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Release 20 August 1991

 action-jackson is proud to present you

     -=- f r o n t p a g e  #16 -=-
 this issue was done on 18 august & itz
 fixed and spread by empire at 20-8-91!

 yeah.. i'm back again with another hot
  and cool issue of frontpage with the
   latest elite news and a lot more...
 the music was done by our new composer
  called 'iron cat' who has joined us
 this month.text as usual by aj of trc!

 frontpage 16 will contain the usual as
 always... elite news, trc info, ranks,
  latest movie-news 'n reviews and sum
   new things.. just check it all out!
 -letz shock you with this months news-

 latest elite news sampled in august'91
 -pompom is back in bizz again! ofcoz
  he rejoined the ruling company.
 -another new member is iron cat. this
  guy came from wolfen and has been a

  member from brutal for a week! as you
  hear his zax, he's a great composer!
 -hithouse is back again after he fixed
  his 64 and started composing again.
 -seal changed his name into jester/trc
 -sonny & tricket left the dominators.

 -walker/ex-paragon joined light, while
  zagor, status & gryzor were kicked!
 -this month pandora is born! members r
  cevin,reaper & soon trigger & jatagan

 -remember the old trc members 'the dj'
  and 'tmos'? they are doing sum things
  for trc again and they are creating 2
  games... armada and stevie-wonderball
 -raistlin of genesis project joined da
  guys in england in xentrix. xenon has

  changed his name into the hellraiser!
 -chromance got their new cracker from
  hungary called 'syllinor'.
 -enjoy of bonzai goes to school again,
  so he's only able 2 crack in weekends
 -bullseye/wow also joined paradize.

 -slammer and cruzer of demotion joined
  the little tree, b o n z a i ...
 -skywice left triad and joined hoaxers
 -hulk,ace and wraith of x-factor will
  release their cracks under the label
  of x-factor with the name the company

 -rhurpott knacka is the label from afl
  for releasing fucking shit games.
 -also ayatollah/tat joined hotline.
 -tecon/bonzai left the scene, so their
  mag lethal news is fuckin' dead!
 -pyle of enigma quit the scene.

 -rick/x-ray joined enigma 2gether with
  ninja of dominators.
  i just heard that the eces in london
 is fuckin' cancelled! but i've already
 payed my trip to england together with

 cba. so if the show is cancelled 100%,
  then we'll visit sum friends in this
 county.if you know more from this then
 i really appreciate it if you can con-
 tact me on +31(holland)-**-******* and
 ask for marcel! thanx in advance guys!

 the ranks of this month are like this:
 25.rebels    24.force    23.brutal
 22.odissey      20.hysteric
 19.legend    18.f4cg     17.flash inc
 16.genesis p 15.xentrix  14.pandora

 13.ics      11.hotline
 10.dominators 9.compagns. 8.light
  7.x-factor   6.x-ray     5.victims
  4.i+t        3.chromance 2.enigma
  1.bonzai (yo janec +!)
 -sum guys didn't reply within 5 weeks-

 the latest news of the film-front here
 -honeymoon in vegas,the new film from
  nicolas cage where he lost his girl
  sarah j.parker(la story) to an prof.
  gambler in a pokergame (james coan).

 -steven seagal has been signed up for
  a high-tech thriller 'dreadnaught!'.
 -harrison ford is a business executive
  in search of his daughter's kidnapper
  in the film 'night ride down'.
 -eddie murphy will start playing in a

  movie called 'the blue maaga', the
  story of the jammaican bobsleigh team
  at the '88 winter olympics in calgary
 -disney studios are currently working
  on a sequel to 'who framed r.rabbit',
  called 'who discovered r.rabbit'.

 -brigitte nielsen got the main part in
  she-hulk.(ed.luv 2 see her green tits
 -double dragon(nintendo game) will be
  converted into a cinema-release in 92
 thats all the news of this month folks

 -film-reviews coming soon in a cinema-
 if looks could kill/teenagent

  another cool action-comedy hits the
  streets. richard grieco as michael

 corden. he plays a student who goes on
 a trip to paris. undercover agent with
 the same name was murdered at the air-
 port and michael takes over his place
 as agent!(he doesn't know it yet) in
 paris he gets a ferrari and a lot of

 cool james bond stuffs like x-ray glas
 ses,exploding chewing gum and walking
 on wall nikes! he gets a girl and has
 to kill starenko else he 'll be murde-
        rating: 95% out of 100%

 naked gun 2 and a half

 if you have seen the advertising on
 mtv then you've seen it all! just wait
 for the video release 2 keep yar money
 rating - 60% out of 100%

 run with patrick dempsey!

 welcome to another cool action/comedy
 film. patrick has a job at a car saler
  where he has to deliver a porsche to
 the buyer personally. patrick plays in

 his sparetime poker and reached a city
 called atlantic.there, he plays poker
 with the son of the boss & wins a lot
 of money.danny(son) wants to beat him
 up but kills himself by his own stupi-
 dity.karen saw everything! the police

 is fuckin' corrupt in this town & all
  citizens are scared! they all claim
 that patrick murdered danny.the police
 and fbi are after patrick.his porsche
 is crashed and he gets help of karen &
  and from a real cop who believes him

 the story is very good and if you like
 dempsey's actor capacibilities then ya
   must certainly take a look at run!

 rating - 90% out of 100%

 for contacting me then write to this..

 aj/trc-***************/****** *** ****
 -if you have any reactions 2 the text-
 -then don't hesitate to write me soon-

  letz close this frontpage again with
 telling you that issue #16 was finish-
 ed on 20-8-1991 & spread'n fixed by da
     guys in empire in the states!
 see ya in issue 17 out in september'91
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