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Released 23 June 1990

  the ruling company proudly presents:
    ^the awesome frontpage issue #6_
   released in venlo!    date:23/06/90

 credits for this brand-new frontpage :
       coding performed by defbeat
 all the graphix were drawn by rebel mc
  the cool music was done by hithouse!

 welcome 2 the new issue of frontpage!!
 hope ya all like the new outfit 'coz
 it looks very cool to me and a change
 was needed. after 5 issues of front-
 page, lots of friends gave me positive
 reactions to continue frontpage ofcoz!

       frontpage #6 will contain:
 synex story/game by defbeat & rebelmc!
 the already famous trc rankings
 the latest gossips in d scene and also
 a trc muzak competition for frontpage!

      frontpage muzak competition
 as you heard in every frontpage, i in-
 cluded a new zax from our trc musician
 now we give you un-known composers a
 great opportunity to get famous!

 let yar musical skills roll and com-
 pose yar own zax($1000)! deathline for
 this compo is at 31-7-90, so enough
 time to give it a try! the cool winner
 doesn't receive a price but will be
 heard in the next frontpage which will

 be spread worldwide on modems 4 sure!!
 the jury stands to me(aj),defbeat and
 hithouse(best trc composers) and we
 certainly don't cheat! come on and do
 yar utmost best. the address will be
 shown later in this cool file of trc!

 hottest news and dossips for d mags:
 -mcd left trc and joined silicon
 -magic also left trc to found ruthless
 -scenepress wrote 'chris/dynamix and
 steel/scs joined trc!' yooo freezer...

 did you get yar infos from the hell or
 what? don't write such unknown shit
 anymore, first look in frontpage for d
 only truth!
 -blackmail and cosmos design will soon
 release a cooperation demo!

 -wot created their own gfx-team called
 flexible designs.
 -sarky/rage joined d cool extasy
 -robin hood publishes a new magazine
 about the world cupchampionship called
 ...guess what?....  'italia 90'

 the ruling company finished their game
 called 'synex'! the game will probably
 be released by an english firm(we dont
 give the name before its official!)
 synex is a great looking shoot 'm up
 with cool gfx by rebelmc, the code and

 great cool special effectswith title
 tune is done by defbeat! the game is
 ofcoz released under the trc label!

  release date: august/september 1990
 so keep an eye in the air for this!!

   herez sum addresses to contact trc:
 action jackson (for 64+amiga+zaxcompo)
 *************** **
 ******  *** ****

 cba(for 64 swapping + orgies)
 *********** **
 **** **  **********/holland
 pompom(to order no trend)
 ********** **
 ****  ***********/west germany

 akira (for 64 modem +amiga)
 ********************* **
 **** **  *********/holland
 choq(64 swapping on modem)
 ************* **
 **** **  *** ****/holland

   here are the rankings for june 90
 45.padua     44.pioneers  43.opal
 42.eurasia   41.exact     40.cosine
 39.f.force   38.ruthless  37.panorama
 36.abstract  35.lazer     34.tropic

 33.illusion 32.triangle  31.f.concepts
 30.xentrix  29.union     28.ics
 27.force    26.paragon   25.unicess
 24.bonzai    22.rebels
 21.origo    20.atg       19.p.of pain
 18.x-factor 17.s451      16.fbi crew

 15.legend   14.cosmos     13.dcs
 12.genesis  11.transcom   10.class
 09.blasters 08.light      07.gax 777[p]  05.f4cg       04.wot

 and the top three looks like this.....

 3.culture (thanx 4 d arangements!)
 2.ikari+talent (best cracks always)
 1.crazy+lotus (yoo gotcha + asley!)

 so its now over 12 o clock and 2morrow
 venlo starts.. so i'm gonna quit now!!

 if you have reactions, positive or ya
 wanna give sum negative words send it
  all to my addy given to ya before!!
  frontpage six was released at venlo
 at 23 june 1990 by the ruling company!
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