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                    (or: PARTY WITH YOUR PANTS DOWN)
Now that my head is a little bit clearer, I will try to
summarize some of the things that happened on the
'X-96'-Tour. Hopefully you will enjoy it }
I heard a loud noise! "Am I awake?", I thought, while
turning my head towards the alarmclock. And I remem-
bered it was Friday 9 'o clock and we wanted to leave
for something special at 10 cet. But at the same moment
I recogniced that it was not the alarmclock ringing, but
the phone.
It was the first time, I think, that I already felt which
pain I would feel after this weekend }
But back to the phone-call. It was TRANZIIE/HITMEN, who
called me. "Ah, Marc!", he said, "When will you leave for
Amsterdam?" And he already was drunk while telling me
that they just passed the german/danish border and
were on their way to the Netherlands. With him in the
and some other people.
When I hang up the phone I got some food, took a
shower and PEACEMAKER already arrived! We went to
the car, wanting to connect a radio, but we blew it.
While it was burning } we were forced to take a
transportable one.
Then the journey started. After some difficulties and
some stops at my girlfriends and to let PEACEYS girl-
friend outta the car, we were on the highway at 11:00.
We got no problem in finding the right way and after a
little (little?) traffic jam near Venlo we arrived in
Zaandam at Niels and Norberts house when the tower
showed 3 'o clock.
MAX/AFL already was at this place. They visited a
Smashing Pumpkins concert the day before. They also
shooted Vodka the day before and so Niels was puking
when we came in. Or better said he just finished
puking. } Norbert (NIGHTSHADE) already was in Utrecht
to organize the party. We really had alot of fun with
CBA and MAX in Amsterdam. We went to "Mr.Cocos Bar",
where we saw some nice budies and boops and we met
COUNT ZERO and GREENFROG at Mc Donalds. We waited
till 11 for the swedish guys, but they did not show up.
After we got back to Niels place, we drank some more
beer and had a nice conversation. Niels finally went to
bed and we, PEACEY, MAX and me, also tried to sleep,
but that didn't work. Right before I wanted to clean the
sink, I tried to turn it to the left and suddenly it
happened. I broke the watercrane! Niels could not
believe what happened. And we had something to laugh
about for another hour.
Finally it became silent when PEACEMAKER said:"I can't
sleep, because usually I am lying on the left side." And
MAX suggested:"Then turn around!" But PEACEY did not
seem to understand:"Why?", he asked. "Because after
you turned around you will ly on the left side!", MAX ex-
plained. He didn't understand that there are two ways
of turning around, but after quite a while he finally
understood! } We really had alot of fun. I heard the
tower ringing 3:15, when I suddenly fell asleep.
We got up at 10 cet and had some coffee, food and two
of us took a shower. At 11 we left Amsterdam for
Utrecht: X-96! ... .. .
We arrived at 11:45 or 11:50 and there already were
some PC kids, brought from their Daddies and Moms.
At exactly 12 o'clock we were allowed to enter the
party place. The first person I recogniced was BUR-
GLAR of SCS*TRC. He was the one who took 30 smackers
outta our pockets. Then we saw it... yes, the same place
and nearly everything from the year before was run-
ning thru my mind ( if I could remember anything after
millions of beer and tons of weed ). We checked where
to find the 64 room, that was guarded by Norbert
(NIGHTSHADE). We had a nice chat and told him about all
the fun we had the day / night before. He found the
thing with the watercrane not as funny as we did, but
also was laughing, while I said again:" I just wanted
to help!!!!" hehe, sorry again NILS, NORBERT and TIM }
As usual, something mad comes from MAXs', PEACEYs'
and my mind... Come and let's fool some of those
PC-f***!*s. And so we did! First we decided to get on
the nerves of some lamers, but soon we wanted to see
porno-giffs. Everybody denied to have giffs hehe,
but after some time we found one who had got two or
three, as he said. When he showed us the dir we saw
pages and pages of porno-giffs.
Furthermore I recogniced that the most famous game
at X-96 was not Doom, but Worms. I saw four guys,
playing this game with linked PeeCees and some lonely
playing kids and asked myself the same question as
everytime on parties: Why are they comming to those
parties?? Aren't they allowed to play games at home??
Nevertheless, we decided to go back to the room were
the real party would take place! The bar and the room
infront of the bar. We had some beer and were talking
to several sceners, that were dropping in. I was
waiting for DODGER (AVT), who wanted to show up at the
party, but neither he nor DEFF arrived.
After the Swedish posse arrived CURLIN arrived with
the rest of our awaited gang. The first thing CURLIN
did was buying 20 bottles of beer for us and all the
people standing around us. Oh damn, we had alotta fun
the next few hours. Some time later MAX and some
other guys ( about 15 ) decided to leave the place for
Utrecht-city. The rest was having more and more beer
and weed. This year we had a local weed-supplier, who
was not that expensive and the quality of the weed was
quite good. HARLEQUIN from the PC sector of SCS per-
formed a rap act on the stage that was built up and
alot of C64 sceners were dancing infront of the stage.
Me and some others decided to stay in the 64-room,
watching the act on one of the TV's that were connec-
ted for this reason and had some more beer.
I don't know how late it was, but after all this stuff,
me and JIHAD decided to go to my car and have some
sleep. Sorry, but I was to fucked to do anything
else }  JIHAD asked me to turn on the radio and that
was the best idea he could have had! They played music
like the music comming out of a musical box the whole
night and we felt like in the arms of hour moms..... ... .. .
The next day, after a hard night of sleep and some
idiots, named GROEPAZ, PEACEY, TRANZIIE and so on,
who tried to disturb our lovely sleep, we got up quite
early to watch the compos. While we had some party the
night before, they hold the 64gfx-compo. This compo
was won by DEEKAY/CREST/[O] with a nice picture that
reminds me of a picture from GIGA, who created the
ALIEN. Doesn't matter if it was covered from GIGA,
'cause it was really nice. CUPID/AVT did the second,
but I had seen much better pictures of him.
But back to Sunday morning. The C64 compo.... Who had
expected something different than the first place for
CREST. It was more or less a real good gfx collection, in
my opinion, but nice. They started the compo and it was
cool. Most people were watching the act and we heard
alot of applause until our demo. The 64 fucked up,
at the right moment, but we had luck. While the CREST
demo was running it fucked up again, what had the con
clusion that some people left the place were the compo
was held. It was good because the people could see that
it was not our demo that fucked up, but the 64.
As I mentioned before, CREST did the first place, but
what I never expected was: We, HITMEN, did the 2nd
place! The third place was reserved for CHALICE, so
that the first three were:
                   1st CREST - Krestology
                            2nd HITMEN - Cucumber Juice
                                      3rd CHALICE - NoFx
All in all I can say truthfully: It was a real great party.
We had alotta beer, weed, FUN and met alot of people.
Here are the people I can remember:
ALPHA FLIGHT: Chotaire, Danzig, Ignorance, Marc, Max,
---------  Shuze, Styx, Rayden, Ream
AVANTGARDE: Cupid, Freestyle, Intruder, Jack Alien,
--------- Weasel
CENSOR: Alfatech, Bob, Geggin
CHROMANCE: Mc Byte, Syco, Zar
CREST: Deekay, Syndrom
DIGITAL EXCESS: Thomas Koncina, Bjoern Odendahl
F4CG: Jucke, Motley, Newscopy, Scorpie, $ixx, Solar
FOCUS: Jeroen Tel, Mirage, TDJ
HITMEN: Curlin, Groepaz, Jihad, Luke, Peacemaker,
-----  Raze, Sabotage, Tranziie, Tyron, Vortex
ONSLAUGHT: Donar, Heavy Head, Ramirez, Shocker
PANDORA: Mephisto
REFLEX: Happymaker
SCS*TRC: Action Jackson, Allitaice, Bacillus, Burglar,
------  CBA, Count Zero, Moren, Nightshade,
              Spectator, Splatterhead, Trax
TABOO: Acidchild
TALENT: Greenfrog
TRIAD: King Fisher, Mr. Ammo
XENON: Carmen, Crazy Bird, Dylotic, Megabrain, Oxbow,
----- Sammy, Slam
X-LARGE: (Zimbo-) Zambo
Probably there were more than those people from the
C64 scene, but I just saw those I wrote down.
We reached the end of the report, but let me complete
it! . .. ... Right before they told the jurys' decision we
left the perty place. PEACEMAKER and me with my ol'
Opel Kadett and the rest in the cars they came with.
After we were at home, we tried to reach TRANZIIE to
ask him who had won, but he also left before they told
it. So we had to call WEASELs' handy to get the number
of the party place. He had the number and NIGHTSHADE
told us that we did the second place.
A sad thing happened at the party place after they
cleaned it. BURGLAR felt sick and had a bad feeling on
one side of his brain. Nobody took him serious first,
but after he wanted to stand up, he suddenly fell down
on the floor. As far as I am concerned, he is feeling
better right now and he has got some attendances at
the hospital where they did several brainscans to
check if it was just an infect or a blood-clot. The doc
told him that he will have that dumb feeling on one of his
bodies' side for some time, but will get up again.
Hopefully it is nothing serious after all.
Best wishes from the Domination-Staff to Enno!
This is the end of this report. Have you enjoyed it?
I hope so. Hopefully those of you, who will read the
chapter and where not at the X96 will show up at the
next party.
See you at X97,
If you want to contact me for any reason, leave me mail
on THE MYSTICAL PARADISE account #2 ,or on any other
bbs, or simply write me:
- Germany
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