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owner's corner

             OWNERS CORNER              
 this is issue 11 of your favourite     
 there are some changes here in this    
 issue as i added a different chapter   
 change routine. also the texts are     
 packed from now on so it don't takes   
 too much blocks on the disc. i use     
 the darksqueezer levelpacker so you    
 should be not angry about too long     
 loading times either.                  
 also there are movie reviews from now  
 on and an own chapter for the news     
 about boards, hack tips etc.           
 i hope you like it and react a bit for 
 next time i add some hires graphix     
 to the charset.                        
 the other news are that GAZZA is no    
 longer the co-editor here. he has to   
 do too much for FRONTPAGE (?)          
 so i got another co-editor named:      

 alligator of THE ANCIENT TEMPLE!       
 he will be responsible for some hints  
 in the 'on the lines' chapter. also    
 some other things but nothing really   
 sure yet.                              
 i also want you to send me some more   
 things not only votes.                 
 i see in other mags that you still     
 vote for us so why don't you send some 
 contribution to emanuelle too?         
 think about it readers and be sure     
 that everything you'll send will be    
 the credits are following:             
 graphix by OGAMI                       
 code by AYATOLLAH                      
 music by IRON CAT of TRC               
 text by AYATOLLAH and ALLIGATOR        

 if you think you want to send anything 
 for the emanuelle send it all to:      
             EMANUELLE HQ#1             
       ayatollah of fairlight/tat       
             XXXXXX XXXXXXX             
             XXXXXXXXXXXX X             
              X-XXXX XXXXX              
           ++XX/XXXX/XX X XX            
             EMANUELLE HQ#2             
    alligator of the ancient temple     
            XXXXXXXXX XXXXX             
             XXXXXXXXXX XX              
           X-XXXX XXXXXXXXXX            

 don't hesitate and tell me if you've   
 got some ideas to add and which are    
   for more about all you should know   
     read the note included on disc     
 i also will add one or two old demos   
 to every issue from now on so if you   
 spread this magazine please spread     
 everything of it including these       
 also tell me if you are able to spread 
 the vote sheets.                       
  and now press arrow left to get back  
           the the main menu!           
 you also can try the joy #2 to control 
          the whole magazine!           

kickin' asses

              KICKIN ASSES              
 this time i got quite a lot votesheets 
 so i think you can be sure to get some 
 kind of fair charts.                   
 anyway if you complain too much i will 
 leave them out.                        
 i hope you will enjoy them anyway.     
 they were counted by ALLIGATOR, his    
 girl friend and me (AYATOLLAH).        
 send your votesheets to:               
             XXXXXX XXXXXXX             
             XXXXXXXXXXXX X             
              X-XXXX XXXXX              

 no  name                country   pnts 
 01  CENOSR DESIGN       sweden     154 
 02  LIGHT               sweden     125 
 03  OFFENCE             germany    113 
 04  origo dreamline     finland    106 
 05  beyond force        finland    092 
 06  crest               germany    091 
 07  blackmail           holland    082 
 08  horizon             sweden     070 
 09  faces               hungary    069 
 10  padua               germany    061 

 no  name                country   pnts 
 11  camelot             denmark    059 
 12  oxyron              germany    058 
 13  antic               sweden     048 
 14  spirit              germany    033 
 15  triad               sweden         
     visual reality      ??????     031 
 17  x-factor            denmark    026 
 18  topaz beerline      germany    018 
 19  wrath design        sweden     016 
 20  legend              swiss      015 
 21  panoramic design    sweden     014 
 22  paradize            holland    011 

 no  name                country   pnts 
 23  brutal              denmark    010 
 24  extend              ???????    009 
 25  astral              ???????    008 
 26  hysteric            germany        
     dominators          germany    007 
 ed. censor finally got first after     
 wonderland 9 got spread well. the      
 place from oxyron and dominators       
 should be swapped but anyway.          

 no  name                country   pnts 
 01  LEGEND              DENMARK    188 
 02  ILLUSION            NORWAY     156 
 03  TALENT              ENGLAND    122 
 04  hysteric            germany    114 
 05  enigma              germany    095 
 06  dominators          germany    079 
 07  chromance           hungary    060 
 08  faces               hungary    054 
 09  success             germany    051 
 10  f4cg                italy      041 

 no  name                country   pnts 
 11  x-factor            denmark    040 
 12  triad               sweden     037 
 13  brutal              denmark    036 
 14  image               belgium    031 
 15  the ancient temple  austria    026 
 16  vision              sweden     021 
 17  x-rated             sweden     016 
 18  varsity             austria        
     genesis             germany        
     legacy              germany        
     wow                 belgium        
     genetix             england        
     mayhem              england    013 
 24  pandora             germany    011 

 no  name                country   pnts 
 25  hitmen              germany        
     censor design       sweden     008 
 27  paramount           germany    007 
 28  acrise              denmark    006 
 29  vagabonds           germany    005 
 30  the ruling company  holland    002 
 31  antic               sweden         
     rebels              germany    001 
 ed. deadline would have had 81 points  
 but i didn't count as all of them      
 joined illusion. mayhem and legacy are 
 dead but i added them to these charts  
 anyway. paramount has got a nice       
 start again!                           

             SINGLE CODERS              
 no  name            group         pnts 
 01  GLASNOST        CAMELOT        123 
 02  CROSSBOW        CREST          103 
 03  FLAMINGO        LIGHT          081 
 04  walt            beyond force   069 
 05  bob             censor design  059 
 06  yabba           ??????         057 
 07  tts             ??????         050 
 08  sam             beyond force   049 
 09  bx              origo dreaml.  048 
 10  gremlin         ?????          043 
 11  yup             offence        042 

 no  name           group          pnts 
 12  d'arc          ???????         025 
 13  olav m0rkrid   panoramic           
     mick           ???????             
     zodiac         falsh inc       015 
 16  depeh          antic           014 
 17  graham         ???????         013 
 18  syliner        ???????         011 
 19  wap            astral              
     rcc            spirit              
     maduplec       crest               
     buddah         ???????         010 
 23  mc sprite      cosmos design       
     lubber         ex-padua            
     exilon         ???????             
     fredrik bloem  pretzel logic   009 

 no  name           group          pnts 
 27  cellux         ?????           008 
 28  alf            ?????           007 
 ed. no comment except glasnost earns   
 his place and i'm very sorry but it    
 seems as i was too long outta coding   
 business as i don't know any of those  
 which have the quotation marks behind  
 sorry for that.                        

 no  name                          pnts 
 01  VIBRANTS                       180 
 02  SIDCHIP SCRATCHERS             134 
 03  MOZICART                           
     20CC                           062 
 05  maniacs of noise               038 
 06  audial arts                    028 
 07  sonic graphitty                016 
 08  prosonics                      014 
 09  sacred noise                   012 
 10  sonic circle                   010 
 11  sonix system                   008 

 no  name                          pnts 
 12  f.a.m.e.                           
     nordic beat                        
     demons of sound                004 
 15  harmony                        002 
 ed. the vibrants seems to rule so give 
 some others a chance. scs earns their  
 second place. maniacs of noise are the 
 last time in the charts.               
 and prosonics should be higher as they 
 deserve it.                            

            SINGLE CRACKERS             
 no  name               group      pnts 
 01  DOC                LEGEND      153 
 02  BOD                TALENT      139 
 03  POWERPLANT         LEGEND      126 
 04  fletch             legend      103 
 05  sauron             illusion    087 
 06  dogfriend          dominators      
     antitrack          legend      082 
 08  xxx                hotline     074 
 09  rockstar           ????        071 
 10  animal             dominators  064 
 11  sting              arcade      055 

 no  name             group        pnts 
 12  tyger            ????          038 
 13  chrysagon        enigma        031 
 14  tch              brutal        025 
 15  ignorance        ????          019 
 16  king fisher      triad         015 
 17  painkiller       chromance     011 
 18  wildcat          ics           008 
 19  crossfire        image             
     syllinor         faces             
     derbyshire ram   illusion      006 
 22  caesar           rebels            
     ecco             x-factor      004 
 24  benson           red sector    002 

            SCENE MAGAZINES             
 no  name                          pnts 
 01  SHOCK                          198 
 02  BRUTAL RECALL                  166 
 03  CORRUPTION                     144 
 04  independent                    112 
 05  hot shot                       098 
 06  script                         086 
 07  internal                       074 
 08  slowpoke                       066 
 09  smooth criminal                062 
 10  addybook                       058 
 11  magascene                      050 

 no  name                          pnts 
 12  bitmania                           
     flashback                      038 
 14  are we the best                034 
 15  magnetic media                     
     genetic dreams                 030 
 17  update                         028 
 18  explore                            
     milestone                      020 
 20  world news                     010 
 21  scene observer                     
     bild zeitung                   008 
 23  frsh'n'sticky                      
     nitro                          002 

 no  name             group        pnts 
 01  CREEPER          FLASH INC.    144 
 02  DRAGON           CENSOR DESIGN 132 
 03  BIZZMO           CREST         120 
 04  hein holt        hein design   104 
 05  red wizz         offence       092 
 06  gbf design       crest         088 
 07  sensei           censor design 064 
 08  ans              spirit        056 
 09  mirage           ?????         046 
 10  redstar          ?????         034 
 11  cop              faces         026 

 no  name           group          pnts 
 12  the elegance   enigma          012 
 13  d'arc          topaz beerline  008 
 14  electric       extend              
     ivan           fantasia        006 
 16  joe            antic               
     paladin        collision       002 
 ed. creeper has earned his first place 
 gbf design should be higher.           
 teh elegance is too low too!!          
 that was all for now pals. i hope you  
 enjoyed it a bit.                      
 i have to thank STORMBRINGER and       
 BOGOMIL for spreading a lot of sheets. 
 please refer to the editorial if you   
 want to spread our vote-sheets, pals!  


            BABBLE & PRATTLE            
 - HOTLINE is dead again. it died coz   
   silver surfer joined SUCCESS.        
 - LEXI/ex-HTL is searching for a nu    
   group for his board.                 
 - BACCHUS is sad because ugglies has   
   passed away!!                        
 - PERCY (ex-house) joined triumwyrat.  
 - STARKILLER joined like a modemtrader 
 - WHOPPER (ex-3) joined spirit.        
   joined the guys in oxyron.           
 - SHINE is a new built group by some   

 - BLIND GUARDIAN joined vagabonds      
 - some abyss members built CURVE to    
   be illegal.                          
 - MR. SMART/ex bonzai returned after   
   his break, he joined BRUTAL as a     
   mega swapper! also FRESH PRINCE/     
   ex-light returned to the scene and   
   is now on trail in brutal.           
 - PACIFIC/ARCON joined F4CG!           
 - WHOPPER left triumwyrat and joined   
   SPIRIT. STELLA died! stack j joined  
 - NANTCO/ndc joined WOW as a little    
   swapper and musician.                
 - HUB-ART and STRIDER of wow renamed   
   into KEOMA and TATOON!               
 - wow is in coop with rush division    

 - axe, scipio, dope and zore are       
   kicked out of wow.                   
 - delta left success and joined LEGEND 
 - crystal is now also on 64!           
 - ARCON is dead, most german members   
   joined x-rated!                      
 - TANKARD/NDC bought his way into      
   F4CG. for 140 dutch guilders a month 
 - PARAMOUNT is back in scene.          
 - rebels kicked caesar (ed. ??)        
 - A MI DI GIRL joined sunrise!         
 - slice left justice.                  
 - streethawk is now leader or justice! 
 - TDU changed name into CURE!          

 - max mix, messiah and rustler joined  
   the oz division of pulsar!           
 - TBB joined arcade and left chromance 
 - tanis leftt heartbeat and joined     
   vagabonds. chrysagon and ignorance   
   went to paramount!                   
 - BOGOMIL left maniax to join GOTHIC!  
 - luke renamed to master jay!          
 - KING/f4cg started modem trading!     
 - STEEL left padua to join success     
 - roman/padua quit the scene           
 - lubber was kicked out of padua!      
 - calypso/chrystal joined f4cg!        
 - f4cg and legend will arrange a x-mas 
   party in belgium!                    

 - sneaper/wow joine f4cg               
 - silver left nirvana + joined hitmen  
 - robin  hood/arm quited scene         
 - dok left lore of arts, changed his   
   handle into dylan dog and joined arm 
 - oz was kicked out of arm!            
 - andre (as) of antic joined oxyron as 
   a second group!             q        
 - trc will release their new demo very 
 - there should be also a starion party 
   in denmark around x-mas!!            


 ok, first of all sorry for some coming 
 spelling errors but all of us seem to  
 be drunken this evening so beware of   
 blaming us...  anyway i will give you  
 two or more interviews this time as i  
 am in a very good mood to do it...     
 first of all it's an interview with da 
 SIR of the famous (?) 64 magazine!!    
 E: where have you learned your coding  
    abilities ? and if it's not too     
    much work for you, tell us somethin 
    about you and your work.            
 S: i learned it without any help just  
    by testing and trying(eg. ripping!) 
    mainly i do some codes for 64 mag   
    and for cp-verlag (incl. trainers   
    for games getting money for it!)    
    geisterstunde is vorbei!!           

 E: what do you think about this queen  
    video on the screen!!               
 S: just amazing!!                      
 E: what is your real sex? i mean you   
    look like a boy but i'm not sure    
    at all so tell our readers more     
    about it ?                          
 S: why thinking about it, isn't it     
    the same problem like the one       
    you have.                           
 E: ok, you got the point but keep it   
    by yourself. anyway are you still   
 S: nice question, i spend a lot of     
    time to think about it ! (and if    
    thinking gets boring i've to do     
    something else)                     
 E: another stupid one: would you fuck  
    a red haired girl ?                 

 S: a witch - would be a new feeling,   
    maybe i'm magically touched after   
 E: you know we are both drunken so why 
    not continue asking some stupid     
    questions. do you like black people 
 S: black is a nice color and there are 
    a lot of fantastic black girls      
    hidden all over the world.          
 E: ever fucked a black one ??          
 S: in the night all sheep are black.   
 E: so i guess you are the black sheep  
    in your family, aren't you???       
 S: that depends on the contrast.       
 E: ok, let's say we've got some real   
    new batteries on our game boy and   
    you put the contrast up to black    
    are you a black sheep than or wot?  

 S: maybe i'm a black sheep, but you're 
    not one of the whities, too.        
 E: and now to something completely     
    different.  what would be your last 
    wish if you know you've got aids??  
 S: aids all over the world and         
    continue fucking.                   
 E: so you would infect as much girls   
    (boys) as you could do??            
 S: that's not the point, but if they   
    all know, that they have to die,    
    they want to do something absolute  
    wonderful before they're gone.      
 E: how much did you weigh on your      
 S: with or without computer ?          
 E: so you were born without cock and   
    with computer? if so tell our       

    readers if you were born with a 64  
    or a pc ??                          
 S: calm down, all 'things' you         
    mentioned are available and still   
 E: wot du yu sink of world nus??       
 S: colorful ........                   
 E: i guess you didn't want to say a    
    full answer to this question. Y     
    anyway let's get over to something  
    completely different again.         
    do you know where the streets have  
    no name ??                          
 S: streets on the water have no name.  
 E: you're fucking right, pal! but      
    you are living in austria so what   
    do you prefer, english or german??  
 S: i preferr the rrussian language !!  

 E: strazwieze!  so you are the leader  
    of the nu group called 'the russian 
 S: no, of course not, but i like the   
    'leningrad cowboys'. they also have 
    covered a song specially for you:   
 E: you don't think you are too old for 
    such a stupid interview??           
 S: nooo... cause it's not so stupid as 
    to see your coding.                 
 E: so you are complaining about my     
    coding?? tell me what are your best 
    routines ever?? have you ever made  
    a routine which makes your cock     
 S: yes, but you'll never see it (hehe) 
 E: i've got one by my own but i guess  
    yours is interlace, ins't it??      

 S: interlace -- high resulution, aahh  
    i see, your cock is like a block,   
    like a cigarette box, pooor girls ! 
 E: you sure know that's better to get  
    a stiff cock than a shit cock so    
    why are you complaining bout my     
 S: i know, just wait, i'll get a hanky 
    for your cock.                      
 E: ok but now a very serious question: 
    have you ever fucked a girl in her  
    ass, or used a vib for it??         
 S: a vib in her ass, she could do that 
    herselve !!                         
 E: but let's say you have done it,     
    would you use a special creme for   
    it?? you know it's quite dry!       
 S: don't use a creme, use bona, bona   
    gives you speed.                    

 E: thanx for this tip, i'll use it     
    next time for my girl. but do you   
    think it also works with boys?      
 S: do they have another ass ?? no, no  
    you don't have to demonstrate.      
 E: i would never demonstrate you my    
    beauty ass. but the difference is   
    that a man (boy) has got some more  
    hair in it!! have you also got some 
    hair in it or are you too young??   
 S: you can buy a special creme against 
    hair on your feet, just mix it with 
    bona, add some oil, and you can     
    continue your pflutsching work.     
 E: i know, my girl useses it but tell  
    me, do you sometimes think about    
    some serious things just like       
    dancing like genesis?               
 S: everytime !!                        

 E: i know this interview will fill the 
    whole side but anyway, how much     
    would you pay for killing the       
    singer on the micro??               
 S: one beer, and you get the money     
    back for two bottles (beer+singer)  
 E: as everybody seems to be drunken    
    in this party i think it's better   
    to save this interview as it would  
    be a shit to loose it. i hope you   
    don't mind stopping this stupidness 
 S: how could i ?                       
 E: i dunno? but now the end is near as 
    i wanna get rid off this sucker on  
    the micro. let's kill him!!         
 S: let's go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!             
 E: see ya all tomorrow!!!              

  i have read this interview 4 days     
  after the party and i must admit that 
  it is really stupid and i don't even  
  know what we were talking about.      
  anyway i enjoyed doing this interview 
  so it will be printed as it was.      
  but let's continue with another one   
  held by THE CHELSEA of TRC with       
  HELLRAISER of MAYHEM (he quitted some 
  weeks ago but anyway)                 
 E: could you give us some datas about  
 H: my real name is lee jones, i was    
    born on the 1.1.1976. my current    
    group is MAYHEM, my profession gum  
    and drop out. my jobs are CRACKING  

    and professional drinking (e.g. a   
    bit young for that?)                
 E: ok lee, so why have you rebuilt the 
    old US-importergroup mayhem ?       
 H: first we did not rebuild the usa    
    group when i left TRC  rimtrix,     
    joker and me wanted to build an all 
    UK-GROUP. none of us could think of 
    a name for the group, after looking 
    through a lot of books i came up    
    with mayhem. after we started some  
    people said that there was another  
    group called mayhem but we must     
    have just joined the scene when     
    mayhem usa just died. WE DID NOT    
    STEAL THEIR NAME (like certain      
    people said). we don't care, if     
    people want to write silly notes    
    about us. haven't they anything     
    better to do?                       

 E: well, is mayhem just an BRITISH     
    group or would you also take        
 H: not if we could help it, a good     
    group should be in close contact    
    (maybbe we aren't close enough!)    
    but at the moment it's all UK!      
 E: so, give us the current memberstat  
    and also the jobs they've to do!!   
 H: hellraiser   - cracker              
    joker        - cracker, swopper     
    met          - cracker              
    m+m          - swopper              
    betrayer     - gfx, coder           
    beer monster - gfx, swopper         
    rimtrix      - cracker, swopper     
 E: if you could join any group you     
    want, which one would you join      
    (except mayhem) and WHY??           

 H: a decent one where i could keep in  
    contact easy, fast originals ect.   
    one that was prepared to do         
    something but not take it too       
 E: what do you think about all those   
    fake labels like e.g. gods, troep   
    ultimate ect.??                     
 H: they are made just for fun, i don't 
    take computers seriously. i have    
    much better things to do but if i   
    have nothing else to do then sure i 
    will put some shit out under GODS!  
 E: last question about the computer    
    bizz: tell us something about       
    your carreer (???)!!!               
 H: well when i first joined the scene  
    (about 88) i was in a group called  
    TTI (the timelords inc.) then about 
    6 months later i joined the         
    cruisers, then xentrix which was a  

    very cool decision, that was the    
    best fun!!!  then the ruling comp.  
    xentrix again, then awesome which   
    was quite good the the ruling comp. 
    and now mayhem where i will stay or 
    quit (e.d. how true ?!?)            
 E: so let's get started with some      
    other questions: what are your      
    hobbbies except computing??         
 H: of coz football!, spending money,   
    cinema, reading horror books and    
 E: have you got a girlfriend? if so,   
    describe her......                  
 H: naw, i came close but we weren't    
    right for each other. but come to   
    nottingham, there are 3 girls to    
    every guy and the bitches are quite 

 E: have you ever been to an other      
    country?? if so, how did you like   
 H: well this year i went to america,   
    for my brothers wedding. (i was     
    the best man... shit!) it was       
    quite cool but NEW YORK was very    
 E: what do you know about AUSTRIA??    
 H: not much apart from snow and        
    mountains, am i right??             
 E: brainstorming:                      
    e.g. austria - lame                 
    gary lineker - fuckn ace footballer 
                   tottenhm hotsp. ruls 
    fish'n'chips - yum, traditional     
                   english food.        

    timex protection - eh? i'm not that 
                       good at cracking 
    shock - electric??                  
    dutch breeze - nice demo!           
    danish football team - nice!        
    united states - weird but cool!!    
    pc - shit!                          
    atari - st-shit                     
    taxes - bieuuuggghhh!               
 E: well, time to write what you want!! 
 H: erm!! i don't know. can't you ask   
    easier questions?                   
 E: at last greet your best pals!!!     

 H: yo ho to - betrayer                 
               and all my other friends 
 E: lee, thanx for this interview!!     
 H: sure, hope somebody will read this! 
 ok, that was all. i hope you enjoyed   
 them a bit and tell me if you want to  
 get interviewed.                       
     get back with '<' or fire #2!!     


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    - 100% back                         

             XXXXXX XXXXXX              
 originals!  XXXX XXXXXXXX              
              XXXXXXX XXX               
 4 internal! XXXXXXXXXX XX              
             XXXX XXXXXXXX              
 100%       XXXXXXX XXXXXXX       elite 
 reply      XXXXXXXXXXXX XX   prefered! 
               XXXX XXXX                
 friendship!    XXXXXXX       1-3 disx! 
           THE BEAST/X-RATED            
 100%      (not on envelope)  originals 
 reply          XXXXXXX                 
            X.X. XXX XXXXXX             
            X-XXXX XXXXXXX X            
 64 tools!      XXXXXXX       64 warez! 

 swapping!    JOY/PROXYGON  falsh back! 
              XXXXX XXXXXX              
         XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. XX          
          XXXX XX XXXXXXXXXXX           
            XXX XXXXXXXXXXX             
                XXXXXX X                
            XXXX XXXXXXXXXX             
             XXXXXX XXXXXX              
 hot 64 and  XXXXXXXXXX XX    disx=100% 
 amiga!     XXXX XXXXXXXXXX   reply!    
            MACRO NIT/REBELS            
         (not on the envelope)          
              XXX XXXXXX X              
             X-XXXX XXXXXX              
 for vhs, covers, gfx, swapping, rebels 
 wares and magnetic media!!             

 100% reply!  XXX XXXXXX X    hot swap! 
             X-XXXX XXXXXX              
 cool friend!   XXXXXXX     votesheets! 
         (not on the envelope)          
           X-XXXX XXXXXXXX X            
 fast trade!  XXXXX XXXXXX     long     
 coolies!  XX XXXXXXXXXX XX.   letters! 
           XX. XXXXX XX XXXX            
 calls 4       XXXXXXXXX        cool    
 contacts ph. ++XX/X XXX XXXX   friend! 
          THE AUTHENTIC/DUNEX           
           XXXXX X. XXXXXXXX            
             XXXXXXXXXX XX              
              XXXX XXXXXX               
 100% reply!    XXXXXXX                 

              XXX XXXXXX-X              
           X-XXXX XXXXXXXXXX            
 100% reply   XXX XXXXXX X       no     
           X-XXXX XXXXXXXX X  cheating! 
 originals+   XXXXXXX XXXX     disco    
 normal      X-XXXX XXXXXX     tapes!   
 swap!      XXXXXXX XXX. XX             
           BLACK PRIEST/CROSS           
         XXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXX          
            XXXXXXXXXXX. XXX            
            X-XXXX XXXXXXXXX            
      for world news and ordinary       

         BOGOMIL/GOTHIC DESIGNS         
 legal!     XXXXXX XXXXXXXX  friendship 
 disc covers!   XXX XXXX     100% reply!
             XXX XX XXXXXX              
 covers       XXXXXXX XXXX   news press 
             XXXXXXXXXX. XX             
            XXXX XXXXXXXX XX            
 top elite!   XXXXX XXXXXX              
           XXX XXXXXXXXXXX XX           
              XXXXX XXXXX               
              XXXXXXX XXX               
              XXXXXXXXX X               
            XXXX XXXXXXXXXX             

  64+         XXX XXXXXX X    hardcore  
  amiga     XXXX XXXXXXXXXXX  trash     
                XXXXXXX       tapes     
             XXXXXXXXXXX XX             
             XXXX XX XXXXX              
            XXX XXXXXXXXXXX             
             XXX XXXX XXXXX             
        XXXX XXXXXXX XXXXX XXX.         
             XX.XX/X XXXXX              
              XXXX XXXXXX               
              XX/XX XXXXX               
           X. XXXXXX XXXXXXXX           

 originals  'music factory'  tekkno!    
 at&t,pbx!    XXXXXXXXXXX    milestone! 
         XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX          
                ARM HQ.                 
 join!       XXX XXXXXX XX   originals! 
           XXXXX XXXXXX (XX)            
             XXX XXXXXXX X              
              X-XXXX XXXX               
 for originals, vhs, or just the normal 
 chromance first releases:              
               XXXXXXX. X               
            XXXXX XXXXXXXXX             

 for hot legal swapping                 
 for graphics and musics                
 for all legal antic and oxyron wares   
 for pagefox gfx/char swapping          
 for a cool friend and long letters     
       ANDRE (AS) of ANTIC/OXYRON       
          X/X XXXXX XXXXXXXXX           
             XXXXXX XXXX XX             
           X-XXXX XXXXXX/XXXX           
 call these:                            
 planet arris         XXX-XXX-XXXX      
 the forum            313-pri-vate      
 termianl obsession   XXX-XXX-XXXX      
 chaotic illusion     XXX-XXX-XXXX      

 edge of midnight         XXX-XXX-XXXX  
 inner circle             XXX-XXX-XXXX  
 lost empire           ++XX-XXXX-XXXXX  
 soul pit                 XXX-XXX-XXXX  
 power surge              XXX-XXX-XXXX  
 immortal hell(canada)    XXX-XXX-XXXX  
 too dark park            XXX-XXX-XXXX  
 paradize               ++XX/XXXX-XXXX  

 came in the last minute so i put this  
 in too:                                
               XX. XXX XX               
            X-XXXX XXXXX XX.            
        phone XX-X-XXXXXX (XXXX)        
 for swapping software and information  
      on roleplaying games like...      
             and CYBERPUNK.             
  also for swapping music tapes in the  
 HARDCORE(not rap or techno)/DEATH/DOOM 

  here are some more addies right now:  
            ALLIGATOR OF TAT            
               XXXX XXXXX               
             XXXXXXXXXX XX              
            XXXX XXXXXXXXXX             
  for pc, amiga and 64 wares. also for  
  cards of any kind (e.g. visa, at&t)!  
     also to collect phonebooks and     

on the lines

              ON THE LINES              
 feel you very welcome to this new      
 chapter including informations about   
 european- and us-boards, all ways of   
 carding and hacking around the world.  
 edited by alligator of tat.            
 first of all i want to start with an   
 advertisement. in about 4 weeks the    
 ancient temple will open their board   
 called 'CURSE OF ENCHANTIA' in         
 austria. some facts&acts'n feelings:   
   - runs on amiga system               
   - 200megs harddisk                   
   - all 64'er service disks (84-92)    
   - all kind of utilities & h/p prgs.  
   - and more...                        
    check out # in emanuelle no. 12!    

 after this advertisement i have got    
 another question and maybe  there is   
 someone who can help me.               
 can anybody tell me what the system    
 of SPRINT is or how does a card look   
 if you know tell me please and you     
 will get an at&t in exchange.          
 thank you!                             
 here are some secials for you pals     
 reachable and maybe usefull numbers    
 from austria to usa are                
 XXXXX XXXX       at&t usa direct       
 XXXXX XXXX       mci usa direct        
 XXXXX XXXX       sprint usa            
 XXXXX XXXX       at&t canada           
 XXXX XXX         telecard              
 i hope to give you some more the next  
 time. also some 0130 scans (GERMANY)   
 next time.                             

 a university in south dakota where you 
 can try to hack password/access is:    
 there are several cool party lines     
 etc. at:                               
 XXX-XXX-XXXX  mtv partyline            
 XXX-XXX-XXXX  gays                     
 XXX-XXX-XXXX to 9199  german sex lines 
 XXX-XXX-XXXX  us partyline             
 there is also a bank in usa (forgot    
 which) at                              

 voice mailboxes at:                    
 XXX-XXX- XXXX     audix vmb            
          XXXX     vmb                  
          XXXX     aspen vmb            
          XXXX     vmb                  
 exp. date: 05/94                       
 there is a unix box at:                

 i sorry not to give you more this time 
 but i had to idea to insert this       
 chapter far too late.                  
 anyway tell me if you like the idea of 
 it and if you want to give your        
 contribution for it.                   
 send all to:                           
        XXXXXX XXXXXXX                  
        XXXXXXXXXXXX X                  
        XXXX  XXXXX                     
 or call me after 10 pm cet at          
 use my answering machine if i'm not at 


broken file


 this time nobody sent me anything so   
 i think this chapter might stay very   
 empty indeed.                          
 at this case i just want to warn       
           CHARLIE OF VARSITY           
 no to tell shit about me and fairlight 
 anylonger as it might end bad for him. 
 i also want to thank all those people  
 who supported me with mortal while     
 those other 2 months passed since last 
 issue. i hope i can continue           
 as long as i wish and i hope some of   
 you will show more activity in future. 
     a VERY BIG THANKS has to go to     

           ROWDY OF FAIRLiGHT           
      and all the other members of      
            and of course of            
           THE ANCIENT TEMPLE           
   the official release date of this    
   issue is the 7th of october 1992!    
      i hope there are many people      
          spreading this issue          
           and the votesheets           
 if you think this issue is worth than  

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