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                                      -** SHORT! **-

I warmly welcome you to a chapter called SHORT!, as you
can see...
On the following pages you can read statements from
three people, given to several short questions.
This time those three people will be:
-Weasel  / Avantgarde
-H-Bloxx / Acrise*Excess
-Peacemaker / Hitmen
Lay back and enjoy....
1. When did your scene-career start?
W: That was long time ago! } It started back in the year
     1986...... that was like 1 1/2 years after I got my C128
     (which I used in C-64 mode only from almost the very
     beginning...........!! })
H: My scene career startet when I joined Cadgers in
    early 1993! Some time later and various groups be-
    tween I got the offer to join F4CG as Megaswapper.
    I agreed and so I was the new Megaswapper in F4CG
    for some months.... In late 1994 I joined TRISTAR+RED
    SECTOR INC. for some weeks, but as the current
    organizer sucked like hell (Hi Volker!) I decided to go
    back to F4CG.... After the EXCESS part v3 I spoke to
    Red Rock several times and after some time I joined
    EXCESS as they kick! Hmm..... I am in EXCESS for over
    a year now! Some weeks ago I also joined SCS*TRC as
    as I got the offer to (Ed.: but is out when I typed this)
    As EXCESS is in the coop with ACRISE I am Mr.Double
    Coop now.....  SCS*TRC/ACR+EX that's it... OK?!
P: HA! Start? Did it ever start? } Well, I think in 1989
    when I joined RED SECTOR INC. Was the real first big
    group I joined. Before that I have been in smaller
2. Is there a scene for you anymore?
W: Sure there is! It's still a very nice scene on C-64 and
    also the best of all scenes from othr systems!
H: Compared to the past?! Hmm... I think there is a
    scene, but more fun and friendship wise...... Warez
    do not count that much anymore...
P: Well, sure things changd the lst years, but it is still
    interesting for me to do my job for the C64 scene.
3. If there is a scene for you }, how would you des-
   cribe it?
W: It's a scene based on a certain spirit which is hard
    to describe to anyone who does not know our C-64
    sceners' behaviour... You have to expirience it your-
    self... It's a mixture of cool friendship and very nice
    'pals' arround!
H: It is full of friendship and fun. Dudes stick together
    and fight for each other. You call arround, chat
    here and there, meet this and that person, I would
    say phuuuuuuuuunnn..... is the word for todays
    scene..... }!
P: Corrupt. But funny!
4. What do you prefer in this scene, comparing to PC,
    Amiga etc.?
W: The C-64 scene is not as fucking business like as on
    PC and AMIGA..... It's more the same intuition of all
    people! They wanna have fun and wanna meet cool
    mates. Many friendships can last a life long!
H: PC SUX, just money keeps the stuff going, Amiga is
    lame too, no friendship... The PC could be cool, but
    the money factor is too high..... Rest see question
P: It is the friendship that I like. Calling other people
    and having fun on the phone. PC and Amiga is a way
    too large for me. PC and Amiga just leeeeeeeeech
    and uploading.... CREDITS!!!!
5. What is your role in the group/scene?
W: I started as a cracker and am still a cracker these
    days! } In the scene I wanted to act fair and as a real
    friend and pal who you can trust blind!
H: I am Megaswapper with +/- 140 pals, I edit Nitro,
    do some orri supply and suck ma dick here and there
    .... aehm....
P: Doing nothing and that much. HAHA }
    Nah, pal/ntsc fixing, phreaking, my board, some
    coding and deciding to kick and let people join HITMEN
    along with CURLIN and JIHAD. (I like that) Hu!
6. How long will the scene be interesting for you?
W: The scene will be interesting for me as long as there
     are cool people left and as long as people accept my
     person beeing present in general (ed.: do they?? })
H: I guess forever as it is/was a part of my life, I will
    always remember it I think... As long as I have a target
    I will stay I would say....
P: As long as I got codez to call out. Calling some dutch
    spankers } . Just as long as I have phun. Games dont
    mean much to me anymore...
7. Considering the boardscene, what do you think
    about it?
W: The boardscene used to be damn biiiiiig in former
     days! That was cool... but as many methods to call
     for free to USA died the last years it slowed down!
     But still there are ways and many boards left
     though. The boards have bee a completly new chap-
     ter in C-64 live!
H: It is cool, much fasster than this mail crap, but un-
    fortunately I am not used to the board scene, it will
    maybe change soon.
P: To less people calling US-boards. Codez, that what
    they need and hard to get nowadays. Hopefully
    changing soon again. But still funny to call boards.
     Posting crap!
8. What do you think about the mail scene?
W: The mail scene was where all has begun! Those days
     were the best I wil always remember! It was also the
     time where I started my 'scene-career' in....! Those
     where the days with enough to crack and enogh cool
     quality game-productions! }
H: It kixx, you get to know people from many different
    countries and you have always dudes you can rely
    on and with whom you can chat... The warez sprea-
    ding is pretty slow, but I think the mailscene is the
    base for the C64 scene...
P: Oh yes, I like the mail-scene.. Coz ya can see alota
    stuff there ya wont get at boards. Nice to watch
    some intros of groups ya have never heard. Too
    bad, I am too lazy to mailswap, but hell, did years ago.
9. Catchword: Internet!
W: Coolness! } I really love I-net! Although it's nothing
     compared to the C-64 scene! It's just a very nice
     and easy way to get in touch with lotsa people all
     over the world!
H: Maybe the future for the C64 as it is much cheaper
    than calling boards... We will see how it develops...
P: Great thing with 14.4 and Swiftlink. Need a better
    outdial for a 14.4 connect or a better modem.
    Internet is surely interesting for me.
10. The best expirience in your career?
W: ... the day I entered the computer scene
    (by accident)... as always 'dreamed' about that to
    happen... but never it happens in reality.... that there
    might be guys somewhere who know and remember my
    nsame or handle....!! }
H: Maybe it was as I joined F4CG as a new part of my life
    started... Also as I met this EXCESS dudes... The first
    calling card/vmb system was cool, too....
P: Erhmm. What a question. Don't know. There were alot.
    (Ed.: Really? })
11. The worst experience in your career?
W: Seeing the going down of that machine I'm still typing
    on right now! But nothing is forever... So it was cer-
    tain that it will happen some day! :(
H: Getting a visit by the lame post fuckers they showed
    me a map containing same copies of sendings I mailed
    out... and they asked for real addys... this sucked!
P: There haven't been much (Ed.: Really? })
12. Do you think we need parties like: 'TP5', 'X95',
      'Tribute', etc....?
W: One word: S U R E ! ! ! That's the best place to meet
    people you always wanted to meet in your whole
    (scene-) life amd people u talk 2 since ages but
    never met!
H: Yaeee! Parties are cool also I sadly just have been
    on computer meetings at commercial tradings or the
    EXCESS parties.
P: Oh yes. Party is very very important. Meeting all the
    guys there and having even more fun with beer and
    drugs. Talking bullshit and doing serious buisiness.
    HAHA! Really, I am looking forward to the X-96.. will be
    great I think.
13. What do you think about games?
W: Games are cool! They surely used to be better in
    former days! But that's why there are other ma-
    chines on the market these days! } I like gaming
    around! It's funny and can be educational!
H: Cool, if they have some style and a real interesting
    game play... but not such lame tron-games, ripp offs
    or puzzle shit...
P: Havent played a new game since years. Just testing
    them when I fixed one. They are mostly all lame. And
    don't have the time for playing games, but I remem-
    ber when I played games like e.g. Pirates (Ed.: me too!)
    and Last Ninja 1-3. Great Games.
14. What do you think about demos?
W: Best thing ever invented in a scene! I simply
     L O V E demos on every computer system! It shows
     what the machine u see it on is able to produce!... and
     it is a pure scene-product! Kewl!
H: Comparing todays demos with the past I must say
    they really kick... although some old demos were
    pretty cool, too!!
P: Too much 4*4 pixel 'shit' nowadays, but like 'em thou.
    Which one I loved was the one from SHAPE. Great
    work pals, go ahead!
15. What do you think about magazines?
W: A very nice way to get informed about anything what
     is going on in a scene! Very necessary and also very
     sensitive area for the editors of a mag! It's like in
     real life! You need to be most precise in your ar-
     ticles and also truthful!
H: The medium with which we can chat... the flood of
     iformation is solved with them... VANDALISM, RELAX,
     PROPA and PULSE kick ass nowadays...
P: I like to read some of them. Just the board magazines
    of course }. Wont tell ya which I love the most HAHA!
16. What do you think about the groups?
W: Still a pretty nice mixture of all kinds of people! It
     has changed a lot since I started.... but it's cool to
     see that there are still guys who care about C-64!
H: Hu, hu which ones?! AVT, SCS*TRC, AFL, F4CG, C, HIT,
    HC... Mostly they kick, although the name is mostly
    more than the action...
P: Erhmm. Which groups? About all groups? Tyron.. what
    a stupid question } } (Ed.:})
17. What do you think about the atmosphere?
W: Best atmosphere in the C-64 scene! I've never
    expirienced any kinda similar scene-atmosphere
    somewhere else in another computer scene till now!
H: Hu, todays groups try to keep the friendship to-
    wards others... Wars seem to be old styled.. aehm...
P: Oh my God. Another one of these great questions. }
    Atmosphere? Ehrm... Yep. It is cewl.. Nah.. Great, or
    something like that.
18. What do you think about the pointsystem for first-
W: Oh well! Can't tell you much about this from my point
     of view as I don't really care about that! } I always
     had my own kind of point-system when I looked at
     releases of other (competition-) groups!
H: It is OK in general, but as today some basic games
    come out, too, you should at least give one point for
P: Oh well, it is okay for me. Points are very very very
    important for the cracking scene. Didn't ya know? }
19. Who's ('re) the most important person (s) in your
W: PWEEH! A hard question! Hmm... I'd say my best friend
    (Tobias) in 'real' life is very important to me! And also
    my parents! As they always were loyal to me in cer-
    tain 'unfair' life-situations!
H: Probably my girlfriend 'Kesta' she really gives me
    the power I need for (HARD?!) life....
P: My mum, girly and all of my friends.
20. Is there something like a best friend for you in the
W: My best scene-friend and also a very good pal in
     real life is DEEJAY/CRAZY+LOTUS! (real name:
     Stefan) }
H: Best friend... Hm, I think I have a lot of 'friends',
    whole EXCESS and others for sure, too! No space
    left to mention them here...
P: Hmm, I have alota good friends here in our town. And
    some in Holland. (Spankers Heaven), and in other
    countries. I looooooooovvveeeee them all.. }
21. Is there a girl you remember in the scene?
W: Hmm... No one I had known enough to say it's worth
    remembering! There used to be some scene-girls in
    the USA-BOARD-SCENE I knew off...!!
H: Yae, this 'MAV/EAX', Dagmar really was cool, but
    sadly I hadn't heard from her for quite some time!
    (Hey, please send somethjhing, MAV!!)
P: Oh, oh.. Not that I can remember of.
22. Would you like some girls on C64?
W: Who wouldn't like that...?! } It's really sad that com-
     puters are such a men's only world most of the time!
     Thst should change some day! Really!
H: Why not?! A cool conversation with some girls would
    be cool....
P: Hm. If they are in HITMEN and fix for me, why not, but
    then again, C64 is for men only. HAHA! Just joking!
    Sure, would be funny on parties...
23. How important is communication for you,
       concerning your group?
W: Normally it's pretty important to me! As I like talking
     to the guys I'm in a group with..... But these days it's
     depending on cheap possibilities to be able to do
     that. That's the sad point about it!
H: Very big! I hate to get news from my own group from
     others for example! Without communication this all
     sux like hell....
P: Very important I would say. Keeps a group together.
    And friendship with other groups...
24. In which way do you contact the members in your
W: It used to be a weekly meeting here in my town when
     I started! Nowadays the group members live far
    away so the phone is the only way to keep in contact
    most of the time! And that's the point where I need to
    say fuck German Telekom!!! (h/p/a rules even more
    in 1996) }
H: I try to send some packs to the ones I should get in
    touch with... Mostly I call each member is it is possible
    (cc or stuff)...
p: Erhmm, with a telephone! }                                                                                                 
25. Is there a future for your group?
W: I hope so! } And if not I hope to be able to stay in this
    fantastic scene anyways somewhere! }
H: Hey, why not?! As we stay together in friendship, I
    think there certainly is a chance to survive and kick!
P: There has been a great past, so there will be a
    future. More or less. }
26. Anyone you would like to greet?
W: WOW! What a tough one! } It's so easy to forget
    somebody.... and that's really the thing I hate! So best
    ROCK, O.B., PEACEMAKER, YANKEE... and all I really did
    not want to forget, but might have by accident! }
H: Hmm, too much to mention here, all pals in
    AFC, F4CG and all other friends, pals and groups I am
    in touch with... pardeeeeeey on!
    not forget someone               /PEACEY
So that's all for now! Hopefully you enjoyed to be able
to compare what people from different groups are
answering to the same question. If you have any
suggestions to make it in another or probably better
way, leave me e-mail on any bbs or call the following
VMB: XXXXXXXXXXXX or simply send me a letter and get
the adress from the advertisment chapter.
So long.... see you next time....
Additional, following text by  Peacey:
                            * I can smell yar pussy.. *
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