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                                      *  Summary  *
Well the final pages of Domination are on your screen.
Once again a mammoth issue.
Next edition will return to normal size with an
expanded staff once again.
Thanks must go to Zyron/F4CG, Nebula and Morbid
for their exclusive musical help towards this magazine.
International greetings fly to the following groups:
Alphaflight, Chromance, Avantgarde, Success * Trc,
Hitmen, Motiv8, Acrise & Excess, Laxity, Trsi, Talent,
F4cg, Not, Fairlight, Triad, Crest, Camelot, Flash Inc,
Light, Equinoxe, Reflex, Byterapers, Smash Designs,
Shape, Censor, Legend Pc, Style, Graffity, Vibrants,
Focus, X-Rated, Ag*ny, Ambush,Chalice and Extend.
Any contributions can be made on any of the official
'Domination' boards.
For the fastest response, leave reactions, votes,
or any queries at:
Down By Law XXXXXXXXXXXXX (non-blacklisted)
The Domination Official World HeadQuarters.
Email account: #2
Sanitarium XXXXXXXXXXXXX (non-blacklisted)
The Domination Official European headQuarters.
Email account: #42
Finally special thanks go to the crew, the people that
are responsible for this production.
Without their continued support, this issue wouldn't
have been possible.
All i can say is wait for the approaching Domination,
expanded staff, modified outfit and the return of
some old chapters, whilst creating others.
                                   Until Next Time.
                            The Domination Staff.
                   "Ye are of your father the devil,
              and the lusts of your father ye will do."
                                      St John 8:44
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