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Released 1 October 1990

  the ruling company proudly presents:
     the awesome frontpage issue #7 
  released at home!!    date:01/10/90

 credits for this -seventh- frontpage :
       coding performed by defbeat
 all the graphix were drawn by rebel mc
  the cool music was done by macmagix!

 yooooo suckers!!  herez aj/trc back
 again after 3 months of hard work at
 the army! this weekend i'm trying to
 fix the latest frontpage for all you
 favourites! l8ly i got too many react-
 ions when i'll go on with frontpage!!!

 yep i'm glad to be at home again! last
 month i also passed my cool driving
 licence for large vans in the army! i
 also transferred to different armyloc-
 ations these months! now i'm staying
 paraat(!)in harderwijk (north-holland)

 for fast contacting or cool letters
 send also to the army at:
 ****** *********** ************
 ************ ****** ** **********
 holland (or ya can send to my home!)

 trc has also a new member called don
 promyllo! he's an ex-member of gp,xray
 and paramount.don is a coder & cracker
 pompom is kicked out of trc coz he's
 too fuckin' lazy!

 if ya are a good coder and can work
 with stuff like vectors and bobs or
 justbe better, don't hesitate to join
 the ruling company now at:
 trc hq - ************* ** - ****** ***
 **** - holland! or contact 1 of these

 don promyllo/trc     trax/trc
 *** * ******         *********** * (**)
 **** ********        **** ** *********
 west germany         holland
 cba/*********** **-******-**********

 herez sum news which passed me l8ly 4
 use of several mags next month........
 -shadow/tkom joined legend!(see ranks)
 -ano/padua was caught by the cops! the
 new padua demo'torture' is delayed now

 -a new dutch demogroup is born! focus
  exists of ex-wwe and s451 members!!
 -to our regret, the dutch judge left
  trc for paradize!(see ya soon back in
  trc, martijn!)
 -jog & mik/dcs quited d 64,amigatime!!

 -abstarct & future concepts joined 2-
  gether and built up crusade!!
 -beyond force is producing 3 very cool
  games, a vectorgame by tnt, and two
  actiongames by hawkeye and pl&control
 -mnk,h.raiser(ex-union) joined crusade

 -sting/paramount quited the scene!
 -hero/illusion also joined the army,
  kick yar captain, soldier bakkli!
 -richie of illusion also quited the 64
  scene, ils lost his famous cracker!
 thats all for now... herez my ranks...

 here are my ranks 4 the last 3 months:
 these ranks are made on friendship,64
 swapping,amiga swapping and vhs swap!!
 don't blame me if yar low-stated, i
 cant help it coz i like vhs-films more

 40.miracle   39.lazer     38.crest
 37.paragon   36.cosine    35.antimon
 34.radster(?)33.ics       32.f.force
 31.ddt       30.xentrix
 28.paradize  27.triangle  26.nato
 25.transcom  24.p.of pain 23.crusade

 22.the force  21.ruthless  20.focus
 19.tristar    18.genesis p.17.triad
 16.beyond f.  15.x-factor  14.atg
 13.paramount  12.bonzai    11.i+t
 10.dominators 09.acc       08.s451
 07.illusion   06.light     05.culture

 04.chromance(yo mr.wax, cool warez!)
 03.origo    (hi destino! thanx for
              die hard ii!!it was kewl)
 02.crazy    (yoo gotcha, mamba in game
              on! thats great bizzniz!
 01.legend   (hi shadow,megathanx 4 vhs

 so thats the ranks 4 this month.. at d
 end i wanna greet sum cool friends...
 yooo insider!! still playing with ya
 dick? or r ya playing kick off ii?
 yoo flavio+marcos! a lot of thanx for
 all brazilian presents ya sent me!!!!

 if ya have reactions to this seventh
 frontpage or just wanna tell sum news
 then send it quickly to my addy guys..
 spread this new frontpage to all yar
 cool friends and try to contact trc!!!
 this issue was written by aj/trc 1990!
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