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owners corner

             OWNERS CORNER              
 this is issue number eight and we want 
 to say thanx to all dudes who supplied 
 us with votes, stories (too less!),    
 news and so on.                        
 we decided to add a new chapter called 
 'illegal or not ?'.... we would like   
 to get your opinion to that and if we  
 should continue doing it like it is.   
 maybe some improvements etc.           
 all other chapters are the same as     
 last month.                            
 the only other changes are that        
 'emanuelle' changed group now to       
 this time there are not that much      
 improvements except:                   
 if you choose a chapter twice it don't 
 loads again.                           
 the mag can fully be controlled with   
 both, joydick and keyboard.            

 and i think that is all. as always we  
 give you some different screen opening 
 so tell us which are your fave ones!   
 next issue to be planned:              
 another main-menue-graphic by ogami or 
 hein holt!                             
 another music!                         
 a track sector fast loader! (with disc 
 another charset without any flashings. 
 and one more logo on the left side.    
 this time i (ayatollah) gotta write    
 also something to the 'craptalk'       
 corner so read it.                     
 we all want you to like this issue so  
 don't take anything too serious as too 
 many dudes in the scene already do.    
 we don't want to rag on somebody but   
 if we do nevertheless, it's done on    

 did you know that:                     
 - girls rule!                          
 - fucking is a great job!              
 - getting a blow job is even greater!  
 - we are driving to the ce-bit '92!    
 - this is the end of the 'owners       
   corner' for this issue!              
     send everything you think that     
    it can be of interest for us to     
           following addies:            
             XXXXXX XXXXXXX             
             XXXXXXXXXXXX X             
              XXXX  XXXXX               
           ++XX/XXXX/XX X XX            

                 or to:                 
         XXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXX          
           XX. XXXXXXXXXX. X            
              XXXX XXXXXXX              
  press '<' to get back to main menue!  

kickin' asses

 -----        KICKIN ASSES              
          TOP CRACKING GROUPS           
 place group        country  percentage 
 01    LEGEND        belgium      79.75 
 02    ENIGMA        germany      68.20 
 03    TALENT        uk, norway   66.00 
 04    dominators    denmark      59.40 
 05    f4cg          italy        36.85 
       genesis p.    germany            
 07    success       germany      21.45 
 08    fairlight     sweden,aut   15.40 
 09    triad         sweden       14.85 
 10    dead line     u.k.         14.30 
 minimum percentage to enter the charts 

            TOP DEMO GROUPS             
 place  group        country percentage 
 01     FLASH INC    sweden       69.85 
 02     LIGHT        sweden       67.65 
 03     CREST        germany,aut  61.05 
 04     black mail   holland      52.25 
 05     camelot      denmark      42.90 
 06     paradize     holland      28.60 
 07     faces        hungary      26.95 
 08     fairlight    sweden,aut   25.85 
 09     spirit       germany      25.05 
 10     censor des.  sweden       22.00 
      minimum percentage to enter:      

             TOP CRACKERS               
 place  cracker      group   percentage 
 01     POWERPLANT   legend       69.30 
 02     BOD          talent       36.85 
 03     DOC          talent       32.45 
 04     xxx          talent       18.15 
        chrysagon    enigma             
 06     sauron       talent       15.40 
 07     arrogance    success      13.20 
 08     bacchus      fairlight    12.65 
 09     mao          f4cg          9.90 
 10     ignorance    enigma        9.35 
        nme          dead line          
        cba          t.r.c.             
 minimum to enter: 9.00                 

             TOP CODERS                 
 place  coder         group  percentage 
 01     FLAMINGO      light       64.90 
 02     CROSSBOW      crest       62.70 
 03     ZODIAC        light       41.80 
 04     glasnost      camelot     36.85 
 05     thunder       black mail  29.70 
 06     walt          starion     27.50 
 07     gaaap         black mail  14.85 
 08     alf           black mail  13.20 
 09     yabba         light       12.65 
 10     yup           offence      7.70 
 minimum percentage to enter: 7.00      

            TOP MUSICANS                
 place composer              percentage 
 01    GUY SHAVITT                44.55 
 02    REYN OUWEHAND              33.00 
 03    JEROEN TEL                 24.20 
 04    edwin van santen           23.65 
 05    drax                       13.20 
 06    geir tjelta                12.10 
 07    a-man                      10.45 
       ironcat                    10.45 
 09    x-ample                     9.35 
       jens christain huus         9.35 
 minimum percentage to enter: 9.00      

            TOP PIXELARTISTS            
 place artist                percentage 
 01    GOTCHA                     42.90 
 02    OGAMI                      37.40 
 03    HEIN DESIGN                34.65 
 04    redstar                    25.85 
 05    creeper                    24.20 
 06    mirage                     22.00 
 07    crept                      18.70 
 08    hobbit                     18.15 
 09    ans                        14.85 
 10    bizzmo                     13.75 
 minimum percentage to enter: 10.00     

             TOP DISCMAGS               
 place discmag        group  percentage 
 01    BRUTAL RECALL  brutal      89.10 
 02    SHOCK          censor      53.35 
 03    MAMBA          enigma      41.80 
 04    corruption     dom des.    41.25 
 05    hotshot        light       36.85 
 06    script         clique      28.05 
 07    bild zeitung   success     17.60 
 08    immortal flash atlantis    13.20 
 09    internal       w.o.w.      11.00 
 10    frontpage      t.r.c.       9.90 
 minimum percentage to enter: 9.35      
  press '<' to get back to main menue   


           BABBLE AND PRATTLE           
  yo babes, i think in this issue we    
  can offer you much more actual and    
  informative news which reached us     
  in the last 3 weeks.... thanx goes    
  to all who have voted. keep on        
  doing like that and please also       
  spread our vote sheet if possible     
  first of all i give you a real kicker 
 - emanuelle changed groups. it's now a 
   FAIRLIGHT mag (you may have already  
   recognized that, heven't you?)       
 - ayatollah joined fairlight but he'll 
   stay in the ancient temple too.      
   the most cracks will be done for     
   tat and some go over to da flt label 
   also emanuelle is for flt now.       

 - rumors are saying that several dudes 
   are thinking of rebuilding HOTLINE!  
 - the ancient temple will get an       
   austrian board in 3 weeks. the name  
   is the only thing sure yet and       
   should be 'justified and ancient'    
   some more infos like number, sysop   
   headquarter will follow. sure is     
   that it is running for 64,amiga and  
 - the ce-bit 1992 is from 11.03.92 to  
   18.02.1992 and will take place in    
 - instead of the horizon party there   
   will be a light party together with  
   the horzion dudes. more infos coming 
 - there will also be a tat party this  
   summer here in austria. infos are    

 - dead line co-op with project-x is    
   now over. most 'd/l' members ask     
   - did it ever really exist??         
 - rough left chromance to join success 
 - bizzmo/genesis project and megabyte  
   of depredators joined crest (gfx)    
 - deek joined crest as a musician      
 - maduplec/buds/nato joined crest as   
   a coder                              
 - acrise finally died.                 
 - nothingface/clique joined pulsar as  
   a megaswapper!                       
 - mc-t-fly, seal, ream, raven ex-      
   accuse joined triad. accuse is dead. 
   ream and seal will start doing the   
   guide again.                         
 - lorus/ex-camelot joined varsity      

 - stax, a musician from the atari st   
   (kotz) joined varsity on 64!         
 - cst/varsity got busted by the cops.  
   mendrake was got busted!             
 - crossfire/ex-acrise joined black     
   gold. (new group!)                   
 - atomic flash renamed into the coult. 
 - all graphicians of sunrise build a   
   graphic label called artwork factory 
 - erotyc design/dominators design      
   renamed into visual reality and      
   joined sunrise                       
 - also two new swappers called hitman  
   and chevignon joined sunrise.        
 - witty left sunrise to join wow!      

 - sunrise was rebuild from oregon and  
   dream. both groups are dead now.     
 - some members from trc, wow and       
   genesis rebuild mayhem !!            
 - the audience left sunrise and joined 
 - rebel (ex-acy) joined topaz.         
   c.i.m. and judge dredd (both from    
   topaz) left the scene!               
 - shez/house des. left the scene for   
   a while.                             
 - mason/x-factor joined acrise. he was 
   in former days a member of           
   dominators, x-ray and joy division.  
 - crossfire/acrise will join the army  
   on the 2nd of march. cba of trc will 
   also join the army on the 16th march 

 - a small danish group called          
   discovery died.all surviving members 
   (4) have joined dom.                 
 - demo wizard left lotu to join weird  
   he renamed into slash!               
 - stephen/ex-the force joined          
   triumvyrat as maincracker and        
 - kreator (ex-lost boys) was caught by 
   the cops!                            
 - a new group is born called giants.   
   their only aim is to paint great     
   disc-covers. all talented disc-cover 
   designer should joind them (they can 
   remain in their old group) (ed.      
   contact milestone red. for more!)    
 - black and white joined ndc as a      
   cracker and original supplier.       
 - morron/paradize will leave scene!    

 - sodapop/flash inc. joined fairlight! 
 - hellraiser left trc to joine mayhem. 
   cevin was kicked from trc!           
 - the force hungary joined stella!     
   freeze left to join triumvyrat,while 
   filter (musics) joined.              
 - neno was kicked out from the force   
   for beeing useless!                  
 - all members of the force australia   
   got kicked. only left are: psycho    
   insane and sacred.                   
 - banshee and ziphoid of active were   
   kicked out due to lazyness.          
 - injun inc. and trasher joined active 
 - gabriel and ximox of the force are   
   out of the scene.                    

 - viny is now only in the force. he    
   decided to drop his membership in    
   air design so he can gain a good     
   position in the gfx world by himself 
 - zagor and zoris joined flash inc.    
 - tanis joined heartbeat               
 - lynx, death, demon/ex-radical joined 
 - some lamers rebuild beastie boys!    
 - racoon is going to the army on the   
   1st of april (seems to be a april    
 - tech/wow was asked to join vision    
   but refused!                         
 - chrysagon, ellegance, trigger and    
   jatage joined enigma!                
 - gotcha went to p.c.!                 

 - rcs left brutal and joined legend!   
 - the oz-section of: dream oregon now  
   known as sunrise is dead!all members 
   joined pulsar oz-section!            
 - alive/ex-stella joined wow. so did   
   kingpin, orgasm, rimtrix, witty and  
 - xylonite/house joined wow but also   
   remains to house!                    
 - jerry/ex-house joined wow and slita  
 - slash and the testament was kicked   
   from wow!                            
 - wow needs a multiload cracker!       
   (what the heck is that ??!)          
 - lenin/wow left the scene again!      
 - wow is growing very big.             

 - cruel will start off his board       
   'maximum perversum' as soon as he    
   gets a decent board programm. people 
   who pass him these programs will     
   get unlimited access!                
 ok, as it's fucken late now and i'm    
 really pissed off typing those news    
 here is the end. anyway we didn't      
 receive more so keep on sending.       
 nevertheless i think this is enough to 
 keep on voting and adding the news to  
 your vote sheet.                       


            the interview               
 this time it was made with DEFJAY of   
 pandora.  sorry for not giving you     
 longer questions but it was made on    
 the phone it costed a hell doing it so 
 like it or die......                   
 the interview was fully made by        
 ? ..... emanuelle                      
 / ..... defjay                         
 ? please tell our readers some data of 
   you, pal. e.g.  age, group, sex etc. 
 / my name is alex wiehart and i'm 19   
   years old. my height is about 1.87 m 
   and my weight is 90 kg. i use to     
   have blond hair and i'm in PANDORA   
   at the moment....                    

 ? you are a cracker so i gotta ask you 
   where you get your originals from ?  
 / mostly i get them from the coders    
   themselves. the other originals i    
   get directly from software companies 
   and some contacts of mine.... i also 
   got an english original supplier.    
 ? in which groups have you been before 
 / after some little lamer groups i     
   which i don't want to name here i    
   BUILT up silicon. i left this one in 
   autuum 1990 and joined nato. after   
   beeing some months in nato i joined  
   pulsar and now i'm in pandora where  
   i also want to stay.                 
 ? do you have a girl friend ?          
 / no ! (eg. he said it after a single  

 ? how does your fave girl look like ?  
   (maybe a fat wet pussy or just a     
   little one where your dick always    
   gets stuck?)                         
 / (eg. after some minutes of laughing) 
   my fave girl looks like my amiga.... 
   to be exact, she (?) should have     
   app. 2.5 mb ram and also 2 drives.   
   my fave colour is blond !!           
   (eg. check his amiga, it is blond!!) 
 ? i heard (?) that you are swapping    
   vhs so which kind of movies do you   
   like best ?                          
 / i just love all horrors, splatter-   
   videos, hard core and life act ones  
   are also my fave ones...             
 ? let's go over to some favourite      
   things of yours...                   
   please tell us your fave:            

 ? movie:  basket case 2 is quite funny 
           also 'the texas chainsaw     
           masacre 1 and 2'  and all    
           kind of b.-movies.           
   group:  pandora of course!           
   girl:   all female actors from the   
           the movie 'super vixens!'    
   food:   all kind of pizza (esp. a    
           cruel, 3 days old fish pizza 
           with some beer.              
   board:  underground (will be up      
           again in a week or so!)      
           the forum and finally the    
           good old chessboard....      
           all excalibur board, too     
   clothes:i like all kind of tiny      
           panties which gives me the   
           feeling of flying through    
           clouds while grabbing around 
           in my ass...                 

 ? discmag: shock, emanuelle            
            (eg. i told him not to say  
            emanuelle but it was his    
            whish!! anyway shock is     
   drink:   beer of course... (just     
            like kapsreiter, budweiser  
            and some more...)           
 ? what do you think about the austrian 
   scene nowadays ?                     
 / there are far to much lamers sucking 
   around but still some guys are       
 ? how often have you fucked a girl     
   right now ?                          
 / more than i've got fingers to count  
   on ... (eg. that means more than 10! 
   but in fact he is a mutant he has    
   got 20 fingers so this should be     
   ment as more than 20 girls!!)        

 ? in your opinion, who is the best     
   cracker on the globe ?               
 / nobody is really ruling. some goods  
   are  excell, xxx, triangle etc.      
 ? do you want to greet somebody of     
   friends in the scene ?               
 / yep, of course. they are:            
   megabyte, ayatollah (thanx), gazza   
   all pandora members, excalibur,      
   dense, rough and many more...        
 ? would you like to go to the ce-bit   
   1992 with us ?                       
 / yes of course i will. but there is   
   one problem. i haven't got any money 
   so i gotta wait until my slaves      
   supply me with some !!               
 ? have you got a last word on this     
   interview ?                          

 / pandora is #1 and just don't forget  
   to vote as we are the best!!         
 ? ok, money is over and so the         
   interview is. anyway thanx for this  
   nice'n'cool interview pal. gotta     
   hang up now, bye bye..               
 / my pleasure.... see ya, bye bye....  
  this was the one done with defjay     
  just 2 days ago...  another one will  
  get's you by pressing '+' or moving   
  your joy #2 into the upper position!! 
  the following interview was done with 
  GUY SHAVITT of sid chip scratchers    
  by gazza. (thanx pal!)                

 actually this interview was done quite 
 a while ago so some things guy is      
 talking about may not be actual.       
 sorry for that!                        
 ? = emanuelle staff (gazza)            
 / = guy shavitt (sidchip scratchers)   
 ?: hi guy, please tell our readers     
    about you !                         
 /: i was born on the 9th of march      
    1973 (ed.happy birthday), i live    
    in TEL AVIV (israel). i have got    
    green eyes, blond hair and i am     
    about 183 cm tall.                  
    these days i am having my final     
    exams in high-school (ed. he prob.  
    did them already, hehe!) and in     
    september i am going to the army.   
    however, i will still have some     
    time to make musics on the 64.      
    i like watching movies and standup  
    comedies, telling and hearing       

 /: funny jokes, swimming and doing     
    all kinds of sport, and going out   
    on friday nights, but most of all   
    i like making musics! (what an      
    unexcepted surprise!)               
 ?: on which projects are you working   
    at the moment ? (ed. quite uninter- 
    esting now but anyway!)             
 /: i have just finished making         
    original musics for an unknown mag  
    (ed.what a fucker!) called          
    i am working on musiscs for flash   
    inc. and other demogroups and for   
    THE FORCE'S new demo 'volcanus'.    
    soon i am going to start working    
    on 'music storm 2' and maybe some   
    more 'sidchip music score' files.   
 ?: which musics are you listening to?  
 /: i know it will sound a bit strange  
    but i hardly ever listen to any     

 /: music. i do this because it's very  
    important for me to remain original 
    and not be influenced by any other  
    musician. when i do listen to some  
    musics, it's PHIL COLLINS, JEAN-    
    MICHELLE JARRE and to a few others. 
    almost every musician will tell you 
    he is not influenced by musics he   
    is listening to, but when he will   
    compose his own pieces, he will use 
    elements he heard in other's musics 
 ?: in which group you are actually.    
    wether it's THE FORCE or SCS ?      
 /: though question...  to say the      
    truth, i am pretty confused myself. 
    let's just say i am in s.c.s. which 
    is a trademark of the force(a legal 
    of course!).sometimes i make intros 
    for the force just to keep my       
    programming skills (if there are    
    any!) in shape.                     

 ?: what is your hardware nowadays ?    
 /: i have a YAMAHA DX7 synthesizer     
    and a YAMAHA RX-11 digital rhythm   
    programmer (in simple language it's 
    a drum machine), and i'm saving     
    money for a four track, maybe a     
    PORTASTUDIO or something like that. 
 ?: when did you enter the 64 scene ?   
 /: i couldn't remember that one, so i  
    looked around my old dusty discs,   
    and found some demoparts of         
    the force from 1987,so i guess it's 
    something like that (mid 1987!)     
    however, i started doing musics     
    only about two and a half years ago 
 ?: is it possible to hear some amiga   
    musics from you in the future ?     
 /: it's possible,but i will never give 
    up the 64 for the amiga, that's for 
    sure. i may also quit the whole     

 /: computer music business and start   
    doing professional music, maybe     
    start a music group/band of my      
 ?: let's say i'm from a software       
    company and i would have to pay for 
    your musics. how much i would owe   
    you for this music?                 
 /: it's much cheaper than the others,  
    but you can't know how cheap till   
    you try... (SFX always for free if  
    you buy more than 3 musics!)        
 ?: what would you take with you to a   
    lonesome island?                    
 /: i would take with me my telephone,  
    because i just love talking with    
    my friends for hours. (i just hope  
    there is a telephone plug somewhere 
    on that island... or maybe it will  
    work on coconut milk... well, what  
    the heck)                           

 /: and i would never forget to take    
    with me my DX7, and a girl for      
    company. (just for talking, of      
    (ed. seems to be a gay, ey??        
    i never only talk to girls but may  
    the manners in israel are differnt) 
 ?: greet your friends!                 
 /: first of all hello to all force     
    members worldwide, in israel, italy 
    and australia, especially to nir p. 
    danny bouzaglo, ronny n., and       
    zoris'n'zagor, the great graphic    
    finally hi to all my good friends   
    in ISRAEL: ami n., itay e., dalia   
    etc. and my classmates:  assi, shay 
    ori and last but not least shira k. 
    the qutest girl in the whole world. 
    (ed. guy, if you will send me       
    (ayatollah) a photo of this girl    
    you will get a abo of the emanuelle 
    and 30 blank discs!!!)              

 ?: what do you actually think about    
 /: mags are a good idea, but not when  
    there are too many of them. every   
    mag should have something original  
    of it's own, so that people would   
    have the reason to read all the     
    also it's annoying that in every    
    mag the charts are somehow          
    different. a good idea is to make   
    a co-op between all the mags and    
    release a monthly charts list       
    will be the mix of all the mag's    
    charts together.  ah, what about    
    that ??? is a great idea or what ?? 
    (c) 1991  guy shavitt               
 ?: some last words to our readers,     
 /: bye to all from guy shavitt !!!     

 well this was all for issue #08.       
 i hope you enjoyed reading them.       
 if not, fuck you!!                     
 if you want to be interviewed tell     
 us and we will do so..                 
  press '<' to go back to main menue!   


 -----is the 'TOUCHSTONE' chapter and   
 as we received tons of addies, i won't 
 write much as an introduction and it   
 is also possible that there are not    
 all addies printed, which were sent to 
 us, due to the limited memory.         
 XXXXXX XXXXXXXX       for 64 and vhs   
 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XX    trading.         
 XXXX XX XXX XXXX                       
 X. XXXXX              for 64 and       
 XXXXX XXXXXXXX        'freedom'        
 XXXX XXXXXXXX X                        
 RAZOR/THE FORCE                        
 X XXXXX XXXXX         for 64 elite and 
 XXXXXX XX XXXX        'code mag'       

 ANGIE/GUARDIAN ANGLES                  
 XXXXXXXXXXXX X                         
 XXXX XXXX              for 64 and      
 XXXXXXX                amiga           
 X.X. XXX XXXX                          
 XXXX XXXXXX X          for 64. no      
 XXXXXXX                handle!         
 XXX XXXXXXX XXXXXX                     
 XXXXXXXXXX X           64 elite+comp.  
 XXXX XXXXXXXX          no handle!      
 DEFINE STYLER/SAV                      
 XXXXXXXXXX XX                          
 XXXX XX XXXXXX X/X XXXX                
 XXXXXXXXX. X        XXXXXXX            

 XXXXX XXXXXXXXX      legal 64.         
 XXXXXX XXX XX                          
 XXXX XXXXXX                            
 XXX XX XXXXXXXXX       (paradise)      
 XXXX XXXXXXX          originals and    
 XXXXXXXXXXXXX XX      'internal'       
 XXXX XXXXXXXXXX                        
 X.X.XXX XXX           no cheating,     
 XXXX XX XXXXXX        also vhs         

 XXXXXXX X/X XXXX                       
 XX XXXXXX XX           no handles, no  
 XXXX XX XXXXXXXXX      cheating        
 DANNY/THE FORCE                        
 XXXXX XXXXXXXXX                        
 XXXXXXXXX XXXXXX                       
 XXXXXXXXXX XX        only legal        
 XXXX XXXXX-XXXXXXX                     
 XXXX XXXXXX         only for joining   
 XXXXXXXXXXXX X      and 'sanforized'   
 XXXX X.X. XXXXX                        

 XXXXXXXX XXX      hot 64!              
 XXXX XXXXXXXX                          
 XXXXX XXXXXXXX      elite trading +    
 XXXXXXXXXXXX XX     disccovers!        
 XXX XX XXXXXXXXXX                      
 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XX                     
 XXXX XXXXXX          100 % answer      
 XXXX XXXXX                             
 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. X   100 % answer      
 XXXX XXXXX                             

 XXXXX XXXXXXXX                         
 XXXX XXX. XX: X          for script!   
 XXXXX XXXXXXXXX-XXXXXX                 
 XXXXXXXXXXXXX. XX                      
 XXX XX XXXXX         64-amiga-maniax   
 XXX XXXXXX-X                           
 X-XXXX XXXXX X      amiga and 64       
 EL GATO/BABYGANG                       
 XXXX XXXXXXX XXXXX                     
 XX XXXX XX XXXXXXX X'XXX               

 XXXXXXX XXXXXXX       elite+'pravda'   
 XXXXXXXXX XX                           
 X-XXXX XXXXXXXXXXX                     
 XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                       
 XXXXXXXXX XX                           
 X-XXXX XXXXX X                         
 XXXXXX XXXXXX                          
 XX XX XX XXX         elite prefered!   
 X-XXXXX XXXXX                          
 XXXXXXXX XXXXXX                        
 XXXXXXXXXXX X      hot stuff+originals 
 XX-XXXX XXXXXX                         
 XXXXXXXXXXXXX X XXXX                   
 XXXX XXXXX            stuff+originals  

 XXXXXX XXXXXX                          
 XXXXXXXXXXX XX XXXX                    
 XX-XXXX XXXXXXX                        
 XXXXXXXXXXX X            elite!        
 X-XXXXX XXXXXXXX                       
 THE REAPER/TROPIC                      
 XXXXXXXXXXX 2          elite+originals 
 X-XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXX                  
 XXXXX XXXXXX                           
 XXXXXXXXXX XX XXXX     64+vhs!         
 XX-XXXX XXXXXXXX                       
 RAZOR/THE FORCE                        
 X XXXXX XXXXX                          
 XXXXXX XX XXXX                         
 HAMMER             XXXXXXXX. XX        

 XXXXXXXXX             for 'hotshot'    
 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XX                     
 X-XXX XX XXXXXX                        
 XXXXXXXXXX XXX     utilities+hot stuff 
 X-XXXX XXXXXXXX                        
 XXX XXXXXX X     elite prefered        
 X-XXXX XXXXXXX                         
 XXXXXX. XX          originals+stuff!   
 X-XXXX XX. XXXXXXXX                    
 XXXXXX XXXXXX        64+amiga          
 X-XXXX XXXXXXXX                        
 XX XXXXXXXXX XXXXX XXXX                
 XXXXXXX, XXX X XX                      

 XXXX XXXXXX                            
 XXX XXXXXXXXXX XX                      
 X-XXXXX XXXXXXXX (XX)                  
 THE PROPHET/BONZAI                     
 XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                       
 XXXXX XXX XX         100 % reply!      
 XX-XXXX XXXXX                          
 THE WARLORD/TAT                        
 XX XXX XXXXXX    64 stuff + originals! 
 X-XXXX XXXXXXXX                        
 XXXXXXXX X          for 'mega madness' 
 X-XXXX XXXXXX XXXXX                    
 XXXXXX XXXXXX                          
 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. XX  everyone!!     
 X-XXXX XXXXXXX                         
 COP/FACES     XXXXXX X. X              
 XXXXX XXXX    X-XXXX XXXX              

 BULLET PROOF ZEITUNG                   
 X-XXXX XXXXXXXXX                       
 XXXX. XXXXXXXXX XX                     
 XX-XXXX XX XXXXXXXXXXX                 
 XX XXXXXXXXX XXXX                      
 XXXXXXXX, XX XX XX                     
 XXXXX XXXXXXXXX                        
 XXXXXXXXXXXXX XX      100 % reply      
 X-XXXX XXXXXXXXX                       
 XXXXXXXXXXX XX     originals+elite!    
 XXXX XX XXXXX                          

 THE ELEGANCE/ENIGMA                    
 XX/XXX XXXX                            
 XXXX XXXXXXXXXXX                       
 XXXX XXXXXXXXXX                        
 XXXXXXXXXXXXX. XX                      
 X-XXXX XXXXX XX                        
 XXXXX XXXXXXXXX                        
 XXXXXXXX XX                            
 XXX XX XXXXXXXXX                       
 XXX XXX XXX X                          
 X-XXXX XXXXXXXX X                      
 DANIEL/SCS/THE FORCE                   
 XX/XXX XXXXX                           
 XXXXX XXXXXXXXX - XXXXXX               

 XXXXX XXXXXXXX                         
 XXX XX XXXXX X                         
 XXXXXXXX XXXXXX                        
 XXXXXX X. XX                           
 XXXX XXXXXXXX                          
 BLACK AND WHITE/NDC                    
 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XX                     
 XXXX XX XXXX-XXXX                      
 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX X                   
 XXXX XX XXXXX                          
 X/X X.XXXXXXXX                         
 XXXXXXXXX. X                           

 GLOOM SLIDE                            
 XXXXXXXX X               cool swap!    
 XXXX XXXX XX XXXXX                     
 XXXXX XXXXXXX                          
 XXXXXXX X                              
 XXXX XXXXXXX                           
 THE AUDIENCE/EXTREME                   
 X. XXXXXXXX            4 wares, gfx    
 XXXXXXX. XX            and originals   
 XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX                     
 GHOST/LASER INC                        
 XXXXXXXXXXX X      elite only!         
 XXXX XXXXXX       for music orders     

 RED DEVIL/JAM                          
 XXXX XXXXXXX                           
 XXX, XXXXXXXX                          
 X-XXXXX XXXXXXXXXX                     
 or call                                
 +XX XXX XXXXX                          
 (sys-op is mac/jam!)                   

back to the ....

             BACK TO THE...             
 SLOWPOKE #5                            
 the intro: a cool logo, drawn by       
            redwiz, is shown in the     
            upper half of the screen!   
            the cool sound was done by  
            by geir tjelta / moz(ic)art 
            who recently joined pdz as  
            you know. back to the roots 
            there is no normal scoller, 
            no, a graphic scroller is   
            used to show the text.      
 main menue: first of all we have to    
             mention the again cool zak 
             by moz(ic)art! it's really 
             fitting the main menue.    
             the graphics were again    
             done by redwiz!! well,     
             there is a logo swinging   
             in the borders at the      

 upper half! you can select the         
 chapters by moving the joystick over   
 an graphic item and then you have to   
 press... fire... what a surprise!!     
 if you've pressed it, then it'll be    
 loadid by using an irq-routine! the    
 texts are ofcourse levelpacked. and    
 everything is going damned fast.       
 different effects can be selected by   
 pressing the long one. about the       
 effects: most of them are stretched    
 chars, but it really looks fuckin'     
 cool. just have a look at it. the text 
 speed can be controlled in two         
 different ways, as there are:          
 normal speed by pushing joy up/down    
 fast speed by pushing joy left/right   
 if you press '<' then a reset is given 

 now over to the judgement              
 graphics: 80.00 %                      
 sound   : 87.00 %                      
 code    : 93.00 %                      
 handling: 95.00 %                      
 overall : 88.75 %                      

 it's time to get the movie reviewed    
 straight into yer brain. the best      
 movie every seen right now and it is   
 it all starts in (guess whot?) the     
 future, which was totally formed by    
 bill and ted. first of all you gonna   
 see how the people are dressed.        
 in the history lesson the good old     
 rufus arrives at the university        
 straight from the past with his time   
 travelling phone box! coming this time 
 are johann sebastian bach and thomas   
 eddison. also some heros from the 23rd 
 century are arriving. quite funny      
 dudes. then the old german teacher of  
 rufus shocks the whole class. an       
 explosion and he comes with his latest 
 creations: the evil bill & ted robots! 
 they are fully programmed to kill bill 
 and ted. so they travel back into '90  
 and will do it. they arrive in 1990    
 but rufus is man enough to get with    

 them. after arriving in time they      
 checked if rufus is with them but he   
 is not. anyway meanwhile the real      
 bill and ted ask the two princeses to  
 mary them and also qualify to the      
 battle of bands (price $ 25000!)       
 the robots have got their way to get   
 the trust of bill and ted, so they     
 follow them into the desert where they 
 get killed. after this bill and ted    
 are standing in front of the grim      
 reaper and want another chance to get  
 back from the afterlive. so they gotta 
 do a contest against the death and if  
 they win they get their chance. and    
 guess what? they win! several things   
 give you a fucken laugh so i don't     
 want to tell you all about this great  
 movie. beside exorcism, nightmares and 
 real heavy metal all which is funny    
 is in this movie. the end is surely    
 a good one so you can watch it without 
 any risk.                              
 the rating is 101% out of 100% !!!!    

 if you want this movie just contact me 
 and enclose $20 for the tape with this 
 my addie is in the 'owners corner'.    
 following is a demoreview.             
 if you want me to review your demo     
 send it to the same addie as the movie 
 orders, votes etc.                     

        UNLIMITED LIMITS by jam!        
 i know that this group is quite (?)    
 unknown but it is swedish and not that 
 i got this demo 2 hours before         
 deadline so it gotta be the last thing 
 i'll do for 'emanuelle #8' today.      
 but let's start:                       
 the intro exist of 2 scrollers, 1 text 
 line between the scrollers and above   
 the fx are switching between some      
 jam-fli sprites and a jam logo! the    
 switch is done with a whole screen     
 single colour jam logo.  coded by      
 wolverine of jam. music was done by    
 jeroen tel.                            
 pressing space a fast loader is        
 activated (don't worx with dolphindos) 
 and than the first part is coming!     
 a 3 band equalizer is in the middle of 
 the screen. above a 3 coloured jam     
 logo is swinging around and changing   
 colours. below a 1x1 scroll with       

 rasters in background and below a 8x8  
 pixel charset which you can dycp with  
 your charset. nice music was done by   
 red devil of jam. logo by toast and    
 the code by tcht. space and the next   
 part is loaded. a nice music logo and  
 also a nice jam logo invites you to    
 watch this part and not to give reset  
 immideatly. and after some seconds     
 a 2x2 multicolour tech-tech-dypp is    
 above the logo. it's a pitty that the  
 field is only about 15 chars wide but  
 cool anyway. space fades out music and 
 again loads. thrid part is a fast and  
 confusing one but cool anyway. two     
 logos saying 'unlimited limits' are    
 swinging in the middle of the screen!  
 above is a very nice dycp (cool sine!) 
 and below a speed-8 invert-char-scroll 
 is good looking because behind this a  
 equalizer is swinging! some text is    
 given out in sprites above those two   
 part four therefore is a silent one. a 
 very nice fli-logo is swinging on the  

 very top of the screen. below some     
 mountains (ugly ones!) and a 2x2       
 scroll. on the bottom a logo with      
 'jam productions' which is 3 coloured  
 fills up the screen but not the raster 
 time. music is quite silent but nice   
 anyway (funny instruments!) again some 
 kind of fading away and the fifth part 
 is ready in your memory. a little      
 pseudo-plasma effect is on top of the  
 screen... it's made with a dypp and    
 a tech-tech! it's a very fast sine so  
 it looks quite good. below this a 1x1  
 flash-scroll and on bottom a jam logo  
 (again!) and two lame sprite-logos.    
 space gives a fade and the next part   
 again. next part is last part and it's 
 sure not the worst. there is a 16(max) 
 expanded sprites-multiplexer moving on 
 whole screen. on top a 'the end' logo  
 in 3 colours and a 5x9 scroll (cool!)  
 on bottom 3 lines of text show you the 
 greets and stuff like that.  music has 
 got a shit rythm but is not bad to     
 listen to (only 1x!!)                  

 graphix :   65 %                       
 musics  :   78 %                       
 code    :   82 %                       
 overall :   75 %                       
         if they would not use that     
         much 3 colours graphix it      
         would be rather cool. code is  
         ok. so are the musics.         
         graphix to be improved.        
         thanx for sending it, pals!    


        how can i crack a game ?        
  as this chapter is a new one, i will  
  explain it to you right now:          
  the idea is the following. giving you 
  one of the latest games cracking      
  introduction just that you can        
  compare how you've done it or how it  
  would be the best way to do it....    
  this time i have choosen              
             THE JETSONS                
  i gotta give you the info for app.    
  3 trainers... actually i haven't      
  finished it in cracking because at    
  this moment the level-squeezer is     
  running on my other computer......    

 following details....                  
 the original constist of 1 1/2  disc-  
 side and is divided like that...       
 there is the boot file called          
 another file is there which is called  
 's'   it's the picture..               
 and then there are file which are      
 called from 1 to 5..                   
 load them in like follows:             
 l "1"                                  
 l "2"                                  
 l "3",8,fd00                           
 l "4",8,0400                           
 l "5"                                  
 now save the whole file from           
 $0400 to $fff0!!                       

 if you can't load to $0400, just put   
 it on $c000 and copy it into screen    
 with a little routine....              
 after getting this one ready i will    
 give you my experience with this game  
 right now..                            
 i didn't manage to levelcruel all      
 those files becoz i got some troubles  
 in depacking them, so i simply used    
 the brb level-squeezer 4.1 !!  there   
 might also work any other level-packer 
 but i used this one...  you can choose 
 where you want to get you decruncher   
 set but there is only a limited memory 
 free and you also have to load it      
 before you load any level. the free    
 memory is between $4400 - $57ff. i put 
 it on $4400 because it's lowest..      
 anyway, here is my routine and it is   
 working quite good right now....       

 i start my file at $c000 where i give  
 those commands:                        
        jsr $88fd                       
        jsr $8839                       
        ldx #$40                        
  loop  lda $c100,x --> copy my load    
        sta $0340,x --> routine!!       
        bpl loop                        
  loop1 lda $c400,x                     
        sta $0400,x                     
        lda $c500,x                     
        sta $0500,x                     
        lda $c600,x                     
        sta $0600,x                     
        lda $c700,x                     
        sta $0700,x                     
        bne loop1                       
        jmp $0800                       

 i've got my loader routine following   
 at $c100 so here it is:                
         lda $4400 >check if decrunch   
         cmp #$a9  >already loaded      
         bne l1                         
     l1  lda #$08                       
         jsr $ffba                      
         lda #$02                       
         ldx #<name                     
         ldy #>name                     
         jsr $ffbd                      
         lda #$00                       
         jsr $ffd5                      
   name= ascii code for file number!!   
 right after this routine onto $c120    
 you gotta add following....            

      lda #$02                          
      ldx #$90                          
      ldy #$05                          
      jsr $ffbd                         
      jsr $4400 >decrunch+load!         
  this is all you have to add by your   
  own. you now simply remove the        
  file not found sucking in the loader  
  and it should work properly...        
  you go to $04ea and insert this:      
  (if you have it on $c400 it's $c4ea!) 
      lda #$00                          
      sta $d011                         
      jsr $0340 >load decruncher!       
      jsr $0360 >load level+decrunch    
   after this you better add 'nop'      
   until $0504.                         


 some of you complained about several   
 things happening in the emanuelle code 
 e.g. the text is changing too slow.    
 ok, as i know already that it is slow  
 i will tell you something.             
 have you ever heard of interupt        
 together with the direct mode ? yes of 
 course you have! now i give you a      
 little lesson in theoretic 64 coding!  
 if your interupt is fully used the     
 direct mode uses to be very slow.      
 that means, the more your interupt is  
 doing the slower the direct mode is!   
 anyway as you may have already         
 recognized, in the text output the     
 sideborder is open the whole screen!   
 there is also a music and some flashin 

 so you may think about that and come   
 to the conclusion that 64 interupt has 
 not got 50000000 million rasterlines   
 to use. so my direct mode is fucken    
 slow indeed!                           
 anyway, as you probably won't like it  
 that the music always hangs up itself  
 when you press '+' for textpage inc.   
 i gotta use the direct mode for that!  
 slow directmode = slow text change!    
 i have to copy 1 kb into the screen    
 and at the same time i have to move    
 all those colours. think about it and  
 send me YOUR better routine which is   
 that much flexible like mine and you   
 will be awarded very hardly..          
 i sure can skip the sideborder so that 
 you will get a hyper-fast page changer 
 but i think it stinks so i give a shit 
 on it. i like watching the logo in     
 sideborder and i can wait while        
 reading. if you can't do it, simply    
 don't read it! if you want to read a   
 magazine you should relax a bit and    

 give your brain the infos it wants!    
 anyway this was not written for just   
 1 person. there are much more who said 
 that to me and i gotta say             
               THANK YOU                
 for giving me a critic reaction. sorry 
 for those but i can't change it. i did 
 my best and it is (!) faster now but   
 not very much. this is all i can get   
 out of this routine.                   
 this article was fully written by      
 ayatollah himself so if there is some- 
 thing to complain about, tell him      
 about it.                              

 this was written by stormlord of wow   
 'some guy has put an advertisement in  
 your mag, claiming to be shitbrain/wow 
 what the fuck!? who's this idiot ? we  
 don't even know him as far as he is    
 danish and we don't have any danish    
 members at the moment! we HAD a member 
 called shitbrain, but he was kicked    
 out (and he was in begium!) but as we  
 don't know that it was a mistake from  
 you guys (maybe you mixed the handle   
 of shitbrain with another adress) or   
 if it was done on purpose by someone   
 who tried to use WOW's good name in    
 swapping by putting our cool groupname 
 besides his lame handle. bah. if it's  
 the last thing we strongly want that   
 this lamer doesn't repeat this act     
 EVER AGAIN, or he will know WHO the    
 warriors of wasteland are .......      

 dear david,                            
 i'm quite sure that i didn't mix up    
 the adress. anyway i don't understand  
 why you call this guy a lamer and      
 lier? why don't you contact him by     
 yourself and clear up everything?      
 he is a contact of mine and will sure  
 send his reaction to me and will also  
 send back an explanation (if there's   
 if it's really our fault, we also will 
 apologize about that.                  
 anyway, thanx for reading 'emanuelle'  
 that carefully!!                       
 we haven't got anymore crap to talk so 
 this is the end now.                   
 why not sending you a fucken (un)      
 interessting story?                    
  press '<' to get back to main menue!  

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