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                                    *  Game Scene  *
Dear reader,
Welcome back to another trip into the legal game
making industry.
In this chapter you will find the normal assortment of
news,informations and advertisments, aswell as
donated documents from the companies themselves.
With each coming issue i will be putting more of
my concentration into legal endeavours, so
expect this chapter in other mags to flow with news
on my own behalf!
All feedback, news, documents from companies and
assosciates are still quite welcome to the usual
address and will be used in future with Vandalism News
and other legal publications i (Jazzcat) am involved
Commodore User   (C) Alternative Software.
Hello C64 world. My name is Heath Kirby-Miller.
I am here to inform you that i am about to launch a new
C-64 paper magazine. It will be called 'Commodore User'
Initially, each issue of C.U. will be 36 black & white A4
pages, with more if the demand is there.
A coverdisk will be provided with each  issue of C.U.
containing a selection of the latest legal software.
C.U. will focus on both the commercial and PD side of
the C64.
The proposed content of C.U. thus far is as follows:
NEWS: The more the bestter, provided that it is
generally good. We are looking for news of
forthcoming C64/128 releases from commercial
software companies, of forthcoming releases from
legal groups, and of major changes to a groups
status or direction. Plus any other news of interest to
the general C64/128 community. All of this can be
included on the votesheet circulating the scene, so be
sure to get hold of one. If you want a votesheet, just
contact me.
Reader's Forum: The place to express your opinions,
thoughts and ask questions.
Classifieds: Do you have something to buy, sell or swap
this is the place for it. Free placement.
Commercial Software Reviews: Any one of the many
commercial software companies out there can send us
their latest titles, for review by the reviewing team.
All we ask is that the games you'd like reviewed be sent
to us complete with any packaging and documentation,
along with details of price and a contact address.
All of this will be used for the review.
Public Domain Software Reviews: Here some of the
many PD titles will be reviewed.
Charts:  Vote for your favourite: Demo groups,
disk magazines, graphicians, Internet sites, musicians,
programmers, software companies, games and demos.
User Groups: Do you run, or are you involved in a user
group? Write and tell us about it. The information we
require, is, ofcourse the name f the group, where and
when it meets, the services it offers it's members and
the cost (if any) of obtaining membership and the
person to contact regarding the club.
All of this information will be used to establish a User
group listing, which will appear in each issue.
Fanzines: Do you produce a fanzine? This is where
you can write and tell us about  it. We'd like to establish
a Fanzines Listing so to be included let us know:
- name of your fanzine
- it's format (tape, disk or paper)
- it's frequency (monthly, bi-monthly etc)
- it's price
- contact address
Tell us what your fanzine covers and if you would like
us to review your fanzine send at least two
consecutive issues to us at the usual address.
The reason we ask two issues is  so that we have a
more balanced view of the fanzine. Often there is a
difficulty when reviewing a fanzine when having seen
only one issue, as it may not really be representative
of the fanzine at it's best (or worst, for that matter).
Can You Help?: If we cannot help you with something, or
feel it would be better addressed to our readers, we
will open it up to them.
Second Hand Product Guide: Hard to find old original
items priced to clear.
C64 Memories: Looking at the earlier years of the C64,
particularly pre-1992. Looking at the major
supporters of the C64 in this time - the big software
companies, the commercially available publications,
the successful (and maybe not so successful)
commercial software titles, hardware items that
revolutionized the C64 world and so forth.
Games Hints And Tips: For new and old games, relying on
your input.
Geos Column: Such a phenomenal system, deserving
coverage. Here we will provide GEOS news, reviews and
Internet Column: As many of us know, and have
experienced, the Internet is a fairly active centre for
C64 users. In this column we hope to include news, site
reviews, and information about the software available
through the Internet.
Hardware Reviews: This would ideally depend on the
support of companies dealing in such, although we will
also look at older items.
Programming Column: We would ideally like someone with
a good background in machine language to provide a
guide for beginners.
If you have a particular area of expertise that you
can write about, yet no allowance has been made for it
contact us as soon as possible.
We are looking for many people to provide information
for the Internet column. If you manage your group's
homepage tell us about it for inclusion in C.U.
If anyone is interested in writting the Programming
column contact us as soon as possible.
C.U. Coverdisk
It is our belief providing a coverdisk with each issue
of C.U. will significantly enhance the quality of the
publication and the enjoyment the reader will gain from
The coverdisk will provide a way of supplying our
readers with a selection of the best new software
available on the C64. The best games, demos, utilities,
music, graphics, game previews and more besides.
We also intend to supply exclusive software titles from
time to time, that is software developed by leading C64
programmers especially for our coverdisk.
The coverdisk will also be means of complementing
information contained in the magazine itself. For
example (this is only a basic list): inclusion of game
previews discussed in the magazine, inclusion of
demonstration type programs (such as source code if
we carried a coding chapter), inclusion of detailed
games hints/solutions and so on.
Further Info
We would like to hear from any commercial software
companies who would like their latest titles reviewed.
Also send us your previews for inclusion on our
Also, if any commercial software company out there
wants to distribute their titles for them here in
Australia, please get in contact with us.
We wil be establishing a homepage on the Internet at a
later date. Look out for it.
Write to us
For anything concerning C.U. please write to us. Send
a suitable sized stamped addressed envelope (or
international reply coupon if writing from overseas)
for free further information.
Commodore User, Heath Kirby-Miller, Po Box 7092,
West Geelong, Victoria, 3218.
First Blood Newsletter
Soon coming is the epic beat-em 'Godflesh'.
Carrying on the winning formula of International
Karate Plus from System 3 and arcade classic
Mortal Combat, leads you into the greatest beat-em up
of all time on C64.
Magnificient programming combined with graphics from
two of the worlds most highly regarded artists
alongside high quality music make this a must buy.
GODFLESH incorporates new routines which push your
c64 to it'slimits, from the animation and multi-plexor
routine of the fighters to the IFLI and SHIFLI
background and presentation graphics pushing your
c64's color palette to over 500 colors.
Addictive gameplay back boned by an epic storyline will
make this an instant classic.
For more information send to FB for an instant reply.
First Blood Entertainment
C/O David Simmons
16 Peron Street, St Helens,
7216, Tasmania, Australia.
Phone: 518-448-5479
                                    Parade Software
Hello C64-scene,
A new C64 company has entered the area in order to
enlarge the palette of C64 software being available
these days.
Parade Software is the name.
Our intentions are to release all kinds of programs
for our beloved computer system. Made by freaks for
freaks who are interested in keeping the standard of
the C64 to an acceptable and enjoyable level.
We are interested in all kinds of games.
Starting at low budget level, over the budget to the
full price level, and tools in order to be compiled on a
program-disk comparable to Magic Disk or Game On
on the low budget basis.
Budget and full price games will be sold seperately, on
a more exclusive basis.
When it comes to the authors income we in Parade  can
offer two seperate systems.
One a pre-arranged sum in order to be paid in
advance and the royalty system, which increases your
income with every copy sold.
If your interested in cooperating with us, do not
hesitate and subscribe copies of your games and tools
previews and whatever else might be useful for our
project to the following address:
                                   Horster Strasse 26,
                             45964 Gladbeck, Germany.
Don't miss the chance and opportunity to support a
serious and reliable company right now.
For our very own development team we are
interested in recruiting all kinds of coders,
graphicians and musicians in order to prove that the
C64 is still a computer system people can care about.
Contact us - now!

CONFUSING QUEST 2 1/2. Have you ever seen the
previous version of this game? Most magazines
related it with the great CREATURES games and was
rates 80% by COMMODORE CRACKER..
Now we give you CONFUSING QUEST 2 1/2!
This game is much better and more confusing! Great
graphics and great concept!! All the different worlds
have an original concept and more than three
different tasks. COMMODORE ACTION overall rating: 70%
So.. why not order a copy right at COMPUTER SCENE for
only 5.00 pounds and along with an original package.
You won't be dissapointed.
DUMI is coded by the Slovakian team COMMO BAM who
are responsible for more great games which are
released by the US firm LOADSTAR and LOADSTAR
stands for quality. Now we sell one of their games.
DUMI is an addictive game with great music and graphics
This logical game was rated by COMPUTER SCENE at 87%
for only 4.00 pounds!!
STARS AND RINGS DELUXE is probably the final of the
great STARS AND RINGS series. The first version was
recommended by COMMODORE FORMAT and recieved a
place in their PD TOP 20!! Stars and Rings 3 even
recieved a 100% rating from an Australian magazine!
All this is history and DELUXE will break all the records
and will ensure you for another late night behind your
C64!! There is even a practise part in this game and
great bonus stages! This is rated at COMMODORE ACTION
as 89%!! Available at COMPUTER SCENE for only 4.00
The game FIELDS is a real cracker!
Produced in Poland by FUNERAL MOON! This team has a
great name in Eastern Europe and are coming on
strong in Western Europe. You all know the family game
Connect 4 and here is the computer version and a
great one with superb graphics and excellent music.
Try and beat the computer or play against a friend!
Get it from COMPUTER SCENE for only 5.00 pounds! This
game recieved from COMMODORE ACTION the 'YAHOOO'
logo... overall: 90%!!!
These games are available from the United Kingdom
magazine COMPUTER SCENE, but also at the address of
outside the UK contact us or one of our distributors!
De Fazant 42, 7905 Hd Hoogeveen, Holland.
COMPUTER SCENE subscription informations:
(all prices include postage and handling)
                                        UNITED KINGDOM   EUROPE   REST
CS =============== £ 2.50 =====£4.00 =£5.00
CS with coverdisk====  £ 3.00 =====£4.50 =£5.50
Coverdisk =========  £ 1.00 ===== £1.50 =£2.00
State how many copies you wish to recieve and
enclose a cheque or postal order made payable to:
(Issues 1 to 3 inclusive, prices include p & h)
                                        UNITED KINGDOM   EUROPE   REST
CS =============== £ 1.25 ===== £1.75==£2.50
State how many copies you wish to recieve and enclose
a cheque or postal order made payable to: R.P.A.BOWEN
(Issues 4 to 8 inclusive, prices include p & h)
                                           UNITED KINGDOM   EUROPE   REST
CS =================£2.00======£3.00=£4.00
CS with coverdisk====== £3.00======£4.00=£5.00
Coverdisk===========  £1.50====== £2.00=£2.50
State how many copies you wish to recieve and enclose
a cheque or postal order made payable to: R.P.A.Bowen
(Issues 9 to 10 inclusive, prices include p & h)
                                           UNITED KINGDOM   EUROPE  REST
CS================= £ 3.00=====£ 3.00=£5.50
CS with coverdisk====== £3.50===== £5.00=£6.00
Coverdisk===========  £1.50=====  £2.00=£2.50
State how many copies you wish to recieve and enclose
a cheque or postal order made payable to: R.P.A.Bowen
(prices include postage and handling)

                                               UNITED KINGDOM   EUROPE   REST
CS===================£14.00==== £22.00= £28
CS with coverdisk========£16.00==== £25.00= £31
Coverdisk============= £5.00=====£8.00== £11
State which of the above subscription offers you
require and from which issue of COMMODORE SCENE you
would like the subscription to commence.
Enclose a cheque or postal order made payable to:
COMMODORE SCENE is a computer scene bi-monthly
publication, which is a non profit making organisation.
Submissions from any readers or interested 64
parties should reach the following address.
C/O Richard Bowen
35 Nottingham Road
Nuthall Nottingham
NG16 1DN England UK.
A magazine dedicated to the C64 industry.
In Commodore Fever you can find:
* reviews of the latest software
* previews of the latest software, with a cover disk
full of exclusive software
* articles of interest - news, views and comments
* monthly competitions
* advertising area or both public/private sale
* famous interviews and articles by known profiles
For copies of Commodore Fever please send your
money order of $5.00 (AU$) or $5.00 (US$), other
countries please use appropriate US$ exchange
rtes. For software titles, please send a disk with your
request, together with $2.00 (AU$) or $2.00 (US$)
(other countries use US$ postage), and we will forward
to you our latest game previews, and a catalog of our
original C64 software.
We look forward to supplying you with our products in
the future.
                               |      COMMODORE FEVER      |
                               |   PO BOX 507, ENGADINE   |
                               |   NSW 2233, AUSTRALIA.   |
This is continued in the next chapter, also be sure to
pay special attention to the 'Game Scene - Special'
a once only chapter that will surely be of interest to
every scener.
News and address are located in the sequel of Game
Scene, happy reading.
General Editor
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