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                                *  The Awards  *

Dear Reader;
Welcome back once again to the Domination awards on
what is believed best.
Awards are given from our point of view on who
deserves special mention on a particular scene
based achievement.
Next issue we will have a full official judging panel
of selected individuals to help make this chapter
even more objective. As combined opinion gives a more
correct answer.
This issue we have a strong amount of quality demos
from recent parties.

Without further or do, enter the Official Domination
awards of edition seven, enjoy.
             TOP DEMO PROGRAMMER - edition seven.
                           *  Aeg/Smash Designs  *
Much activity in the previous Smash Design
demos, incidentally all of which are placed high in
competition results.
Lately Smash Designs SHOULD have won Symposium,
but instead gained a still respectable 2nd position.
I hope to see more from him!
Second runners up is Fuben/Oxyron for his last
performance in '4 Years Oxyron'.
I say 'last', well it may very well be as it is rumoured
to be his last production on c64. I hope not.
Third runners up is Crossbow /Crest , not for his
actual coding abilities, but with returning to activity
with Krestology.
Even though Roland was that active with the 100%
version, but none the less!  }
                    Top Graphician - edition seven.
                     *  Deekay/Crest/Onslaught  *
With winning competition entries, the huge and high
quality 'Krestology' and graphics featured in the
new edition of Vandalism News, Deekay has to be an
obvious candiatate for number one.
More graphics will be featured in the soon coming
Onslaught Design demo and 'Meet Crest'.
Second runners up is Rayden/Alphaflight.
He proved himself with competition pictures of great
quality and the very nice No Fx, released under the
Chalice lable.
Third runners up is Rrr/Oxyron.
The '4 years Oxyron', his magazine 'Relax', crack intros
and even this magazine bear the traditional RRR
trademark, he deserves special mention due to
consistant activity and quality.
                        Top Musician - edition seven
                                  *  Drax/Vibrants  *
The Danish legend strikes back once more, releasing
two music collections with his usual style and
Great to see Thomas back, hope to () hear () more
from him.
Secondly comes Mhd/Motiv8.
His small music collection released several weeks
ago in combination with many tunes used in the swarm
of M8 releases each month gives him this place.
Maybe a full scale music collection wouldn't go astray.
Thirdly comes Pri/Tia/Oxyron.
For his continuing efforts and style in the Relax mag
a few months ago and also the Oxyron productions
over the last 6 months.
                    Top Disk Magazine - edition seven
                             *  The Pulse Magazine  *
The Pulse marches on to victory after many continous
issues without delay. Where other mags, even though
of similar or even better quality go much into delay.
Yet another award on the belt of The Pulse staff.
Secondly comes Vandalism News.
I know some of you will think after edition 27 that it
should be placed first, maybe so. But as with my
magazine, it has had major delay.
But the hard hitting new edition marked a milestone
in magazine outfit history. It will be hard to beat in the
next edition.
Thirdly arrives the Phuture mag, Relax.
Soon it will crack number one, especially if it keeps
with recent text quality and release activity.
* TOP BBS WORLDWIDE - June, edition seven.
#1  The Dungeon  (71 Pts)
#2    Deadzone (59 Pts)
#3  Mystical Paradise (32 Pts)
#4   Down By Law (28 Pts)
#5   Wares Aquarium (24 Pts)
#6   Escapade (16 Pts)
#7   The Evil Island (13 Pts)
#8   Pirate Island (12 Pts)
As with last edition 'The Dungeon' (XXXXXXXXXXXX)
remains on number one. 'DeadZone' (XXXXXXXXXXXX)
takes a leap over the now down, 'Dream Park'
Good to see some european boards climbing, especially
'Mystical Paradise' (XXXXXXXXXXXX).
The usual "Top Bbs Caller" has been dropped this
issue due to lack of usual activity. When more votes
are collected this chart will return next issue.
Thats all for this edition, to place your votes in the
'Top Bbs' and 'Top Bbs Caller' catogories, simply
donate your votes on the Domination world hq, Down
By Law.
To remain number one, always think yourself to be the
number two.
                                                                       Sincere Regards;
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