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Release 26 Januari 1991

  the ruling company proudly presents:
    >the awesome frontpage issue 10<
  released in venlo!    date:26/01/91

 creditz for frontpage 10 are like this
 coding done by defbeat
 very cool graphics done by rebel mc
 mysterical music performed by hithouse
 actual text edit by me, action jackson
   - contents of frontpage #10 are: -
 new cool magazine news,film reviews,
 ranks,trc news and sum other interests

 feel very welcome 2 this issue readers

 welcome to the latest news friends...
 i won't start with gulf-war news but
 just the news ya want. here we go....
 -choq/trc sold his c64 and quited 100%
 -hithouse/trc won d music-competition

  at the ruthless/silicon pardey dec'90
 -look at his collection and vote 4 him
 -culture is dead! skater joined censor
  krs#1 & druid will create a new group
 -also crazy is dead! pyle and deff now
  joined illusion! gotcha left already!

 -padua needs a good musician! write to
 *** ******-***-**** ****** **,germany!
 -new memberstatus acc like this: yon,
  mr.disk,jez and eros! no more aussies
 -sts of crusade was kicked out finally
 -ventura/ex-centauri joined p. of pain

 -shock #5 is out! get a copy from me
  (aj/trc) at venlo or at my address!!!
 -chromance has a new mega-spreader! he
  is called jazzy-d! kewl name eh!
 -sum members of chromance were caught
  by the hungarian post! (ed. haha)

 -trancom and x-ray are in cooperation!
 -also the bombs and chromance have a
  cool cooperation since last week!
 -the compagnions got 2 new members:1st
  one is highlander & d-other is outlaw
 -jack daniels and 3dk left paramount &

  joined genesis project! corruption
  will be released under the gp-label!!
 -jumpie/f4cg stopped his swapping-act.
 -aj/trc doesn't have to go 2 the gulf!

 thats all for the news 2day,letz go-on

 -to get in contact with trc write to:-
 don promillo   *     xenon/lee jones
 ********** **  *     **,***** ******
 **** ********  *  *********,**********
 germany        *  ****-*** -england-

 or write to action jackson to send yar
 latest news for frontpage,shock,mamba
 or gridpoint observer!-vhs/c64/amiga!-
 ************.**/****** *******/holland

 here r sum of the latest film-releases
 done by xenon and action jackson/trc!!
 -childsplay 2  -done by xenon

 yep! chuckies back! the film starts

 with sum guys rebuilding chuckie & he
 escapes,goes after the little lad andy
 yeh, this is a horror/comedy film with
 some nice effects.some really good
 laughs are also included.a cool part
 is where chuckie writes fuck you bitch

 all over andys school-work and then
 kills the teacher with a football-pump

 rating: 85% out of 100%

 -flatliners   -done by xenon & aj!

 stars:kevin bacon,k.sutherland & julia

 a look what life after dead is like...
 a group of 5 medical students experi-
 mate with the dead and come back again

 after being dead for sum minutes! only
 k.sutherland does it twice, but 'll he
 come back?? see the movie, itz deadly!

 rating: 90% out of 100%

 air america -done by aj!

 mel gibson is back with another movie!
 only this movie is not the standard of
 mel's great movies before! mel is a
 heli-pilot in asia and has 2 transport

 drugs(as he doesn't know that) 2 diff-
 erent areas! he also saves sum friends
 from the military camp where he stays!

 rating: 50% out of 100%

 -the witches    -done by aj!

 this movie is really cool! two little
 boys will be turned into mousses and
 those two mousses will poison the lame
 ,most creative and well-designed witch

 es at a diner-conference! very cool to
 watch this movie! see this one!

 rating: 98% out of 100%

 -bad taste      -done by xenon!

 this is the gorgest film i have ever
 seen! yep, itz so funny! lots of cool
 blood and gutz ....  and brains!!

 bloody rating: 100% out of 100%

 for frontpage #11 i will do reviews of
 look who's talking 2,predator 2 and
 gindergarten cop with a.schwarzenegger
  for now i finally give ya my ranx of
 januari 1991 which was real hot indeed

 -*-*-*- ranks of januari 1991! -*-*-*-
 25.crusade   24.century  23.paradize
 22.shape     21.bonzai   20.origo
 19.ics+cfa   18.padua    17.p. of pain
 16.acc       15.censor d.14.crest

 13.compagns. 12.manowar  11.ruthless
 10.dominators 9.paramount 8.x-ray
  7.light      6.genesis p 5.chromance
  4.i+talent   3.illusion  2.culture(?)
  1.legend/shadow,pwp and tmbc

 sum unranked greetz to contacts who
 didn't send or only one sending this
 month are: x-factor,focus,brutal,ddt
 dunex,mystic,the force,triangle,flavio
 and marcos/rio,tga,logic,afl,triad,
 cosine,paragon and ofcoz the blasters!

 this is the end of frontpage issue 10!
 i hope ya liked this one as all the
 last ones and spread this file a lot!!

 frontpage 10 was spread at the venlo-
 meeting in januari 1991 by -*aj/trc!*-
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