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             THE EDITORIAL              
first we want to say thanx to following 
dudes who supplied us with every kind of
       stuff! these persons are:        
prowl/chrome          billy/dualis      
argos/oregon          dawn/paragon      
deathstralker/wow     inceria           
beachtiger/wow        tdp/century       
mr.smart/bonzai       t.n.t.            
wayer/crime           cmr/role          
dead moon/gloom       beat/topaz        
gash/akrak            al bundy/tls      
tmd/wild 57           frib/accuracy     
skull/gax777          chum/chromance    
scott/radius          aztek/tristar     
silco/paradize        bomb/dualis       
powpin/padua          warlock/xentrix   
gambler/role          jonsku/dolot      
exat/ddt              mr.wax/chromance  
curlin/hitmen         shogun/hysteric   
stormlord/wow         techno/compagnions
beast/hysteric        kashow/x-rated    

guran/censor design                     
psycho/censor des.                      
zagor/air design                        
zoris/air design                        
the boss/accuracy                       
gaz rich                                
dotan haim/hotshot                      
tg-acme/the freaks                      
fiery man/sd                            
whisp and talent                        

the credits:                            
sound by GEIR TJELTA                    
charset by EXAT/AIR DESIGN              
coding by AYATOLLAH/T.A.T.              
graphics by ZORIS/AIR DESIGN            
GAZZA                 AYATOLLAH         
XXXX XXXXXXX          XXXX XXXXX        
XXXXXXX               XXXXXXX           

the charts

               THE CHARTS               
   this time we bring you more charts   
    as some of you wanted us to do!     
           some explanations            
PL = place this month                   
*  = tells you the place of the month   
     before. new entries are shown as   
POINTS = the points, the group/mag got. 
NE = new entry                          

         TOP 25 CRACKING GROUPS         
pl. *  group      pts.  %     country   
 1   1  I + T      350  12.72  UK       
 2   2  G * P      333  12.11  GERMANY  
 3   3  LEGEND     282  10.25  BELGIUM  
 4   4  dominators 271   9.85  denmark  
 5   5  illusion   158   5.75  norway   
 6   6  paramount  156   5.67  germany  
 7   8  censor d.  143   5.20  sweden   
 8  10  hitmen     119   4.33  germany  
 9   9  action      84   3.05  germany  
10   7  f4cg        79   2.87  italy    
11  ne  x-ray       72   2.62  germany  

12  ne  extasy      64   2.33  finland  
13  ne  triad       58   2.11  sweden   
14  ne  brutal      29   1.05  denmark  
15  ne  light       25   0.91  sweden   
16  ne  fairlight   24   0.87  sweden   
17  ne  bonzai      23   0.84  denmark  
18  ne  manowar     21   0.76  holland  
19  ne  cross       17   0.62  norway   
    ne  x-factor    17   0.62  denmark  
21  ne  bad taste   14   0.51  germany  
22  ne  chromance   12   0.44  hungary  
23  ne  t.s.m.       9   0.33  u.s.a.   
24  ne  n.e.c.       8   0.30  u.s.a.   

24  ne  depredators  8   0.30  denmark  
    ne  dynamix      8   0.30  germany  
    ne  inceria      8   0.30  holland  
29  ne  hysteric     7   0.25  germany  
    ne  a.t.c.       7   0.25  u.s.a.   
* the first sic groups stayed on their  
* HITMEN and CENSOR won some palces.    
* F4CG lost many places.                
* it's the first time that three US     
  groups are in the charts!             
now press your joystick downwards to see
        the TOP 30 DEMO GROUPS!         

           TOP 30 DEMO GROUPS           
pl.  *  group     pts.  %      country  
 1   1  CREST     310   11.27  GERMANY  
 2   3  FLASH     240    8.73  HOLLAND  
 3   2  BONZAI    220    8.00  DENMARK  
 4  10  horizon   160    5.82  sweden   
 5   6  triad     146    5.31  sweden   
 6   5  cosmos d. 135    4.91  austria  
     8  censor d. 135    4.91  sweden   
 8   9  origo     114    4.15  finland  
 9  ne  light     111    4.04  sweden   
10  ne  padua     103    3.75  germany  

11  ne  panoramic  89    3.24  norway   
12  ne  genesis    86    3.13  germany  
13  ne  blackmail  85    3.10  holland  
14  ne  m.d.a.     75    2.73  sweden   
15   3  megastyle  62    2.25  norway   
16  ne  the voice  29    1.05  austria  
17  ne  beyond f.  22    0.80  finland  
18  ne  death sec. 19    0.70  holland  
19  ne  silicon l. 17    0.62  holland  
20  ne  p.o.p.     16    0.58  belgium  
21  ne  chromance  15    0.55  hungary  
22  10  paradize   14    0.51  holland  
23  ne  oregon     12    0.44  germany  

24  ne  century    10    0.36  germany  
    ne  topaz      10    0.36  finland  
    ne  buds/nato  10    0.36  u.k.     
    ne  collusion  10    0.36  finland  
    ne  lost souls 10    0.36  u.k.     
25  ne  gloom       9    0.33  germany  
    ne  security    9    0.33  germany  
    ne  inceria     9    0.33  hollland 
* CREST still on the top. FLASH kicked  
  BONZAI from place 2.                  
* PARADIZE and MEGASTYLE lost many      
* PADUA and LIGHT moved in the top 10.  

            TOP 30 DISCMAGS             
pl. *   magname     percentage    points
 1   1  MAMBA          11.67         321
 2   5  HOTSHOT         5.20         143
 3   2  ROCK'N'ROLE     4.98         137
 4  ne  bild zeitung    4.11         113
 5  ne  remark          3.31          91
 6  ne  cemetry news    2.40          66
 7  ne  vinews          2.29          63
 8  ne  brutal recall   1.93          53
 9  ne  immortal flash  1.85          51
10  ne  bad news        1.82          50

11  ne  gamers guide    1.67          46
12   3  world news      1.16          32
    ne  sanforized      1.16          32
14  ne  coolface        1.13          31
15   3  mega madeness   0.98          27
16  ne  smooth criminal 0.95          26
17  ne  homonews        0.65          18
    ne  puke box        0.65          18
19  ne  trashnews       0.51          14
    ne  slowpoke        0.51          14
    ne  lethal news     0.51          14
22  ne  reason4treason  0.36          10

23  ne  exploding       0.32           9
    ne  newsline        0.32           9
25  ne  ars publica     0.29           8
26  ne  faircharts      0.25           7
    ne  ambition        0.25           7
    ne  internal        0.25           7
    ne  fatal news      0.25           7
    ne  frontpage       0.25           7
* MAMBA still on the top.               
* HOTSHOT jumped from 5 to place 2.     
* ROCK'N ROLE lost one place.           
* BILD ZEITUNG from 0 to place 4.       
* we DID NOT put CORRUPTION in because  
  the last issue was spread long ago!   

             TOP 20 CODERS              
pl.  *  name of coder  %             pts
 1   1  CROSSBOW       11.12         306
 2  NE  ZODIAC          6.62         182
 3   3  FLAMINGO        6.44         177
 4   5  mc. sprite      3.93         108
 5  ne  ses             3.53          97
 6   5  scroll          2.58          71
 7  ne  walt            1.53          42
 8  ne  olav morkrid    1.31          36
    ne  mr. cursor      1.31          36
10  ne  cycleburner     1.24          34

11  ne  t.h.a.         1.23           33
12  ne  maduplec       1.13           31
13  ne  bob            1.05           29
    ne  glasnost       1.05           29
15  ne  vision         0.62           17
16  ne  lubber         0.55           15
17  ne  ecco           0.51           14
18  ne  digu           0.36           10
    ne  asp            0.36           10
    ne  trap           0.36           10
* CROSSBOW still on the top.            
* hotshot of the month is ZODIAC with   
  the 2nd place.                        
* scroll lost one, mc sprite gained one 

            TOP 25 CRACKERS             
pl.  *  cracker       %              pts
 1   1  SNACKY        11.05          304
 2  NE  DOC            6.65          183
 3   4  POWERPLANT     6.14          169
 4   3  bod            5.45          150
 5  ne  goblin         5.16          142
 6  ne  jihad          3.49           96
 7  ne  nme            3.42           94
 8  ne  antitrack      3.09           85
 9  ne  rockstar       1.71           47
     2  sauron         1.71           47

11  ne  xxx           1.05            29
12   5  dogfriend     0.98            27
13  ne  arrogance     0.65            18
14  ne  crisp         0.62            17
15  ne  bacchus       0.47            13
    ne  crush         0.47            13
17  ne  chrysagon     0.36            10
    ne  jester        0.36            10
19  ne  injun inc.    0.33             9
    ne  tango & cash  0.33             9
    ne  bismarck      0.33             9
    ne  derby ram     0.33             9

24  ne  excell        0.29             8
    ne  fletch        0.29             8
* SNACKY the second time on the top!    
* POWERPLANT gained one place and is now
  on the SECOND place.                  
* SAURON and DOGFRIEND lost many places.
* HOTSHOT of the month is DOC of IKARI. 

pl.     composer     %            points
 1      VIBRANTS     18.33           504
 2      20CC          6.80           187
 3      CH. DEENEN    6.00           165
 4      a-man         3.53            97
 5      audial arts   3.45            95
 6      metal         3.35            92
 7      moz(ic)art    2.33            64
 8      prosonix      2.04            56
 9      jeroen tel    1.75            48
10      mixer         1.27            35

10      d.o.s.       1.27             35
12      skyline t.   1.20             33
13      chromance    1.16             32
14      danko        1.13             31
15      m.d.a.       1.02             28
16      r. ouwehand  0.91             25
17      s.c.s.       0.88             24
18      moon         0.84             23
        t.r.c.       0.84             23
        tim follin   0.84             23
* vibrants still on top!                
* not many changes!                     

           TOP 20 GRAPHICANS            
pl.     name         %            points
 1      GOTCHA       12.33           339
 2      BIZZMO        9.85           271
 3      REDSTAR       6.11           168
 4      di-art        5.35           147
 5      scrap         2.98            82
 6      fox           2.55            70
 7      sarge         1.82            50
 8      dragon        1.71            47
 9      gbf           1.67            46
10      hein design   1.24            34

11    sparkler        1.20            33
12    red wiz         1.09            30
13    public enemy    0.98            27
14    crept           0.95            26
15    thunder         0.73            20
16    pernod          0.55            15
17    chorus          0.47            13
18    rainman         0.36            10
      air design      0.36            10
      b.stevenson     0.36            10
* GOTCHA of BYTERIDERS on the 1st place.
* place two goes to  BIZZMO of G*P!     
* PUBLIC ENEMY of ROLE entered on place 
  13. a big SURPRISE.                   

              TOP 5 DEMOS               
1. UTOPIA                               
2. TENDANCE                             
3. LEGACY III                           
4. AMIGA WORKS                          
5. ANAL INTRUDER                        
   BRUTAL 3                             
* BONZAI dropped from the first to the  
  4th place.                            
* TRIAD'S UTOPIA on the top!            
* horizon party winner ANAL INTRUDER    
  entered at place 5.                   

               ok, folks!               
that's all for this issue of EMANUELLE!!
  we hope that you enjoyed the bigger   
charts and please give us your reactions
send them to one of the addresses shown 
           in the EDITORIAL.            
   press '<' to go back to the menue!   

news & rumors

           NEWS AND RUMORS              
   again lots of letters reached us!    
 let's see what happened this month in  
               the scene!               
  if you have any news and rumors then  
    don't hestiate and send them to:    
          XXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXX           
           XX. XXXXXXXXXX. X            
              XXXX XXXXXXX              

- CRUISER of GIANTS joined ORIGO!       
- ATRIX is DEAD. ZYBORG went to PC and  
  and DAGGER joined DUNEX!              
- COAX of TOPAZ died in a train accident
  some groups are now doing a r.i.p.    
- ANTIPLEX and DEFFJEFF formed a        
  subgroup for hurricane...THE GIANTS.  
- CHORUS/FLASH INC. rejoined TRIAD,     
  stopped swapping and gave his contacts
  to AKTIE!                             
- MADMIX of TNT joined BRONX!           
- DUALIS got one of the biggest boards  
  in europe, it is called: FREEWAY!     
  sysop is G'HARDEY!                    
- DUALIS never RECRACKED logo from G*P  

- EXAT/TAT joined DEPREDATORS.          
- RATMAN and RASTER BLASTER joined      
- WOLLO left dualis and joined accuracy.
- SANXION left ARROW and joined THE LOST
  SOULS as a megaswapper!               
- STEWY NEW left ARROW and rejoined     
  the lost souls, too!                  
- ARROW and EWOKS are DEAD.             
- SABIAN is DEAD.                       
- STING stopped swapping. other [p]     
  members will now swap with his        
- CHUM/CHAOS joined CHROMANCE!          
- all PLK'S will get closed at the 1.7. 

- BRONX splitted up.                    
- SYS/AFL asked PUBI/TRIUMWYRAT to join.
  pubi refused.                         
- the turkish section of DUALIS joined  
- DANNY/THE FORCE changed his handle    
  into THE FLY!                         
- a new group was found in israel. the  
  name is: HOT SHOT! members are:       
- STING and some other PARAMOUNT members
  joined IKARI AND TALENT!              
  COMPAGNIONS as a swapper and graphican
- SODIOX of HYSTERIC joined them, too!  
- CYBORG of HYSTERIC did so, too!       

- DNA left PARADIZE and joined          
  COMPAGNIONS as a little coder, swapper
  and graphican. he wanted to be in a   
  more active group!                    
- JIM of RADIUS joined CPS!             
- WHITE LION left OMEGA!                
- IZOR/OMEGA joined FLASH INC.          
- METHABOL and SCOPE joined CENSOR.     
- AKRAK wants to organize a party in    
  1.BEYOND FORCE                        
  2.FLASH INC.                          
  3.PANORAMIC DESIGN                    
  4.WAR DEAL LAMERS                     
  5.MC SPRITE and GOTCHA                

- rumors say that CENSOR DESIGN should  
  have stolen things like computers at  
  HZ PARDEY. that's not true. they just 
  BOOZED AROUND.                        
- MACHO & SODAPOP left LEVEL11 and      
  joined FLASH INC.                     
- JAKE/X-RATED joined PULSAR.           
- OREGON will release a mag called      
- GABRIEL/CHROMANCE stopped computing.  
- the amiga section of CHROMANCE is dead
- DRUID of ROLE joined creation!        
- PROWL left CANNON and joined CHROME.  
- JASON and MICHELLE joined BRONX.      
- bird left LIGHT, ivory left RADUIS and
  joined BRONX, too.                    

- BONZAI and X-FACTOR are in war!       
- X-PLICIT is dead!                     
- DEAD MOON left SKID ROW and joined    
- INSANE is now a GLOOM mag.            
- TORNADO of W.O.W. joined F4CG.        
  joined DUALIS.                        
- PANDORA and SMARACT are dead.         
- RADIUS lifes again. it was reformed by
  elite dudes from: GENESIS, PANDORA and
  SMARACT. the actual memberstatus:     
- RUTHLESS is dead. the members joined  
  HITMEN, TRC.                          
- radius will do a mag: INDEPENDET      

- PARADIZE got 3 new members:           
  VINCENT as graphican from HITMEN      
  ANORGANIC as a coder from centauri and
  the third ones name is still a secret.
  for 2 week.                           
- POWPIN and JADAWIN joined PADUA.      
- JIHAD left HITMEN. CURLIN is now the  
  only leader of the HITMEN.            
- DEATHSTRALKER was visited by the cops.
  some discs were taken away.           
- YAERION/DDT was busted by the post for
  stampcheating. if he don't stop to    
  swap he must probably go to jail for  
  EIGHT years.                          
- CRIME joined DUALIS.                  

- TOY joined ROLE. he is a HACKER, gfx  
  man and swapper.                      
- DR.NO/IKV left the scene.             
- STAD/EX-MAGNETIX joined F4CG but left 
  them some days later.                 
- ORIGO kicked CRUISER.                 
- MMC/GIANTS joined brutal.             
- SAE&C/ROLE left the scene.            
  contacts: WAIT!                       
- ROLE is going to start a REAL MUSIC   
  MAG. these guys are going to work on  
  it will be again under the ROLE label 
  and this discmag will contain         
  interviews with real stars and also 64
  musicans. you also have charts about  
  music. the name is not know by now.   

- TRANSCOM is still ALIVE.              
- GLASNOST of LEGEND changed his name to
- DAGGER and ZENSONIC joined DUNEX.     
- MATRIX renamed to POWERDROME!         
- THE LOST SOULS are going to release a 
  mag called HARDCORE.                  
- ARMY and A-TEAM got 4 new members.    
  1 musican and three swappers.         
  from THE FORCE!                       

the interview

             THE INTERVIEW              
 this time you will be able to read an  
            interview with:             
           CHUM OF CHROMANCE            
       done on phone by GAZZA/TAT       
g: hi CHUM! please tell our readers     
   something about yourself!            
c: i'm 15 years old, 1.80m tall,        
   my weight is about 120 pound. i have 
   blue eyes and brown hair.            

g: how did you get into the scene?      
c: with a friend of mine i founded in   
   the march of 1989 the group BRAINBOYS
   i began to swap and i got more and   
   more cool contacts. then i joined    
   SCS, later known as DIGITECH. as i   
   recogniced that this was a failure i 
   left them and joined CHAOS!          
   some month later i made a 5-month    
   break and after this i asked HERMAN  
   of CHROMANCE if i could join them.   
   and they agreed.                     
g: why did you the brake of 5 month?    
c: because of the school and i just     
   wanted to relax a bit! i was bored of
   the scene!                           
g: why have you joined CHROMANCE?       
c: the reason was that i saw many really
   good cracks from them and so i asked 
   herman if i could join!              

   what's your favourite...             
   CRACKING GROUP   in the past it was  
                    INDISOFT and now it 
                    are GENESIS PROJECT 
                    and IKARI'N'TALENT! 
   DEMO GROUP       CRAZY               
   GAME             i don't like to play
                    games, sorry!       
   DISCMAG          MAMBA               
g: how many contact do you have by now? 
c: at the moment about 80, but i want   
   to get more! (ed. look in the contact
   corner for his address!)             

g: greet your best friends!             
c: ice-t, JINX, MIKE D., ICE CUBE,      
   HERMAN and MR.WAX of CHROMANCE!      
g: what's your hardware at the moment?  
c: i owe a c-128d, a 1571, video        
   digitizer, amiga 500, 1mb,           
   2nd discdrive and i want to buy a    
   second 64 in the future!             
g: what are your HOBBIES?               
c: everything what makes FUN!           
   (ed. what kind of fun????)           
g: do you have a GIRLFRIEND at the      
   moment? if yes tell us her name!     
c: no, i haven't one at the moment!     

g: which computer do you prefer? the    
   c-64 or the AMIGA?                   
c: i think you can't compare them!      
g: what do you think about the scene    
c: the 64 scene is not as cool as some  
   month ago. too many lamers are in    
   the scene! there are only a few      
   really good groups in scene! it's    
   getting downhills!                   
g: do you agree if i say that there are 
   too many LAME DISCMAGS in the scene? 
c: yes, there are a 2 superb ones! they 
   are MAMBA and CORRUPTION! but there  
   are also good mags, and i think your 
   mag is one of the good ones!         
   (ed. thanx! we try hard to get       

: thank you for this interview!         
c: you're welcome!                      
the reason why we publish only one inter
view is that the second is delayed again
so i hope that i can fix it to the next 
issue of EMANUELLE!                     
 now press '<' to get back to the main- 

contact corner

          THE CONTACT CORNER!           
                 ARM HQ                 
             XXX XXXXXX, XX             
            XXXXX XXXXXX(XX)            
         ONLY FOR JOINING ARM!          
               DJ OF ARM                
         XXX XXXXXXX XXXXX, XX          
            XXXXX XX XXXXXX             
  only TOP ELITE! also for ORIGINALS!   
           ROBIN HOOD OF ARM            
           XXX XXXXXXXXXX XX            
          XXXXX XXXXXXXXXX(XX)          
              ONLY ELITE!               

  contact me for 0 - 7 days 64 stuff:   
           TG-ACME/THE FREAKS           
            XXXXX XXXXXXXXX             
             XXXXXXXXX XXX              
               XXXX XXXX                
        for 64 swapping contact:        
           FIERY MAN OF SD (not on env.)
             XX/XXX XXX XXX             
            XXXX XXXXXXXX X             
        4 hot swapping contact:         
          X. XXXXXXXXXXXX. XX           
            XXXX XX XXXXXXX             
     at&t's wanted! disc=100% reply     

          for MEGAHOT swapping          
           XXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX            
              XXXXXXXX XX               
           XXXX XX XXXXXXXXX            
            XXX XXXXXXXXXXX             
          MR.WAX OF CHROMANCE           
             XXXXXX XXXXXX              
             XXXXXXX XX.XX              
             XXXX XXXXXXXX              
             XXX XXX XXX X              
         XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX X         
         c-64 and amiga! elite!         

 for hottest LEGAL swapping on 64/amiga 
             XXX XXX XXX X              
         X-XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX         
             WAYER OF CRIME             
               XXXXX XXXX               
            X. XXXXXXXXX XX             
             XXXXX XXXXXXX              
     hot swapping! MEMBERS WANTED!      
            DEAD MOON/GLOOM             
            XXXXX XXXXXXXXXX            
          X-XXXX XXXXX-XXXXXXX          
- for the mag INSANE                    
- for a cool swaptime                   
- for your own disk-covers              

             XXX XXX XXX-X              
            X-XXXX XXXXXXXX             
 LEGAL ELITE! EXIT STUFF! 100% answer!  
              TDM/WILD 57               
             XX-XXXX XXXXX              
       LEGAL! 100 PERCENT ANSWER!       
i'm searching for at&t's, phone numbers 
           and much contacts:           
            SCOTT of RADIUS             
             XXX XXX XXX-X              
            X-XXXX XXXXXX X             
for swapping 0-10 days old stuff write 2
            SKULL of GAX777             
            XX XXX XX XXXXX             
              XXXXX XXXXX               

for legal 64 and amiga swapping write to
            POWPIN OF PADUA             
             XXXXXX XXXXXX              
           XXXXXXXXXXXXX XXX            
            XXX XX XXXXXXXXX            
            GAMBLER OF ROLE             
               XXXXXX XX                
            XXXX XX XXXXXXXX            
           disk = 100% reply            
            XXXXX XXXXXXXXX             
             XXX XXXXXXX X              
             XXXXX XXXXXXX              
   for a hot ORIGINAL and ELITE swap    

             XXXXXXXXXX XXX             
             XXXX XXXXXXXX              
         THE BEAST OF HYSTERIC          
             XX/XXX XXX XXX             
            X-XXXX XXXXXXX X            
   for hot 64 stuff and yer own gfx!    
            BILLY of DUALIS             
              XXX XXXXX X               
          X-XXXX XXXXXXXXX XX           
          swapping and joining          
           XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX           
              XXXXXXXXX X               
              XXXXX XXXXX               

         for cool swapping try:         
             XXXXXX XXXXXX              
             X-XXXX XXXXXXX             
              ELITE ONLY!               
             XXXXXXXXXXX XX             
             XXXX XX XXXXX              
         swap 0-5 days! elite!          
            XXXXXXXXX XXXXXX            
             XXXXXXXXXX XX              
          X-XXXX XXXXX-XXXXXXX          
   no handle on envelope! only LEGAL!   

            XXXXXX XXXXXXXX             
           XXXXXXX X:X XXXXX            
           X-XXX XX XXXXXXXXX           
            FOR JOINING ROLE            
                ROLE HQ                 
               XXXX  XXX                
              XXXX XXXXXX               
             BEAT of TOPAZ!             
              XXXXX XXXXXX              
              XXXXXXXXXX X              
               XXXXX XXXX               
           for hot SWAPPING!            

           AL BUNDY - TLS HQ            
            XX XXXXXXXXX XXX            
             XXX XXXXXXXXX              
              XXXXX XXXXX               
               XX XX XXX                
we are looking for...CODERS             
                     ORIGINAL SUPPLIERS 
swapping on 64 and atari st and our mags
            FRIB of ACCURACY            
               XX.XXX XX                
             XXXX XXXXXXXX              

           FOR AN ELITE SWAP:           
              XX XXXX XXXX              
                XXXX XXX                
             XXX XXX XXX X              
            X-XXXX XXXXXXXXX            
              no handles!               
             XX XXXXXX XXXX             
                XXXX XXX                

       for a cool 64 swap contact       
              XXXXXX XXXXX              
            XX-XXXXX XXXXXXX            
           X-XXXX XXXXXXX-X.X           
              WAR OF ROLE               
           XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XX           
            XXXX XXXXXXXXXX             
  for ELITE SWAPPING! no name on env.!  
             XXX XXX XXX X              
           X-XXXX XXXXXXX XX            
       for elite swap, no names!        

          GURAN/CENSOR DESIGN           
               XXXXX. XXX               
              XXXXX XXXXXX              
          E L I T E   O N L Y!          
         X/X XXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX          
             XXXXXXXXX. XX              
              XXXX XXXXXXX              
 to get in touch with BREGO/X-PARAMOUNT 
               write to:                
           public domain club           
             XXXXX XXXXXXXX             
              X-XXXX XXXXX              
               XX/XXX XX                
              X-XXXX XXXX               

           XXXXXXXXXX XX/X/X            
          X-XXXX XX. XXXXXXXX           
    swapping, originals, 100% reply!    
           terribly accurate:           
           THE BOSS/ACCURACY            
              XXXXX XXXXX               
           XXXXXXX XXX. X/XX            
             XXXXX XXXXXXXX             
           MR.SMART of BONZAI           
             XXXX XXXXXXXX              
            XXXXXXXXXXXXX XX            
              XXXX XXXXXXX              

                GAZ RICH                
             XX XXXXX XXXX              
             XXX XXXXXXXXX              
              XXXXX XXXXX               
                XXXX XXX                
        100% reply to everybody!        
          DOTAN HAIM/HOT SHOT           
               XX.XXX XXX               
             XXXXX XXXXXXXX             
to swap papermags and hot 64 stuff!     
             XXXXX XXXXXXXX             
          X, XXX XXX XXXXXXXX           

         TECHNO of COMPAGNIONS          
             XXXX' XXXXXXX              
        XXXX.XXXXXXXXXXXXXX. XX         
            XXXX XX XXXXXXXX            
     elite! no handles on envelope!     
   to get the latest CHROMANCE warez:   
               XXXXXXXX X               
            XXXX XXXXXXXXXX             
              XXXXXXX XXXX              
         XXX X.XXXXX XXXXX XX/X         
             XXXXX XXXXXXX              
              XX/XXX XXXX               
            X-XXXX XXXXXXXXX            

             XXXXX XXXXXXXX             
            XXXX XXX. XX: X             
          XXXXX XXXXXXXX-XXXXX          
    100% back! everybody is welcome!    
             WHISP & TALENT             
              XXX XXX XXX               
            XXXX XXXXXXXXXX             
        for hot'n'fast trading!         
            XXXXXXXXXXXX XX             
            XXXXX XXXXXXXXXX            
      for hot'n'cool 64 swapping!       
        also vhs and punk tapes!        

crack tests

              CRACK TESTS               
 sorry for the low amount of cracktests 
 but as we are in time pressure we are  
      not able to do more! sorry!       
let's start with...                     
        SUPER MONACO GRAND PRIX         
group         trainers       blocks used
silicon          no              664    
arm              +4              171    
censor design    no              191    
                       +nei&censor intro
* again a LAME version by SILICON!      
* a really cool version by arm!         
          send more versions!           

              ESKIMO GAMES              
           group         trainers       
           bonzai           +3          
           legend           no          
           paramount        no          
           army & a-team    no          
* bonzai again with a jewel version!    
* first release by paramount            
* normal versions done by legend and    

group          trainers      blocks used
crazy             13             648    
i&t                7             591    
* first release by crazy, some days     
  later crazy died.                     
group          trainers      blocks used
collision         1              418    
legend            2              468    

              NARCO POLICE              
        hotline           +1            
        arm              +10            
* arm with the best version i've seen so
* hotline hasn't removed the intro!     
* also here are more versions wanted!   
chromance            +4              118
collision            +4              135
hysteric             +2              141

illusion           +2                489
ikari and talent   +2                556
* i+t's version is IFFL PACKED!         
* hitmen had the first-release on it!   
              WC ICEHOCKEY              
      chromance          77 blocks      
      silicon            74 blocks      
      t.a.t.             67 blocks      

          silicon          174          
          t.a.t.           151          
 sorry for this lame part, but as told  
before we were in a hurry to finish this

demo tests

       ALCOLADO by HOUSE DESIGNS        
INTRO: the usual house intro with the   
       big logo on top and the moving   
       H + E from HousE!                
       below two lines of presesentation
       of text. above this two lines are
       some starts moving!              
       on da bottom is a 1x1 scroll with
       a nice idea! the last 6 letters  
       are jumping off in a sine! the   
       music is very nice!              
PART 1...on top a 3 couloured 'alcolado'
         logo and below a cool face     
         which fills half of the screen!
         beside this face there is a    
         big upscroller containing the  
         credits. muzak again very nice.
PART 2...on the upper left corner there 
         is a slow but nice 39 chars    
         dxycp! below a 1x1 scroller    
         with a simple colourscroll     

         donw there is a quite cool logo
         and the muzak is short and good
PART 3...this is the loader which       
         contains only a digi and a big 
         house designs logo with a      
         little bartman graphic on it!  
         the loadroutin itself works    
         pretty fast (very fast in      
         comparison to bonzai's routine)
         on the upper right corner is a 
         little text showing you if it's
         loading or waiting for space.  
PART 4...a big 42x23 char scroller and  
         behind all dycps (more than 25)
         done with the old and wellknown
         $d011 manipulation! anyway it  
         looks quite cool! the muzak is 
         VERY cool this time!           
PART 5...actually this is a dexterity   
         game to test the watchers skill
         you have to move a little ball 
         through a labyrinth scrolling  

         from right to left. you lose   
         one life by touching the walls.
         also cool muzak in here!       
PART 6...this is the end part. on top a 
         cool multicoloured HOUSE logo! 
         below there is a upscroller    
         which is getting funny jumping 
         up and down in a sine-tab!     
         above the scroller are again   
         some start blinking! music is  
graphics: 83%      muzak: 87%           
code: 50%          ideas: 43%           
OVERALL: 65.75                          

           MANDEL by GRAFFITY           
INTRO: on top and bottom are 2 logos    
       with rasterbars behind!! between 
       them is one 1x2 sideborderscroll 
       and two lines which are flashing 
       are used to tell ya what yoou've 
       loaded! the muzak is very nice!  
PART 1...a mandelbrot over the whole    
         screen is to be shown! it      
         contains also coulour cycling  
         which makes you feel happy coz 
         it looks very cool! muzak isn't
         that bad at all! after pressing
         space there are 15 other       
         mandelbrot graphix which give  
         you a really great effect!     
graphics: 15%     muzak: 69%            
code: 45%         idea:  80%            
OVERALL: 52.25%                         

mag tests

           SENSUAL NEWSLINE             
here is no intro therefore only main-   
menue! on the top of the screen is a big
SENSE logo with a colouscroll through it
on the bottom there is a SENSUAL        
NEWSLINE logo over both there are some  
little sprites containing the name of   
the mag.                                
you are able to move a little arrow     
between the two logoz to choose between 
one of the eight chapters. after pressin
the joybutton the chapter is beeing     
loaded (fastloader!) on top of the text 
shower screen are 10 linesof upscrolling
text and below there is a quite colour  
full and cool SENSE logo! there are also
two different muzaks! one in the main-  
menue and one in the part where the text
is showed!                              

graphics: 60%       code: 50%           
muzak: 65%          information: 60%    
handling: 30%       OVERALL: 53%        
           CONDOM ISSUE FIVE            
INTRO...there is a quite nice multicol. 
        logo on the top of the screen   
        which only contains 8 pixel     
        sine through itself! looks quite
        lame but anyway below the logo  
        you can see two 2x2 scrollers   
        with coloures behind! the only  
        cool thing in this intro is the 
        sound made by griff of chromance
MAINMENUE...it's the same graphic like  
            always on the top done by   
            gnu! quite nice indeed! the 
            chapters can be chosen by   
            moving the joy#2 up/down!   
            it looks really lame! there 
            is also a very lame bug in  

            the loadroutine! it bugs    
            first time so you have to   
            reset and restart it with a 
            quite complicated sys!      
            in the main menue there are 
            nine chapters to load!the   
            chapters contains all the   
            texts you probably have to  
            know about the music scene  
            but everything else is lame!
            texts appears in a funny way
            and you have to switch pages
            with +/-! the flashing is   
            really ugly!                
graphix: 35%           code: 7%         
information: 45%       muzaks: 50%      
handling: 20%          OVERALL: 31.4%   

         BILD ZEITUNG by X-RAY          
intro: quite original and funny! there  
       are little x-ray logos all over  
       the screen, changing colours and 
       position! on the lower right     
       corner there is a oblique sprite 
       scroller and on the upper left   
       corner you can see which issue   
       you've loaded! the muzak is      
       from the game hugo!              
mainmenue: on the top of the screen a   
           big BILD ZEITUNG logo is     
           moving left'n'right! below   
           the logo there is a 1x1      
           scroller and the whole char  
           line is flashing (raster)    
           within the two bars which are
           continued into side border   
           you can read which chapters  
           are able to load (actually 8)
           by pressing the number of the
           chapter you wanna read you   
           force the program to load da 

           respective chapter! the music
           in the main menue is cool!   
           the text shower uses the     
           whole screen and you can     
           continue reading by pressing 
           the joy left or right!       
           original idea is that they   
           use up to 5 different styles 
           of chars. they also got a    
           different muzak in every     
           chapter! the muzak are all   
           very cool (vibrants+metal)   
           the only bug is when you go  
           to the next page and the text
           is scrolling from right to   
           left the first two lines are 
graphics: 15%          code: 30%        
muzak:    70%          information: 55% 
handling: 40%          OVERALL: 40%     


 welcome to this new part of emanuelle! 
 in this chapter you can say EVERYTHING 
you want! eg. fuckings to your enemies, 
   you also can defame your enemies!    
we also will publish the reactions here!
   keep on reading and write us your    
       opinion to this new idea!        
yo gazza!                               
here's ex-m of arm!                     
in the latest sending you received some 
latest news about arm!                  
i've never seen them in yar (nice) mag! 
do ya publish only news that ya prefere 
or do you think that we're so lame and  
unimportant to public news about our    
group? i always thought that you're a   
friend of mine, but now i've doubts.    

dear ex-m of arm!                       
when i reveived your sending i already  
had finished the second issue of        
emanuelle! that's the reason why there  
are no news about your group in the 2nd 
issue! i don't think that you're lame   
coz all crax of you are top quality!    
so i hope that everything is clear now! 
hey coolies,                            
ass i saw the first issue of your mag i 
thought: whoa, a new cool mag is born.  
your mag is one of the best (i think its
the best) nice muzax, cool loader and   
very much texts. i hope you release many
issues! yours, dead moon of gloom!      
dear dead gloom!                        
thanx for this nice reaction! i have to 
admit that we are not the best mag, but 
i think it's a good mag and we'll try   

to improve many things form issue to    
issue to get better and better!         
hi there, your mag is cool but it needs 
more charts and news! the outfit woz    
fucking nice. i really enjoyed it.      
dear silco,                             
as you will recognize we made larger    
charts and to the news i've to admit    
that i depends on the scene, coz if     
nothing happened we can not publish own 
invented rumors or news.                
i (the beast) never joined padua. i even
don't know any member of padua.         
                     the beast/hysteric 
dear the beast,                         
it was a fault of mine. sorry!     gazza

to the redaction:                       
use another charset, some addies are    
difficult to read.        bomb of dualis
dear bomb,                              
as you can see we changed the charset!  
we hope that you can now read all of the
advertisements!                gazza/tat
gee yeah, emanuelle is good. the outfit 
was original but that white background  
fucked my eyes. please change it. and   
what about putting in a slower music?   
anyway, good luck and keep up the good  
work!                  the boss/accuracy
dear boss,                              
we are sorry if you don't like the grey 
background, but we think it's good, coz 
every other mag, excepte lethal news,   
uses a black background! we won't change
the it, sorry! about the music: in every
issue you will hear another sound!      

 send your reactions or the other stuff 
       you want us to publish in        
         to following address:          
          XXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXX           
           XX. XXXXXXXXXX. X            
              XXXX XXXXXXX              
        tel. ++XX/(X)XXXX/XXXXX         

GERMANS DON'T PANIC!                    
this is THE REAPER/TAT on da keys, to   
tell ya da TRUTH ABOUT PLK'S!           
there are lots of rumours in all those  
lamermags, that all plk's will be closed
on july 1st! but i tell ya, there is no 
reason 4 panic! i read that paper myself
at our post-office!                     
fact is, that the post won't give a plk 
to anybody, after july 1st!             
but this doesn't mean ya have to change 
your addy! if ya get a sendingto yer plk
after july 1st, then ya will still get  
it from yer post-office! but  from this 
time, the code plk xxxx-y willbe the    
same as a code-word! so it's like'poste 
restante' or (german)'postlagernd'! that
means, ya dont need the card anymore,and
ya just have to know yer num- ber! the  
only shit is, that every local lamer who
knows yer number, can go to the post    
office and get/steal yer sendings, ok i 
hope dis fuck is clear now...           

if ya have a mag, then please publish da
 the germans won't have to change their 
 addy's, coz the plk's wont be closed!  
 the only difference is, that plk will  
 be the same as 'poste restante' in     
 future, so ya dont need the card any-  
ok, and if ya wanna do me a favour, then
also publish my addy!                   
my addy:                                
for elite-trading and original swapping 
             XXX XXXXXX/XXX             
              XXX XXXXXX-X              
            X-XXXX XXXXXXXXX            
no names on envelope! no disc=no answer!
     done by the reaper of t.a.t.!      

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