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Release 12 May 1990

          the ruling company
           proudly presents

 - the awesome frontpage fifth issue -

 -=- credz for frontpage five are: -=-
muzak by:mac magix     bchar by :rebelmc
editor  :action-jacksonbcode+gfx:the dj!

after a break.. frontpage is back again!
in this issue i cant give ya any new zax
just coz hithouse is studying for exams!
expect sum hot news,ranks,report'n more.

a fortnight ago... action-jackson(me)has
joined the army for 14 months in ede!!!!
i can only swap in d weekend,not every!,
so my sendinx will be delayed!sorry pals

a month ago i was on holiday to spain! i
wrote a report bout it and ya can read
it in no-trend,mamba or on paper(outbr.)
it was a cool meeting with all blasters!

now sum fast news...
-blasters and the ruling company are now
 in cooperation,but only for cracks!!
-lars(ex-twins)joined the ruling company

-at d hz pardey.. d famous wwe died! cba
(swapper,cracker) and mcd (coder) joined
the ruling company!
-cba will paint d gfx 4 hellcat,tls'game

-mac magix left the maniacs of noise and
 works for system 3 now! at the mo he is
 bussy with 'vendetta'!
-jeroen tell works for d english 'probe'

-from origo i heard that contex is dead!
-rock of finish gold(fig) joined origo!
-artline designs(ex-ctx) r legal now!
-twp(ex-nato) is back! now he's in bros!

the ruling company will release a cool
shoot 'm up game this summer called...
'synex'! d code+zax is done by defbeat &
d cool gfx are created by rebelmc!!

now we search for software firms to re-
lease the game legally.. ya can write to
-trc,************ * (* ****),**** **,
 *********,holland! be fast or 2 late!!!

lots of my contacts r asking for insane
reality 2... it still isn't finished, so
just wait for it coz i'll send it to all
contacts when its finished! keep up!!

here are action-jackson's megaranks/may!
45.pioneers  44.lazer      43.legend
42.stage     41.force      40.triangle

39.paradize  38.i.c.s     37.union
36.xentrix   35.unicess   34.a+d
33.sharks    32.f.force   31.tropic
30.x-factor  29.ddt       28.f.concpts

27.contex    26.triad
24.atg       23.padua     22.s451
21.pain      20.bonzai    19.f4cg
18.dcs       17.gax 777   16.wot

15.transcom  14.fbi crew
12.megastyle 11.cosmos    10.paramount       08.origo     07.blasters        05.illusion  04.culture

and now the top three this month...
3.ikari+talent(always cool cracks,bod!)
2.light(a great month!,goblin+flamingo)
and numero uno coz of great friendship..

1.crazy+lotus(see ya at venlo gotcha and
              asley!! great warez l8ly!)
to get higher in my ranks ya have 2 send
presents(like'gax!'_thanx 4 all ciao's!)

a lot of contacts asked me to put their
address in frontpage.. no way guys!if ya
want ya addy in a mag then send a photo+
addy for 'no-trend'(trc mag) to me,okay?

-if ya want to contact ruling company: -
action-jackson/trc     cba/trc
*************** **     *********** **
****** *******-holland-******/**********

frontpage issue 6 will probably contain
a new outfit designed by rebelmc & more
space for text! so maybe i'll delay #6
if the new outfit isn't finished,sorry!!

da fifth issue of frontpage was released
at the cool venlo meeting of 12 may 1990
signing off from da army..action-jackson
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