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Released 13 January 1990

          the ruling company
           proudly presents

 - the awesome frontpage second issue -

creditz for frontpage ii are:
cool muzak by : hithouse
coding+ghx by : the dj
texteditors   : action-jackson + the dj

thiz issue of frontpage will containing:

big news from the ruling company,messies
last minute news, aj's ranks + specials!

latest trc news:

sonny and trap left the ruling company
and joined success! no hard feelings??

we in trc are at the mo' searching for
some new members! so if ya r a ghx-man,
a cool coder or both then just get in
contact with us! - address comes l8r! -

a rumour passed that macmagix left trc!!
thats not.. i repeat.. not true!! maccie
is still a member of the ruling company
and also of scoop! thats the only truth!

at the mo' the dj is promoting his awe-
some cool designed pictures to the best
software houses in europe! he expect of-
coz a full contract from ocean or trc!!!

herez some news for all da mags...
-beyond force got 2 new members,'p1' and
 'zoolook'. both are norwegian!
-stinger/transcom joined genesis project

-711 will split up soon! walter left, so
 mr.lee doesn't get originals anymore!
-antitrack and big ben of 711 wanna re-
 build cosmos again! lets sit and wait!

-megastyle will release a magazine next
 month called 'megazine'!
-solar is finally dead! some members 've
 joined falcon!

-=-   herez our charts for januari   -=-
demo/month: hot chilly p./crest
            2.animal ii  /full force
            3.delerious 6/genesis proj.

game/month:             papermagazines: warriors        1.pirates/f4cg mercy            3.outbreak/afl

-=-   disc-magazines of the month:   -=-
1.mamba/crazy        4.the times/defence'n crime/amok   5.relax/afl+sodom
3.magic news/action  6.fatal news/censor

-herez action-jackson's personal ranks:-
30.unicess    29.origo      28.blasters
27.fresh    25.opal
24.wot        23.blackmail  22.crest

21.orion     20.fbi crew
18.nato      17.x-factor   16.contex
15.union     14.lotus      13.manowar
12.dcs       11.megastyle  10.paramount

9.success     8.f4cg        7.legend
6.the cfa     5.light       4.action

and finally the ruling company's top 3!!

1.crazy /gotcha -> the fuckin' best! <-
3.genesis project/raistlin,antichrist,
                  sexton and lumberjack

herez the address for contacting trc now
*************** **
**** **  *** ****    -for c64 and amiga-

last minute news:
-there doesn't excists a coop between
 atg and powers of pain!it was written
 in several magazines! so no cooperation

-tan (ex-orion) joined paradize!
-scrap left contex and joined genesis p.
-fristies are dead! most members joined
 the dutch group 'union'!

-the austrian group 'ahead' is dead! a
 new group is born called 'tropic'....
-rock/fig is back from the shit army!!
 thats all for this second issue so.....

-=- greetings to all contacts of trc -=-
choq and aj greet da cool guys in r'dam!
       -=- the ruling company -=-
frontpage 2 was released at venlo/jan!!!
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