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                            *  News and Rumours  *
Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the news and rumours
section of Domination based on the fabulous C64 scene
Domination, as considered by some, has the broadest
news coverage of any magazine.
Group and individual news is gathered from the mail
and modem based scenes aswell as from the Internet,
phone call conversations and the back of the official
Domination votesheets.
This chapter will reveal A-Z news coverage in 'story-
line' form on some of the more prominant and active
groups. Single news and rumours may be found in News
Part 2.
In addition, we also cover the latest happenings from
the Usa Scene, Game Scene and Hack/Phreak scenes
in their own respective chapters.
                                                                               Best Regards;
ACTIVE (Swe, Hun, Ger, Hol)
Despite not that many wares coming out, this Swedish
based group have been silently moving forwards.
Firstly the kicked Stash from their status and
replaced him with Swiss swapper Darkness/Atlantis.
Who left Atl to support the mail scene with future
Active releases.
To help Darkness, they recruited Scare/Nostalgia
who joined in as a German swapper.
Active joined the Internet ftp scene by announcing
their new ftp site called Rash Refection, which will be
maintained by members Trasher and Riddler.
After the fuzz of Endless Piracy, Bordeaux joined in
to support the group as supplier.
Bordeaux also celebrated his birthday on 18th of Jan.
so birthday greetings!
The group may also be releasing a disk magazine at
some stage, but more about this can be read in the
'Introducing' chapter.
ACTIVE status (2/2/1997) supplied by Riddler.
Artlace - Bordeaux - Dexter - Foxy - Injun Inc -
Riddler - Scare - Surfer - Trasher - Trident -
Rash Refection: XXXXXXXXXXXX
ALPHAFLIGHT 1970 (Ger, Pol, Usa, Hol)
The flight continued nicely into the new year by gaining
some new members.
From the Polish group Street Children came Baldhead
as a coder, Mad Hatter as a coder and Wizard as a
Their mail front was boosted by the return of
Violator who left Triad after disliking the organisation.
Dungeon Master/Zone 2/Motiv8 left the guys in Motiv8
and joined the flight as a double member. He will serve
as ntsc fixer. Lately he has been removed from the
active status due to some personal problems.
Alphaflight lost some boards which caused them to be
boardless for the first time in some years.
Firstly Holiday Inn Cambodia went down due to a Hard
Drive crash, sysop Pol Pot as thus been put on the
inactive status until he can buy a new hard drive.
In similar fashion The Evil Island also went down, with
the sysop Ancient Mariner being put onto the inactive
status until the bbs goes back online.
The Alphaflight musician Pernet has been taken from
the active status due to some work he is doing on a
personal CD. Long time member Max and The Heretic
have also been put onto the inactive list until they
improve their activities once again.
Despite the loss of their American boards they gained
Edge Of Midnight. Sysop Rug Rat/Chromance/N*P left
Chromance and joined Alphaflight as double member,
still remaining in Net * Phreakers.
The bbs was boosted with a 20mhz Super Cpu and is now
the fastest C64 board in the world!
Added to this, Ned/Alphaglight has been routing toll
free numbers from most countries in the world to
assist with the action on the bbs.
Alphaflight's demo section became further expanded
with Goldhand/Samar joining as coder as 2nd group.
Alg/Motiv8 left the motivated ones and joined the
flight as a graphician. He also joined Lepsi as his 2nd
The 'Getoese' was released by them and the future of
the demo section looks very promising.
Flash/Afl/Street Children decided to join East German
based Reflex as his 3rd group.
Despite Ream leaving the group and the scene, the
magazine The Best will be released again.
Alphaflight for sure have been competiting quite well
in the race for first releases, with great support
from their main cracker Ignorance.
He has also extended his activities by starting his own
cracking lable called Emu, which will focus on doing
jewel versions of old games. Currently he is the only
However their cracker/fixer/modem trader and long
time member Skinhead left the group to join up with the
fantastics in F4cg.
Internet wise, they expanded their activities once
again by gaining a ftp site.
Entitled Acid Nature, the site is shared with Phantasy.

Some smaller news is that their German board
Escapade changed number to: XXXXXXXXXXXX which
now means it is'nt blacklisted over phone company At+t.
Xenox and Rayden are also apparently working on the
new magazine outfit for Rock'n'Role by Role.
Alg - Archangel - Baldhead - Blaze - Caledonian -
Calypso - Chotaire - Danzig - Flash - Goldhand -
Ignorance - Mad Hatter - Marc - Ned - Rayden - Rugrat
Styx - Violator - Wizard - Xenox - Zapotek.
Edge Of Midnight: XXXXXXXXXXXX Alphaflight Whq
Holiday Inn Cambodia: XXXXXXXXXXXX (down)
The Evil Island: XXXXXXXXXXXX (down)
Escapade: XXXXXXXXXXXX Alphaflight Ehq
Antidote: XXXXXXXXXXXX Alphaflight Shq (Triad+Wrath)
Chromance (Hun, Ger, Usa, Pol)
The Hungarian based group have been doing well for
themselves over the past few months.
Firstly, they gained some valuable members at the
expense of Onslaught.
Macx, Zakk and Rug Rat joined the Hungarian based
group. Macx had to decrease his contacts from over
150 to 50 due to some postal problems, but still swaps
with his closest friends. After The Party 6, both
Macx and Zakk joined No Name as 2nd group.
Rug Rat later left Chromance to join up with Afl, so
they lost their American board Edge Of Midnight.
However they still obtain The Bass Planet which is of
Christmas day shared with the Dutch based crew Xenon
A pleasant surprise on the boards was the return of
Rough. He has been seen on an international basis and
has also launched a magazine released under the
Chromance lable. Condom issue #10 may sound strange
to some, but has been around since the early 90's
and has been released under well known lables such
as Hitmen, Vision, Pulsar, Depredators, Duel and
The magazine is mainly board based and will not be
released on a fixed basis, but instead when Rough
feels it should be. Certaily a breath of fresh air into
the magazine scene anyway.
Spermbird, German trader, joined Amnesia as 2nd crew
Deviant put his bbs Final Genocide back online again,
but not under the Chromance lable, but instead as an
independant bbs (unlike what was wrongly stated in a
certain magazine).
To the Internet, they have been rumoured to be
working on their webpage for quite some time now, lets
hope that it becomes a reality.
Their popular ftp site Gangsta's Paradise gained a new
partner to share with it's host. Onslaught were signed
on in the place of Hitmen, who were kicked from the
site for not supporting it.
Perhaps the biggest and saddest news of the entire
edition of Domination is that Jazzy D/Chromance died.
He was killed whilst repairing his car in his Father's
garage on Sunday 16th February in the afternoon.
The funeral was held on the 24th of February with
some scene friends like Mr.Wax attending it. Also
attending was Jinx/Hitmen who travelled a very long
distance just to be there. Jazzy D died at the young
age of 22, Peter will be sorely missed and wherever
he is we wish him well.
                                    ..Rest In Peace..
                              JAZZY D/CHROMANCE
Moving on to much happier news, apart from Condom
being released as a Chromance magazine, there are
plans for another magazine. This time edited by
trader Syco.
First releases have been many and the Hungarian
based crew are competiting well on the Usa boards.
They gained Canadian coder and fixer Natas/Carcass
(former member of Armaggeddon) who joined as 2nd
Also recruited was former Onslaught Hungarian
musician Cubehead.
Also despite what the Propaganda magazine wrote in
edition #22, Westpoint their Scandinavian bbs is still
CHROMANCE status (1/1/97) supplied by Mr.Wax
Bolee - Cubehead - Deviant - Druid - Griff -
Heavyhead - Jaydee - Lion - Macx - Mr.Wax - Natas -
Pete - Rough - Scratcher - Skud - Spermbird - Syco -
Wozio - Xxl - Zakk - Zar.
The Bass Planet: XXXXXXXXXXXX Chromance Whq (Xenon)
Westpoint: XXXXXXXXXXXX Chromance Ehq (Rpg)
Gangsta's Paradise: XXXXXXXXXXXX (Onslaught)
F4cg (Bel, Swe, Ita, Pol)
Times are not so good lately for F4cg, with some minor
Release wise the promised wares rush started off
quite badly with two re-releases.
Firstly WLADCA which was released in 1993 by Talent
and was called The King, and Lingos, released by F4cg
themselves several years back. It is hard to deny
these being re-releases because of the fact that they
are too old for being mail versions.
They were also beaten on several games such as
Deadly Messenger due to their lack of cards.
The Tribute party was cancelled only days before the
actual event. A decision by the Swedish Health Institute
it was not appropriate arranging a party taking into
consideration all the accidents that could occur.
For example they said it was a question of fire escape
routes incase of emergency. The manager of the
nightclub where the party was to take place does not
want to oppose the rules that would cause him to close
the entire club.
F4cg and the Propaganda magazine will be trying to
arrange a Tribute 1997 if people still have confidence
enough to attend.
Propaganda #22 released, a rather nice edition
(reviewed in this issue of Domination) was pleasant to
see again. The magazine announced further expansion.
'Propaganda Music', a SID-related magazine edited by
Sixx has been put aside for a period of time, but a new
Propaganda magazine will see light of day. Propaganda
Express is an online magazine released every two
weeks through E-mail to subscribers.
"Media has experienced an enormous boost on the C64
and we are developing needs for coverage on a more
intense basis, even though Propaganda Express will be
a very small production at this point", says Newscopy.
The Propaganda magazine also introduced the new
and controversial ftp related first release list, this is
discussed in detail in this editions 'The List'.
Walker returned to the mail market after an 11 month
visit in the Army. Sixx who took over all contacts as
Walker headed for the army will continue to swap with a
handpicked selection of people but intends like before
to focus on the Internet where he still provides most
for the group.
As the active parts of Avantgarde entered F4cg,
Derbyshire Ram was reluctant to make a decision then
he finally joined the fantastics. At a later stage he
joined Amnesia as a 2nd group. Due to organisation
problems he then left the group to remain in Amnesia
only but the pursuaded by Mr.Alpha, rejoined the
group on February 7th.
Stasi of Noice joined the fantastics as a graphician
and will most likely release a graphics collection under
the F4cg lable soon.
Zyron started his new music lable entitled Oxsid
Planetary, he has already released a good music coll.
under this lable over the Christmas period.
Some bad news is that Jack Alien left them to join up
with Hitmen. He was soon followed by Cupid who also,
apart from Hitmen, joined Padua as graphician.
The fantastics did a big clean up of their memberstats
by putting Aristo, Cybersurfer, Cyborg, Devil, Fen1,
Hain, King, Morris, Scorpie, Sneaper, Total Chaos and
Worm onto the inactive status.
Good news is that  Devil  has been re-instated into the
memberstatus as he has finished his army duties and is
again working on several legal projects.
Skinhead/Alphaflight left them for F4cg and joined in
as a cracker/fixer/supplier and modem trader.
He has been seen on the boards occassionally, and
through the help of American scener Fungus/Carcass
has been able to upload the F4cg releases, due to the
current calling out problem.
Intruder is back swapping again after the new edition
of the Propaganda magazine, which is a good sign.
Also congratulations must be forwarded to Deff
because he is now a father!! He has thus been put onto
the inactive status.
Further best wishes go to Derbyshire Ram who turned
58 on January 3rd, 1997. Happy birthday Barry!
F4cg's ftp site 6 Feet Under went down and will be
replaced by Interpark in the near future. It will be
again maintained by Playboy.
Apart from the C64, the fantastics have rocketed the
charts on the Macintosh-scene and are currently
producing their first demo on that platform.
Propaganda will also be released on the Mac and is set
for it's debut in early 1997. The main organiser of
F4cg-Macintosh, Sonic Wurst, will be the editor.
The Macintosh/PC/PSX divisions of f4cg employ over
30 members.
F4CG status (26/2/1997) Supplied by Walker
Antitrack - Bitman - Derbyshire Ram Devil - Goz -
Intruder - Maja - Motley - MrAlpha - Neotec -
Newscopy - Playboy - Sixx - Skinhead - Smasher -
Solar - Stasi - Walker - Zyron.
Hitmen (Ger, Swe, Usa, Pol)
The German based, all round crew, continued very
nicely into the new year. With several members calling
out, releases and internal activities.
They gained Chaotic/Smash Design/N*p who joined as
his 3rd group. Excellent graphician Cupid/F4cg was
signed in to help with the demo section, he also joined
Padua. With Cupid came the popular cracker/fixer
Jack Alien who also left F4cg in order to become more
active with in the ranks of Hitmen.
The Mystical Paradise, their German board, was
formatted by some unknown lamer. Fortunately there
was no unrepairable damage and the bbs was fully
A sad loss to Hitmen was Curlin leaving the scene for
the Pc/Psx scene. In his goodbye note he explains that
has had enough of the C64 and wishes to move on.
This leaves a hole in the organisation which will be
filled by other members.
Hitmen PC/PSX are: Curlin, Jihad and Zambo.
Diverse/Flt/Hitmen was said to have left the scene,
this is however untrue and he remains in the scene
currently. Infact he is painting the graphics for two
C64 games entitled 'Darkness Palace' an arcade game
and 'Alda'.
Hitmen seemed to lack interest in the ftp site they
shared with Chromance called Gangsta's Paradise.
As the Chromance maintainers booted them from the
site for not supporting with wares or promised cards.
Hitmen however announced their new webpage which
is quite nice and is definately worth checking.
Lastly famous musician Kristian ROstoen of Shape
joined Hitmen as 2nd group to express his talent
through the Hitmen lable also.
HITMEN status: (12/2/97) Supplied by Tyron
Balance - Banshee - Burn - Cupid - Chaotic - Diverse -
Groepaz - Jack Alien - Jihad - Kristian ROstoen -
Luke - Moonchild - Motion - Peacemaker - Racoon -
Rammy - Sabotage - Seven - Skud - Stan - Tranziie -
Tyron - Vortex - Zore.
The Dungeon: XXXXXXXXXXXX Hitmen whq (Scs*Trc + Dmx)
The Mystical Paradise: XXXXXXXXXXXX Hitmen ehq (S+T)
Wares Aquarium: XXXXXXXXXXXX Hitmen hq (Fairlight)
Hype (Den, Swe, Fin)
This new music lable is infact just Cyberzound
Productions except with a name change to Hype.
They have done this in order to escape the "techno
image" of the former lable and to make it much more
easier to do logos etc.
Hype are currently working on a coop demo with
Vibrants called 'Expo', but this will be mega delayed due
to the inactivities from the Vibrants side.
Mitch is also planning to make Hype a PC lable also and
will involve Msk/Crest, Mitch/Crest, Drax/Vibrants
and a Amiga/Pc guy called Pink/Abyss. Drax, however
will remain a Vibrants member ofcourse.
HYPE status: (6/3/1997) supplied by Metal/Vibrants
Amj/Byterapers - Dane/Crest - Duck Larock/Camelot
Jeff/Camelot - Mitch/Crest - Tbb/Extend -
Zardax/Origo Dreamline.
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