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Released 18 May 1991

 action-jackson is proud to present you

     -=- f r o n t p a g e  #13 -=-
 this issue will be a bit shorter than
  normally coz there was no more time!

 i've just arrived at home from my very
 cool holiday to spain.sum of you might
 got a nice wet card from me, sum not!
 my meeting with the blasters inc. was
 a bit shit coz when i was at barcelona
 blackhole picked me up & told me that
 jr. predator was still ill and lying
 in bed. i spoke with him and told me
 the latest news about the blasters inc
 but first i went to see barca-zaragoza
 this night and it was a brillant game!
 our dutch giant koeman scored & i went
 totally mad! barcelona won the match
 with 2-1 and are now champions!unlucky
 they lost against united lately but i
 have to admit that united deserved to
 win! congrats to all english friends!!
 okay enough of my little story 2 spain
 letz go on with whats in this mag also
 i'll give ya this issue sum hot news,
 sum info about trc+tbi,partynews,ranks
 filmnews and reviews & maybe sum else!

 herez the latest news that passed me..
 -finally excelsior/ex-dynamix joined
  the ruling company as coder!
 -action jackson/trc left the army!
 -jrc was kicked out of the blasters.
 -sparky left tbi coz he's a very close
  friend with jrc. blasters have only..
  i repeat only 2 members and no more!!
  members are jr predator & blackhole!
 -jr predator will run a bbs with two
  discdrives for 24 hours a day.
 -exat/tat finally managed to join the
  east-euro leaders in chromance.

 -jatagan/x-ray stopped swapping but
  trigger took over his best contacts.
 -abc-department in austria will bring
  2 cool games... toyballs & kruxyd.
 -trix/ex-bonzai joined the new group
  'conic'. also laxity/vib is a member!

 -the powers of pain came up with a new
  and very cool slogan for anti-focus!
  slogan: hocus..pocus.. goodbye focus!
 -yup/decade and mode 2/stash joined d
  forces of house designs.
 -slayer/topaz joined origo dreamstyle.

  mr.radon,darkline,rambo(ed.hahaha) &
  turrican joined the compagnions.
 -bird/light joined bronx.
 -hotline got two new members called..
  seal and ratfit.

 -vincent/wow has 2 join the army,hehe!
 -centauri is dead. slammer and uncle x
  joined the guys in paragon.
 -tlb/manowar stopped all activities on
  this machine, contact him 4 vhs only!
 ******** *************/****** *******.

 this was all the news for the moment..
 at the end of this issue you get the
 very last minute news, so watch out.
 now i go on with the latest filmnews &
 film-reviews. the filmnews is a new &
 cool item in frontpage and i hope ya

 surely will like it or interests you!
 -the cartoon captain hook will be film
  ed by steven spielberg.dustin hoffman
  as hook,r.williams as peter pan,julia
  roberts as ringlebell and finally bob
  hoskins as the fat pirate!-cool film-

 -back to the future is made into an
  animated tv-series in cartoonstyle.
 -new films in the cinema soon are....
  robin hood(patrick bergin),guilty by
  suspicion(robert de niro),l.a. story,
  (l.nielsen),mermaids(cher),turtles 2.

 after the news i give you some new 'n
 cool reviews of sum cinema releases...
 highlander 2 - done by xenon

 yeah.. this is a great film! first it

 shows flashbacks of the original high-
 lander and then it moves to the cool cloud is now very old and is
 going to retire when these freax from
 highlanders arrive and try to kill 'm.
 mc leod kills the freax and gets back

 his powers,now the ruler of the planet
 'katanna' gets pissed off and tries to
 kill the highlander himself by coming
 to earth and wrecking trains,taxis
 buildings and confrontates the high-
 lander. a cool film with great sfx!

 rating: xenon gives 98 from 100%

 jetsons,the movie - done by xenon

 this is quite a funny cartoon about a
 futuristic family who move house coz

 of georges job, however they find that
 someone is saboting all the machinery.

 rating: xenon gives 70 from 100%

 l.a. story - done by action-jackson

 steve martin plays harris telemacher
 who is a tv-weatherman.he tells his
 story about his life in los angeles.he
 is married with trudi but met 2 girls.
 one is sandy,pretty and young! the 2nd
 one is sara and is an english journa-

 list. he broke up with his wife and
 takes dates with his girlfriends.look
 out for sum really cool scenes like...
 the scene when he buys his pants and
 the scene at the freeway where he gets
 sum signs what to do with his life! i

 think i told you enough,see it yarself

 rating: aj gives 90 from 100%

 thats all from the time
 i'll inform you with turtles 2 & more.

 i n f o !   - p a r t y! -   i n f o !
 yoooo this summer there are 2 parties
 coming up! one from silicon ltd and 1
 from the hoaxers and panoramic design.
 first th info for the silicon party'91

 -information about the silicon party!-
 place :********* ***************
 date  :6 july 1300pm-7 july 1700pm '91
 city  :utrecht/holland

 therez place for around 200 people and
 100 computers. ther will take place a
 demo-competition and a strip-tease act
 by a girl! thats why the entree is soo
 high. take bus 7 to zuilen/humberdreef
 or get info at:********-****** (tim).

 -information about hoaxers + pd party-
 place :******** *****
 time  :4-7 july'91
 city  :trondheim/norway
 price :100 nok

 from the station/trondheim take busnr.
 3 or 5 with busname'buenget'.stop at
 nordre hallsetand you are at the party
 therez also lots of competitions here!
 for more info write to:marius kintel/
 ************ **/**** *********/norway.

 thats all about the parties, herez sum
 new addresses in trc coz of moving!
 new addy:rmc+defbeat/******** *******-
 **** ** **/****** *********/holland!!
 if you want to contact trc+tbi write 2
 trax-*********** */******/********* or

 aj/***************/****** *******/ned.
 write to black hole/tbi
 **** ******
 ***** ****** in spain.
 this guy needs contacts so contact him
 now i go on with my ranks,be prepared!

   - rankings of may 1991 by aj/trc -
 40.triangle 39.antimon  38.logic
 37.manowar      35.shape
 34.cosine   33.force    31.brutal

 26.paragon  25.hitmen   24.paradize
 23.hoaxers  22.p.of pain21.transcom d. 19.crest    18.x-factor
 17.ics      16.dunex    15.genesis
 14.acc      13.century  12.bonzai
 11.x-ray    10.censor    9.compagnions

  8.flash inc 7.legend    6.dominators
  5.light     4.illusion  3.ikari+t.
  2.verdict(yooo krs...)
  1.chromance (no a.w.t.b.#3 in time!)

 i hope u r satisfied with yar rank,aj!

 thats all for this issue except sum of
 the latest news that arrived me yet...
 falcon left trc and joined verdict.
 also the dominant and nightshade of da
 hitmen joined verdict. further news is
 that action is in war with nec/nei.

 hope you liked this issue of trc & 'll
 spread it well with our demo dee-lite!
 vote for us in the future as demogroup
 frontpage 13 was released at 18-5-1991
 at the venlomeeting by action-jackson!
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