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                                Domination Edition #8
Welcome back to the pages of the Domination magazine.
A smile broadens my face, as I am quite sure most of
you will be very pleased with this edition's contents.
This issue as been my most challenging to date, and i
hope you all appreciate our efforts.
Delays again? Yes, but there a some very good
reasons for it, and I will try and tell you the story.
Firstly, as a few would already know, my house was
destroyed in a fire. I lost all my possessions, ofcourse
one of them being my C64 and collection.
Since the fire I have had to buy new equipment and
start all over again, I roughly have just over 100 disks
but i'm sure this will improve with help from my various
friends throughout the scene.
Along with my collection I lost my modem also, there
shouldn't be a problem in obtaining a new one, and I
already have thanks to Shocker of Onslaught.
After having all my possessions destroyed (ask
Vengeance/Onslaught what I owned and you'd almost
cry!) it has kind of stripped me of identity, taken
away everything i've worked for and most of what I
had loved with sentimental value.
I am focusing on getting my life back in order and
gathering what I formerly used to own, such as
furniture, stereo & television, books etc..
To begin with i'm now doing night school at the
University here in Tasmania, where I am studying
Computers/Desktop Publishing and telecommunications
I have also managed to get a better job which allows me
to work almost full time (which means MONEY!) and all
this only leaves me the weekends for spare time.
So what does this lead to concerning the C64 you ask?
Well.. Domination will be delayed even more heavily,
unless I can find a solution.
Fortunately there is one, I think this magazine is
following the roads like SCRIPT and SKYHIGH.
With each edition it is getting bigger and bigger in
content, which leads to more work and more chance
of delays from other contributing editors.
So what I plan to do is simple, just bring it out more
regular with less chapters.
I want the magazine to reduce it's text size similar to
the size of the Relax magazine. One interview or two
per edition, smaller news section because of less
delay, and so forth.
This may give greater quality on each chapter as I
will put more concentration to the lesser number of
chapters. However, greater work in graphics and
music support will have to be achieved and maintained,
but currently this is not a problem due to the large
amount of friends i've gained in the legal scene.
Edition 10 will see an outfit change, we have something
nice planned that should surprise quite a few people
due to its originality and good design.
Currently, also in the making, is a paper edition of
Domination. Yes, it will be large, and will feature work
from a legendary editor and scener, no deadline, just
wait and see, and please, be patient as that pays off!
Besides, the more time you spend on something, the
better it is, the delay is the unfortunate setback.
Greater concentration will now also be focused on
game production. My game "GODFLESH"  will go full steam
ahead without the addictive illegal scene to slow me and
the programmer down in any way.
Games and the rejuvination of the market in general
is infact high on my priority list, any feed back, you
know the address.
I will also be back in the Vandalism News staff, doing
articles, interviews and to help strengthen my own
group's magazine.
I am also now after The Pulse's departure, working
for the American magazine Driven. With Elwix, Coolhand
and staff we hope to make it even more informative,
with a broader sight into the European market, along
with the American NTSC scene.
Some friendly comments from a friend..
When i saw the first issue of this magazine i knew that
the editor (Jazzcat) had finally done what he wanted to
do, which was to release an independant magazine.
As the life of Domination grew older it became a strong
competitor and one of the best board related
magazines in history.
The first outfit wasn't the best, but the latest outfit
used from edition four onwards definately stands out
from the crowd.
I can only imagine the time, stress and dedication that
David has put in and i think this deserves credit.
I know there would be a lot of us that could not do what
he has done and only a fellow mag editor would know
how important this job is.
I have been proud to support this magazine since it's
birth, and be one of the last nails being hammered into
it's coffin.
With due respect and appreciation i wish David a long
and high life and remember how much his efforts are
appreciated by some of us.
Thanks you Dwayne for the warming words, those
comments contribute to my sense of achievement with
this magazine.
His statement was given when I had personal doubts of
continuing this magazine after my house was ruined.
Speaking of which, we must now venture to a not so
happy part of the editorial..
Moving over to other matters of interest:
Not long after my house and belongings burnt to
nothing i heard some quite alarming news from various
friends on the super highway.
This news told of how two low fools back stabbed me
in the lamest way.
TRANZIIE  of  HITMEN  and  RRR  of OXYRON  were the
reported idiots.
Tranziie firstly said openly on Irc, channel #c-64
"fire walk with me" in response to the news that my
house had burnt down. "Then i wonder if he'll blame
Propaganda staff for it".
RRR then said later, "I am the god of hell fire".
Well to both of you, I find it quite amusing that you both
open your little mouths when you know i am not able to
see it; due to no equipment.
But then Ijust wonder if that is just a sign of your
cowardice of not confronting your disliking to me
Maybe the scene could judge better than my words, of
their simple misconduct, low and sly acting on a fellow
human being, one in a extremely bad situation even.
While we are at it RRR of OXYRON continued his now quite
well known lameness in the RELAX magazine.
He stated in the RELAX edition 17 in the news section
under Onslaught about my house burning down and
some other wrong news, to finish he stated "just for
those that are interested in HOT details".
In edition 18 he wrote in the editorial of a little joke of
mine with the votesheet. Lets examine a portion of it...
                    "Single Artist: 02. Jolz/Onslaught"
        "Single Cracker: 01. Deekay/Crest/Onslaught"
The entire scene is laughing at your journalism Timo.
Jolz has NEVER painted before and Deekay has NEVER
cracked before, pfff.. what a joke and you took it
seriously, how pathetic.
Moving swiftly on, lets examine the contents of the
new edition of PROPAGANDA, 22 to be exact.
Firstly congratulations to NEWSCOPY and staff for
managing a fine edition.
It has been quite a while since i've read an issue and
it was good to recieve it again, especially with an
improved amount of text.
But I personally don't believe this magazine has the
correct form of journalism in it.
Loading up the 'ANNUAL AWARDS' chapter I read various
texts before coming to the "Party of the year" award.
Within this section it says "Jazzcat's house burning"
as one of the awards. Whether this is meant as pure
sarcasm or not, it simply is NOT the way an editor
should write his magazine.
Both Propaganda and the Relax magazine may have to
rethink their journalistic approach to the scene, as
comments like this are on a low level and are quite
pathetic even for the sorry individuals behind them.
Amongst the chapters I  enjoyed in the Propaganda
#22 was the 'COOL GROUPS' chapters. In these the staff
would give their own opinion on the legendary groups in
the scene and give descriptions on each.
Covering three chapters, it was a nice read, but
ofcourse they have to stray from the chapters
real reason into their own personal opinions, which
get too involved into the journalist's report.
In "Cool Groups 2" it reads under the GROUP 'Jazzcat':
"They shall not be associated with the Australian
name ripper with the same name".
This was most likely directed in a sarcastic way, but
I will treat it seriously.
Let me give some examples..
AVANTGARDE, a famous demo by CREST, later the name
of a top cracking group.
RELAX, the name of a cracking group, then the name of
a one file magazine (ED: unsure on which came first).
At one stage F4CG themselves had 2 members called
CYBORG. Which one "name ripped" the other?
I guess you get my point here, and the list could go on.
They merely mentioned myself because they don't have
a positive opinion about me.
This shows clearly that they are mixing their personal
opinions, when they should be reporting for the scene
and not using the magazine as some "weak" weapon.
But enough on this childish and to most of you, boring
I will now pass you over to the Domination co-editor,
as I am sure he has some enlightening words for you
Hi there!
This is Tyron giving a few words to the editorial, I just
did two chapters this time and that is caused by the
fact that I got grown up and have to earn my money
from now on }
Hopefully there will be more time to do some work for
the next issue.

However first of all: who of you is going to get to THE
party? which party? The X-97 takeover ofcourse!!
I myself will be present at this event representing
I alsowill move my ass to Symposium + Mekka '97.
So meet me at one of these parties. I will be catching
some statements, reports and interviews etc..
So far, I guess you all have read the Propaganda?
Quite nice issue in my eyes, though I've seen better
ones from this staff. There just were some little
mistakes that made me grin.
Here I go:
Not to talk about the totally wrong member status
there were some very small mistakes concerning
It was told that the most cracks would have been done
by Groepaz.. isn't this funny? He, at the moment, is
sitting next to me, laughing: "I never did a crack after
my comeback to C64!"
So where the hell did they get those wrong news from?
Is this objectivity? Ah, there I got a point.
Journalism should be objective, but do you think that it
is objective to announce Jazzcat's house burning as
'the best party of 1996', bad joke in my eyes.
Anyway, there were even more mistakes, but i'm not in
the mood to talk about all.
Thats it, hopefully you enjoy reading this edition of
DOMINATION! Contact me in the year of the party at:
Party on! Hopefully also JAZZY D/CHROMANCE has got
some nice party, wherever he is: greetings dude!
Rest in peace!
Jazzcat back, well when I heard the rumour that
JAZZY D had died, I was unsure at first, then my friend
Mr.Wax/Chromance confirmed this and I was quite
Jazzy D died while repairing his car in his father's
garage, the car fell on him, killing him instantly. This
took place on the 16th of February in the Afternoon.
The funeral took place on the 24th of February and
Peter died at 22 years of age, so young.
The Domination staff pay their respect to family,
friends and associates of Jazzy D, he is still with us
in memory and always will be.
Where ever you are Peter, party on friend!
                                 Jazzy D/Chromance
Moving onto a more happier note, lets examine the
contents of Domination edition #8.

This edition is the largest ever, containing 30 chapters
and around 1500 blocks of unpacked text. Certainly
the largest board based magazine in history.
This issue features exclusive music by Morbid of
Onslaught/Bass, he has for sure helped this edition
with supplying various things needed to complete the
magazine. Thanks Dwayne for your fine contributions.
Other exclusive music stems from METAL/Vibrants/Cml
who donated two exclusive tunes and helped in the
news gathering and reviews department. The intro
tune by him was used in the demo by Padua+Hitmen
called Icarus. Metal was not sure on which tune they
would use, so it happened to be the one for Domination.
This doesn't matter and I will leave things how they are.
Special thanks for further exclusive music from
ORCAN/React, TRIDENT/Active and KEYZ/Breeze.
Your contributions add to the Domination atmosphere!
The editorial staff is again shuffled, we have added
Metal/Vibrants/Cml as a legal correspondant and
news gatherer. Jack Daniels/F4cg and DerbyShire
Ram are back in the staff after a break with some
articles of interest.
Excellent news and votesheet contributions by
Violator/Alphaflight, who also has written an article
as a guest editor.
Kingfisher/Triad continues his role in this magazine
with his story on the CIA scandal and more in the H/p
The Interview section this edition is possibly the best
ever. All interviews have been conducted by myself
and are with the following profiles..
The one and only ROB HUBBARD, famed musician from
the past. GOBLIN/LIGHT graphician and founding
member of the legendary Light. GREMLIN/BEYOND FORCE
main coder and organiser of Beyond Force, this is for
sure a long and interesting interview.
Next we have interviews conducted with two people
from the same group, this group being F4CG and the
sceners being WALKER, well known trader whose
history stems from groups such as Light, Oneway and
Genesis Project. MOTLEY an interview delayed by a
couple of years. Maintainer of websites, including the
popular Propaganda webpage.
Some new chapters also outline this edition, we have
now a seperate Internet Email directory. Located in
this chapter is 23 pages of C64 scener email addies,
listings of FTP and WEBPAGE address. An excellent
reference for any net surfer!
Three guest editor chapters hosted by Violator/Afl
Derbyshire Ram and Jack Daniels/F4cg.
Media Judgement is our first in a series of articles
describing C64 magazines from past and present.
Bbs Guide is also the first in a series by TYRON, which
gives extensive details on C64 boards internationally,
where to call and what to expect.
So, Domination entertains you in the finest way
possible once again, let's examine the people behind it..
Domination Edition #8 - Technical Realisation Details
Intro coding and ntsc/pal fix by Lion/Chromance.
Intro graphics by Sliver/Triad.
Intro music by Metal/Vibrants/Camelot.
Outfit coding by Hain/F4cg and Shades/Onslaught.
Outfit font by Brush/Talent.
Outfit presentation gfx by Carrion/Elysium.
Domination logo by Csezso/Therapy.
Mag ntsc/pal fix by Donar/[o] + Burning Horizon/Not.
Domination musics: (in order)
"Swift Kick" exclusively by Morbid/Bass/Onslaught.
"3 monkeys" exclusively by Metal/Vibrants/Camelot.
"Selfmade" by Amj/HYPE!/Byterapers
"Time zak" exclusively by Orcan/React.
"Intro" exclusively by Trident/Active.
"Enigma-Elg" by Glenn/Blues Muz/Shape.
"The Drax-Bus" by Mitch + Dane/HYPE!/Crest.
"Mountain" exclusively by Keyz/Breeze.
The Domination Staff
General Editing by Jazzcat/Onslaught.
Co-Editing by Tyron/Hitmen.
Additional support in articles and news gathering by:
Metal/Vibrants/Cml, Derbyshire Ram, Violator/Afl,
Jack Daniels/F4cg, Kingfisher/Triad, Riddler/Active,
Mitch + Dane/HYPE!/Crest and Macx/Chromance.
Domination can be contacted at:
Jazzcat/Onslaught                        Tyron/Hitmen
XXXXXXXXXXXXX                                    XXXXXXXXXXXXX
XXXXXXXXXXXXX                 or         XXXXXXXXXXXXX
XXXXXXXXXXXXX                                 XXXXXXXXXXXXX
Tasmania, Australia.                       Germany.
or on the official Domination headquarters:
You can order the magazine through our official
spreaders, which are..
We trust that you enjoy this edition, which we believe
to be truly the finest to date.
All feedback, contributions, complaints and so forth
to be made to the editorial addresses.
Kind Regards;
The Domination Staff.
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