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Released 17 February 1990

          the ruling company
           proudly presents

 - the awesome frontpage third issue -

creditz for frontpage iii are:
cool muzak by : macmagix/fixed by hith.
coding+ghx by : the dj
texteditors   : action-jackson + the dj

thiz third issue of frontpage'll contain
 a lot of cool trc news especially some
 important changes in atg and baboons!
also some last minute news and my ranks!

the big trc news:
this month there were a lot of changes
in several groups especially in the cool
actual trading generation and in baboons

four members of atg joined a few weeks
ago the mighty trc! there handles are:
,magic(gfx,coder,zax) and trax(coder)!!!

now over to the baboons! i'll just fall
in house! baboons is dead now! 3 members
 of baboons now joined trc 2! handles r:

the februari trc status looks like this:
action-jackson/big swop,gfx,covers,mags
akira         /gfx,coder

ashton        /coder
choq          /smoker,coder
defbeat       /musician,coder
the dj!       /gfx,coder,frontpage edit.

hero          /cracker,coder
hithouse      /musician
macmagix      /musician
magic         /gfx,coder,coke-dealer

pompom        /coder,gfx
t-mos         /coder,swapper
tornado       /coder
trax          /coder,gfx

xaver         /gfx,covers

owing to a lot of changes.. trc has now
15 cool members!expect cool demos soon!!

as you all know.. every 1st saturday of
the month therez be a baboons party in
frankfurt/west germany! this party wont
be cancelled but changed in a trc party!

we in trc are also planning a new maga-
zine! complete different then all other
mags which all like at eachother! we all
hate that! so we'll do a digi-gfx mag!!!

now some other trc news! in holland sum
shit cops are trying to stop the cool 64
scene coz akira got a visit of the cops!
happily they didn't find a thing! but he

will quit his swapping time 4 sum weeks!
so still no problems in holland, keep on
going the dutch standard high pals! and
letz say:   -=> fuck the cops! <=-

herez the long awaited ranks from aj/trc
35.full force  34.f.concepts  33.manowar
32.transcom    31.unicess     30.tzb
29.phoenix     28.wwe         27.tropic

26.origo       25.blasters    24.crest
23.atg         22.opal        21.bml
20.fbi crew    19.union       18.success
17.x-factor    16.legend     13.wot         12.cosmos
11.contex      10.megastyle   09.action
08.paramount         06.dcs
  05.f4cg/rebel   04.light/goblin

the ruling company'top 3 of februari is:,antichrist,lumberj.,sexton
2.falcon(yoo krs#1,cool talks!!)
1.crazy+lotus(again gotcha!!+asley!)

if ya wonna contact the ruling company..
action-jackson/trc  -for c64+amiga-
*************** **
******  *** ****  in holland!!!

then a reaction from the dj to omg/amok:
- don't think ya r jesus or a god man! -
can't you stand a joke! just be yar self
and try to save sex'n'crime in 1990!!!!

-this was the third issue of frontpage!-
  hope ya've enjoyed this issue so far

frontpage 3 was spread at venlo/feb'90!!
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