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Released 17 March 1990

          the ruling company
           proudly presents

- the awesome frontpage fourth issue -

 -=-  credz for frontpage iv are:  -=-
muzak by:hithouse      bchar by :rebelmc
editor  :action-jacksonbcode+gfx:the dj!

what goes time fast! frontpage 4 has ar-
rived this venlo-meeting! enjoy it all!!
featured in thiz issue will be:news from
trc,party infos,trc-ranks & sum specials

frontpage iv excists with again a new 'n
cool muzak of hithouse called'movin-on'!
i also introduced ya with a new charset
by rebelmc! expect more changes in #5!!!

in view of the size of frontpage i'd
better start with the trc news at the mo
dpl(ex-shape) joined the forces of trc
together with rebelmc(ex-atg) in feb'90!

action-jackson will be on holiday at
6 till 22 of april to spain,so don't ex-
pect da cool sendings of trc! ofcoz i'll
visit my friends in the blasters there!!

mechanix designs is a trademark of trc!!
they create logos,chars(all formats) and
cool hires-piccies! prices are for logos
& chars 5,- ; for hires 10,-!address l8r

 -=- herez sum upcoming party news! -=-
         -=>jam-action party<=-
date:24 march'90   -  time:10am to 23 pm
place:************* */steenwijk/holland!

thiz party will take place a week after
da venlo-meeting! ya can participate to
a demo,music & cover competition! the
party is meant 4 c64_ & (l)amiga freaks!

-=- ruling company,crest and baboons -=-
     -=>cooperation mega-pardey!<=-
date:7-4-90 / time:10am-23pm / entry:5dm
place:***********-taunus saal-eddersheim

ofcoz in west-germany! for info call tim
wagner at: (0)****-***** about da pardey
-invitations for these two pardeys could
be get by action-jackson here at venlo!!

herez sum mega news for all da cool mags
-krs#1,druid,mr.mad & crumbsucker left
 falcon and founded 'culture'!so da fal-
 con board is gone! channel-zero is born

-bonzai is back in bizz! sonny & trap
 changed groups again! bonzai members r:
 dize,tha,trust,walt,sonny and trap!
-euzkera left da famous censor designs!!

-allmost all german-sphinx members join-
 ed alpha flight!
-stingray+martin/crazy left the scene!!!
-6 members of x-rated founded 'padua'

-gene,firkin,comic,kilroy left illusion
 and formed 'unisex' together with realm
-dean,richie,firefox(ex-rti) joined ils!
-jog/dcs is writin'a game called'hektic' r action-jackson's march ranx
35.union       34.opal        33.tzb
32.blackmail   31.x-factor    30.unicess
29.depredators 28.blasters    27.wwe

26.action      25.paradize    24.atg
23.transcom    22.wot         21.origo
20.triangle    19.fbi crew
17.lotus       16.triad       15.crest

14.contex      13.bonzai_     13.afl_
12.legend      11.paramount   10.cosmos
09.dcs_        09.stage_      08.light         06.ikari+talent05.msi

04.illusion  03.genesis pr.  02.culture

	- and still number one -
gotcha of crazy!(thanx for all gfx-work)

contact addresses for gfx and swapping!!
action-jackson          mechanix designs
***************         *********** ***
****** *******-holland!-****** *********

frontpage issue 5 will appear probably a
week l8r due to my holiday to spain! at
that time i'm not able to produce da 5th
frontpage!so don't blame me 4 lazyness!!

-this concludes the end of frontpage #4-
vote for the ruling company in da charts
frontpage #4 was released at venlo/march
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