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                                      * Party Runes *
Featuring TP6 in Aars, information about x97-Take-
over, Mekka+Symposium'97 and Siliconvention '97...
On dec. the 26th it was 100% sure. I will move my ass to
DK. After a long trip with some difficulties we arrived
at the partyplace. 'The end of an era' it was called, but
none at the party took notice of this in my opinion.
This time the party was held from the 27th to the 29th
of December in Aars. Planned were two halls with tables
and a third one for sleeping. But as I thought before,
too many people wanted to take part in the action, so
that they took the third hall and filled it with tables to
get more space for the party people. That was the
first point, badly organised in my eyes. Over 3000
people and only one little hall in the town and some
corner third hall to sleep in. Another point to mention is
the fact that there were definatly not enough toilets. I
the morning they were totally overcrowded. And if I
had known that the door from the cafeteria to the
partyhalls was not watched for, I would have not payed
the admission, quite frankly. But this point was not the
mistake of the organisers. As HEAVY HEAD stated, the
owner of the cafe' did not allow to close this passage.
But enough of this, as I all in all had my fun!
With paying 250 crowns we were allowed to enter the
partyplace. To the right you had the big screen, where
the compos were shown in a good quality, I have to
admit } ! The rest of the halls was full of computer-
and hi-fi equipment, all those geeks brought with them
Some of them used their stuff to code, paint and com-
pose etc., but as seen on every party the most people
were playing Doom, Duke Nukem 3D or games like this,
watching porno giffs or crap like that. Why the hell
couldn't they just stay at home and play it there?
Probably they simply belong to these parties?!?
They belong to this parties more than all those horny,
pornowatching spankers, sitting slavering infront of
their TV set. And the later the evening, the more per-
vert the videos got. Fuck you! Damn idiots. When I wanna
spank my weener, I do it at home! }
Nevermind! Alcohol and drugs were forbidden, like at
the DK parties before. Nevertheless we brought our
dope and beer to the place and had it inside, without
any of those red dressed guys noticing us doing so.
Back to the point when I entered. As WEASEL told me
that they will have their tables right infront of the big
screen, I turned right, to have a look if they already
arrived. They did! (Now the time has come to mention
that WEASEL organised a bus to DK from Munich via
whole Germany. Nice that some people do so! Applause
from my side, Juergen }) I had some nice conversation
and met alot of people, so that all the compos were held
without me watching. }
I enjoyed the atmosphere and 48 hours of action. The
time for C64 demo competition was near and the around
200 C64 nerds streamed towards the screen. Also most
of the other people were watching the competition and
giving applause, sometimes rightly and sometimes they
seemed not to know where e.g. pictures were scannned
or pixled, if you know what I mean. The rankings of the
competitions were like following:
  1. Nine/REFLEX                                                1400 points
  2. Triage / SMASH DESIGNS                            1037 points
  3. Daze / RESOURCE                                         504 points
  4. Design Overdose / Xenon                         492 points
  5. Higher Love / Graffity                              372 points
  6. Cucumber Juice II / Hitmen                        312 points
  7. Noxious Visions / Coma                              285 points
  8. A box of toiletpaper / NoName                 236 points
  9. Starburst 10% / Padua                               193 points
10. Killa Demo / Ultimate                                     163 points
 11. Krinslorna from marse / Gnumuns inc. 156 points
12. Vibrations / Lepsi                                        116 points
13. Party Demo / Onslaught                              113 points
14. 20 kb Demo / Ipsel                                         38 points
15. Fli-cycled / Hightech                                   33 points
  1. Tyrant / THERAPY                                        378 points
  2. Gizmo / ICEBIRD                                               341 points
  3. Felidae / REFLEX                                          276 points
  4. Deekay / Crest                                            260 points
  5. Warp8 / Flash Inc.                                        258 points
  6. Hardsequenzer / Dytec                             242 points
  7. Taper / Triad                                               210  points
  8. Calamity / Smash Designs                          185  points
  9. Zsarnok / Therapy                                     177 points
10. Aeg / Smash Designs                                    146 points
 11. Cupid / Hitmen / Padua                               121  points
12. Rayden / AFL 1970                                        113 points
13. Splash / Resource                                         70 points
      Oxidy / Wrath Designs                                  70 points
15. Pollux / Independent                                    54 points
16. BugJam / Role                                                 46 points
17. Joyride / Noice                                              38 points
      Sebaloz / Lepsi Developments                   38 points
19. V.O. / Plush                                                       22 points
20. Commander / Role                                         20 points
  1. Mitch&Dane / CREST                                     586 points
  2. Bordeaux / ACRISE / XENON                       536 points
  3. Fuben / OXYRON                                            417  points
  4. Jeff / Hype                                                   330 points
  5. Spinball / Excess                                          324 points
  6. Gosh / Hack 'n Trade                                   297 points
  7. Eco / Excess                                                 206 points
  8. Fanta / Oxyron                                             196  points
  9. Sonic / Rozalla                                              184 points
10. Sundrom / Crest                                            157 points
 11. Cyberbrain / NoName                                  134 points
12. Soney / Smash Designs                               128 points
13. Metal Maniac / Dual Crew Shining             122 points
14. Simple / Role                                                    63 points
15. Idefix / Smash Designs                                57 points
A word to the competitions:
The demo 'Vibrations' by Lepsi Developments was not
shown in full length, what causes a lower position in
my opinion. The GFX-compo... hmm... decide by yourself
which pictures are drawn!! music-compo: Everybody
thought that JEFF would do the first place, but against
the thoughts MITCH&DANE did it. And they got first with-
out standing next to the voting PC guys, telling them
whom to vote, like it is said about BORDEAUX! (Ed: Lame!)
Some last words:
If everything happens like it is planned, THE PARTY will
take place again. Organised by other people, who will
keep it alive and let not end the era! See you this year
at the following parties:
                                   X-97 > Takeover
The party will be held on 4th, 5th and 6th of april 1997.
The party place will open on friday evening and will
close on sunday afternoon. The party will be held in
Eindhoven (not in Utrecht, like '95 and '96), the Nether-
lands, in the Auditorium of the Technical University.
Eindhoven is in the south of the Netherlands.
Let me mention some of the partyfeatures:
Besides a huge big-screen and some fat audio sys-
tem, there will be a party-network, free internet
access and live performances.
The main partyhall is big enough for over 500 people
and features in-house buffet and 24 hours coffee
To find more information on X-97 send e-mail to:
or have a look at the official X97 www site at:
It is very likely that these pages are moved to
in the near future.....
Both parties will be held together this time. The event
will take place from friday 28th to monday 31st of
march 1997.
The doors will be opened on the 28th at 12:00 cet.
Everything will happen in the
                    "Weidemarkhalle Fallingbostel"
You are able to pay in advance and if you do, you are
able to save 5,- DM for each person of you. For closer
information about this, read the invitation note, or
send e-mail to:
                amable(at) (Hardball/Amable)
Some of the features:
> Internet with terminals with irc and web access
> an Ethernet network running with a big fileserver
> 6*4 metres screen & Dolby Surround music system
   for the competitions
> low price network equipment will be sold
> live performances on the stage
> lasershow + many other features....
Some info about the C64 compos:
Equipment > New Sid-chip
                        Action Reply MK6
                       1541 II disk drive
Demo:      max. size > 2 disk sides (5,25")
                 max. time  > 15 minutes
Music:     all formats are allowed. Executable file!
GFX:         all formats/modi are allowed. Executable file!
                 no names and/or handles in the picture!
For any further information contact:
AEG/Smash Designs
                                                         Smash Designs)

This party will be held at the same date as Symposium/
Mekka'97 will be held. That means it will be from 28th of
march to 31st of march 1997. The party rooms will open
friday 28th at 12:00 cet and will close 31st at 12:00 cet.
Everything will take place in:
                   Gemeinschaftszentrum Obervieland
                               28277 Bremen/Germany
Also to this party I will mention some of the points it
> room for 200 people
> powerful PA + two video beams
> 10 hours Rave in the seperate disco
   (entrance free for party visitors)
> C64 tune disco
> several Internet terminals
> food will be sold to fair conditions, but you are also
   allowed to bring your own food and drinks
> you have to bring your own multipower sockets!
Admission: 30,- DM
                     If you pay in advance you can save 10,- per
                     visitor. that means you only have to pay
                     20,- DM....
For more information about this or other questions
read the invitation file or use either the following
e-mail addy or the official www homepage:
So far for this times' Party Runes. In the next issue
you will get information about other parties in 1997 like
the "c:/97>" organised on C64 by HITMEN and  OXYRON...
Keep on partying in 1997 like it would be 1999!
1997, the year of the parties! Have fun,
                                                                           Faithfully yours
Hot of the drives we have recieved the X-97 Takeover
Date: 4-6 April '97
Where: Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
Organised by Success and The Ruling Company with
Success PC and Nostalgia PC.
The X-97 Takeover will take place at the Auditorium of
the Technical University of Eindhoven in Eindhoven/NL.
Doors open at the 4th of April'97 at 19:00 hours.
Doors close at the 6th of April'97 in the afternoon.
Party features:
- Two adjacent halls, one party hall and once cinema
like hall.
- Room for 800 persons in the party hall (C64 and PC
users will have seperate corners).
-Huge competition screen in the compo hall.
-MAJOR audio system in the hall.
-Six FREE Internet terminals.
-Party network connected to the Internet.
-Seperate sleeping places (bring your sleeping bag).
-5 minutes walk to the trainstation.
-10 minutes walk to the shopping center.
-Non-stop drinks/coffee supply.
-Big FREE parking space.

Entrance fee is HFL 45, (no foreign currency allowed,
although we do exchange German paper money at a
1 DM - 1 HFL rate).
Over 40 hours of non-stop partying, free voting disk
(however a jury will judge on all C64 compos).
Entries in:
C64 demo, C64  graphics, C64 music.
A standard Commodore 64 with a normal cartridge (eg;
AR6, FC 3, KCS) and a 1541 drive conected to the 64 as
device 8. The compo machine will most likely have an old
sid chip, we might use 2 C64's (another one with a new
sid chip) but don't count on it. Just make sure you can
always add, when you submit your entry, if you have
been using an OLD or NEW sid.
Demo competition rules:
-The demo must run 100 percent on the compo machine.
-The demo must not have been spread/released
before th competition.
-Only one demo per group allowed.
-No racism.
-Time limit is 15 minutes, but if your demo gets too
boring, the organisers keep the right to cut your demo
short. You might want to include a 'press space'
-The demo will be released at X-97 Takeover. no
-At least one person of the participating group must
be present at the X-97 Takeover.
-The demo must be submitted before the deadline which
will be announced at the party itself.
-The demo mustbe submitted on a normal 5.25 inch disk,
the disk will NOT be returned.
-The organisers keep the right to disqualify an entry.
Graphics competition rules:
-Any graphics format allowed.
-No animations.
-The graphic must be in an executable C64 file.
-The graphic must be submitted on a 5.25 inch disk,
disks will not be returned.
-The graphic must be submitted before the deadline.
-Your entry must clearly state the artist and title.
-Only one entry per artist is allowed.
-The artist must be present at the party.
-No racism allowed.
-The organisers keep the right to disqulify an entry.
-The graphic may not be released/spread/used
before the competition.
Music competition rules:
-Any music format is allowed.
-The music must be in an executable C64 file.
-Your song will be played for 3 minutes maximum.
-An OLD sid chip will be used.
-Only one entry per musician.
-The song must be submitted before the deadline.
-The song must be submitted on a 5.25 inch disk, disks
will not be returned.
-The song may not have been used/spread/released
before the competition.
-The musician must be present at the party.
-The entry must clearly state the composers name and
a title.
-The organisers keep the right not to play all
submitted entries.
The price money is dependable on the amount of people
coming to X-97 Takeover, so we cannot give out any
information on the prices yet.
Hard/Software prices cannot be exchanged for
General party rules:
-Misconduct will NOT be tolerated! (this includes
fighting, racism, facism, etc..).
-The organisation and the University of Eindhoven
cannot be held responsible for loss/damage to your
personal belongings (this includes your personal
-No smoking in the compo hall, smoking is allowed in the
main hall.
-No soft/hard drugs allowed inside the party place.
-If you are too drunk, you will be removed from the
party place.
-The organisation has the right to refuse admittance
to anyone.
-No sleeping in the main hall.
-Bring your own grounded electrical cables!
How to get there:
Drive to Eindhoven (Centrum), after leaving the
highway follow the signs "universiteit".
Don't drive too fast, the road is PACKED with speed
When you arrive at the University campus, follow the
signs auditorium, you CAN'T MISS IT. There is loads of
FREE parking space.

Take the train to Eindhoven - Central, at the station
walk to the city buses and leave the station there.
There you can see the University campus in the North
East direction (check the big building with 'Technishce
Universiteit' on it, mind you this is not the auditorium.
Walk in that direction for 5 minutes. The auditorium is
on your left.
F4cg are organising a bus trip to X-97, contact
Newscopy/F4cg at: newscopy* for further
Make your reservations now:
Use our online reservation form on the main X-97
Takeover Homepage:
We need:
-Your real name            -The number of people you are
-Your handle                  reserving a place for
-Your group name         -How much computer/equipment
-Your address              and your friends will bring along
-And if you are a C64 or a PC user
Email the info to: tim   *
You can snailmail the info to:
X-97 Takeover
Peperstraat 54, 1502 Aj Zaandam, The Netherlands.
If you use snailmail, you won't get any confirmation, so
we suggest you use the online form on the main X-97
Your reservation will be valid at least until the 5th of
April 13:00 hours. After that, we cannot guarantee a
free place for you.
Make your reservations as soon as possible,
otherwise you might not have a spot.
How to contact the organisers:
If you have any questions concerning the X-97 send
an email to: x97take*
The main homepage:
                           |       X-97 Takeover       |
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