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          the ruling company_
    presents you the first issue of:
               front page
    (press space for each pageswop)

first of all: this is not a magazine !!
it's just our own publication file. each
month you can find in front page:
all about trc, notes, anouncements,

personal views, greets and action jack-
son's very own rankz ....
so no news about the scene, only if it's
really hot....

credits:code  by the dutch judge
        grapx by the dutch judge
        music by hithouse
        editors: aj + the dj

please note that the upper logo is not a
fli-clone !!! i just avoid the color fl-
ows. (quite neat eh...)

hot news: mtv/bb has been caught by the
german cops .... (narcs ???) maybe omg
from amok turned him in .... (you're sn-
eaky enough, but i like your mag.)

trc has not been able to provide you all
with our new big demo, which was due to
be released around xmas time. sorry for
that, but'insane reality 2' will be re-

leased in the next decade. so sit tight
and glue your fake teeth, coz trc will
also rule the 90's !!! anyway thanx to
all of you who voted for us.

note to action: i (the dj) was delighted
to be no.1 in the crapx chart of magic-
news, but spell my name right next time.
it's dj not aj !!!!

but now it's action jackson's personal
ranx comin' up !!!

20-fbi crew          16-x-factor
19-f4cg              15-powers of peen
18-opal              14-contex
17-alfa flight       13-dynamix

12-legend            08-union
11-cfa               07-light
10-genesis projects  06-nato
09-rough trade inc.  05-paramount

03-action            01-crazy (tanx for
02-dcs                         covers.)

trc memberstatus:
action jackson (big swop),
ashton (coder+amiga swop),
choq (coder),

the dj (crapx+coder),
hithouse (composer),
macmagix (composer),
sonny (big swop/denmark),

t-mos (coder+swop),
trap (coder/denmark),
tornado (coder),
whizkid (crapx).

well it looks like the end of this very
first issue of front page .....
rests us to wish you a happy 1990 !!!
press space for contactin' trc...

action jackson /trc  (for 64+amiga)
*************** **
**** ** *** ****

time to reset dudez ...
viva metallica !!!!
watch out for 'insane reality 2' !!!
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