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Acrise & Excess (Ger,Hol)
The coop still continued but without the release of
their magazine Nitro or Sanforized.
Even though they have both been promised, it appears
Nitro will be the first to arrive.

Sush left Laxity and joined in and Creb left Laxity to
remain in the cooperation.
In the meantime Artex got booted for inactivity and
Fli quitted the scene to move to another country.
Bad news with Authentic and Twynn leaving the group
for other ventures, Riddler left them also to
concentrate on his activities within Swedish based
group, Active.
All is not lost however, La * Style/Motiv8 allowed his
board to be used as a support bbs for Acrise & Excess
but never joined them and remains still in Motiv8.
Galactus decided to leave the group and to shut down
his bbs BLUE GALAXY and then try sell the equipment,
so that leaves them without an American board.
Mendrake will release Megamadness edition #11
sometime this summer and is currently helping with
the reconstruction of American group NOT (Noble
Order of Thieves)
Under some confusion, Escic joined in as graphician,
as a rumour was spread he joined Onslaught, but this
turned out to be false.
Nasty Boy and Echo got kicked out in the meantime.
Mail trader H-Bloxx left Scs*Trc to focus on Acrise
and Excess and to also help edit the Nitro magazine,
he is also having some activities on the Amiga scene.
Hopefully more productions will follow soon from this
group, as there is plenty of talent to be used.
Official Member Status
Alien Prophet,Beat up,Bordeaux,Cat,Creb,Decoy,
Escic,Gash,H-Bloxx,Hornet,Master S,Mendrake,
Red Rock,Rhx,Sentinel,Spermbird,Vague and Sush.
Official boards worldwide
Dragon Tower - XXXXXXXXXXX
The Hidden - XXXXXXXXXXX (new number)
Alphaflight (Ger,Usa,Pol,Uk,Hol)
The German based group have been doing quite well
for themselves since last issue.
Firstly, Rick/Ex-Paramount joined as a swapper.
Rayden/Chalice joined as a graphician,coder and
musician. Infact his last release was the Chalice demo
NoFx, entirely made by him.
Violator/Laxity joined Alphaflight, but after some
weeks he left again to join the expanding fprces of
Danzig/Ex-X-Rated joined the flight as a coder, in
the meantime members Skinhead, Skidrow and The
Mercenary were put on the inactive list.
The recruiting continued with Archangel/Vermes
joining in to help the Polish section and Flash joined
in as a Polish coder and graphician.
Lately some disturbing news that Chotaire got busted
on June 1st for calling card fraud; seems they traced
him and have a list of all numbers he called.
The companies he was abuzing were World Link Premier
and small time Delta Tel.
His bbs is offline and it is warned that know one should
call there, it is uncertain if it will be back online again,
but we will keep you uptodate on this matter.
Alphaflight have been releasing quite actively of late
and give great contribution to one of the leading
magazines, Relax.
Official Member Status (according to Marc)
Ancient Mariner,Archangel,Blaze,Calypso,Chotaire,
Cryonic,Danzig,Flash,Ignorance,Marc,Max,Pol Pot,
Rayden,ream,Rick,Shuze,Styx,Xenox and Zapotek.
Official boards worldwide
The Evil Island - XXXXXXXXXXX
Holiday Inn Cambodia - XXXXXXXXXXX
The Pirate Island - XXXXXXXXXXX (down)
Laxity (Ger,Hol)
Laxity have over the past few months made themselves
more know on the boards, first release wise.
But are one of the groups who is always changing
memberstatus on a regular basis.
Firstly AngelDust/U-Turn rejoined after having left
them earlier, only to be later kicked from the group.
Creb/Acrise&Excess left them in order to focus on
his first group.
Gangstar was put on the inactive list and Violator
joined Alphaflight (and then later, Triad).
To replace Violator, they signed on Danish swapper
It is rumoured they are working on a disk magazine
and a demo, and it is known that the demo will be coded
by Jer, which will hopefully see light of day soon.
Official Member Status
Calamity,Didi,Dr Dre,Jer,Kbs and Manik.
Active (Sweden)
This well established group turned seven years old
on May 1st (ed:congratulations) and celebrated with
style with a intake of talented members.
To begin with Trident/Ex-Triad joined in as a musician,
which is great to see considering he quit the scene at
an earlier stage.
Moon/Flash Inc joined them as musician.
Fox however, was booted because of inactivity and
leading profile, Riddler, decided to leave his second
group; Acrise & Excess, to focus on his first group.
It is also rumoured that there will be an Active demo
released sometime this year. time will tell..
Official Memberstatus (according to Riddler)
Artlace,Baxter,Injun Inc,Moon,Riddler,Stash,Surfer,
Trident,Trasher and Wolverine.
Worldwide web - XXXXXXXXXXX
Worldwide web - XXXXXXXXXXX
Fairlight (Swe,Aus,Ger,Pol)
The Swedish pride have gone through some changes
since last issue and appear to be making a much
welcomed comeback.
Old veteran Lexi quitted the Snes scene and rejoined
the Flt division on C64.
Trash/Ex-Booze Designs joined as a coder and they
also signed on Thunderblade and MacGyver/Ex-Awt
as a swapper.
Flt also took on some old Exxos members because they
are doing several projects with 20mhz coding and
improvements on games in 20mhz mode.

Their main programmer Tron is soon moving to Usa,
but will be releasing a whole disk demo called "LEGOLIZE
IT" with fellow members Rowdy and Trash.
Their world hq WARES AQUARIUM is now also shared
with Hitmen to support the Hitmen Swedish section.
11 Fairlight members are on trial still and will become
full members when they have done something worthy
under the Fairlight lable.
Comments from Sledge/Fairlight
"The plans we have for the future is to focus on the
demo scene more and release more useful utilities.
Also our golden collection Cd is a huge project, with a
lot of games squeezed onto one cd.
We will also run Flt in the current suit and study whose
doing what and if they are suited to continue in Flt."
Product List for 1996:
Tronmon v2.11, Devil Tracks 3, Reformation #11,
PC 64 ass (cross assembler), Visual Orgasm 2,
X-Ass Dev.kit 3.4, New whole disk demo (Legolize it),
Cd Rom (from Bacchus) and unreleased one part demo
(from Harlekin and Vectrocon).
Spirou closed down FUTURE ZONE after 5.5 years online
due to motivation.
Official Member Status
Bacchus,Big user,Delta,Diverse,Enduro,Gerwin,
Red Devil, Spirou,Sledge,Tron,Trash,Tabasco,Vodka,
Vectrocon and Watchman.
Official boards worldwide
Wares Aquarium - XXXXXXXXXXX
Triad (Swe,Pol)
Another Swedish group that is on the road to active
recovery is Triad.
They signed on a large amount of members, firstly
Ambient members: Taper, Quorthon,Meatball, Father
Dagon and Disaster joined the Triad fleet.
With the joining of Taper they gained yet another
Swedish board, ANTIDOTE.
Tao opened his board called VIRTUAL LIGHT and has
since been called by many the best board in Sweden.
Dane however left the group and will use his skills
now with the guys in Crest.
But they soon gained Sliver/Scs*Trc as a graphician.
Triad are planning to release (4) demos, Refugee
(Red Storm 2) which has been in production for over
two years now by Kingfisher. Also Mindexpander
is coming along and also two other demos.
Triad picked up in the mail market by gaining Swedish
megaswapper Violator/Afl, who joined in.
Official Member Status
Cash,Dr Disk,Disaster,Father Dagon,Iopop,Jerry,
Kingfisher,Meatball,Mr Ammo,Quorthon,Sailor,Sliver,
Tao,Twoflower and Taper.
Official boards worldwide
Virtual Light - XXXXXXXXXXX
Worldwide web - XXXXXXXXXXX
* Therapy Member Status:
* Vergo left Therapy to join Megaunit.
* Compufix joined Therapy as a swapper and mag edit.
* The Pulse is dead!!
Read more in the guest editor section entitled:
* Tao/Triad is working on a machine language version
of C*BASE. This should improve the speed and make it
100% error free aswell as expanding it's possibilities
* Scenest '96 Results (Budapest, Hungary)
Demo:                                        Graphics:
#1 Ellenanyag/Profik          #1 Tyrant/Therapy
#2 Television/Trsi                #2 Ollie/Chorus
                                                    #3 Splash/Resource
#1 Troy/Therapy
#2 Taki/Natural Beat
#3 Eclipse/Replay
* Soon coming parties in the future;
Puke 4x4 (July) - Koszalin, Poland.
Demobit '96 (Sept) - Bratislava, Slovakia.
Assembly '96 (Aug) - Helsinki, Finland.
* Plush Member Status:
Dow Jones,Gangstar,Caprice Design, Map.
* Brisco will soon leave the c64 scene for the Arcon.
* Oxyron Member Status:
* Joyride/Noice will put 'The Highway' back online as
soon as he gets his harddrive problems fixed.
* Graffity are back!
They have five original members plus, Clarence and
Ollie of Chorus joined in also. They will be releasing
their comeback demo somethime this year.
* Chorus is now dead.
* Polish group Faith and Galicya joined together and
now all work under the Faith lable.
* Miracles Member Status
* Ray joined Cascade as musician.
* Cyance/Centric was REFLEX's last official release
on C64, they will gradually work their way onto the
Pc scene, with the exception of some members.
* Crossbow/Crest offered a DCC-SEND of their new
demo "MEET CREST" on the Internet and uploaded it on
Utopia. When unzipped it was their old demo,Avantgarde
A nice April fools!!
* T'pau are still alive and will be releasing a demo soon,
they have an ftp site at: XXXXXXXXXXX
* Alter Member Status (according to Logger)
* Atlantis Member Status (according to Chaotic)
Avalanche,Dr Science,Dr Zoom,Robocop,Agemixer,
Ba,Chaotic,Cop,Dano,Dr Doom,Dr Who,Freddie,Kirby,
* A new demo will soon arrive from Jeroen Tel/Focus
called "NOISE OF MANIACS" it will be a compilation of
unreleased musics.
* Eclipse/Replay/Therapy left Therapy.
And that is all for this issue, if there is any news or
comments to be made, simply leave in email or vmb.
Hope you have enjoyed this issues coverage of the
latest happening of the C64.
                                                                        Sincere Regards;
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