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Released 20 April 1991

 action-jackson/trc and jr.predator/tbi
 give you together the frontpage nr.12!
          -=- we kick ass! -=-
 this issue was released at venlo by da
 guys in da ruling company and blasters

 creditz for the april issue are like..
 -=- -=- -=- -=- -=- -=- -=- -=- -=- -=
 coding is still from defbeat/trc
 nice graphics are from rebelmc/trc
 the text is ofcoz done by me aj/trc
 w.houston music is performed by 20cc!

 this issue is released by trc+tbi coz
 jr.predator is visiting me tha weekend
 he came all the way from spain to join
 me and go to venlo! he's a party-freak
 we in the ruling company and blasters
 have a lot of fun, so this coop wont

 die as many cooperations die bcoz of
 hate and anger! we in trc+tbi are the
 future! yeh.. the future is ours!!

 this issue will be a lot of news coz i
 did n't do a march issue, sum news 'ld

 be a bit old and sum news is hot! ahh!
 further i'll give ya my ranks,sum new
 film releases,important messies and a
 lot of more shit to complete this file

 so sit back and go on reading the news

 -da ruling company got two new members
  from ex-miracle called mzk and the
  invisible man. excelsior/ex-dynamix
  might join us too! they r all coders!
 -yooo i(aj/trc) will leave the army at
  1 may 1991!! it could be sooner!!!

 -ruthless is dead! all coolies went to
  the expansion-club, hitmen!
 -specter,wiseguy & creeper were kicked
  out of x-factor!
 -chromance has a new original supplier
  in germany called gizmo!

 -at the last hz-pardey, gotcha lost
  his game 'brubaker'. if you've this
  game at yar disposal then don't give
  it out, just play it, never spread it
 -gabriel/chromance stopped completely.
 -chum joined chromance as swapper!

 -chromance will come up to the market
  with their new paint-routine called:
  cfli-designer -it contains 136 colors
 -as you all have seen gotcha's demo
  'mc gottifant', there 'll be a sequel
  but now as a complete game!-impressed

 -maniac,techno+i.b./frks joined brutal
 -this venlo -decade- will spread a new
  papermag from vision for amiga+c64!!
 -silco/paradize lies in the hospital!

 we in trc+tbi wish ya a fast recovery!

 -paradize got 2 new artist
  called 'isaac'/x-hitmen and a coder
  from ex-centauri called 'anorgamic'
 -hitmen grows!!!! ghost(2.20 mtrs) has
  joined the guys in hitmen with nsd!
 -slogan/giants joined x-ray.

 -the force is doing a box-sim game for
  simulmonde! -italians do it better ?-
 -padua got sum new members like:creat,
  hornet/x-a.arts, the chief/x-xentrix,
 -the 290-sprite-multiplexer from gp is

  only a 290/3 'er coz every sprite is
  divided into 3 chars! -lame!!-
 -compagnions got a lot of new members:
  fast eddie felson,sodiox,cyborg,dna,
 -izor/omega joined flash inc.

 -methabol & scope/omega joined censor
 -hero/triad joined forces of light.
 -a rumour is that censor stole sum
  helpful cartridges at the hz-party!
 -rcs/bonzai joined ikari+talent.
 -macho & sodapop joined flash inc.

 -chris/pandora joined x-ray.
 -a new english group is formed 'sparx'
 -tornedo left wow and joined f4cg
 -last month the x-crusade members had
  found a new group 'badbatch'. but it
  did n't last long, they are dead now!

 -tbb has found a new importgroup...
  he called it 'double-x'
 -tristan/ex-fantasy joined empire!
 -the ex-dynamix members created a new
  team by the name of victims. of censor designs joined the

  forces  of victims rightaway.
 -krs#1/verdict changed his name into
  krs. da-one joined verdict.
 -a lot of groups cracked 'wildfire'...
  but did you know that this game is a
  preview ??! look 4ward 2 da 100% game

 film reviews done by aj! and xenon/trc
 hardware - done by xenon

 i heard that this film was almost ban-
 ned in america, well i cant see why

 they bothered making it in the first
 places, the film is set in the future.
 after a nuclear war, a women builds up
 a mass of junk and it turns into a
 killing machine,(lame) its rather like
 the terminator. the even lamer thing

 is that it all takes place in the wo-
 mens apartment, well its pretty gory!

 *rating*: 40% out of 100%

 king ralph - done by xenon

 this is a funny film about an american
 guy who becomes the king of england &
 discovers all the problems that a king
 must live with. the story starts as
 the royal family are having a photo-
 graph taken but this guy dectrecutes

 them all instead,now a new king must
 be found. king ralph finds himself a
 girlie and creates a big scandall!

 *rating*: 85% out of 100%

 look who's talking too - done by aj!

 the sequel of a great comedy with john
 travolta,kirstie alley and voices of
 bruce willis and rosanna barr. it all
 starts with the birth of a 2nd child

 when mikey(1st baby) has his problems
 to piss! surely watch out for mikey's
 terror of mr. toilet man. the film is
 full of humor, so ya better watch this

 *rating*: 100% out of 100%

 sleeping with the enemy - done by aj!

 julia roberts is married with a rich &
 fighting husband called martin. she
 wants to run away and kills herself in

 the sea. her husband thinks she dead!
 but its all theatre! its a setup!laura
 escapes to another city far away of
 martin. after a while martin find sum
 clues and discovers that laura is not
 dead! its a good thriller to watch in

 the cinema, especially the end!
 take yar girl with you and go tonight!

 *rating*: 85% out of 100%

 hope you can find a movie to watch now

 ranks of april 1991 by action-jackson!
 40.paragon   39.logic     38.shape
 37.triangle  36.paramount       33.manowar   32.cosine
 31.p.o.pain  30.focus     29.i+t

 28.tga d.  26.brutal
 25.badbatch  24.the force 23.bronx
 22.ics       21.origo     20.x-factor
 19.bonzai    18.paradize  17.blasters
 16.century   15.hitmen    14.dunex
 13.padua     12.dominators11.acc
 10.light      9.xray
  7.censor d.  6.genesis p. 5.compagn.
  4.illusion  (yo deff+hero!!)
  3.chromance (hi mr.wax!lots of packs)
  2.verdict   (coming up strong krs!)
  1.legend    (hi shadow,pwp,tmbc!)

 if you are low in these ranx,it could
 mean that ya haven't written 2 me for
 ages! if you wanna swap with trc or
 tbi then try these addresses...
 aj/trc-***************/******/*** ****

 these addies are in holland! 4 abroad
 write to:
 lee jones/******** ******/*********/
 **********/********/england! (4 xenon)
 morten madsen(mzk)/***** ********/****
 *******/denmark!  -try these addies!-

 you can also swap with our cooperation
 partners, the blasters inc.:
 jr.predator(jordi rom)-**********-
 *****-*********-spain *or write to:*
 jrc/jordi-****** ****-*****-**********
 ** *********-*********-spain!! -tbi!-

 last minute news catched by aj and krs
 -tmb/ex-extasy joined victims.
 -xentrix/deathsector joined beyond f.
 -trix/ex-bonzai asked trc to join!
 -the police and ptt might visit venlo!

 here we close this issue of frontpage!
 hope you liked it and see ya next time
 frontpage 12 was spread at 20-4-'91 at
 the venlo meeting by da ruling company
 signed: action jackson & jr.predator!!
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