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second issue:                           
release date: 30.03.1991                
coding:       ayatollah of tat          
emanuelle:    zoris of air design       
1x1 charset:  exat of air design        
muzak:        trooper of rhyme designs  
scroll char:  the ruling company        
coding:       c.a.t. of tat             
muzak:        metal of bonzai           
logo:         cybex of paradize         

1x2 charset: exat of air design         
editors: ayatollah and gazza of         
         THE ANCIENT TEMPLE!!           
to give reactions on phone call:        
    ++XX/(X)XXXX/XX X XX (XXXXXX)       
    ++XX/(X)XXXX/XX X XX (XXXX)         
ayatollah            gazza              
XXXX  XXXXX          XXXX  XXXXXXX      
XXXXXXX              XXXXXXX            
we would be pleased if you can send us  
some articles, stories, votings, news   
ideas or anything else which suits to   
our style of mag-editing.               
(also some reactions of you would be    
very nice!)                             

thanks to the ones who have helped us to
collect all texts and news in dis second
to remember again:                      
graph-comp.: try to draw your own       
             6 sprites wide and 9 high! 
prize: 1 porno-mag of your own choice!  
       (e.d. turkish mags are impossible
        to deliver!!!)                  
muzak-comp.: your muzak can be done with
             every (known or not known!)
             editor!!  location at $0c00
             and not longer than 20     
prize: also 1 porno-mag of your choice!!
       (e.d. also gay mags available!!) 
   '<' to get back into main menue !!   

the charts

               THE CHARTS               
 here i want to say thanks to everybody 
          who sent us votings!          
 as EMANUELLE is now a TAT mag we won't 
 put TAT in the charts! so you can see  
  that we are NOT cheating our charts!  
         send your votings to:          
          XXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXX           
           XX. XXXXXXXXXX. X            
              XXXX XXXXXXX              
         LM = place last month          
         TM = place this month          

            CRACKING GROUPS             
lm   tm   group                   points
 2    1   IKARI AND TALENT        276   
 3    2   GENESIS PROJECT         235   
 5    3   LEGEND                  231   
 1    4   dominators              222   
 4    5   illusion                120   
 6    6   paramount                86   
10    7   f4cg                     72   
 7    8   censor design            68   
 -    9   action                   54   
 -   10   hitmen                   53   
comment: IKARI AND TALENT moved to the  
         top! LEGEND from place 5 up to 
         the third one! DOMINATORS fall 
         from number 1 to 4! two NEW    
         ENTRIES this month: action and 

              DEMO GROUPS               
lm   tm   group                   points
 1    1   CREST                   204   
 2    2   BONZAI                  177   
 5    3   FLASH                   130   
 -    4   triad                   118   
 8    5   msi                     113   
 4    6   cosmos design           109   
 9    7   blackmail                86   
 7    8   horizon                  45   
 -    9   paradize                 40   
 3   10   origo                    39   
comment: crest and bonzai still on their
         places! hotshot of the month is
         TRIAD! they jumped from 0 to 4!
         let's see how the charts are   
         next month after the horizon   

lm   tm   coder                   points
1     1   CROSSBOW/CREST          110   
2     2   KJER/HORIZON             84   
-     3   FLAMINGO/LIGHT           46   
-     4   mr. cursor               36   
5     5   mc sprite/cosmos des.    30   
-         scroll/msi               30   
comment: HOTSHOT of the month is        
         FLAMINGO ! crossbow and kjer   
         stay on the same place !! come 
         on dudes, vote!!               

lm   tm   cracker                 points
 -   1    SNACKY/G*P              117   
 -   2    POWERPLANT/LEGEND        84   
 -   3    SAURON/ILLUSION          72   
 -   4    bod/ikari&talent         63   
 -   5    jihad/hitmen             27   
          dogfriend/ikari&talent   27   
comment: as you can see this is a new   
         part in the charts! SNACKY got 
         the lead followed by powerplant
         and sauron!                    

lm   tm   artist                  points
 1    1   GOTCHA/TALENT           187   
 -    2   BIZZMO/G*P              113   
 2    3   HEIN DESIGN/BML         110   
 -    4   scrap/g*p                69   
 -    5   fox/bonzai               49   
comment: two new entries this time!     
         GOTCHA holds his place! BIZZMO 
         jumped from 0 to the second    

place   group/composer            points
  1     VIBRANTS                  352   
  2     20CC                       56   
  3     AUDIAL ARTS                53   
  4     joeren tel                 31   
  5     the lemon farmer/xentrix   26   
comment: the VIBRANTS on the top !!     
         20CC has 296 points less than  
         the vibrants! a big surprise is
         the lemon farmer of xentrix who
         made it on the fifth place!    

lm   tm   name/group              points
 1    1   MAMBA/IKARI'N'TALENT    163   
 2    2   ROCK'N'ROLE/ROLE        116   
 5    3   WORLD NEWS/SILICON       53   
 -    3   MEGA MADNESS/ROLE        53   
 -    5   hotshot/flash inc.       35   
comment: the first time that one group  
         is in the charts with two mags!
         ROLE is in the charts with     
         RNR and MM!! also HOTSHOT is   
         new! MAMBA is still on the top!

    1. TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR                
    2. LIVERPOOL                        
    3. BAYERN MUNICH                    
comment: yo, the english teams rule!    
    3 BEST CARS                         
    1. FERRARI F40                      
    2. LAMBORGHINI COUNTACH             
    3. MC LAREN-HONDA                   
comment: most people voted for the F-40!

             BEST PAPERMAG              
comment: yes, chromance on the top with 
         their papermag GPO!            
           DEMO OF THE MONTH            
          AMIGA WORKS/BONZAI!           
comment: bonzai seems to do great work  
         with their demos. look forward 
         to LETHAL DISPLAY 4!           
           GAME OF THE MONTH            
     TURRICAN 2 - (c) rainbow arts      
comment: it seems that turrican 2 will  
         blast the charts! cool game!!  

             3 BEST CONDOMS             
         1.LONDON HAUCHDUENN            
         2.LONDON WET                   
         3.LONDON SAFE PLUS             
        VOTE for this, dudes!           
we hope you enjoyed reading the charts!!
  send your votings to the editors of   
the addresses are given in the editorial
     or look in the CONTACT CORNER!     
     press '<' to get to the menu!      

       that's all in this issue!        
 send your news, rumours and votings to 
 the addresses given in the EDITORIAL!  
  and now press '<' to get to the main  
     menue and enjoy this issue of      
           E M A N U E L L E!           

news & rumours

           NEWS and RUMOURS!            
    many things happened last month!    
  if you have any news or rumours then  
 send them to the editors of this mag!  
   the addresses you can find in the    
now enjoy reading the NEWS and RUMOURS!!
- PAINKILLER was kicked out from        
  CHROMANCE. he now joined OMEGA!       
- CHROMANCE is NOT in coop with the     
- INFINITY/turtles joined MANOWAR, but  
  after some days he was KICKED out!    
- CRUSADE is DEAD!                      

  as an ELITE SWAPPER and graphican!    
- TURTLES are DEAD.                     
- ALPHAFLIGHT is back again!            
- rumours say that the OLD group ELITE  
  will start a comeback!                
- JOE of army and a-team left the scene.
- the COOP between T.A.T. and WEIRD     
  broke up.                             
- THE REAPER of EXTREME joined T.A.T.!  
- SHARKS and THUNDERTRONIX are no longer
  in COOP.                              
- per/exotic stopped computing for three
  month because of his final exams!     

- DR.BASS of XENTRIX changed his name   
  in TLF (THE LEMON FARMER)!            
- TRISTAR is NOT dead at all. they got  
  many new members.                     
- BAD TASTE is a subgroup of G*P!       
- OMG is the EDITOR of BAD NEWS!        
- GAMBLER/GSC joined ROLE!              
- STORMLORD joined WEIRD!               
- RONNY of TRANSCOM joined F4CG!        
- SATCOM/exotic open his board          
  'TORTUNE FAIRY TALES' again!          
- EXOTIC got a new megaswapper called   
- forzanised will be released around the
  20th april by infinity and ozzymandias
  of x-rated.                           

- SCORELORD joined ROLE!                
- PE/UNITED ARTISTS joined ROLE. so now 
  MEGA MADNESS is a pure ROLE mag!      
- SCORPIO and LOTUS left role to form   
  their own group.                      
- GRUMP and TERMINATOR X left PURE and  
  they joined TDU.                      
- ranger/ex-ikari, jacke/ex-tristar,    
  and ozzymandias/ex-manowar joined     
- akuia got kicked out of TRC because of
- jake the snake/wow changed his handle 
  to brejznew.                          

- THE GUARDIAN ANGELS are going to open 
  a BBS in BELGIUM!                     
- MANOWAR kicked out INFINITY and BLITZ.
- TMC left REVENGE. he's searching for  
  another group.                        
- THE WANDERER of EVIL left the scene.  
- the next demo of prezel logic will    
  have the name ROYAL SCAN!             
- perry left STYLE and joined W.O.W.!   
- dualis never cracked the game LOGO as 
  it was told in gamers guide #3.       
- the phonecompany AT&T checks calls.   

- WARES DOMINE is now a TRAID BBS.      
- BOBO of T.A.T. is now on the amiga!   
  for his address look in the contact   
- SMILE joined ALCOHOLICS.              
- MIKE/NOVA left the scene.             
- UNITED ARTISTS is dead.               
- INFINITY joined X-RATED.              
- THE STONE/WEIRD joined EXTEND and     
  changed his handle into SLADE.        
- IKON VISUAL got 2 new members. TRACKER
  and CRAZE!                            
- COLLECTOR/IKV nearly got busted for   
  creditcard hacking! punk executioner  
  fucked up a cardcall and nearly got   
  busted, too! punk x. is still in      

  trouble for GRAFFITY art!             
- THE CHIEF/XENTRIX joined PADUA!       
- SOUL DESIGNS is DEAD.                 
- the coop between TRANSCOM&X-RAY is    
- ANTIC got 2 boards! they are:         
  * FUTURE ZONE   +46 - 8 - 371300      
  * SILICON CHAOS 817 - 369 - 3294      
- CHAOS/TNT joined SPARX and changed his
  handle into AZTEC. he is looking for a
  new group. for the address look in the
  contact corner.                       
- JADE of dominators renamed to NME!    
- WILD 57 got some new members they are:
  PIT, SEC and PETER. ROCKET and GUN    
  got kicked.                           

- MR. SMILE/WILD 57 changed his handle  
  into FERRO!                           
- DEATH is in coop with SILENCE!        
- TEX REX/G*P moved houses!             
- PANDORA is dead!                      
- TWG (usa) is dead!                    
- BONZAI will release LETHAL DISPLAY 4  
  at horizons easter pardey!            
- MR.WAX'S/chromance phone was          
  disconnected because he had a phone   
  bill of $ 1000!                       
- T'PAU recracked NES II from CHROMANCE!
- tristar asked THOMAS/ACC to join. he  
  refused the offer!                    

- MADMAX of TNT joined SPARX too but he 
  still is in TNT!                      
- TAT will open a bbs in AUSTRIA!       
- heatseeker/CREST joined X-RAY!        
- o'neil/VIBRANTS joined CREST!         
- kid/F4CG joined TRANSCOM              
- SYNTAX DESIGN is dead.                
- yankee left ROLE!                     
- a new importing group was born.       
  the name is SIOUX!                    
- fighter/CREATION joined akrak!        
- ROUGH left HITMEN!                    
- murdock of army&a-team joined SILICON.

- GABRIEL of the force started to crack,
  because all other members of THE FORCE
  are working on games!                 
- MIKE D. joined BLOODS.                
- BLOODS released the first issue of    
  the discmag THE BLOODY SCENE. it's a  
  rip of the old mag trashnews!         
- PAINKILLER was kicked out of OMEGA.   
- HERAKLES left CROSS!                  
- THE VIOLATOR is NOT in paramount as he
  tells to everybody!                   
- HERAKLES left CROSS                   

- the VIOLATOR is not in PARAMOUNT as   
  he tells the scene.                   
- GENE joined ILLUSION!                 
- SUCESS is back in the scene.          
- CHAOS#1 joined BRONX.                 
- bonzai kicked TRIX.                   
- OXYGEN is DEAD!                       
- CREAT joined PADUA                    
- BEAST, ex-spherical des., joined them 
  too !! (e.d. only a rumour!)          
- G.O.D. is rebuild!                    
- DOMINATOR of DUALIS has been busted!  

       that's all in this issue!        
 send your news, rumours and votings to 
 the addresses given in the EDITORIAL!  
  and now press '<' to get to the main  
     menue and enjoy this issue of      
           E M A N U E L L E!           

the interviews

          THE SECOND INTERVIEW          
  this interview was again done by my   
 friend CMR of ROLE! thanx again serge! 
   this time it's with DASH of F4CG!    
         c=commander ... d=dash         
C: well DASH, tell us something about   
   your fucking life in f4cg!           
D: first it wasn't FUCKING, but it's    
   fucking COOL! when i was in ROLE     
   i started to be bored (NO OFFENCE    
   commander) and wanted to join a real 
   cool CRACKER GROUP! carry on.        
C: well, how did you come into this     
   CRACKER GROUP?                       
D: this is a little embarrasing to say  
   but it was you, cmr, that got me into
   f4cg. thanx a lot for that (shit why 
   am i saying such nice things to you, 
   i must be crazy)!                    

C: and when did you join F4CG?          
D: gimme a break, man. i don't even know
   anymore, but i think it was about    
   SEVEN MONTH ago.                     
C: are you a GAY ? (who knows?)         
D: first that's NON of YOUR business!   
C: why NOT?                             
D: but if i have to be HONEST, the      
   answer is "NO WAY"!                  
C: phew, am i lucky!                    
D: yes, you are, because if i was a gay,
   you would not leave here without a   
   10-CM-HOLE in YOU ASS caused by my   

C: what do you think about f4cg and     
   what's your function in f4cg?        
D: well, i think that F4CG is GREAT and 
   that people should VOTE MORE for us. 
   my functions are swapping and        
   occasionally doing some graphix.     
C: you said, you are no GAY! well, do   
   you have a girlfriend and if yes,    
   what's her name (if we may know it)? 
D: yes, i HAVE and you may have the     
   honour to know HER NAME. it's        
   DAISY BLEUS.                         
C: who runs the FIRST PLACE in the c-64 
   scene in BELGIUM, you think?         
D: well, i think that F4CG and LEGEND   
   are about equally the same, but ROLE 
   is certainly belonging to the BEST,  

C: thanks for the compliment. well, your
   favourite food?                      
D: as you know, i'm 100% BELGIAN. so i  
   like FRIES. well, i like them so much
   that i ate them 5 WEEKS NONSTOP every
   day and i felt really, really sick!  
C: what do you think about the AUSTRIAN 
D: THE ANCIENT TEMPLE is certainly the  
   best in AUSTRIA!                     
   (ed. ooops! thanx for charming us!   
        but you're right, we're NO.1)   
C: i think they thank you for the       
   publicity!! what's your date of birth
   and what is the colour of your eyes! 
   (ED. sure we do! THANX dash, he he!) 
D: i'm born on the 4th of july.         

C: well, it's a ALSO a NICE MOVIE!      
D: i HATED that movie. it SUCKED. i'm   
   about 1.65 m and i've brown hair and 
   brown eyes and if it's interesting   
   to know, my UNDERWEAR IS BROWN TOO!  
C: BROWN underwear?                     
D: yes, some friends call it SMELLY, but
   i call it CHEMICAL WARFARE.          
C: it's STINKING here, aaargh.          
   i have heard that F4CG had some      
   problems a few weeks ago.            
D: that problem is IMPROVING. so i hope 
   there won't be anymore problems 'bout
   the spreading of our cracks.         
C: do you like music? if yes, what?     

C: do you have FRIENDS in the c=64 scene
   and do you want to send them a GREET?
   RESET of TRANSCOM, SID of F4CG and   
   some more...                         
C: nice collection! i don't see much    
   graphix from you in the F4CG products
   why is that?                         
D: because till now, all the logo's that
   f4cg used were made by scott. so they
   used them untill they got boring or  
   something, but now THE WIM and LENNIE
   of F4CG are going to use mine, too.  
C: does f4cg has some enemies in the    
D: YES!                                 

C: which group is your favourite group  
   now and in the past?                 
D: now it's BONZAI and in the past it's 
   the DYNAMIC DUO!                     
C: your FUTUREPLANS in F4CG?            
D: we will see what destiny brings to my
C: do you like to say something to the  
D: yes, i would like that LAMERS like   
   INFINITY were kicked out of the      
C: thanx a lot for your answers.        
D: it's gonna COST you.                 
C: hmm...                               

 yes, that was the interview with DASH  
 this issue of EMANUELLE also contains  
    another interview with MR.WAX of    
        CHROMANCE. check it out!        
press '<' to get back to the MAIN MENUE!

first interview with MR.WAX of CHROMANCE
 exclusive done for EMANUELLE issue 2!! 
           b:balazs bernat (mr.wax)     
g: hi balazs! tell us something about   
b: i'm getting 18 years old soon and my 
   real name is BALAZS BERNAT. i am the 
   LEADER of the 64 section of CHROMANCE
   and also the MAINSWAPPER!            
g: how did ya get in the 64 scene and   
   what about your career?              
b: should i call it a career? well i've 
   got my 64 long ago and so i began to 
   LAME AROUND! later on i build up     
   FBI GROUP! after 3 years fbi we      
   founded CHROMANCE!                   

g: what's your job in chromance?        
b: as i told before i'm the MAINSWAPPER 
   and i also CRACK a but sometimes!    
g: from where did ya get your handle??  
b: it's a LONG story but shortly it's   
   from CHEATING STAMPS with WAX!       
g: how did ya get famous?               
b: am i FAMOUS? only GOD KNOWS!         
g: tell us something 'bout your group!  
b: well CHROMANCE has mostly HUNGARIAN  
   members, but we have GERMANS too !!  
   in CRACKING we are doing HIGH QUALITY
   CRACKS !! we also have a papermag !! 
   it's name is GRIDPOIND OBSERVER!     

g: what's your favourite...             
   a. demogroup         ... BONZAI      
   b. cracking group    ... LEGEND      
   c. overall group     ... PARAMOUNT   
   d. food              ... FAST FOOD   
   e. drink             ... COKE, VODKA 
   f. movie             ... ???         
   g. sport             ... SOCCER      
   h. demo              ... ???         
   i. game              ... I HATE GAMES
   j. car               ... FIAT        
g: who is the no. 1 group in hungary?   
b: HARD to say! ofcoz CHROMANCE ofcoz!  
   OBJECTIVE, eh??                      
   (ed. yes, you are!)                  
g: your FUTUREPLANS?                    
b: to FINISH the SCHOOL and have fun    
   with my lovely girlfriend CHRISTINE! 
   (ed. which kind of fun??)            

g: do you want to GREET somebody out    
   there ??                             
b: all my dear contacts and these good  
   guys... BOB/censor...THE UNHOLY of   
   role...BOD/ikari and talent...AJ/trc 
   THOMAS/acc...STING/paramount and you 
   ofcoz !!                             
   (ed. thanx!)                         
g: do you have ENEMIES?? if yes, why ?? 
b: not really !! i just hate the        
   #1 LAMER ... EXORY -> DYSTAN!        
g: tell our readers something about your
b: going DOWNTOWN with my (girl)        
   friend(s) and listening to kewl musix
   COMPUTING and RELAXING!              

g: what do you think about the AMIGA?   
b: it's a pretty nice maching, but i    
   don't care it seriously...           
g: when was CHROMANCE build?            
b: in SUMMER 1990!                      
g: what do you like MOST in the scene   
b: ONLY FRIENDSHIP keeps me in the scene
   i think nowadays it's a bit boring!  
g: how many contacts do you have at the 
b: 70 - 80 approximately!               
g: in which groups have you been before?
b: only in FBI GROUP!                   

g: your last word for this interview for
   and come to budapest/HUNGARY again!  
   you're welcome!                      
   (ed. thanx! budapest is really kewl! 
    i liked the taxies !!!!)            
g: thank you for this really cool inter-
b: you're welcome! bye...               
  this interview was done by GAZZA in   
   budapest on feb. 26th at mr. wax's   

          the THIRD interview!          
 this time it was done by GAZZA with a  
   member of germany's newcomergroup    
 HITMEN! and the member's name is TOM!  
g = GAZZA                               
t = TOM                                 
g: yo TOM! tell us something about      
t: my real name is thomas! i live in a  
   suburb of munich (the city of beer!) 
   i'm about 1.84 meters tall, my weight
   is about 70 kg. i've dark blond hair,
   blue-green eyes and i'm still going  
   to school!                           

g: what's your equipment nowadays?      
t: ok, i've a 64(whose sid chip actually
   died), a 1541, a 1200 bps MODEM, an  
   action replay, a DATASETTE, some     
   joysticks and i also own a very      
   expensive game machin called AMIGA!  
   that's all i guess!                  
g: hmm, how did you get in the scene and
   when ??                              
t: after some time of LAMING AROUND i   
   learned ASSEMBLER and CRACKING so i  
   joined my first group...TNF'77-that  
   was in september '89 i guess!        
g: which groups have you been before you
   joined HITMEN ??                     
t: first i was in TNF'77, then in feb.  
   or march 90 i joined T.A.T.! in oct. 
   1990 i joined vision and after       
   vision's death i joined HITMEN!!     

g: what's your JOB in HITMEN ?          
t: i am a SWAPPER, MODEMTRADER and      
   i'm CODING a bit!                    
g: do you have a girlfriend at the      
   moment ??                            
t: yep, her name is SANDRA!             
g: what do you think about the SCENE ?? 
t: it's definitely going DOWN THE HILL! 
   but i'll stay on c64 till it's END!  
g: which is your favourite BBS???       
t: hmm! let's do some propaganda! it's  
   STATE OF MIND (hitmen hq)! give it   
   a ring...215-760-9868                
   (ed. sure i'll do when i got my modem
        from YOU!)                      

g: what's yer FAVOURITE                 
   DEMOGROUP             CREST          
   OVERALL               BONZAI         
   DISCMAG               MAMBA          
   DEMO                  2 YEARS CREST  
   GAME                  ROLE GAMES     
   FOOD                  EVERYTHING     
   DRINK                 COLA/CAMPARI   
   MOVIE                 SPACEBALLS     
   SPORT                 BADMINTON      

g: greet yer best friends...            
t: ok, greets to...ROUGH of HITMEN,     
   PARAMOUNT and some more!             
   (ed. thanx!)                         
g: why have ya STOPPED CRACKING??       
t: because of SCHOOL and the problem    
   getting originals (i think ya know   
   what i mean!) !!                     
   (ed. yes, we do!)                    
g: which MUSICSTYLE do you prefer?      
t: i hear nearly everthing like RAP,    
   CLASSIC (yeahr??), and things like   
   phil collins and much more!          

g: now a really hard one! do you have   
   special future plans??               
t: YEP, TO STAY ALIVE !!                
g: how many contacts do you have at the 
   moment ??                            
t: about 35, but i don't know exactly!  
g: what would you change in the scene ??
t: NOTHING, i guess !!                  
g: did ya have problems with da COPS or 
   with da POST ??                      
t: yes, the post closed my old plk some 
   month ago and they also held back all
   sendings i posted!                   

1: you last word for this interview?!?  
t: denkt immer daran, die vorhaenge sind
   gruen !!!                            
   (translation...always think of it    
    the courtains are green !!!         
    ed. what should this mean ??????)   
g: thanx for this interview!!!!!!!!!!!!!
t: YOU'RE WELCOME and bye !!!           
 this interview was EXCLUSIVE done for  
the discmag EMANUELLE which is a product
       of THE ANCIENT TEMPLE !!!        
press '<' to get back to the main menue!

contact corner

           CONTACT CORNER!              
 to get in here you have to send news,  
 rumours, votings, stories, reports and 
            everything else!            
 for the mag ROCK'N ROLE or for joining 
               write to:                
                ROLE HQ                 
                XXXX XXX                
              XXXX XXXXXX               
  i'm looking for a group to join, but  
also for new swapping partners. write to
             XX, XXXX XXXX              
           XXXX XXX - XXXXXXX           

to order your own MUSICS or for swapping
         LEGAL warez write to:          
           XXXXXXXXXX XX/X/X            
           XXXX  XXXXXXXXXXX            
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   NO NAMES on envelope! ELITE ONLY!    

for a MEGAHOT, COOL and FAST swap write 
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         other dudez: 99% reply         
  also for amiga, rap, hip hop trade!   

for MEGA SWAPPING, JOINING and our mag  
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              XXXXXXXXX X               
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    for ELITE AMIGA/64 swap contact:    
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      X, XXX XXX XXXXXXXX, XXX XX       
   no handles on parcel! ELITE ONLY!    
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               XXXX XXXXX               
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            CRACKERS needed!            

if you want to swap with a MEGA SWAPPER 
or join MANIAX, then write to me.       
i'm swapping: hot vhs films             
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write to: JOKER/MANIAX                  
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            for BUSY SCENE!             

for all heteros

           FOR ALL HETEROS!!            
not that much reactions came from you,  
dear readers, but the ones which came,  
were all GOOD ones!                     
on the following lines you can read the 
so let's go:                            
'i'm in the tenth grade of school and   
last month i went on vacation with my   
whole class. we drove with a big bus to 
BREESHENS in the NETHERLANDS and our    
quater was a BUNGALOW for one week! the 
bungalows were quite nice, but we didn't
want to stay there forever, so we went  
with a group of TEN HALF-DRUNKEN guys in
 the village! it was already 10 o'clock 
and the deadline to return to the bunga-
lows was 11 o'clock. but we had so much 
fun and NOBODY looked on his watch! then
 we arrived at the local disco and went 
in. there was only hip-hop-music, not my
 taste. so we looked around and suddenly
 one of my friends said: 'yep, guys!    

look over there! what would you say to  
that blond PUSSY ?'                     
everybody turned around. and then i saw 
her! yeahh, dear readers, it must sound 
very lame, but she was so - well, ....  
eh, i can't describe it. she was really 
the PRETTIEST girl i ever saw. she was  
ca. 1,65m tall, had dark blond hair down
 to her shoulders and (I RECOGNIZED THAT
 LATER) beautiful green EYES.  my heart 
beat was getting faster, and i became   
red as she looked DIRECTLY in my eyes,  
and she smiled!!  ohh, that was too much
 the other guys noticed that i got a red
 head and said: 'wow,joerg,LOVE by FIRST
LOOK,ehh ??' or 'you're really struck,  
or what ??'.                            
my brain was CLEAR again. it was sure,i 
had to go to her and to talk to her. but
 WHAT ? WHAT COULD I SAY ??             
i didn't know nothing.i asked my friends
 what to say but the only answers were :
'stay cool' or 'ask her to dance' or    
'give her a hit on her back, 'ask her   
what the time is' or the silliest i     

heard 'ask her if she knows you germany 
where !' (e.d. this sentence woz unread-
able for me so pleeze forgive me if it's
 wrong, what surely is !!)              
all these possibilities seemed to me so 
rubbish and lame.                       
and it would be another problem, i was  
GERMAN and she was DUTCH.               
yeah, i came over me and my heart was   
just beating like a machine gun. i did  
one stel. 'yo, GO ON!' i said to myself.
GO ON and talk to her.' yes i did it.   
slowly i went to her and a girl friend  
of hers noticed me at once. she pointed 
in my direction and MY girl was turning 
around. my heart beat became even FASTER
 she was only 6 - 7 meters away. that   
short way. i thought it were 50 meters. 
then i was standing next to her. her    
GIRLFRIEND was quitly laughing.that what
 i now did, seemed to me so LAME and    
CHILDISH, because i asked: 'eh?.. what's
 your name? (i spoke in german!)'       
she smiled at me and answered something 

in dutch. she said: 'wat heb je?' (for  
all dutch people who understand it!!)   
SHE was laughing at her girlfriend.     
i asked: 'do you speak english?'        
'yes' she said 'hihihi...'.             
i turned around to my friends, and they 
were almost leughing at me. BUT i had   
SUCCESS. i asked yer to dance and after 
we'd danced for about 10 to 15 minutes  
we went to my friends and chatted       
together. some guys had already recog-  
nized ANOTHER nice girl, but i was only 
THINKING  of ANNEMIEHE. we sat together,
 drunk beer and talked. and suddenly,   
after a deep look in her eyes, i KISSED 
her. it was absolutely FASCINATING.     
i never feeled like this before!! i was 
so excited when my hand PETTED her back.
 yep,it's alright,i had some girlfriends
 before, but nobody of them had kissed  
in that WAY !!  when her TONGUE touched 
MINE, i feeled like standing under a    
gigantic shower, which spreads the cold 
water over my whole body !!             

(e.d. maybe the kisses are too wet,he!) 
i think the whole KISS was only for 10  
seconds, but i thought it were minutes! 
i will never forget that FEELING. then  
we went outside and next to the disco   
were some banks of wood. they were quite
 wet (e.d. like her kisses ??), but     
instead of searching for another place  
we kissed us again.                     
longer than before. my hands went UNDER 
her t-shirt and passed over her TITS!!  
that was the greatest feeling of soft-  
ness if ever had. i didn't DARE to go   
further, because i'd known her just for 
2 hours. she INTERRUPTED everything     
SLOWLY. and then she said: ' i, i've go 
now, joerg. but i'll come tomorrow      
morning to the bungalow, ok??'.'yep, ok'
 i said 'good bye!'. and not forever.   
she really WAITED for me in front of the
 BUNGALOW the next morning.             
what we did then and in the days after, 
that can you read in the next issues.!! 

well dear readers, i hope you liked this
 story as i did!                        
in the next issue you are able to read  
the continuation of this story!         
mr. curly haven't said what he wants    
'playboy' or 'penthouse' so i decided to
 send him a 'playboy'!                  
he already got it when you will be able 
to read this story!                     
if you also want to win the latest issue
 of 'playboy' or 'penthouse' don't      
hesitate and write a story about yer 1st
kiss or fuck or an article about diff.  
sex-practices you tried etc.            
send them all to: (also to get vote     
EMANUELLE HQ 1                          
XXXXXX XXXXXXX                          
XXXXXXXXXXXX X                          
XXXX  XXXXX                             
press '<' to go back to main-menue !!   


           REVIEWS AND TESTS!           
      the intro uses the same zak like  
      the mag! on top of the screen you 
      can see a line-crunched paragon   
      logo which is 2 screens wide !    
      in the middle of the screen a 2x2 
      line containing the text          
           'SMOOTH CRIMINAL'            
      is jumping up'n'down and left'n'  
      right ! on the bottom a 5x6 scroll
      is filling up the screen !        
      (e.d. it's a very nice intro but  
      do not initialize the zak in the  
      main menue again !!)              
THE MAINPROGRAMM:                       
      the code of the whole thing isn't 
      that stunning but which counts is 
      the text and not the code so the  
      code is ok!                       

      to get a better atmosphere in     
      reading the text there can be a   
      IRQ-LOADER added but the load     
      routine installed yet is FAST     
      ENOUGH to don't get frustrated!   
      the muzak is COOL and don't gets  
      boring after a while! (e.d. it's  
      a shame that it isn't allowed to  
      rip, hehe!!) also the logo is     
      nice and SUITS a lot to the whole 
      you are able to choose yer chapter
      by wanking the joystick in port ii
      if you choose a chapter twice it  
      don't loads again like in other   
      mags and that's COOL! in fact the 
      SMC is now a PARAGON production   
      you can find a lot of new chapters
      the contain MANY cool TEXTS like  
      a cool explanation about WEAPONS  
      (also an instruction to make the  
      WEAPONS y your own!)              
      also nice jokes are included which
      are really funny !                
      the idea with the chapter         

      'SCRIBBLE BOARD' is very original!
      there you can say your opinion    
      about other people (not ANONYMUS!)
      it's a shame that you have to be  
      in contact with a dude in paragon 
      to be allowed to write anything   
      in it! (e.d. i'll contact you     
      the ILLEGAL TIPS on which the     
      whole mag is based are cool but   
      a little bit too less !           
      (e.d. i know that it's a hard job 
      to force other people to write sum
      stuff, but that's life!!)         
      the funniest and best idea is the 
      chapter 'EUREKA' ! you, dear      
      reader,have to solve math-problems
      the are SOLVEABLE but not all are 
      that easy! one QUESTION has to be 
      answered directly to the paragon  
      crew! at the end of the year you  
      will then get the title           
      there is also a chapter where you 
      can find faster'n'cheaper ways to 

      get drunken!                      
      the last chapter 'FUNNY STORIES'  
      is also a nice idea which is funny
      and cool !                        
      (e.d. keep on with this mag, it's 
      a cool idea and it's a different  
      VARIETY to edit a mag!!)          
CODE:    40 %                           
MUZAK:   60 %                           
GRAPHIX: 73 %                           
TEXTS:   85 %                           
NEWS:    78 %                           
OVERALL: 67.2 %                         
a little bug woz found: when the sprite 
                        rafter in the   
                        main-menue in on
                        the top, on the 
                        left there is a 
                        1 cursor wide   
                        flickering !!   

        AMIGA WORKS FROM BONZAI!        
it's a 2 part DIGI-demo which was coded 
the graphix were done by DELIGHT DESIGN!
the intro offers you a non-sequenced 25 
seconds long digi-muzak from low quality
(maybe it's a 2BIT digi??)              
the loader is the first with DIGI i've  
ever seen! there is only a logo on the  
screen an no more action ! the zak is   
cool but too short (always the same!)   
the loader is much TOO SLOW!            
the last part contains a really original
and cool idea! every WORD which has been
 SUNG is printed on the screen in a very
 LARGE charset ! the muzak sounds again 
like 2BIT !                             
(e.d. the graphix are impressive but the
muzak ain't so good! to use 2bit digi(?)
is sure a nice idea to save memory but  

the quality is too low !                
anyway if you are owner of a demo-coll. 
you shouldn't miss this 290 blocks of   
digital sounds !!)                      
CODE:    42 %                           
MUZAK:   68 %                           
GRAPHIX: 70 %                           
OVERALL: 60 %                           

        ok let's start with it!         
               QUICK DRAW               
group             trainers     blocks   
dominators        +2           133      
GENESIS PROJECT   +2           124      
comment: genesis project got a FIRSTIE  
         on this one! gp's has also     
         9 blocks less than dom's       

          and the next one...           
group             trainers     blocks   
silicon           +0           153      
illusion          +4           141      
chromance         +3           150+pic  
dominators        +7           138      
T.A.T.            +10          148      
comment: a really bad version from      
         silicon! dominators got the    
         2nd best version! a real       
         jewel done by THE ANCIENT      

          and the third one...          
              DERI COLOURS              
group                trainers    blocks 
army and a-team      +2          139-hi 
hitmen               +3           75    
chromance            +2           65    
SILICON              +5           62    
comment: a&a has the worst version!     
         this time SILICON got the best 
         one with a plus five and also  
         the shortest one!              

             ELEPHANT ANTIC             
group                  trainers   blocks
GENESIS PROJECT        +4         161   
dominators             +2         179   
comment: again it's g*p with the best   
         version ! it seems that they   
         are back again !!              

group                  trainers   blocks
DOMINATORS             +3         134   
silicon                +0         123   
comment: i only received two versions of
         this lame game! dominators with
         a plus three trainer on the    
         first place! silicon again a   
         crack without trainer, but the 
         shorter version!               

             MAG REVIEWS                
           VINEWS ISSUE FIVE            
the INTRO: a big HITMEN logo is on the  
           upper half of the screen and 
           down there's a 2x1 scroller. 
           a small rasterbar is between 
           the upper and the lower half.
           the sound is done by JCH of  
           the VIBRANTS.                
the MAINMENU: the upper half is used to 
              SHOW the texts (it's quite
              to less place to show the 
              text ed.). in the middle  
              you can see a 2x2 scroll  
              where some greetings and  
              credits are given. down   
              there's a quite nice      
              VINEWS logo!!             

JOYSTEERING: if you want to select on   
             rubric you can ONLY use    
             the joy UP. i think it's   
             also too FAST. improve this
LOADING ROUTINE: there's no special     
                 routine used. loading  
                 time is TOO LONG.      
NUMBER OF CHAPTERS: six. too less for   
                    a real good mag!!   
   intro: 70%   quality of texts: 72%   
   main : 60%   ideas           : 30%   
   zaks : 82%   OVERALL         : 68%   

          ROCK'N'ROLE ISSUE 10          
INTRO: code by alf, sound by vulgarix   
       graphics by zap! the intro       
       contains of 2 scrollers and      
       a really nice ROLE logo! it's an 
       old but nice intro.              
INFO SCREEN: there you can choose if    
             you want an cartridge      
             loader or if you want to   
             use the inbuild fastloader!
MAINPART: on the upper half there's a   
          BIG rock'n'role logo which    
          changes the colours from time 
          to time. through the logo     
          there's also a little scroll. 
          the sound was composed by     
          vulgarix of role and sounds a 
          bit weird. R'N'R has loads of 
          good ideas like: IDENTITIES,  
          HOROSCOPE and STATUS.         

JOYSTEERING: it's one of the best       
             steerings ever used in a   
             discmag! it's not too fast 
             and not too slow!          
LOADING ROUTINE: as said before it's    
                 a fast-load routine!   
TEXT QUALITY: it's a good english used  
              in this mag.              
SPECIAL FEATURES: you can choose between
                  two zax in every      
                  chapter (one from     
                  vulgarix, one from    
                  vibrants)! it also    
                  uses the hi-res mode  
                  to show pictures from 

    INTRO: 45%    TEXT QUALITY: 78%     
    MAIN : 67%    IDEAS       : 75%     
    ZAKS : 64%    OVERALL     : 80%     

console news

there are not only kids anymore sitting 
in front of the screen playing asteroids
or space invaders. in japan and america 
there is a gamemachine in every third   
family! and this boom continues here in 
europe. the new videogames are much     
better than an amiga.                   
in 1988 nec presented its pc-engine.    
one of the first game for this machine  
was r-type. and it was an original-like 
version much better than the amiga      
version altough the pc-engine is an     
8-bit-machine. but there are working    
some special chips inside. there are    
more than 100 games! and there exists   
also a cd-rom: wonderboy iii for example
is nearly as well as the original.      
in 1989 sega presented its mega drive   
with a 68000er and 10-channel-stereo-   
sound. the game super shinobi is even   
better than the original. and the game  
thunderforce iii was transposed on an   
arcade. there exists an adapter for     

sega-master-system, so you can choose   
some of more than 100 games of the old  
system and daily more for the megadrive 
itselfs. for the megadrive you can buy  
an excellent joyboard called arcade-    
power-stick, which can be also used for 
64ers and amigas.                       
the segamegadrive (in america called    
genesis) and the pc-engine (in america  
called turbografx) are much cheeper     
than an amiga and there is a big market 
for 2nd hand games, especially in       
nintendo is going to present a new      
machine maybe this year. its called     
NINTENDO SUPER FAMICOM.                 
some technical data: 16 bit processing  
unit/3d-chip/512x448 pixels/128 sprites 
16-channel-pcm-digital-sound with sample
rate of 32 khz.                         
this time there are only about 10 games 
which you can buy. but there are        
excellent games like super mario world! 
it offers about 63 levels. with a       
battery you can avoid to start always   

in level 1. in a few months should      
be converted the megahypergigabombastic 
               R-TYPE II                
actually, there are only a few consoles 
on the market, because nintendo has not 
presented its superfamicom yet. take    
your chance -if you have one- and buy   
this gigamachine.                       
PORTABLE-POWER: nintendo also produces  
a portable console, called game-boy.    
it offers a black/white screen but there
are many very good games, for example   
tetris, nemesis and turrican. 4 game-   
boys can be connected and with stereo-  
headphones 4-channel-stereo-sound can be
atari also offers a portable console    
called atari lynx. it has a coulorscreen
but there aren't so many games as for   
the game boy. on the other hand exquisit
games like klax appeals buying this     
sega is in the market, too. with its    
game gear. there games like wonderboy or
super monaco grand prix.it also offers  

a coulor-screen and it can be used as   
a tv-set. there are only a few games    
right now.                              
the ultimative portable console comes   
from nec:                               
              PC-ENGINE GT              
its compatible to the 'big' engine, so  
you can choose between more than 100    
games. the coulorscreen is excellent    
and the screendisplay is marvellous.    
like the gameboy it can be used as a    
tv-set. it offer 6-channel-stereo-sound 
and a compact design only a little bit  
more uncomfortable as the gameboy.      
but there is also a disadvantage:       
the price: it is as high as the price   
of the nintendosuperfamiom. and on the  
contrary to the gameboy it needs a lot  
of energy...                            
there are some other consoles:          
the snk neo geo with 100% arcadetechnic.
but its too expensive, only a few not   

really good games and only a few        
of the consoles themselves exist.       
the sega master system and              
the nintendo entertainment system.      
these systems got oldfashioned. the     
games are under the niveau of the       
usual computergames for the amiga.      
the nec super grafx is a better version 
of the pc-engine with better hardware-  
possibilities. only a few games are on  
the market which are produced especially
for this advanced system. so the buying 
of the supergrafx is senseless.         
interesting for you: the 64 exist       
as a console. without keyboard and only 
for using with special cartridges. the  
hardware is the same as in the old one. 
old atari or philips consoles should    
be thrown away. they are garbage.       

  we hope you enjoyed reading this new  
         chapter of EMANUELLE!          
 send your reactions and opinions about 
       this part to the editors!        
   the addresses you can find in the    
press '<' to get back to the main menu!!

sf story

             FANTASY STORY              
           THE FIRST CHAPTER            
malik ferdenko crouched in the black    
shadow, watching the light towers       
glittering like jewels before him on the
plain blow. according to the latest     
asteroid almanac, the small asteroid was
supposed to be uninhabited. the lights, 
and the space-suited men scurrying to   
and fro between them, shouldn't have    
been there. it should have neem a barren
bit of rock whirling dark and untouched 
trough the void, not a beehive of       
malik smiled to himself as he watched   
the men rushing about him like fireflies
against the asteroid's dark surface.    
such anomalies were malik's livelihood. 
as an industrial spy, he'd spent most of
his life prowling the wild anarchy of   
the asteroid belt, where almost anything
could be found if one only knew where   

to look.                                
malik had been searching for his        
particular operation for several months 
now. he'd first heard rumors of an un-  
registered research station back on     
ceres, the largest asteroid in the belt,
and tracked its torturous trail to bar- 
barosa, the free-wheeling asteroid      
spaceport run by the rogues' guild. on  
barbarosa, young bimwilly, the matre d' 
at club noir, a posh restaurant         
frequented by space pirates and other   
unsavory sorts, overheard a conspi-     
ratorial-looking trio making plans to   
outfit and supply a bare rock located on
the outskirts of the belt. bimwilly,    
malik's eyes and ears at the restaurant 
had passed on the information and here  
malik was.                              
malik knew very well that of such       
whispers and rumors great fortunes were 
made. he'd made and spent half a dozen  
of them himself in the past.            
below him, the last of the space-suited 
figures disappeared through a hatch     

leading into the asteroid's interior.   
the rock was probably cored, malik      
thought with living quarters, labs,     
and whatever other chambers the unknown 
propriertors of this asteroid required. 
activate log, he ordered, turning on the
automatic sensor mike linking him and   
his private onman cruiser the lucky lady
the ship waited for him out of sight,   
beyond the asteroid's horizon.          
'acknowledged' flashed on the faceplate 
screen of his space suit's helmet.      
'camera check' he replied, activating   
the camera in the forefinger of his     
space suit's right glove. he pointed it 
at the installation snuggled down in the
small bowllike plain before him, and    
slowly swept his finger back and forth, 
recording a complete pnaoramic view.    
'receiving' the ship's computer replied 
in the sexy conotrolato he'd programmed 
for it.                                 
'all right',malik said.'nothing ventured
nothing gained.'                        
he cautiouslosy slipped out of conceal- 

ent, using his space belt's thruster to 
keep him near the asteroid surface. he  
picked his way through the rough edged  
rock formations, down to the smooth     
plain below.                            
'sensor check', he ordered.'sweep for   
security systems.'                      
he waited on the plain's edge for the   
ship's computer to scan the area through
the sensors in his suit. 'negative' it  
said after a moment. 'no security.' he  
frowned. 'i hope this doesn't mean there
is nothing worth stealing.'             
he polarized his helmet's visor nearly  
to black as he approached the brightly  
lighted field, but the light was so     
harsh that he could barely see through  
the terrible glare. he risked a quick   
glance toward one of the light towers,  
then turned away quickly, his eyes smart
ing and tears running down his cheeks.  
'the lights are as bright as little suns
temperature check,' he ordered. then he 
glanced at the digital readout as it    
came up on the margin of his viewscreen 

the temperature outside his suit was 4  
hundred degrees and increasing.         
'maximum reflection' he ordered.        
the smart suit that he wore adjusted    
its reflective quality to the utmost,   
but the surface temperature continued to
rise. malik began to feel a little warm.
'guess i'll have to work fast' he said. 
he held his right forefinger straight up
perpendicular to the asteroid's surface.
'zoom record' he said as he began pannin
over the area before him. he continued  
the narration as he approached.         
i'm entering the light field now.' said 
malik. 'there seem to be things growing 
in it. they look a little like flowers  
with big, angular petals that have sharp
flat edges instead of curves. there are 
three rows of the things, about ten in  
each row-thirty altogether.'            
he stopped before the first one, which  
was almost as tallas he. it looked like 
a flower, though up close it was obvious
that the things weren't plants. they    
weren't even alive. they were hughe     

crystals with a multitude of gleaming   
facets grouped like flower petals. the  
petals, though, were flat and hard and  
looked as sharp as flakes of obsidian.  
malik let his finger amera linger on one
recording every detail of its structure 
and form.                               
'i've never seen anything like that' he 
said.'it's dead black.' he reached out  
to tough it, then drew his hand back,   
thinking better of it. crystals were    
common components in the system, but    
these were unusual.'almost as if it's   
supposed to absorb the light pouring    
down on it from all those highpowered   
he moved deeper into the crystalline    
garden, wondering what in the universe  
these fabulous creations could be and   
what they could be used for. they were  
certainly beautiful enough to be con-   
sidered works of art, but no one built a
secret base to guard artwork. his gut   
feeling-and he learned a long time ago  
to trust his gut feelings-told malik    

that the crystals had a dangerous purpos
despite their fragile beauty. he        
activated the finger camera and began a 
tight scan,making as detailed a record  
of the crystals as he could. though he'd
picked up bits and pieces of knowledge  
in many diverse fields trough the years,
malik was no scientist. he did know a   
lot of eggheads who were for hire,      
though, and he wanted as much info about
these amazing crystals as possible for  
future analysis. he finished his scan   
and was debating the wisdom of breaking 
off a chunk of one of the crystals to   
have some concrete, physical evidence,  
when the light towers flooding the      
crystal field with their painfully      
intense beams suddenly went off. malik  
froze in the sudden darkness. 'suit to  
black' he ordered immediately and his   
space suit changed from reflective mode 
to the avsolute blackness of his        
surroundings.he thought for one terrible
moment that the station's mysterious    
properties had deteted him. his mind    

seesawed between freezing and running   
but he decided to stay in place hoping  
to remain undetected in the darkness.   
after a moment, when no alarms sounded  
and no one came after him, malik began  
to relax, at the crystals and noticed   
that some of them were changing. they   
had begun to glow soft, vibrant colors. 
light dripped like dew from their hard  
edged petals, in all the colors of the  
spectrum and all shades in between.     
'temperature check' he said aming the   
finger with the proper sensor at the    
nearest crystal.it's temperature was    
rising, slowly but detecable, as it     
apparently released the light it had    
stored within its crystalline structure.
malik had read about thermoluminscent   
crystals before, but nothing with proper
ties to this extreme. these crystals    
were fantastic discovery with           
innumberable technological applications.
his introspection was suddenly interrupt
ed by a strong, continuos vibration that
malik felt running up from the ground   

through the soles of his feet.          
the vacuum around the asteroid prevented
malik from hearing anything but the     
heavy vibratons indicated that something
big was approaching, fast. he turned    
around and let out a series of          
expletives in classic russion when he   
saw what was raing toward him from      
behind. it was a dark, low slung skimmer
of some sort with armor plating and     
large nasty looking gun turret swiveling
around to get him in its sights.        
obviously, the crystal field's seurity  
system was so sophisticated that malik's
sensors hadn't detected it. he had under
estimated his opponent, and in his busi-
ness that could be a fatal mistake.     
malik knew that he was a sitting target.
he wasen't going to wait around to see  
if the skimmer's operator was the kind  
who shot first and asked questions later
he made his way carefully around one of 
the crystals, putting it between himself
and the skimmer, and headed as fast as  
his thrusters could take him for the    

jumble of rocks and crags on the crystal
field's edge. 'unfriendlies on my tail' 
he told the lucky lady.'all systems on. 
weapons ready. come and get me.'malik   
actually had something of the advantage 
in a race against the skimmer. the      
device that followed him apparently was 
designed for defense, not pursuit. it   
remaind mere inches from the asteroid's 
surface and had to maneuver around the  
crystalline formations that stood bet-  
ween it and malik. careful to keep his  
strides long and smooth,  malik glided  
over the asteroid's surface. in fact,   
he could hardly push off the surface at 
all. if he didn't head shoot up into    
space where he'd flap like one of the   
martian ducks he was so fond of shooting
on the wing. the armored and modified   
skimmer rumbled after him but held it's 
fire. he couldn't risk glancing away    
from the uneven ground to see if it was 
gaining n him, but he ordered his visor 
to get to mirror on its upper left      
quadrant and he glanced up into it.     

malik grinned. in the reflection he saw 
that he was losing the skimmer. he also 
was about to leave the open field and   
step into the jumbled cragginess of the 
natural asteroid surface. once in cover 
he could hide until his ship showed up  
and blasted the skimmer into nuts and   
bolts. malik's grin widened as he risked
a glance back at the skimmer.  it's     
driver had miscalculated a tight turn as
he tried to maneuver around the pedestal
of one of the crystal flowers. the      
skimmer clipped the pedestal with the   
front of its right wing. the crystal    
teetered in near-zero-gravity. propelled
by the wing's forceful blow its enormous
top rotated slowly and crashed onto the 
skimmer. it shattered, sending sharp    
shards billowing out in a scintillating 
cloud that clogged the skimmers intake  
valves. the engines vibrations increased
and the skimmer shuddered on the        
asteroid's surface until the driver     
killed the engine. malik laughed aloud  
as he ducked into the jumble of         

boulders outside the light field.       
'almost home now' he said aloud.        
true, he had no idea what the mystrious 
crystals were, but atleast he knew they 
existed. more importantly, he was       
escaping with his hide intat. with a    
little more judiious digging, he would  
be able to find out who had built this  
secret base and why, and how he could   
profit from it.                         
impatient for his ship to arrive he     
looked to the horizon.malik then glanced
at the readout line running on the base 
of his faceplate. less then a mile away.
there it was! the lucky lady swept over 
the horizon and into view like a gleamin
silver bird of prey. it was a small     
craft but it was malik's own and ton for
ton was a deadly bit of work as anyone  
would find in space. in times such as   
this it was often all that stood between
malik and quick death so he'd spared no 
expense in making his ship fast, deadly 
and luxurious.'come to papa.'he said.   
'ready for boarding' the lady's compie  

replied in its sultry contralto. the    
brain running the ship may have been    
digital personality, but it's voice     
was that of a tri-dee movie goddess,    
full of sweet promise. malik had to     
scramble over about a quarter-mile of   
rough ground.'be there in half a min.'  
he told his ship.'prepare for departure 
and pour me a good long drink.'         
'as you wish-' the lady began, but its  
final word turned into a wail of static,
surprise, and pain. from nowhere a beam 
of intense energy burned through the    
black sky, clipping the lucky lady in   
the bow. metal sublimated directly to   
gas as the center of the impact. at the 
edges it ran like water, splattering    
like molten rain onto the asteroid's    
surface, where it cooled immediately    
into puddles of metallic tears. the lady
careened off into space its computer    
brain vaporized its controls locked on  
to whatever final orders the brain had  
put in the circuits before its demise.  
malik whirled has face frozen between   

fear and rage as he turned to see what  
had killed his ship. the thing over     
behind him, behind the disabled skimmer 
much smaller than the lady, but mounted 
on its prow was a strange device the    
likes of which malik had never seen be- 
fore. there was a metallic dish whose   
inner surface was coated with highly    
reflective substance that shone so      
brightly it hurt malik's eyes.in front  
of the dish at what could have been its 
focal point, was one of the crystalline 
flowers. the dish and the flower pointed
right at malik. he would have run, but  
heknew that there was nowhere to go. in 
last, futile gesure, he held up his     
right hand and pointed his suit's middle
finger at the vessel. the laser in the  
finger pulsed through the darkness. the 
tiny beam struck the skimmer but        
splattered harmlessly against its armord
sides, as malik had known it would. he  
hoped the camera in his other finger had
picked up the image and send it to his  
lost ship, but he had no way of knowing 

he thought how beautiful the crystal    
looked then there was a pulse of light  
so bright that it burned his eyes out   
and malik ferdenko was nothing more than
vapor slowly dissipating in the cosmic  
source: FIRST POWER PLAY by john miller!
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