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                                    * The Reactions *
Welcome once again to the feedback section on the
public view of this magazine.
Here reader's get the chance to send there remarks,
critism and any comments they feel will inspirate the
magazines performance.
As usual, thank you for any constructive critism you
have to give. Your reactions help in the construction,
presentation and reading enjoyment to help make it
a better magazine.
There really can never be a perfect magazine, but i
hope you can give instruction to be better.
Reactions may be left either in Email (Internet/Bbs) or
simply on the back of one of the Domination votesheets
being spread around.
It was really nice to see the new issue of 'Domination'
finally, i enjoy the new outfit and new ideas, like for
example the group story about Alphaflight..
The idea is good and i hope that we can put together a
similar story of Active someday.
Thanks for the comments, i think we will use this outfit
until issue nine, then change to a new one.
This ones capabilities haven't yet been exceeded, so a
few more surprises yet!
The 'Group Introduction' chapter i thought to be a nice
way for sceners to better understand scene history,
which is normally only available through old disk mags
or in interviews in a jumbled form.
Here in this chapter i believe to be a more detailed
report on one sole group.
Hope you enjoy this issue.
Hello David!
A few thoughts about your mag.. the 6th issue was a
really nice one, it contained almost all what a scener
wants to see in a disk magazine, so i was quite pleased
with it.
As i am also a so called 'Game Developer' i mostly like
the commercial columns, and your mag always gives me
some new information, but it would be more fine if you
could expand the size of this column.. unfortunatly
sometimes theres nothing to write about.
I cannot say much about the outfit, it's comfortable
and easy to use, but it would worth to add something:
as a lot of people (me too) prefer using keyboard
instead of joystick, in my opinion you should add
keyboard controlling to the code.
Ofcourse it's not a must, only an advice..
Thats all i'd have to write, keep up your good work and
try to release your mag more often.
Thanks for the comments Victor.
When the new outfit arrives such the keyboard
control will be one of the options available.
I am glad you enjoy the 'Game Scene' chapter, this is
for me a very important chapter and i would ofcourse
be delighted to expand it. But i can only enlarge it with
each issue's contributions and happening, several
years ago such chapters could've been turned into an
entire magazine!
Pingo - sysop of Southpole:
Glad to see such a nice and fresh cool magazine, and
glad to see people really care about god (the 64).
I just want to say i'm happy, and keep up the good work.
Small comments, but nice!
Regarding the c64 as god is a little bit too much i think,
but i think if we treat the computer as such there
would be o problem with the scene dying, enjoy!
Not too much feedback from last issue, but hence
with new editors, chapters and general change in
the rawness of the magazine, i expect the usual
amount in the forthcoming edition.
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