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Released 17 June 1991

 action-jackson is proud to present you

     -=- f r o n t p a g e  #14 -=-
 one of the best and most updated news-
 *magazines for the elite in the scene*

 creditz for frontpage 14 as follows...
 coding done by defbeat, graphics from
 rebel mc and music by drax & magic man
 the text was edited by action-jackson!

   - the contents of this issue are -
 news from the scene & last minute news
 action-jackson's monthly ranks & ofcoz
 filmnews and filmreviews like:allmost
 an angel, turtles 2, bonfire o/t vant.

 - elite-news from the scene in june! -
 -last month,trc's game 'synex',was re-
  leased by house designs. a lamer cal-
  tom gave the original (?). hope to
  meet you at venlo, fucking cocksucker

 -illusion is dead! enigma is born! mem
  bers are: deff,magic man,rygar,frank,
  pyle,sebio,pudwerx(x-random) & gotcha
 -also sting,peter,joe cool joined the
  guys in enigma after leaving i+t!
 -zix was kicked out of illusion, then

  richie,sauron,hero'n fist and also dj
  and weasel(crest) joined... 'enigma'!
 -mamba will be released under enigma.
 -dave + freestyle left the talent-team
 -composer 'roel bosch' left focus and
  joined mega-industries,god knows why!

 -hitmen is dead and rebels is born!
  members are:lloyd,luke,inxs,antiplex,
  squealer,icon,mayday,sirmix & viper.
 -hawk/bonzai joined 'conic'.
 -the prophet(gp) & the king joined da
  guys in x-factor.the new us-board is

  'split infinity' - 213-261-7002 (x-f)
 -dead moon/tat renamed to 'the hammer'
 -psycho isn't in chromance as he says!
 -tbb/dbx recracked 'gem-x' from enigma
 -jinx & mike d.(x-crazy) joined -and-
  gizmo left 'chromance'.

 -harlequin/silicon joined audial arts.
 -sid,dash,manx left f4cg,stad joined!
 -flash inc. is in war with panoramic d
  ...hoaxers...shape...(coming more?)
 -not ratfit but ream joined hotline.
 -sham/ex-paragon joined light!

 -steel & tracker joined padua as two
  well-playing musicians. padua 'll re-
  lease a mag called 'gossip' and they
  are working on an intro infront of da
  game 'conquestador' from grp
 -polonus created a new music-player to

  be on the market soon...'music-mixer'
 -tdj/focus called me(aj) and excused
  himself for his lame behavior in his
  demo released under 'revenge!'
 -trc is in war with house designs coz
  they released an unsold game 'synex'.

 -curse/ex-hitmen joined the ruling co.
 -xenon left trc and rejoined xentrix.
 -sts/ex-crusade asked trc if he could
  join, but ofcoz he was denied!
 -whisper joined the compagnions.
 -dominators-party 'll be held at x-mas

 herez sum new film-reviews i saw l8ly!
 allmost an angel - done by aj!
 the follow-up of crocodile dundee,here
 paul hogan plays terry.he cracks all
 kinda codes & locks.he leaves prison &

 saves a child when a car is driving to
 wards the child, terry is hit and dies
 terry turns back as an angel of mercy.
 he spends sum time with a friend,who's
 sitting in a wheelchair(steve) & earns
 sum money for the youngsters in d hood

 rating: 70% out of 100%

 solar crisis - done by aj!
 this sc-fx film is really bad! therez
 to be a mission arranged to the sun 4

 one person by shuttle else 'life' will
 stop existing, itz a lame & shit film!

 rating: 20% out of 100%

 t.m.n.turtles 2 - done by aj!

 'the secret of the ooze' is the 2nd
 turtles movie. the turtles live at
 april's house but move to the sewerage
 again where they find an old house! at
 one day shredder (who's still alive!)
 getzthe ooze and create two monsters.

 the turtles met a pizza-boy, who's a
 chinese karatekid called get
 in shredder's club, kino does a test &
 joined the club. raphael was caught by
 shredder and saved l8r by the turtles.
 therez a cool fight between the two

 ugly monsters and the turtles,they de-
 crease the lame monsters,while the usa
 rapper vanilla ice plays the ninja-rap
 after the turtles defeat the monsters,
 shredder comes to the party and takes
 all the ooze and turns into super -

 shredder! the turtles survive and the
 master will be back in turtles part 3!

 rating: 85% out of 100%
 bonfire o/t vanities - done by aj!
 tom hanks-sherman mccoy/bruce willis-

 reporter peter fallow/melanie griffith
 -maria ruskin.
 sherman & maria took a wrong turn and
 get into the new york' bronx where two
 niggers wanted to rob them but maria
 hit one nigger with the car & the nig-

 ger died... they didn't know that and
 drove away. the niggers wanted a trial
 but the judge refused. l8r the trial
 takes place and sherman was spoken
 free while maria will turn to jail due
 to the evidence of a tape from mccoy.

 the niggers told a wrong story that mc
 coy was driving but maria drove it. if
 you like stories like this, see it now
 -bruce willis tells the whole story!!-

 rating: 75% out of 100%

 thats all about the film-reviews for
 this issue! i'll do next time..

 catchfire/jodie foster, cover up/dolf
 lundgren,akira and eve of destruction,
  - silence o/t lambs and king ralph -

 rankings of june by action-jackson/trc
 50.triangle  49.logic    48.akrak
 47.psychosis 46.shape    45.crisis
 44.proxyon      42.transcom
 41.mega ind. 40.hysteric 39.pain

 38.heatwave  37.f4cg     36.hoaxers
 35.  ddt     34.rebels   33.origo
 32.force itl 31.crest    30.century
 29.paradize  28.blasters 27.  tat
 26.  afl     25.  acc    24.paragon
 23. padua    22.brutal   21.manowar

 20.legend    19.bonzai   18.xentrix
 17.hotline   16.dunex    15.  ics
 14.victims   13.force isr12.x-factor
 11.flash inc 10.x-ray     9.compagns.
  8.dominators 7.censor d. 6.verdict
  5.light      4.genesis p.

 3.ikari+talent(yoo rcs! ya did it!)
 2.chromance(100 cool sendings from ya)
 1.enigma(hi deff'n gotcha,cool warez!)
 *most friends are low ranked coz they*
 don't send own releases or fast enuff!

  -the latest news from the filmfront-
 -s.spielberg will direct zorro, the
  movie after finishing hook first.
 -steven seagal made a new action-film
  'out for justice'.

 -terence hill will play lucky luke.
 -iron eagle getz another sequel,part 3
 -chuck norris getz on stage in delta
  force 3 in august.
 -s.connery will play in highlander 3!
 -also mel gibson'll do lethal weapon 3

 -winona ryder(mermaids) & anthony hop-
  kins(silence o/t lambs) will play as
  vampires in dracula. will play in the screwball
  comedy'doc hollywood'as plast.surgeon
 -look out for fx/2,the #1 film in usa!

 -*-last minute news catched on 13/6-*-
 -audial arts joined flash inc.
 -fox/dom,laxity/mon & stiff joined the
  forces of bonzai,hawk was kicked out!
 -majesty/x-ray will make an own mag...

  'illegal' besides 'bild zeitung'.
 -arrogance is back in x-ray after one
  whole week in joy division.
 -yup/ex-bf joined panoramic design.
 frontpage 14 was released at 17-6-1991
 and ntsc fixed by empire!     -aj/trc-
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