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Released 6 July 1991

 action-jackson is proud to present you

     -=- f r o n t p a g e  #15 -=-
 this issue will be a bit shorter than
  normally coz it is released earlier!

 yeah.. a cool new outfit in here! this
 was done by trax and rebel mc, now on
 holiday with defbeat to turkey! music
 was done by hithouse, still the best!
 -text as usual done by action-jackson-
 -vote for hithouse coz else he quits!-

 frontpage 15 will contain the usual as
 always... elite news, trc info, ranks,
 latest movie-news 'n reviews and sum
 silicon pardey news! further news is
 that frontpage will always be fixed by
 empire in the states and spread later!

 -lets shock you with this months news-
 -gotcha is no member of enigma!
 -but rocky is a member of enigma.
 -abc-department is born! members are
  krush(x-badbatch) & oxigene (x-shape)

 -powers of pain got sum new members 2,
  snarf(coder) and bumblebee(gfx'er).
 -sexton of transcom joined afl.
 -verdict will publish . magazine by
  the name of 'intelligence' on disc!
 -skywolf(x-badbatch) joined legend. he

  will make a coop-demo with dave/i+t!
 -one excuse has to go to ses/gp coz i
  told that he made a 290/3 sprite-rot.
  it is really a 290 sprite-routine!
 -jazzy d/chromance got busted by his
  local post office. his new addy is...

 *******************-****** ******-****
        -=> budapest-hungary! <=-
 -xentrix got a great musician! he made
  the music for 'blood money' & 'shadow
  of the beast' soo they will kick ass!
 -scorpio/flash inc. rejoined f4cg. has never been kicked out of
  bonzai.. he is still a member!
 -hash joined justice as american-imprt
 -dead zone is a new american group,but
  they won't import! cracks are cumming
 -gazza/tat joined hotline.

 -panoramic design might join paradize.
 -jack daniels & 3dk/corruption joined
 -tyree cooper/xray changed his handle
  into fast(?)eddie coz of post problem
 -nato is back again with a lame game.

 -patch,barricade,mc-t-fly joined tat
 -composer rene legner joined focus.
 -judge/x-f changed handle in 'dragnet'
 -gotcha is doing two other games now..
  1. vincent 2 - 2.a jump 'n run game
  together with h.sommer & mc sprite!

 -roy of victims quited the scene! he
  has given his modem to syndicate.
 -curse already left trc and joined the
  guys in silicon ltd. further trax,rmc
  and defbeat founded 'ave'.

 'ave' stands for audio visual enter-
  tainment and is a game company under
  the name of the ruling company ltd.
 -herman/chromance quited the scene too
 this was all for the elite news at the
 mo' but ial come back with last minute

 the ranks of this month are like this:
 25.paragon   24.f4cg     23.x-factor
 22.paradize  21.force ir 20.ics
 19.brutal    18.hotline  17.censor
 16.victims   15.dunex    14.bonzai

 13.flash inc 12.xentrix
 10.compagns.  9.genesis   8.x-ray
  7.dominators 6.legend    5.light
  4.verdict    3.i+t       2.chromance
  1.enigma (hi deff+gotcha,thanx 4 all)
 -sum guys didn't reply within 3 weeks-

 the latest news of the film-front here
 -the sequel of the punisher will be
  made but not with dolph lundgrun.
 -expect turtles 3 in march 1992!
 -therez also a script written of the

  'rebirth of the hulk!' and a script
  of a she-hulk. expect it in 1992!
 -another sequel is shooten of 'honey
  i shrunk the kids'.
 -j-c van damme played in a new action/
  karate movie called 'double impact'.

 -you can also watch out for a contro-
  version of judge dredd in 1992.
 -most of you haven't seen child's play
  part 2. in august child's play 3 will
  appear in the cinema! this time andy
  is teenager and serves the military,

  while chuckie steals sum waepons at
  the military camp and kills soldiers!
 -whitney houston will play a singer &
  kevin costner plays her/in bodyguard.

  - thats all, herez sum reviews now -

 the hard way & j.wood

 nick lang is a famous actor and plays
 in smoking gun ii. james wood is a cop
 who's in a hard murdercase right now.
 nick wants to meet him for 2 weeks coz

 of his next role as a cop. woods can
 do it the easy way or the hard way! he
 hates fox. the film is really cool and
 full of pleasant humor. check it out!

 rating: 95% out of 100%

 mermaids - cher, w.ryder,bob hoskins

 mrs.flax meets bob at a new village
 after they moved houses.charlotte gets
 a boyfriend here and kate swims very
 well.together they'v got a lot of fun,

 except we, the public! only the zax is
 cool and nothing else.

 rating: 40% out of 100%

 ducktails, the movie

 treasure of the lost lamp

 the ducks go on a trip to find the
 treasure of alibaba. a mean sorcerer
 steals this treasure except for the
 useful lamp. a genie comes out of it &

 you get 3 wishes! the sorcerer wants
 the lamp coz he has an amulet to put
 on the lamp and gets unlimited wishes.
 (ed. good cracker eh!) if ya like duck
 cartoon you don't wanna miss this one!

 rating: 90% out of 100%

 silence of the lambs

 clarice(j.foster) is psychatric police
 student who has to solve a very hard

 case, get info from a prisoner to nail
 the killer, a canibal who scalves skin
 of human body. she only gets info if
 she tells about her own life. the dok-
 tor also escapes by scalving a cop and
 using his skinface and uniform to get

 out of prison. its a fuckin' good film

 rating: 95% out of 100%

 next time i'll do reviews of run, king
 ralph, eve of destruction & another 1!

 - last minute news done at 6/7 july -
    done at the silicon ltd pardey!
 -seal left hotline and joined the real
  elite of trc!
 -sts/x-crusade joined heatwave and he

  changed his handle into dyce.
 -chromance will open a board in austr.
 -levis/x-alcoholics joined heatwave.
 -dense/x-hitmen joined trinity, also
  arrogance should be a member!
 -roel bosch is still a member of focus
       now a little report of da
   silicon ltd party on 6/7 july '91
   some groups that were present are :
   panoramic designs,f4cg,pain,verdict
   noice,flash inc,victims,black mail
   audial arts,duplex and many others

 the highlight at the party was of'coz
 the striptease act,when that girl was

 really getting horny she took the git
 from silicon ltd. out of the audience
  and started to take off both his and
  her own clothes!...  we have inside
  information that when she wanted to
  take off his pants it didn't happen

 b'coz he wasn't wearing any underwear!
  after the git she took another dude,
    this one was tpm of silicon ltd!
   this time the pants did go off and
    he was standing in his undies!...
    gee, aren't these guys lucky!...

   this issue was written by aj/trc,
  report done by trax and cba/trc!...

   frontpage 15 was finished at the
   silicon ltd party in utrecht and
  imported to da states by empire!...
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