- trc
 again a new issue of the best one-file
 magazine for pal/ntsc, done by empire!

  i thought it was about time to bring
   the scene a new issue of frontpage
 i've delayed this issue due to my eces
 tour with cba in september and coz of
  my own fuckin' lazyness these days
 further i can't think out more reasons

 letz turn the page towards the creditz
 yar fav.text-editor-action jackson/trc
 graphics done by rebelmc and trax /trc
 the music called 'wild rhythm' was dun
 by our composer iron cat and thats all

 latest elite news sampled in september
 -pompom joins the army at 1 oktober'91
  so 'no trend' 'll come out sumway l8r
 -gotcha/byteriders joined cosmos des.!
 -parson founded this month da traitors

 -the board of x-factor in the us is
  down! they already fixed a new board.
 -the old members of class are back...
  there group is called 'discovery'
 -jeff,sculpture,atrox(all daniax) and
  mason+hungry hero(joy d.) joined x-f!

 -hellraiser & tlf left xentrix & formd
  'awesome' with jez and the roque,for
  joining write to:**,***** ******,
 -rick got kicked out of enigma!
 -the group honour is born in australia

 -bonzai's new lamer-lab. is dizzy fate
 -god and b-wyze of victims together
  with the arrogance & raze of x-ray
  rebuilt the legend of 'success' again
 -chris of pandora joined brutal.
 -mr.perfect/cps joined hysteric (h+i)!

 -sonny of dominators gave himself out
  as a new person silent/dominators, he
  already changed his name back 2 sonny
 -the powers of pain are dead! sum mem-
  bers rebuilt another legend 'orion'!
 -white lion & the fix joined pandora

 -verdict is fuckin' dead! krs & druid
  quited da scene!falcon went 2 success
 -hero of enigma is fully back! he left
  the army and starts swapping again 2!
 -aslive/security is brainbombz swapper
 -janec left bonzai & joined victims!

 -don promillo left the ruling company,
  and started his own group stormfront
  with betrayer, executor, alka seltza,
  scratch, warlock and with firefly!
 -the lutschers (lts) is the lame-label
  for budget games released by x-ray!

 -infinity was the lamer who wrote many
  letters with 'fuck you lamer' signed:
  antichrist/gp to a lot of gp-lovers!
 -marc of sonix systems produced the
  music for 'the last ninja 3' on amiga
  for system 3 & 4 turbocharge (c64)!

  system 3 claims now that the music 4
  'tln 3',which was perfectly 4 amiga,
  doesn't work! how lame is system 3? i
  saw it working at the eces with marc!
 thats all the news for this frontpage!

 the ranks of september look like this:
 25.hotline   24.paradize 23.rebels
 22.odissey   21.dunex    20.the force
 19.brutal    18.ics      17.orion
 16.brainbombz15.transcom 14.hysteric

 13.awesome   12.f4cg     11.legend
 10.genesis p. 9.x-factor  8.light
  7.dominators 6.bonzai    5.x-ray
  4.victims    3.enigma    2.chromance
  1.talent (yo bod, ya deserved it!)
 -sum guys didn't reply within 5 weeks-

 the latest news of the film-front here
 *after all the speculation about who
 would play whom in batman 2, the line
 up is michael keaton as the caped cru-
 sader with danny de vito as da penguin

 and not annette bening but michelle
 pfeiffer as the catwoman!
 *again a new stephen king movie will
 come out! after'sumtimes they comeback
 ' he now produces 'sleep walkers' with
 starplayer michael krause(return b/l)!

 *milla jovovich (return 2 blue lagoon)
 joins christian slater,tony  goldwyn &
 bruce boxleitner in kuffs, also known
 as hero wanted!
 *tom selleck is now shooting in japan
 '',formerly tokyo diamond.

 *what the fuck! - stephen king goes on
 he also produce the movie 'the lawn-
 mower man' with j.fahey & p. brosman.
 *richard gere, kim basinger, eric rob-
 erts(brother of julia) will play in
 'final analysis', shooting very soon.

 *a new comedy with matthew broderick
 will come out soon welcome-to-buzzsaw.
 *home alone gets a sequel alone again!
 *malcolm x is the new spike lee film.
 *there will be a sequel to 'silence of
 the lambs' next year with same staff!

 *a cool comedy 'criminals' where il-
 legal is the cool move in this movie,
 with james belushi,cybill shepherd,
 sean young and big-mac john candy!
 *finally kevin costner will play chief
 investigator in murder on j.f.kennedy!

 -film reviews done in september 1991!-
 terminator 2 - done by hellraiser!

 two terminators are sent back through
 time to kill the son of sarah conner,

 who in the future will become the res-
 sistance leader. now there is a good &
 a bad terminator! the good terminator
 (arnold) is sent to protect john(sarah
 's son), the bad one has to kill john.
 the special effects in this film are

  so fantastic that you thrill of yar
   fuckin' chair and begin to shake!

         rating: 100% from 100%

 robin hood, prince of thieves  ->(aj!)

 kevin costner as robin hood starts in
 a journey in prison at jerusalem. here
 he escapes with a good friend and goes
 back to england, sherwood forest. here
 he met sum poor dudes (without c64's),
 who live in the woods. christian slat-

 er plays robin's brother. robin mets
 maid marian and falls in luv with the
 bitch! he learns the poor fight & how
   to use bows & arrows! sum poor get
 caught by king richards. robin steels
 from the king's knights his silver &

 gold and helps the poor to escape! the
 king dies after a fight with robin.
 an excellent cool robin hood adventure
 with cool action, romantics & fights!

 rating: 90% out of 100%

 backdraft - done by aj!
   with kurt russel and alec baldwin!

 kurt & alec are brothers. kurt is an
 experienced fireman and alec wants to
 be a fireman too. together they get a

 lot of arguments about who knows it
 better. a backdraft is an at once up-
 coming fire when e.g. a door will be
 opened! if you don't look out for this
 you are fuckin' history!robert de niro
  is specialized in discovering how a

 certain fire was started! alec stops
 his work as fireman and helps de niro.
 when therez a big fire in chicago,alec
 jumps in as fireman and stops the fire
 with kurt.
 rating: 85% out of 100%

 new jack city - done by aj!

 new york city, city of dealing drugs.
  nino gets a plan to start up a very
 big drugs (cracks) making company. he
  let little boys work for him. those

 boys sell the drugs at streetcorners!
 when grandpa discovers this place and
 tells the boys its all wrong, he gets
 thrown out by nino. a police officer
 (ice-t) slipps in & works for nino to
 get inside information to grab nino!

 nino doesn't know that he's a cop.nino
  kills sum of his own helpers coz he
  lost his drugsdue to the cop! at the
 end of da film nino has 2 come 2 court
  where a woman testifies against his
  criminal practisms. nino gets only 1

 year to go into prison! he has killed
 a lot of man. ice-t is fuckin' mad and
 wants to kill nino in the court! he's
 forced to stop killing nino!nino walks
 away, direction prison! then grandpa
 shows up and shot nino in his heart...

 cool end, nino dead! the soundtracks
  makes new jack city to one hell of a
 very cool fuckin' movie...

 rating: 92% out of 100%
 thats all about the film-reviews 4 now

  if ya wanna get in contact with the
 ruling coop for swap vhs,c64 or if you
 want to join as coder or good gfx-dude
 then write to: action jackson/trc
    - *************** ** - **** ** -
           *** **** - holland!

 last-minute news at the end of sep.'91
 -victims is dead! janec,drake & rock-
  star joined genesis project.
 -nsd/verdict also joined 'success'!
 -nato is not dead, only the buds go on

 -  this is the end of frontpage #17  -
 - this issue was released on 1-10-91 -
 -       by the ruling company        -
 -      ntsc/pal done by empire       -
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