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Release 10 November 1990

  the ruling company proudly presents:

  - the famous frontpage issue eight -

 this trc-production was released at di
 cool(?) venlo-pardey at 10-11-90 by aj

 gotta give ya the creditz 4 this issue
 fucking nice coding by defbeat of trc!
 super-graphics drawn by rebelmc/trc 2!
 the sound ya hearing is from hithouse!
 the texteditor was action-jackson/trc!

 what goes time fast eh! herez already
 a new frontpage for ya lovers! hope ya
 will enjoy this product a bit. expect
 in this mag sum hot news,my ranks,the
 usual trc news,x-mas pardey news,and
 a new rubric like video review by trc!

 coz of sum changes in the ruling comp.
 i'll first give ya sum hot news 4 all
 the cool mags which are in demand.
 -chromance, the hungarian #1, has got
 a new cracker called 'painkiller'!

 -crusade is dead! yeh.. the guys have
  joined the ruling company.
 -gotcha/crazy is doing 4 new games:
  *flimbo 2 with laurenz, an adventure
   by starbyte, cyberblocks with oliver
   stiller and ostfriesland games...

 -afl is back after a break of 3 months
 -jack daniels left atg and joined the
  big paramount. also blitz joined them
 -the magazine corruption will release
  under the new handle of atg and [p]!
 -brainbombs has born as an importgroup

 -culture has got two new composers...
  they are heathcliff & dutch composer
 -sonny/dom will quit both scenes at 1
  december '90 coz of his girlfriend!
 -razy(x-ddt) joined ikari+talent!
 -level 99 and dcs are back again.

          did you know that...
 -wicked is d name 4 lame cracks of i+t
 -aj/trc(thats me!) broke his arm!
 -according to goblin/light 'bah' means
  the same as 'yeah!'
 -legend is also on amiga now!

 -  herez a review of sum new movies  -
 dick tracy: less action, lot romantics
 starring  : madonna and warren beaty
 48 hours 2: great action, cool humor!
 starring  : eddy murphy + nick nolte

 -ski patrol: if ya saw naked gun...its
              a great movie with fun!!
  starring  : unknown persons
 -robocop 2 : cool sc-fi effects with a
              strong story,see this one
  starring  : robocop!!

 -hunt 4 red oct.: long story from an
                   seetanker, too less
                   action to entertain!
  starring : sean connery
 -pretty woman : cool zax + romantics!
  starring : richard gere + j. roberts

 sorry for these very short reviews but
 i just got back from the amiga 90 koln
 show and its too late to review them
 longer! next time i'll do: darkman,
 air america,ghost and sum more coolies
 at least i'll give ya sum trcnews now!

 the news from the ruling company now..
 -yeah.. our game, synex, is finished.
  it will be produced very soon for ya
 -a lot of guys joined trc: sts,xenon,

  skywolf,the slayer. sexton+skywolf'll
  organise in the swiss! i(aj) am still
  leader of the whole trc! for addys to
  contact trc get yar pencil ready now!

 sexton/trc          action jackson/trc
 *** ***             ************* **
 **** ********       ******  *** ****
 switzerland         holland

 for my address of the army,see fp #7!

 okay i just wanna tell you one more
 thing and that is....

 therez gonna be a pardey in utrecht in
 holland at 22+23 december 1990 b4 xmas
 so get yar bags and arrange yar ticket

 herez a shot review of my ranks coz i
 surely did not have enough time to do
 a complete rank like always,sorry pals
 20.beyond f.  19.wot      18.paradize
 17.p.o.pain   16.ruthless 15.padua

 14.acc       13.origo
 11.genesis   10.dom      09.crest
 08.paramount 07.s451     06.light
 05.chromance 04.i+t      03.culture
 02.crazy(hi gotcha, mamba is strong!)
 01.legend(hi shadow,pwp,wave,tmbc!!)

 hehe this is the end of frontpage #8!!
 hope ya liked this fast created trc-
 production and keep voting for us coz
 wait for the cool x-mas releases soon.

 frontpage #8 was released at venlo-nov
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