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                                  *  Usa Scene  *
Welcome dear readers from Usa or Europe alike.
In this chapter will be covered tha latest happenings
in the American ntsc scene.
I wish to make this chapter stand seperate from the
regular news and rumours section in order to highlight
the American scene.
Kind regards to Elwix/Style and his great magazine
known as Driven. This magazine is one of the most
informative magazines in it's field, support it by
writing to:
Elwix/Style                            email: XXXXXXXXXXXX
Now enjoy the latest from the land of the free (?)
                                                                             General Editor
News and rumours:
* Scratcher joined Chromance as sysop of the Bass
Planet which became the Chromance and The Pulse
magazine world hq, call it on: XXXXXXXXXXXX
* Sphere/Onslaught became active again and decided
to join Style with his bbs Liquid Palace, this became
Style and Driven ushq, reachable on:XXXXXXXXXXXX
* Canadian bbs Corrosion of conformity took on Triad
as another host, sysop being Cybernoid/Dmx/Style,
give it a call and support this legal bbs: XXXXXXXXXXXX
* Galactus, News Jersey sysop of The Blue Galaxy
joined Motiv8 with his bbs. But later on due to internal
arguments and a serious lack of callers he then
left/kicked from Motiv8 and joined Acrise & Excess
but due to lack of callers the bbs went down.
Quite a few people had arguments with him, but it was
mainly between Motiv8 boss, Crossfire
* Sphere/Style later joined Motiv8 as second group
so now Liquid Palace also supports Mot, Style and
* Legal lable Threshold Productions  joined forces on
a venture with the Driven magazine in opening a new
ftp site, connect to it at: XXXXXXXXXXXX
* Burning Horizon re-entered the scene and started
up his former groups FTA (From the ashes) and old
time group NOT (Noble order Thiefs)
NOT memberstatus as follows:
Burning Horizon  - Code, fixing, calling
Shadow - Code, calling, pal scene
Mendrake - Sysop, calling, pal scene
Shadow (creator of Avatar) is still in jail in New York
but will be released in under a month and is quite
serious with his return to the C64.
The legal lable of NOT being Fta will come soon after
a utility called 'Template Editor' has been released by
Burning Horizon. The NOT worldhq will be located in
Germany, The Dragon Tower, call: XXXXXXXXXXXX
Incidentally, Burning Horizon has done splendid work
in this very issue with helping fix the magazine to
ntsc with Donar/[O] and also completly fixing the
intro. His imput to this magazine will develop has time
* After weeks in the darkness The Dungeon comes
back online which surprised a few as nobody knew
what had happened and even rumours of the sysop
Alchemist quitting the scene.
But it is online again under a new number, call it on
* Lucifer/ex-Coderz was seen calling Dream park a
few times, he is planning to return to the scene and
put back online old Texas bbs, Phiberc0m.
But since there has been no sign of him.
* Dream Park is down, rumours say that once the hard
drive was full, sysop Cyborg would close down his bbs.
I managed to chat to him on the internet though and he
gave permission for his voice number to be given to
those with questions about the bbs and when it will
return. Call: XXXXXXXXXXXX and ask for Shawn.
* Canadian bbs and Chromance Hq, Final Genocide was
meant to be down forever, but the sysop, Deviant
recently stated that the bbs would again be online in
some months.
* After having some problems with his modem, Sphere
managed to put his bbs online again, but you have to
reapply and get a new account.
* Uzzy left the scene briedly and returned for Rpg
and other American groups.
* A new Usa ftp site for ntsc demos can be reached
at: XXXXXXXXXXXX /pub/mpython/cbm.
* Usa mag 'Coders World' will be released again, to
make contributions just email the editors:
* Old time musician  'Sequencer' may be making a road
 back with releasing a collection of unreleased tunes.
*  Down By Law eventually got the drive problems
fixed finally. Give it a call on XXXXXXXXXXXX.
* Tristan/Empire returned to the scene and joined
Success * Trc as hacker and also joined the staff
of the Vandalism News.
His interview appears in this issue.
As written in the interview, Empire will be making a
return sometime with Rich,Booze and maybe even
extremist. More comments on this should appear by
Tristan in Vandalism News.
* Creative Micro Designs scrapped the 10mhz
accelerator and are just going to sell the 20mhz.
Fairlight in Sweden are even modifing games to take
advantage of the accelerator.
Thats all for this issue, next issue will have more
support from American sceners, if you want to make
any group contributions, board news and the like
just leave me an email on any of the major Usa boards.
                             Your faithful editor
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