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owners corner

             OWNERS CORNER              
  finally it is back, the issue seven   
  of your fave magazine called          
  i hope you all will enjoy this issue  
  which is sure not the best one so far 
  because we didn't get any HOT news    
  and also no hot votes. anyway i       
  changed the outfit and i hope you'll  
  like it now. next issue will get some 
  credits goes as follows:              
  coding by patch/(ex)tat               
  music by a-man                        
  logo by mc-t-fly!                     
  coding by ayatollah/tat               
  graphix by zoris & mc-t-fly           
  add. coding by mr. watson, mr. power  
  music by guy shavitt/scs (thanx)      

 in this case i want to thank all people
 who gave me moral support not to stop  
 this shit. they are:                   
 all who called me the last 6 months    
 asking when the next issue is finished 
 (there were sure more then hundred!)   
 black beauty                           
 mr power                               
 mr watson                              
 and finally                            
 my mother...                           
 also not to forget all the posters     
 with the nacked girls in my room!!     
 anyway if you have got some blamings   
 reactions, improvements etc.           
 please don't hesitate and write to     
 me. (address will follow!)             
 in this chapter i also want to thank   
 all my contax for having that much     
 nerves to write me back while my huge  

 anyway, send everything we can need to 
 the following addies:                  
             XXXXXX XXXXXXX             
             XXXXXXXXXXXX X             
              XXXX  XXXXX               
           ++XX/XXXX/XX X XX            
           XX. XXXXXXX XXX. X           
              XXXX XXXXXXX              
           ++XX/XXXX/XX X XX            

 at last i want to send some lame       
 reactions to world news.               
 you think we ripped you vote-system?   
 sure because you got the best one.     
 come on, suck off lamers. you know     
 that you are worse than us so stay in  
 your limits.                           
 just read all your texts again and you 
 will sure see all shit you wrote.      
 e.g.  we've now got the best chart-    
 system etc.                            
 i can only say, pah you are even too   
 lame to react.                         
 signed on 27.01.92                     
               ayatollah of             
                  the ancient temple!   

kickin' asses

              KICKIN ASSES              
   we dropped following dudes/groups:   
         snacky/genesis project         
  this time we got the most objective   
   charts ever printed in any mag!  we  
   received over 150 votesheets! keep   
              them coming!              
  the sheets were this time counted by  
              BOBO of TAT!              
        use +/- to change pages         
        '<' to go to main menue         

         TOP 50 CRACKING GROUPS         
 pl.  group               country points
 1    LEGEND              BELGIUM   1216
 2    TALENT              UK        1090
 3    DOMINATORS          DENMARK    998
 4    genesis project     germany    985
 5    enigma              germany    826
 6    triad               sweden     372
 7    hotline             holland    325
 8    censor design       sweden     266
 9    x-ray               germany    259
 10   bonzai              denmark    211
 11   f4cg                italy      193
 12   verdict             holland    170
 13   brutal              holland    166
 14   chromance           hungary    150
 15   fairlight           sweden     114
 16   hysteric            germany     95
 17   brainbombs          germany     79
 18   x-factor            denmark     78

 pl.  group               country points
 19   pandora             germany     73
 20   depredators         holland     72
 21   transcom            france      63
 22   light               sweden      40
 23   the force           israel      36
 24   w.o.w.              belgium     33
 25   hitmen              germany     31
 26   alphaflight 1970    germany     30
 27   cross               norway      29
 28   dunex               denmark     24
 29   empire              u.s.a.      20
      i.c.s.              italy       20
 31   active              norway      19
 32   success             germany     15
 33   nato                uk          14
 34   conic               denmark     13
 35   deadline            uk          12
      n.e.i.              u.s.a.      12
 37   cyberpunx           germany     11
 38   traitors            germany      9
 39   chaos               aut,ger      8
      vision              sweden       8
 41   the ruling company  holland      7

 pl.  group               country points
      paragon             sweden       7
 43   extreme             germany      6
      babygang            france       6
      triumwyrat          hungary      6
      arm                 italy        6
      science 451         sweden       6
 48   weird               germany      5
      elite               germany      5
 50   faces               hungary      4
 as we want to get a very objective mag 
 we decided that we won't write any     
 comments in here anymore!!             
 look at the charts and make up your    
 mind by yourself!!                     
 and now, press '+' to go on...         

           TOP 30 DEMO GROUPS           
 pl.  group               country points
 1    CREST               GERMANY    801
 2    BONZAI              DENMARK    623
 3    FLASH INC.          SWEDEN     554
 4    light               sweden     406
 5    censor design       sweden     338
 6    beyond force        finland    289
 7    triad               sweden     257
 8    paradize            holland    189
 9    cosmos design       austria    156
 10   faces               hungary    129
 11   panoramic design    norway      81
 12   padua               germany     71
 13   house design        holland     70
 14   focus               holland     69
 15   babygang            france      65
 16   origo               finland     58
 17   triumwyrat          hungary     54
 18   megastyle inc.      holland     38

 pl.  group               country points
 19   extend              finland     39
 20   genesis project     germany     34
 21   powers of pain      holland     30
 22   the ruling company  holland     23
 23   antic               sweden      20
 24   the voice           austria     18
 25   tpf                 sweden      17
 26   black mail          holland     15
 27   crypt               germany     14
 28   alcoholics          germany     13
 29   camelot             denmark     12
      clique              turkey      12
 ok, that were the demo groups, let's go
 over to the coders and crackers!       
 just press '+' to go on...             

             TOP 10 CODERS              
 pl.  coder      group           country
 1    FLAMINGO   LIGHT           SWEDEN 
 2    CROSSBOW   CREST           GERMANY
 4    bob        censor design   sweden 
 5    gaaap      black mail      holland
 6    s.e.s.     genesis project germany
 7    walt       bonzai          denmark
 8    goblin     camelot         denmark
 9    scroll     light           sweden 
 10   alf        black mail      holland
 as there were too less votes we decided
 that we won't print the points!!       

            TOP 10 CRACKERS             
 pl.  cracker              group        
 1    POWERPLANT           LEGEND       
 2    BOD                  TALENT       
 3    DOC                  LEGEND       
 4    sauron               talent       
 5    antitrack            legend       
 6    nme                  deadline     
 7    custard+cesspool     hotline      
 8    xxx                  talent       
 9    tyger                genesis p.   
 10   richie               talent       
 also here too less votes, no points    
 press '+' to go on!!                   

            TOP 10 COMPOSERS            
 pl.  composer       group       country
 1    REYN OUWEHAND  -----       HOLLAND
 2    JEROEN TEL     -----       HOLLAND
 3    DRAX           VIBRANTS    DENMARK
 4    deek           vibrants    germany
 5    laxity         vibrantts   denmark
 6    a-man          -----       germany
 7    guy shavitt    s.c.s.      isreal 
 8    trax           t.r.c.      holland
 9    prosonix       pd          norway 
 10   e.v.s.         black mail  holland
 and again... too less votes!           

            TOP 10 MAGAZINES            
 pl.  magname      group          points
 1    MAMBA        ENIGMA           1207
 2    CORRUPTION   DOM.DESIGN       1124
 3    SHOCK        CENSOR DESIGN    1079
 4    brutal rec.  brutal            761
 5    hotshot      flash inc.        547
 6    rock'n'role  role              320
 7    gamers giude triad             116
 8    bildzeitung  success            75
 9    a.w.t.b.     chromance          61
 10   frontpage    the ruling company 57
 as the gamers guide will have their    
 comeback, we did not drop it!          
 that's it, folks... now press '<' to   
 get back to the main menue!            


 - psycho/mystic joined the force.      
 - all members of MAD joined the force. 
 - no-xs left house design.             
 - mc-t-fly, ream, seal of accuse joined
 - mystic is dead.                      
 - varsity was built.                   
 - a-team and chaos#1 are dead.         
 - acrise is now in cooperation with    
 - MEGABYTE/DDT joined CREST and GBF    
               press '+'                

 - hotline is dead.                     
 - gazza/htl joined THE RULING COMPANY. 
 - rob/x-htl joined LEGEND.             
 - ream joined accuse and then triad.   
 - custard quitted hotline and is now   
   coding games and demos under his     
   other handle ALF/BML!                
 - cesspool quitted the scene and is now
   attending the university!            
 - ayatollah is now again in the ancient
 - hero, sauron and fist/enigma joined  
 - pudwerx also joined TALENT.          
 - equalizer of accuracy renamed to axl.

  - case, satan, betrayer, trog and mad 
    of xentrix joined T.A.T.            
  - beachtiger/t.a.t. joined antic.     
  - the beast/t.a.t. joined the rebuilt 
    seven eleven.                       
  - seven eleven was rebuilt by some    
  - project-x was built.                
  - deadline is in cooperation with     
    project-x. also some coop cracks    
    with genetix were released.         
  - jr predator/odissey died caused of  
  - the whole odissey joined t.r.c.     
  - hawk/conic renamed to knox and      
    joined dominators.                  

 - gizmo/scl joined the ruling company. 
 - marcus/tat joined rawhead.           
 - there seems to be another horizon    
   pardey this easter.                  
 - marc/ddt joined varsity.             
 - the GAMERS GUIDE is back. edited by  
   ream and seal/triad.                 
 - there will be a TAT-TRC party in     
   austria around easter.               
 - rumors say that HOTLINE is being     
 - the robocop 3 sound was used in      
   black mail's DUTCH BREEZE! jeroen tel
   who did the sound, didn't got paid,  
   so he gave it to bml for their dutch 
               press '+'                

 - stephen/the force joined triumwyrat. 
 - TLF/XENTRIX changed his handle into  
   chris and joined the music company   
   'sonic graffity'.                    
 - tom/pandora joined HYSTERIC.         
 - dragon/acy joined w.o.w. and renamed 
   to strider.                          
 - def jay/nato joined pulsar.          
 - we fucken rule - old news!           
  well, as you see we got too less hot  
     news, so let the news coming!!     
   just press '<' to get back to the    
          fabulous main menue!          


 ok, this interview was done by hammer  
 about 6 months ago! here we go...      
 h = hammer                             
 p = paranoid/triumwyrat                
 h: please tell our readers about your  
 p: ok, my real name is zoltan          
    szombathelyi, i live in a city in   
    west hungary. i've got dark hair    
    and brown eyes. my heigt is about   
    1.86 m and my weight about 76 kgs.  
 h: what's your job in triumwyrat?      
 p: i'm the mainswapper and also a      
               press '+'                

 h: in which groups have you been before
 p: before i joined triumwyrat i was in 
    other, unknown, groups! later on i  
    built up DARK SCIENCE INC. after    
    this group died, cop'n trisch       
    joined FACES! some days later i     
    had the honour to join triumwyrat!  
 h: what's your favourite...            
 p: demogroup         - crest,censor    
    cracking group    - legend, talent  
    discmag           - mamba, SHOCK    
    game              - creatures       
    music             - klf,dm,metallica
    food              - junk food       
    drink             - 7up,coke,no alc!
 h: what's a lamer in your opinion??    
 p: a lamer is a guy who ripps/recracks 
    and who starts wars for no reason!! 
               press '+'                

 h: what are your hobbies?              
 p: teacherhunting, watching movies,    
 h: how many contacts do you have?      
 p: i've about 50 regular contacts!     
 h: what do you think about the amiga   
    and 64 scene??                      
 p: the 64-scene never will be dead!    
    lamiga sucks!!                      
 h: do you've a girlfriend at the mo'?  
 p: nope, too less time!                
 h: what do you think about recracking? 
 p: just people who are not able to     
    crack, are re-cracking, i think!    
               press '+'                

 h: time for some greetings...          
 p: mindblasting greets to...           
    goofy/the voice, zodiac/flash inc., 
    goblin/light, enjoy/bonzai, marc of 
    varsity, punisher/x-gp, jack daniels
    of dominators design, trax/trc and  
    to some forgotten ones!             
 h: thanks for this interview!          
 p: see you!                            
 we are sorry for this lame interview,  
 but look forward to the eight issue    
 where you are going to read interviews 
  press '<' to get back to main-menue!  


 this is the 'TOUCHSTONE' chapter and   
 as we received tons of addies, i won't 
 write much as an introduction and it   
 is also possible that there are not    
 all addies printed, which were sent to 
 us, due to the limited memory.         
 XXXXXX XXXXXXXX       for 64 and vhs   
 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XX    trading.         
 XXXX XX XXX XXXX                       
 X. XXXXX              for 64 and       
 XXXXX XXXXXXXX        'freedom'        
 XXXX XXXXXXXX X                        
 RAZOR/THE FORCE                        
 X XXXXX XXXXX         for 64 elite and 
 XXXXXX XX XXXX        'code mag'       

 ANGIE/GUARDIAN ANGLES                  
 XXXXXXXXXXXX X                         
 XXXX XXXX              for 64 and      
 XXXXXXX                amiga           
 X.X. XXX XXXX                          
 XXXX XXXXXX X          for 64. no      
 XXXXXXX                handle!         
 XXX XXXXXXX XXXXXX                     
 XXXXXXXXXX X           64 elite+comp.  
 XXXX XXXXXXXX          no handle!      
 DEFINE STYLER/SAV                      
 XXXXXXXXXX XX                          
 XXXX XX XXXXXX X/X XXXX                
 XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX    6108 graefenhausen 
 XXXXXXXXX. X        germany            

 XXXXX XXXXXXXXX      legal 64.         
 XXXXXX XXX XX                          
 XXXX XXXXXX                            
 XXX XX XXXXXXXXX       (paradise)      
 XXXX XXXXXXX          originals and    
 XXXXXXXXXXXXX XX      'internal'       
 XXXX XXXXXXXXXX                        
 X.X.XXX XXX           no cheating,     
 XXXX XX XXXXXX        also vhs         

 XXXXXXX X/X XXXX                       
 XX XXXXXX XX           no handles, no  
 XXXX XX XXXXXXXXX      cheating        
 DANNY/THE FORCE                        
 XXXXX XXXXXXXXX                        
 XXXXXXXXX XXXXXX                       
 XXXXXXXXXX XX        only legal        
 XXXX XXXXX-XXXXXXX                     
 XXXX XXXXXX         only for joining   
 XXXXXXXXXXXX X      and 'sanforized'   
 XXXX X.X. XXXXX                        

 XXXXXXXX XXX      hot 64!              
 XXXX XXXXXXXX                          
 XXXXX XXXXXXXX      elite trading +    
 XXXXXXXXXXXX XX     disccovers!        
 XXX XX XXXXXXXXXX                      
 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XX                     
 XXXX XXXXXX          100 % answer      
 XXXX XXXXX                             
 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. X   100 % answer      
 XXXX XXXXX                             

 XXXXX XXXXXXXX                         
 XXXX XXX. XX: X          for script!   
 XXXXX XXXXXXXXX-XXXXXX                 
 XXXXXXXXXXXXX. XX                      
 XXX XX XXXXX         64-amiga-maniax   
 XXXXXX XXXXXXXX                        
 XXXXXXXXX X         50 % answer,       
 X-XXXX XXXXX-XXXXX   originals         
 EL GATO/BABYGANG                       
 XXXX XXXXXXX XXXXX                     
 XX XXXX XX XXXXXXX X'XXX               

 XXXXXXX XXXXXXX       elite+'pravda'   
 XXXXXXXXX XX                           
 X-XXXX XXXXXXXXXXX                     
 XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                       
 XXXXXXXXX XX                           
 X-XXXX XXXXX X                         
 XXXXXX XXXXXX                          
 XX XX XX XXX         elite prefered!   
 X-XXXXX XXXXX                          
 XXXXXXXX XXXXXX                        
 XXXXXXXXXXX X      hot stuff+originals 
 XX-XXXX XXXXXX                         
 XXXXXXXXXXXXX X XXXX                   
 XXXX XXXXX            stuff+originals  

 XXXXXX XXXXXX                          
 XXXXXXXXXXX XX XXXX                    
 XX-XXXX XXXXXXX                        
 XXXXXXXXXXX X            elite!        
 X-XXXXX XXXXXXXX                       
 THE REAPER/TROPIC                      
 XXXXXXXXXXX X          elite+originals 
 X-XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXX                  
 XXXXX XXXXXX                           
 XXXXXXXXXX XX XXXX     64+vhs!         
 XX-XXXX XXXXXXXX                       
 RAZOR/THE FORCE                        
 X XXXXX XXXXX                          
 XXXXXX XX XXXX                         
 HAMMER/TAT         XXXXXXXX. XX        

 XXXXXXXXX             for 'hotshot'    
 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XX                     
 X-XXX XX XXXXXX                        
 XXXXXXXXXX XXX     utilities+hot stuff 
 X-XXXX XXXXXXXX                        
 XXX XXXXXX X     elite prefered        
 X-XXXX XXXXXXX                         
 XXXXXX. XX          originals+stuff!   
 X-XXXX XX. XXXXXXXX                    
 XXXXXX XXXXXX        64+amiga          
 X-XXXX XXXXXXXX                        
 XX XXXXXXXXX XXXXX XXXX                
 XXXXXXX, XXX X XX                      

 XXXX XXXXXX                            
 XXX XXXXXXXXXX XX                      
 X-XXXXX XXXXXXXX (XX)                  
 THE PROPHET/BONZAI                     
 XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX                       
 XXXXX XXX XX         100 % reply!      
 XX-XXXX XXXXX                          
 THE WARLORD/TAT                        
 XX XXX XXXXXX    64 stuff + originals! 
 X-XXXX XXXXXXXX                        
 XXXXXXXX X          for 'mega madness' 
 X-XXXX XXXXXX XXXXX                    
 XXXXXX XXXXXX                          
 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. XX  everyone!!     
 X-XXXX XXXXXXX                         
 COP/FACES     XXXXXX X. X              
 XXXXX XXXX    X-XXXX XXXX              

 BULLET PROOF ZEITUNG                   
 X-XXXX XXXXXXXXX                       
 XXXX. XXXXXXXXX XX                     
 XX-XXXX XX XXXXXXXXXXX                 
 XX XXXXXXXXX XXXX                      
 XXXXXXXX, XX XX XX                     
 XXXXX XXXXXXXXX                        
 XXXXXXXXXXXXX XX      100 % reply      
 X-XXXX XXXXXXXXX                       
 XXXXXXXXXXX XX     originals+elite!    
 XXXX XX XXXXX                          

back to the ....

 ok, let's go with the tests of some    
 DEMOS which were released lately...    
 after having half a year a break cause 
 of several reasons we are finally back 
 again and it happened a lot in the     
 scene. but let's get serious. in this  
 issue there are maybe not that much    
 reviews as you may have expected but   
 wait for the next issue to get more.   
 anyway gotta start now with the first  
 demo i've chosen :                     
     pang a byxan by WRATH DESIGNS      
 the intro consists of a very nice pic  
 made by JOE/MANIAX.in the lower border 
 is a expanded spritescroll over 5      
 rastersplits. all is coded by OXYNI.   
 the music, which sure is not bad was   
 done by AVALON. after pressing space   
 the music is fading and the second     
 part is loading into memory.           

 next part contains an ugly picture of  
 a girl with a lame wrath logo beside.  
 on the top of the screen is a          
 4-sprite wide greetings scroller.      
 4 '1992' sprites are bouncing around   
 in the lower screen area and a sprite  
 scroller is from the bottom to the top 
 of the screen. this part was coded by  
 OXINY again. music made by VISAGE and  
 ugly picture by JOE of maniax. again   
 the music is fading and the next and   
 also last part get's loaded. it        
 contains a full screen picture         
 showing you a tree. after some seconds 
 a petal is falling and a 'the end'     
 logo enters the screen. finally a      
 little scroller is in the right lower  
 corner.  code as always by OXINY.      
 graphic again by JOE and music this    
 time by DRAX.                          
 code    :  40 %   overall :  78 %      
 graphic :  65 %                        
 music   :  76 %                        
 if you are collecting demos, you also  
 should get this one.                   

 the next one is                        
           brutality by LIGHT           
 ok, the intro is the same as always    
 only logo changed and the music of     
 course. music sounds a bit groovy but  
 is ok, i think, the logo is simply     
 great. a fastloader is installed to    
 load the next part.                    
 personally i like the music in this    
 part best . there are 3 fli scrollers  
 on the bottom. a cool light logo is    
 below a 12 sprites multiplexer. on the 
 very bottom it is counting from 491    
 to zero. after the counter has         
 received zero you can see 4 different  
 fractals instead of the logo by        
 pressing space. and after again        
 pressing space it restarts with a      
 higher amount but i won't wait coz     
 it takes about 5 minutes. anyway the   
 fractals are looking real nice so      
 check this out. by pressing r/s you    
 can enter the next part. here they     
 give you at frist some infos and       

 credits about the coming part. it is   
 a raytrace routine. on top is a 5 pix  
 high dycp with a fucking groovy sine   
 in it. over it is a 36 sprites multi-  
 plexer. below this is a cool picture   
 done by goblin and then you can check  
 out the raytracing. there is a ball    
 moving around above a chessboard and   
 the chessboard is raytraced in the     
 ball. by pressing cbm you can change   
 sine of ball. pressing space teleports 
 you into next part. there is a cool    
 light logo in the middle of the screen 
 and below this is a scroller which     
 decribes a circle in the middle. on    
 the top is some REALTIME FILLED SHADOW 
 VECTOR. looks really cool. the objects 
 are quite big. again 'space' is the    
 magic word which brings you in the     
 info screen of the adv. fli part by    
 WACO. here you can see now a PSEUDO-   
 fli-tech-tech. on bottom is a nice     
 landscape with a dycp and a sprite-    
 scroller above. music is nice, too.    

 next part is again a kind of raytrace. 
 there is a ball and some pyramids are  
 moving around this ball while circling 
 around themselves, too. looks groovy   
 by cool anyway. everything was         
 calculated on the amiga. below is a    
 simple 3-coloured 'light' logo and a   
 1x1 scroller. music is gigacool and    
 was made by death sector. oh fuck,     
 after pressing space you can enter the 
 last part which contains : on top a    
 lame 'light''logo. 2 sprite balls      
 moving in x-pos. on bottom and a 2x2   
 scroller with groovy char is also in   
 here. and to beat up the scene it's    
 a fucking cool vector routine showing  
 you some different ojects in the       
 middle of the screen. the special      
 thing of those objects is, that there  
 is a cube and on every surface is an   
 other animated object. of course this  
 one was coded by the kicker himself:   
 FLAMINGO. the music in this part is    
 simply fantastic.                      

 code    : 85 %   overall :  89 %       
 graphic : 89 %                         
 music   : 92 %                         
 you simply gotta need this demo. it's  
 one of the best so far on the 64.      
        i want it all by LEGEND         
 ok, the intro sucks. there is a legend 
 logo on top which sure is ages old.    
 anyway below 2 lines of text which are 
 fading out'n'in in a groovy way with   
 some sprites over them. below is a     
 text line swinging telling you that    
 you watch their 'new years surprise!'  
 under this a 1x2 scroller and on the   
 bottom some text is shown with a       
 raster-changing fade. the sound is old 
 and ripped. anyway by pressing space   
 everything on screen gets faded out    
 and the next part starts which is a    
 much more cooler one. a little chicken 
 just came out of his egg and now it's  
 on the screen swinging left'n'right.   

 over this a multiplexer-scroll gives   
 you some text and whishes. the scroll  
 takes approximately 36 sprites. the    
 music is also cool so this part is     
 very nice to look at. again pressing   
 space offers you a little note (80     
 chars per line screen) on the top.     
 below is a kicking 3 cols-logo saying  
 'i want it all' and some kind of FLI   
 sprite is apearing from the right      
 corner including 'i want it all' and   
 'queen and legend' (e.g. seems to be   
 a fan of FREDDY MERCURY!) if you have  
 watched all 3 textpages you can enter  
 the loader. it sucks because it's the  
 original 64 loader which has to load   
 159 blocks. takes a long time but when 
 you've got it there is a nice surprise 
 getting your fingers to your monitor   
 to pump up the volume. 'i want it all' 
 from QUEEN is in digi. on top is a     
 queen logo (e.g. groovy way to give    
 the credits but anyway) on the bottom  
 a legend logo. those 2 logos are       
 blinking and in the middle 2 scrolls   

 4x5 high forces you to read some shit. 
 the sampling was done by MAT of MDA.   
 code    : 50 %  overall : 77 %         
 graphic : 80 %                         
 music   : 76 %                         
 you gotta need this demo in your       
 collection becoz except the intro it's 
    blow my fuse/THE RULING COMPANY     
 first part is a HIRES COLOUR PLASMA    
 which takes the whole screen in the    
 height and about 30 chars wide on the  
 left side. beside is some text, 2      
 1x1 scrolls and a hires TRC logo.      
 this one was coded by my old friend    
 MZK/TRC (e.g. greetinx stranger!) by   
 pressing the joystick up'n'down you    
 can chose between 3 different effects. 
 space let's you enter the loader.there 
 is only a music but it proves that trc 
 is also able to do IRQ-LOADERS.        

 next part contains only plots. there   
 is a 10 chars high plotscroll rotating 
 in y-position and moving in x-position 
 64 plots are moving in a wide sine     
 behind and aove this are 8 sprites     
 proving that all is in charset/hires   
 plotted. music sux. and again the irq  
 loader gives you the next part. and    
 this part looks really groovy.         
 2 circle-scroller are moving all over  
 the screen just to get stopped on the  
 borders. behind this is a little TRC   
 logo. music is cool but also ripped.   
 this one seems to be the end so....    
 everything in this demo was coded by   
 morten madsen (MZK).                   
 code    : 68 %   overall : 67 %        
 graphic : 43 %                         
 music   : 56 %                         
 nice to watch and again take this one  
 for your collection only. the first    
 part is best so far.                   

  ok, as it's far too late now i won't  
  review any other demos for you.       
  anyway if you want your demo to be    
  reviewed, send it to the following    
         EMANUELLE MAIN EDITOR          
             XXXXXX XXXXXXX             
             XXXXXXXXXXXX X             
               XXXX XXXXX               
     and now press '<' to get in to     
            the main menu!!             


             HOLIDAY REPORT             
  written by gazza/trc + ayatollah/tat  
 everything started when we started with
 our travel to HOLLAND at the 21st of   
 the moral was good, also the weather   
 untill the near of wuerzburg! it snowed
 that heavily that we were not able to  
 continue our trip for that night!      
 so we called up the reaper/tropic if   
 we could stay at his place for this    
 night, and guess what, he agreed!      
 at his place, we decided to go to the  
 cinema to watch FREDDIES FINAL! the    
 other guy who came with us, bobo/tat,  
 slept all the movie, silly, isn't it ? 
 next morning we drove away directly to 
 frankfurt to have some shopping!!!     

 there we discovered a cool shop, where 
 you could buy stuff like t-shirts,     
 caps and more!!                        
 bobo'n ayatollah bought a sweater with 
 a cool terminator 2 logo on it!!! and  
 guess what, i (gazza) had to lend them 
 some german marks that they were able  
 to buy the shit!! well, i bought a cap 
 from the 'ny giants' and a really      
 funky t-shirt for the summertime!      
 after that we had some junkfood at     
 mc donald's, then we drove straight to 
 utrecht where we searched for the party
 place! after about one hour we finally 
 found the hidden place! we entered and 
 had a look around!                     
 we met there our friends in t.a.t.,    
 hotline, accuse, genesis project, trc, 
 and some more!!!                       
 a while later a lamer called ION of    
 BLACK MAIL showed up! totally drunken  

 ofcourse! well, i had a talk with my   
 friend and he told me that alf, gaap   
 (custard+cesspool), hein and orc are   
 busy with finishing the long awaited   
 DUTCH BREEZE! at about 2 o'clock in    
 the morning the striptease took place! 
 the girly picked some dudes from the   
 crowd out to help her putting off their
 clothes!! at the end of this show she  
 was not full nude, she hasn't uncovered
 her pussy!! how lame!! also the tits   
 were too small !!!                     
 well, at about three o'clock in the    
 morning i offered ION to go to         
 c+c's place and to have a look how     
 far they were with dutch breeze!!      
 bobo, who slept all the night in the   
 car, didn't recognize anything at all! 
 so we arrived in de bilt and they were 
 not finished!! cesspool was busy       
 crunching graphics while custard tried 
 to fix the loader!                  '+'

 ion had a nap, while orc and hein      
 were awaken and made some jokes!!!     
 at about 6 or 7 o'clock in the morning 
 the demo was not fully finished, but we
 had to go to the partyplace!! we were  
 SEVEN people in the car, quite funny!! 
 well, there again ayatollah was also   
 awake and the democompo started at     
 about 10 o'clock! so we had a look at  
 the demo's and then the big moment has 
 come... dutch breeze won, second was   
 paradize with WET DREAMS 2 and third   
 got house design with ANIMO.           
 the hotline members were allowed to    
 copy the unfinished dutch breeze and so
 we did!!!                              
 then we went to mc-t-fly's place and   
 had two nice days at his home!         
 on the 24th of december we had to stay 
 in the CAR. cool x-mas, dudes !! we    

 had taken some austrian beer with us   
 and so we boozed in the city of den    
 haag! at about 12 o'clock pm we        
 decided to go to sleep!! so it was a   
 fuckin' sleepless night for me, but not
 for the lamer himself 'ayatollah'!     
 in the middle of the night he wake me  
 up and forced me to open the door, so  
 that he could go to piss!! and guess   
 what... he jumped out of the car IN    
 his sleepingbag!! poor ayatollah!!!    
 at the next day we visited ACTION      
 JACKSON/TRC! there i joined the ruling 
 company!! ayatollah fixed some games,  
 and then also aj's sister showed up!!  
 she looked rather good (hey marcel,    
 send the photo!)                       
 then we had a FANTASTIC MEAL with the  
 parents of marcel!! the father was a   
 little bit drunk and offered us some   
 great things! we will refer to them    
 for sure!!!                            

 afterwards we had fast tournament in   
 kick off 2 !! and guess who won...     
 here the final rankings                
 1. GAZZA (2 games, 4 points)           
 2. AJ    (2 games, 2 points)           
 3. AYT   (2 games, 0 points, 0 goals)  
 then we copied some stuff, and about   
 9 o'clock we drove off to austria!!!   
 we arrived there 11 hours later!!      
 ayatollah was tired as hell (he slept  
 nearly ALL the night) i had a nap      
 until 2 o'clock (fuck ayatollah, he    
 whistled all the time) then we had     
 a drivers change! bobo got to sleep and
 i (gazza) had to drive!! safely we     
 arrived in the snowy austria!!!        
 that's it... at last we want to thank  
 following people for their hospitality!
               press '+'                

 mc-t-fly's parents - for letting us    
 sleeping at their home and for the     
 meals and letting ayatollah and bobo   
 play SUPER MARIO BROS. with mc's       
 13 years old sister! and also for      
 boozing around with his father!        
 the reaper's parents - for offering us 
 to sleep at their place at any time we 
 are around wuerzburg, also for the     
 great meals we always got there!       
 aj's parents - for giving us one of the
 best christmas we ever had, including  
 the FAB meals!                         
 mc-t-fly for having some fun and for   
 stealing the WRONG tape in a'dam!      
 the reaper for calling the playboy     
 numbers and for the old ad&d's!        
 aj for his supply of movies and music  
 tapes and the other warez, for letting 
 me join!               that's it folks!


 in the 12th issue of cross' mag        
 world news, red hawk, the maineditor,  
 attacked EMANUELLE, because he thinks  
 that we use his system to count the    
 votes for the charts! that's pure      
 dear red hawk, you count this way...   
 1st place - 5 points, 2nd place-4 pts. 
 and we count it like this...           
 1st place - 12 points, 2nd - 10 points 
 3rd - 8 points, 4th - 7 points and so  
 on down to the tenth place!!           
 better THINK before writing crap!      
 just apologise and we can forget about 
 it, ok ??                              
               press '+'                

 and now to a letter sent to us by      
 AIR DESIGN of the force!               
 hello and welcome to an article about  
 a ripper called DOTAN HAIM             
 before we will start with all the story
 we like to give a background for this  
 the force's graphic label called       
 AIR DESIGN has got a member in israel  
 called viny! we released a small demo  
 called 'viny's view' including a small 
 intro and a mainpart containing three  
 pictures by viny!                      
 dotan haim ripped them and sent them   
 to ROCK N ROLE! they printed them and  
 wrote that DOTAN HAIM painted them!!!  
 that's not true, dotan haim ripped them
               press '+'                

 ofcourse we want to get a respond from 
 rock'n'role, about like they were      
 fooled by this lamer!                  
 we in the force won't start a war      
 against him, since he is NOT WORTH the 
 effort and he is too lame!             
 this article will do ENOUGH for us!    
 signed, air design and the force!      
 ok, that were all the letters we       
 received, so let's go on with some     
 'did you know's'...                    
 did you know that...                   
 * custard+cesspool are alf+gaaap/bml ? 
 * alf/bml is coding games only ?       
 * gaaap/bml quit the scene ?           

 did you know, that...                  
 * hein design/bml promised us a nude   
   girl for the emanuelle main menue ?  
 * we might also get edwin van santen's 
   first digi sound for emanuelle ?     
 * varsity blamed ayatollah/tat to      
   be a lamer ?                         
 * ayatollah does not MIND anyway ?     
 * frontpage is soon to be released as  
   a multi-load mag ?                   
 * black mail is already working on a   
   new demo ?                           
 * the intro tune of DUTCH BREEZE was   
   ment to be used in the game          
   ROBOCOP 3 by probe ?                 
 * that jeroen tel didn't got paid for  
   the tune ?                           

 did you know that...                   
 * action died on the 24th of december? 
 * some lamers rebuilt SEVEN ELEVEN ?   
 * fairlight only takes swedes ?        
 ok, that's it...                       
 hope you liked it so far...            
   press '<' to get back to the main    

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