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Release 23 February 1991

  the ruling company proudly presents:
    >the awesome frontpage issue 11<
  released in venlo!    date:23/02/91

 creditz for frontpage 11 are like this
 coding done by defbeat
 very cool graphics done by rebel mc
 artillerytune is performed by hithouse
 actual text edit by me, action jackson
   - contents of frontpage #11 are: -
 new cool magazine news,film reviews,
 ranks,trc news and sum other interests

 feel very welcome 2 this issue readers

 yooooo my coool friends.....
 here we go again with yet another one!
 -first i give ya the news of februari-
 -trc has got a new member called decoy
  design! he's a great gfx-designer!

 -then we had to kick akira out of trc
  coz he's sooo fuckin' lazy!
 -smaract is a new group formed by ex-
  [p] chris together with royal,dusty,
  atomic,luke and drago!
 -excelsior/dynamix will create a new

  group called mental images. 4 joining
  m.i. write to:*** *********-**** ***-
  *** **, germany!   -good luck!-
 -paradize will come with a new project
  called lamerlist,including all lamers
 -deathsector will produce a cinemademo

 -there are a few new groups borned...
  verdict,style designs,pandora.
 -trc will release next month their dmo
  called 'delight' and musiccoll.3/db!
 -enforcer+junebug left powers of pain.
 -jade/dom changed his handle into nme

 -tef/dualis joined the compagnions
 -the fox was kicked out of blasters!
 -for joining blasters write to: tbi,
  ******** ***** ** ***** **,***** ***.
  ****** ** ****,*********,spain!
 -specter/class joined x-factor.

 -mr.perfect left blasters to rejoin
  his old group akrak! -lets be happy-
 -dr.bass,mad & warlock joined xentrix!
 -lazer is totally dead,most joined ddt
 -the depredators will come up with a
  nice mag about hip-hop & dance-music.

 -yeamon(ex-dunex) joined depredators!
 -gridpoint observer #3 is delayed coz
  armitrage is too busy doing ????
 -chromance will release a music coll.
  with cool songs composed by griff!
 -yearly horizon pardey takes place at

  were you have to be is: varby-skolan,
 (its a school)varby gard,varby,sweden.
 for invitations write to:zagor/horizon
 -************ *,***** ********,sweden.
 entrance=80 s.crowns,room 4 700 people
 ,demo-cracking compos,vhs watching,

 gfx-drawing,lamer hunting and girl
 chasing are sum things ya can do here!
 -so get yar stinky ass here very soon-

 for frontpage 12 send yar news before
 15 march to me coz venlo is at d 16th!

 2 get in touch with the ruling company
      write to one of these dudes:
 trax:*********** *,******,*********
 aj:***************,******,*** ****
 both are in holland!!  - trc rulez! -

 if you want to order music for yar new
 cool games then write to hithouse:
 marco de jong,************** ***,****
 **,*** ****,holland.
 or if you want gfx then contact rmc:

 here are sum film reviews i watched
 recently.i didn't watched a lot coz i
 was very bussy at the army! also xenon
 didn't send his reviews to me..
 narrow margin - g.hackman

 it all starts with a dinner between a
 businessmanager and a nice girlie! af-
 ter eating sum shit the manager will
 be killed by the maffia. the girlie
 was an eye-witness.gene h. plays a cop
 and tries to solve this murder-case 2-

 gether with the girlie! the movie was
 quit good and was thrilling sumtime.

 rating: 75% out of 100 %.

 repossesed: leslie nielsen,linda blair

 this movie is a parodie over the exor-
 cist. leslie nielsen tells the whole
 story infront of the class and linda
 blair will be repossesed with .....
 the devil! the film contains lots of

 cool humour comparing with the naked
 gun. its really one of the best!!

 rating: 100% out of 100%

 marked for death - steven seagal

 yeh.. another sequel of nico! if ya
 saw one, you dont wanna miss the next!
 this time seagal has to  be killed by a
 kinda list made by sum terrorists! in
 this film therez really lots of action

 rating: 75% out of 100%

 for next month i will do sum more cool
 reviews like highlander 2,predator 2
 and sum more coolies i like to do!

 -monthly ranks by action jackson/trc!-
 ----------- februari 1991! -----------
 30.brutal     29.p.of pain28.crusade
 27.logic      25.ruthless
 24.acc        23.shape    22.crest
 21.the force  20.ics      19.blasters

 18.paramount  17.manowar  16.x-factor
 15.paradize   14.focus    13.dunex
 12.century    11.x-ray    10.compagn.
 09.verdict    08.genesis  07.light
 06.chromance  05.illusion 04.censor d.
 03.dominators 02.i+t      01.legend

 hope ya all liked this nice frontpage!
 news and reactions before 15 march '91
 ------ greetz to all my friends ------

 *frontpage #11 was spread at venlo on*
 *  23-02-1991 by action-jackson/trc  *
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