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                             *  News and Rumours *
Dear Reader;
Welcome back once again to the news section.
This edition because of magazine delay and the sheer
amount of news i have gathered, i've been forced to
divide the news into two sections.
If you have interests in the happenings of Anarchy,
The Usa Scene or the Commercial scene, load these
chapters for more news and updates on their fields.
Thank you to the groups, sysops, mail traders and
such who have helped me in compiling this chapter.
Due to the misunderstandings or incorrect statements
from group representatives, there maybe some non
correct texts over the following pages.
If in any case, something is wrong, merely leave some
feedback for the problem to be rectified.
                                                                              General Editor
MOTIV8 (Den,Usa,Ger)
The very active Danish group have made more changes
since last issue in their line-up.
Firstly Lyon/Feniks joined Motiv8 as a coder and will
remain in Feniks as his second group. He will be also
responsible for some tools that are to be released.
After the mess up with Galactus, Motiv8 gained another
Usa board, Sphere/Style joined in as 2nd group and
to sysop with LIQUID PALACE.

Not too long after this occurred, La*Style/Ex-[O]
joined in with his new bbs THE HIDDEN. This rather nice
german bbs later changed number and also became a
support board for Acrise and Excess.
However, unlike written on the boards, La * Style did
NOT join Acrise&Excess, but merely allowed them to
make use of his bbs.

Mhd/M8/Feniks left Acrise & Excess officially to
concentrate his activities in Motiv8 and the Polish demo
group Feniks.
Everything seem to be okay until Sphere had some
problems with his modem and had to take LIQUID PALACE
down for a while, since the problem has been fixed, but
users now have to re-apply for new applications
because of the crash.
Spider quit the scene, placing Mhd in lead of the Polish
Motiv8 have been steadily working on building up their
demo section, which will be lead by Greenfrog.
This section also, will probably be responsible for the
delayed Motiv8 magazine, 'Earthshake' which will be
edited by former Bronx member, Bird.
As with normal releases, they have shown an intense
release rate with cracks, a small music collection from
Mhd and various other releases.

Official Member Status (according to Crossfire)
Binjinx,Bird,Crossfire,Clive,Eddie,Fresh Prince,
Mason,Mhd,Merlin,Nuke,Sphere,Stone and Tmg.
Official boards worldwide
The Liquid Palace - XXXXXXXXXXXXX
The Hidden - XXXXXXXXXXXXX (new number)
Success * Trc (Hol,Ger,Usa,Czech)
The ruling cooperation have been advancing at a
steady rate after their new years clean up.
The X-96 party was an obvious success and a more
indepth look at it can be read in the X-96 report
However, after the party some bad news.
Burglar was taken to hospital and was paralyzed on
half of his body. It was believed to be caused by a
minor brain infection. But everything is alright now as
he recovered from this set back and is now quite fine.
(ed: well done Enno! 8))
American scener Tristan/Empire returned to the
scene and joined them, pushing Empire back to his
2nd group. He will serve with his hacking*phreaking
There last Polish member, Titanic, decided to quit the
scene and thus no Scs*Trc Polish section is in
H-Bloxx decided to leave them in order to concentrate
his efforts in Acrise & Excess and to work for the
Nitro magazine.
Their relationship with Hitmen became stronger with
Scs*Trc board THE DUNGEON also becoming a Hitmen
In similar fashion Hitmen board MYSTICAL PARADISE, is
now also shared by Success * Trc.
Lately graphician Sliver left them to see his work used
more in the ranks of Swedish group Triad.
Some members have had minor hassles with other
groups, namely Nightshade debating with Deff/Avt
over the release of the game ON ICE.
Then  CountZero with the entire Onslaught crew and
other individual sceners over many various matters.
However all is not gloomy with many releases promised
from the group. However Cba will be venturing to
Denmark for a month this summer and Nightshade will
travel all the way to Australia to also visit with Jazzcat
Vengeance and other Australian Onslaught members.

Official Member Status
Coolhand,Credo,Countzero,Lord Crucifer,Micron,
Trax and Tristan.
Official boards worldwide
The Dungeon - XXXXXXXXXXXXX (new number)
Mystical Paradise - XXXXXXXXXXXXX
The Digital Dungeon - XXXXXXXXXXXXX
Avantgarde (Ger,Usa,Swit,Pol,Den)
Former leading cracking group as gone further into
decline with rumours saying that it will soon die and
maybe members will join F4cg.
However this hasn't been either confirmed nor denied
so it cannot be taken seriously at this stage.
Both Derbyshire Ram and Intruder completely slowed
down their activities in the mail scene leaving Avt
crippled in the mail market.
Their board DreamPark has gone down, and maybe
forever, apparently sysop Cyborg closed it down
because the hard drive was full and it is unknown
if the board will be online again.
Their main cracker and very active member, Jack Alien
slowed down activities due to his school.
However on a positive note, Danish member Metal will
release a music collection of unreleased tunes under
the Avantgarde lable.
In comparison with the groups death rumour, they
are also apparently releasing a good bye demo soon.
Only time will tell.
Official Member Status (according to Deff)
Alien,Jack Daniels,Metal/Cml/Vibrants,Renegade,
Skywolf,Thorn and Trimone.
Official boards worldwide
Dream Park - XXXXXXXXXXXXX (down)
Hitmen (Ger,Usa,Swe)
The comeback of this group as scene by all is an
extremely good one with much activity taking place
since last edition.
Apart from releasing their demo 'Cucumber Juice'
(reviewed this issue) they also managed to release
two lo-res graphics collections from Tyron.

On a different note, Dr Doom left the scene, due to
lack of motivation.
Moby and Arrogance kicked out due to inactivity.
But all was not last as they signed on Stan/X-rated
who joined as a swapper, Luke/Ex-Rebels as a
coder and cracker and Swedish trader Motion who
left Chromance to join their forces.
Zore/Hardcore joined as a graphician along with
Polish graphicians Banshee and Balance.
Unfortunately Lawnmower Man left them due to
problems with the behaviour of some of the members.
Their board Mystical Paradise became also Success
and Trc's european headquarters and in return
Scs*Trc board The Dungeon is now shared with them
as their new whq.
Mystical Paradise went through further changes by
changing from Crossfire Mod to Cyborg Mod to the
dissatisfaction of some and the pleasure of others.
Flt bbs WARES AQUARIUM also became a hq of theirs.
Hitmen, although not entirely active on the cracking
scene as far as first releases go have built up to
become one of todays strongest groups.
Apparently they will also help organize the X-97 party
with Scs*Trc, thus showing further good relationship
with the Dutch based cooperation.

Stan may also open his own board in the summer of this
year, adding another to their list.
But on a bad note a federation against Swedish member
Tranziie was formed by Swedish members, mainly those
in the group 'Alter'. The group being called simply FAT
(Federation Against Tranziie) have already released
some anti demos against him.
Official Member Status (according to Tyron)
Alchemist,Balance,Banshee,Curlin,Groepaz,Hi Lite,
and Zore.
Official boards worldwide
The Dungeon - XXXXXXXXXXXXX (new number)
Mystical Paradise - XXXXXXXXXXXXX
Wares Aquarium - XXXXXXXXXXXXX
F4cg (Bel,Swe,Ger,Pol,Ita)
International sensation F4cg had some minor changes
in their line up this issue.
Firstly Decoder and King were kicked due to inactivity.
Swedish musician and long time Antic member Zyron
left them and joined F4cg to greater use his musical
Newscopy announced  TRIBUTE 2 which will be held some
time this year in Gotheburg/Sweden.
It will be announced through an official flier and also
on disk. But since this announcement, no further
details have been given.
Two members returned from inactivity to their forces
firstly Solar returned from his venture to the United
States to boost in the organization on the C64 and SNES
Also former member Scorpie returned to the scene
and the group to serve as a graphician.
Leader of the demo division, Draz, should have
released the sequel to WOIIFTD at the X-96 party, but
it looks like the release date shall now be either the
soon coming Assembly'96 or Tribute 2, it is uncertain.
Hopefully however the Propaganda sister magazine
called Propaganda Music will see the light of day soon
with the main editor being Sixx.
F4cg have lately made it clear that they wouldn't be
making any first releases from company Cherrysoft.
In a public note called 'Cherry vs Scene' they stated
that once the games are made available, they will be
evenly distributed to any cracker group that wants
them and all will recieve them at the same time.
This has been done in an attempt to bring back former
first release time pressure as was seen with other
game companies such as Ocean, System 3 etc..
They have been focusing on the internet and public
relations quite intensively and have even been
negotiating with  Censor for intros and other joint
productions, which all looks very promising.
Unfortunately their world hq Dreampark went down
as written earlier in the Avt section.
Official Member Status:
Draz,Devil,Fen 1,Hain,Morris,Maja,Motley,Mr Alpha,
Scorpie,Walker and Zyron.
Official boards worldwide
Dream Park - XXXXXXXXXXXXX (down)
Worldwide web - XXXXXXXXXXXXX
Onslaught (Aus,Ger,Hun,Pol,Swe)
Australian based group have been quite active since
last year despite early statements saying the group
was going to die.
Firstly Macx/Ambush/Eqx joined in as modem trader
megaswapper, supply and to co-edit Vandalism News.
To incorporate this he dropped activities for The
Pulse magazine.
They gained more valuable members, McByte of
Chromance left them in order to joined as modem
trader and supplier.
Nebula/Hardcore joined as coder,supplier,musician
and modem trader, even though he had quite a few
offers at the X-96 party.
B-wyze  and  Communist of Hardcore joined in to make
the German section quite strong and also to replace
Code 18, who was put on the inactive list.
Deekay became more active after getting the excellent
Crest demo out of the way and has been working
steadily on graphics for Vandalism News and the soon
coming Onslaught Design demo.
Bizarre made a great comeback after being busted
for vmb hacking, he obtained a computer/modem
and other equipment and once again can be seen on
most boards. Moses/Pandora joined with SANITARIUM
which became the new [O]+V.News & Domination Ehq.
Their Danish board WestPoint changed number,
because of its old number being blacklisted for
phreakers. But because sysop Heavyhead joined the
army, he was placed on the inactive list.
On the other hand, their world hq Down By Law, finally
got it's harddrive problem fixed and is now 100% online.
Lately Quasar/Ambush joined as a graphician and
Zakk/Ambush joined as a coder, making their Swedish
section strong once more, and also making their
demo division one with some very talented profiles.
Onslaught have since been doing great in the first
release scene and fixing scene and after the new
vandalism News was released with new outfit, coder
cracker and fixer Jolz became more recognized.
They are soon, as promised by leading members,
going to launch their debut demo which after the much
awarded Vandalism News #27, is awaited by many.
Official Member Status
Ramirez,Shocker,Tmm,The Unholy,Trouble,Vengeance,
Witty and Zakk.
Official boards worldwide
WestPoint - XXXXXXXXXXXXX (new number)
Chromance (Hun,Usa,Can,Pol,Ger)
Hungarian based old fame Chromance are still going
through a somewhat inactive period compared to
former times.
They gained a ftp site on the Internet which will be
maintained by Lion/C/Resource and Mr Wax/C
and will be an illegal and legal site shared with
Hungarian demo group Resource.
Eager to have an American board again after delays in
the rebirth of New Jersey board EDGE OF MIDNIGHT,
Scratcher joined in with his board THE BASS PLANET
which soon become the new Chromance world hq after
the demise of their Canadian bbs FINAL GENOCIDE.
However good news is that even though sysop Deviant
earlier stated that the board would never go on line
again, he recently posted it would return in some
Skull was removed from the group due to inactivity
and Mc Byte left in order to join the Onslaught crew.
Dutch megaswapper Syco will be back in activity after
finishing his exams around June.
Zar has been rumoured to have finished a demo, which
was meant for release at the X-96, but will now be
released at a later date, it will be in similar fashion to
their earlier demo called 'Fantasy'
Motion left them in order to join up with Hitmen, but he
was soon replaced by Mephisto/Ex-Pandora.
Chromance will hopefully soon return to former
activities, but one feels this will not take place until
leading profiles Mr Wax and Jazzy D are back in full
They still have managed to get some releases onto the
boards, but without their usual experienced callers
have been subdued to some re-releases. Things should
pick up once again in the near future though.
Official Member Status (according to MrWax)
Amc,Alias Medron,B0lee,Deviant,Fusion,Griff,Hedgehog
Immortal,Jazzy D,Janee,Jaydee,Lotus,Lion,MrWax,
Vector,Wozio,Xxl,Zar and Zeyex.
Official boards worldwide
Gangsta's Paradise - XXXXXXXXXXXXX

Now please load the second news section for further
of the latest happenings.
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