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                                    *   The List   *
Feel welcome dear audience to the first release list.
Based on the major C64 boards in the United States.
All games and utilies are downloaded and fully tested
on both NTSC and PAL by Jazzcat/Onslaught and
Ultimate Hacker.
Our decision is final, in the unlikely occurance of an
error in our calculations, the problem will be rectified
in the next edition.
THE DUNGEON -  XXXXXXXXXXXXX  - Success*Trc + Hitmen.
The Domination Release rules V2.2
The rules are made on the basis of the Pschobilly/Rsi
system with modernized adjustments.
The point system is pre-calculated (unlike other mags)
meaning there is no hidden points going to one group o
the other, the only adjustments made on the points is
the quality points of a ware marked in 0.X
The result? One of the fairest release systems you'll
see in any magazine.
Normal previews are fine, even in unplayable form.
Version two previews (or more) if released by the
same group who first released the same game preview
earlier are not awarded points. Only under special
If another group releases a second version of a
preview then they still get the points. This will stop
groups updating game previews for mere point
0.X points for previews (un/playable).
2.x points for low budget (Lk Avalon, Shareware, Pd).
3.x points for budget (Softdisk Pub., Magna Media).
5.x points for full price (576 Kbyte, E.Style, C.Soft).
-5 points for a re-release of a full game.
-1 point for a re-release of a preview.
-1 point for a fix file or second version.
No points will be awarded to games that are in basic,
compiled basic or made in a game maker such as Seuck,
Gac, Quill or Garry Kitchen's GM. Also utlities will not
recieve points, but will be mentioned.
Lamer group wares will not be counted at all.
An additional point for a FULL translation of a games
text to english. Graphical translations are not
necessary, but if done, will recieve a bonus point also.
Meaning if the game has been translated from text and
graphics, the group will recieve a maximum of 2 points.
The quality of a game is decided from the fun the ware
gives the player, also taken into consideration is the
quality of the graphics, music and the actual depth of
the game. A minimum of 0.1 points and a maximum of 0.9
points are awarded in the quality section.
The Ntsc/Pal system
A total of 2 points are awarded for a first release
that has not been released on PAL before and is NTSC
fixed so the game works fully on both PAL and NTSC.
This rule also applies in it's reverse state as in some
rare cases a game will be PAL fixed when the original
version only works on NTSC.
If the game has already been released on PAL and then
is released later on NTSC/PAL, only 1 point will be
Only 1 point will be added to the total of a game that is
100 percent fixed (ie: another group never fully fixed
the game). To gain this point, the 100 percent release
must be on the major Usa boards within 6 months of the
original first release.
Incase a group first releases their ware on two major
boards only and a second group puts their version of
the same game on the remaining major boards.
The second group recieves the points ONLY if they
have uploaded their version within 24 hours of the
first groups release.
If it is longer than 24 hours, the second groups
release is considered invalid and no re-release points
are given, then the first group recieves the points.
In some rare cases, a major board might be offline,
so to avoid confusion other boards are taken into
consideration for the first release. These boards are
In Living Colour -  XXXXXXXXXXXXX  - Motiv8.
Liquid Palace -  XXXXXXXXXXXXX  - Chromance.
Final Genocide -  XXXXXXXXXXXXX  - Independant.
This editions calculations are from the months of
JANUARY and FEBRUARY. With all future editions, these
charts will be based on a bi-monthly system.
                                                                             Happy reading!
ALPHAFLIGHT 1970 (Ger, Usa, Nor, Pol)               Rank: #1
Name:                           Company:            Points:       Extra:
S. TRACKER PV       Nitros Devel.             0.3               -
SCORTIA PV                        ?                        0.1                -
REMEMBER                          ?                        4.2       Ntsc fixed
BRAVE                      Magna Media               5.4       Ntsc fixed
REVERSI                     Eagleware               4.4       Ntsc fixed
UPSIDE DOWN V2       Eagleware                5.5   Fixed + 100 p.
TARGET                 Crystal Software        3.2        Ntsc/Pal
STAR MERCHANT       Lk Avalon                 4.4   Fixed + Trans
D.MESSENGER                Samar                    4.4   Fixed + 100 p.
M.FORMAT V1                       ?                        0.0          Utility
UPSIDE DOWN V2+fx is the official sales version, early
versions by Chromance and F4cg have less levels. This
version contains new intro, game musics and additional
levels. STAR MERCHANT+fx+e is the ntsc fixed and
english translated version of the original Hitmen PAL
first release. D.MESSENGER made it on most  boards.
CHROMANCE (Hun, Pol, Ger, Can)                           Rank: #2
Name:                           Company:            Points:       Extra:
TWIN TERRORS    Commodore Fever       5.5    Fixed + 100 p.
UNDOROID PV       Molotow Cocktails        0.3               -
PICMAN PV                           ?                         0.2               -
I. PAIRS                  Xlcus Software          5.5       Ntsc fixed
GALLEON               Molotow Cocktails        7.3       Ntsc fixed
UNDOROID              Molotow Cocktails        4.3       Ntsc fixed
C.T.B PV V2          Commodore Fever       0.7               -
MAGIC LAND                          ?                        0.0   Textadv. + E.
B.OF BODHATH                    ?                        0.0   Textadv. + E.
L.O.KYRIL PV         Crystal Software       0.2      Unplayable
MR.SETAM               Public Pervers          4.2       Ntsc fixed
H. KILLER PV          Molotow Cocktails        0.2      Unplayable
GALLEON is a full price game. TWIN TERRORS is the sales
version. MAGIC LAND and BUDDHA OFBODHATH don't get
points as they're text adventures, though translated.
EXCESS (Ger, Hol)                                                     Rank: #7
Name:                           Company:            Points:       Extra:
DEEP VOID PV          ASSASSIN SOFT         0.2               -
MYS.MIRRORS PV      ASSASSIN SOFT         0.1                 -
48 HOURS PV           SMASH DESIGNS          0.8          Trans.
F4CG (Bel, Swe, Ita, Pol)                                          Rank: #4
Name:                           Company:            Points:       Extra:
WLADCA                               ?                       -5         Re-release
POWERTRIS            Venom Software        5.5       Ntsc fixed
WLADCA is a re-release from the three year old game
called THE KING released by Talent. They also released
another re-release called LINGOS, but it never made it
to the USA boards so no minus points. MERCHANT was
not counted, slowed down music is not fixing.
HITMEN (Ger, Swe, Pol, Usa)                                   Rank: #6
Name:                           Company:            Points:       Extra:
JAMES FLY V2 PV         Samar                  0.8                -
TANKS PV                        Samar                  0.7                -
MERCHANT                  Tim Soft                  5.8     Pal + Trans.
DEADLY MESSENGER is the 100 percent version of the
Success*Trc version but Alphaflight also released a
version at the same time as the Hitmen version, AFL put
their version on the majority of the boards.
The Hitmen version of Merchant contained a bug where
the game would reload the main file as text and course
problems. F4cg simply renamed the mainfile, then fixed!
StarMerchant released by them was later fixed and
released by Alphaflight, a Hitmen version was made but
never made it to the boards in time.
MOTIV8 (Den, Usa, Pol, Ger)                                   Rank: #5
Name:                           Company:            Points:       Extra:
JAILBREAK                  Loadstar                4.2         Pal fixed
GS SPLITT V1                      ?                         0.0           Utility
D64 MAKER V1                    ?                         0.0           Utility
RIPP OFF PV           Patriot Games            0.1               -
ONSLAUGHT (Aust, Ger, Tr, Usa)                           Rank: #8
Name:                           Company:            Points:       Extra:
S.TRACKER PV         Nitros Devel.             -1       Re-release
C.BUSINESS PV                Aps                      0.6              -
SPACE TRACKER PRV is a re-release, as the Alphaflight
version made it to the boards some days earlier.
SUCCESS * TRC (Hol, Usa, Pol, Ger)                      Rank: #3
Name:                           Company:            Points:       Extra:
BLOODHAND PV          Imaic Prod.              0.5               -
XIOM                           Magna Media            4.4     Fixed + 101 p.
SCORTIA                      Eagleware              4.2      Ntsc fixed
XIOM is the 101 percent version, the Alphaflight version
flickers in the upscroller on ntsc a mistake by Danzig.
Success and The Ruling Company also first released
DEADLY MESSENGER + fx, in their version you could not
kill the yellow player. Alphaflight and Hitmen noticed
this and two 100 percent versions were released
simultaneously, but Alphaflight managed to get the
points with their version being on the most major
boards within the 24 hour time period.
Lets examine the charts, followed by the fixing charts.
          Rank:  Group:                          Releases:    Points:
            #1      ALPHAFLIGHT                      10              31.9
            #2      CHROMANCE                           12               28.4
            #3      SUCCESS * TRC                    3                9.1
            #4      Hitmen                                   3                  7
            #5      Motiv8                                   4                 4.3
            #6      Excess                                 3                  1.1
            #7      F4cg                                      2                  0.5
            #8      Onslaught                             2               -0.4
Alphaflight winning once again, seems the flight is
really going great these days. Close behind is
Chromance and then followed by Scs * Trc.
Hitmen could have been higher, but their uploads onto
the American boards let them down.
Onslaught right at the bottom, due to the preview they
          Rank:  Group:                          Fixes:        Points:
             #1     ALPHAFLIGHT                   6               28.3
             #2     CHROMANCE                      5               26.8
             #3     SUCCESS * TRC                 2                 8.6
             #4     F4cg                                  1                  5.5
             #5     Motiv8                               1                  4.2
Almost identical to the first release chart, Chromance
creeping up a bit more with fixes from LION and NATAS.
Motiv8 are included because of their PAL fix of the
Its a pity no American groups such as Zone 2, Demonix,
Empire, Style or Carcass are not contributing be
importing and fixing the wares. Mostly now it is done
to express a group's quality, not for the benefit of
the ntsc scener, except with the serious collector.
But now lets examine something a bit different..
FTP sites/Internet  VERSUS  Major Usa boards
Which one should we take into consideration with the
first release system?
Propaganda introduced the new FTP system, ofcourse
all board magazines would then consider the same
To let people know what Domination will do, we will make
some of our own points followed by some quotes on a
small online survey we did.
Firstly the Internet is too easily accessible, there is
hardly enough games anyway, without having say 'one'
group releasing one ware each month because so many
groups will first release.
The great thing of boards, after the pure tradition, is
the fact  than only a special few can reach there. This
says something within itself!
Some groups will not have that much access to the net
anyway, and some people will have highspeed modems,
while quite a few people might still be using C64s with
C64 modems, giving groups with fast modems more time
to upload. More competition is gained with the boards,
plus why should we use another computer? The C64 has
always done everything and has been around before
other computers and their speed have come along.
The C64 scene and the first release world can still
quite adequately run the same way it has done.
           "If you chop the roots off a growing plant,
                                         it will die!"
So Domination will be staying the same until, a very
important change in the scene will begin.
We have experienced through feedback a strong liking
to the traditional way, through all different groups.
On the following pages is some quotes from various
sceners, who share their views positive or negative..
"A release list only from the FTP sites is lame. Because
many groups are uploading also their mail versions and
how do you know if you can - points or not!
But who  cares about the Propaganda?"
                                                                     - Marc/Alphaflight

"My opinion is that the way to the boards in the past
and nowadays divided the scene into COOLIES and LAMER
Putting an FTP-release list and BOARD-release list
together is ok! But, only FTP is BULLSHIT!!!
Every lamer can get an Internet account."
                                                           - Ignorance/Alphaflight

"know your roots and keep the first releases board
wise, Internet is accessible to every lamer..."
                                                         - Splatterhead/Scs * Trc
"Us C64-sceners may be stubborn and conservative,
but that my friend, that is our strength...
We fear change, we want the old days back, and the
amazing thing is, in a way we do.
That is one of the things that brings the magic touch
to it all. Don't you ever forget that.
I like boards!"
                                                                          - Jucke/Ex-G*p
"About the Propaganda FTP thing, I would like to say
that they are on a totally wrong track if they intend to
move the 1st release scene from the boards to the FTP
sites. The boards have always been the main place for
a 1st release and should remain that!
No wrong with observing the FTP releases. But 1st
release charts should be connected to the boards not
the FTP sites. If the reason for F4CG to go FTP in the
charts for 1st releases just because they can't call
the US boards anylonger, then I don't really know what
to say. It becomes so clear."
                                                                       - Sledge/Fairlight
"Well, the release charts have to be taken from the
BOARDS as it has never been different from that"
Well what I meant is that the boards should not be
skipped! and thats what Propaganda does! Just
because they do not have the codes to call out!"
                                                                - Shocker/Onslaught
"I think its time to see the fact that Internet is taking
over. We should start counting the sites ALONG with the
U.S. boards.
Then the competition would be MUCH fun and tougher.
The ones who don't find the idea acceptable are the
ones who are afraid of greater competition."
                                                                 - Digahole/Onslaught
Draw your own conclusions, Domination wishes to
please as many sceners as possible, the majority here
want the boards, so we will stick with the majority!!
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