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Welcome to the introducing chapter for the third time!
This time I will introduce you to a reformed goup, called
HITMEN. Hopefully you will enjoy the little trip thru the
history of  HITMEN.
                                 |         * HITMEN *         |
   of H 
First let me tell you something about the members and
their function..
One of the leaders in HITMEN. He is doing crackings,
intros aswell as much (not to say most) of the organi-
zation! Mostly he uses his codes to do voicecalls
besides calling boards and being present at nearly
every party. (ger)
A quite new member of HITMEN. Joined as a
Megaswapper and original supplier. With 15 years he is
the youngest member of the group. (hol)
He restarted his work on the C64 with the rebuilding of
HITMEN. He is doing intros and also the mainpart for
a demo HITMEN is releasing at the X96. Furthermore
   for he is modding a C*base version for the MYSTICAL
PARADISE and he showed, that he is a qualified coder
in different ways. (ger)
One of the first members in the 'new' group. Doing GFX
mainly he is not often seen on the boards. He did
the 2nd place at the party in Emsdetten with one of his
GFX. (ger)
The man who gave the posse its name! One of three
leaders in HITMEN. He is doing cracks, intros and
organization. On several meetings he showed how much
beer he could drink  }  Besides C64 he is coding on PC.
Long haired..... But doing a big part in the hacking area
of the group. Showed his abilities in several cracks
for the mail scene. Calling the internet, he is often
  oftenseen on irc. He also was one of the first guys,
joining the rebuilded HITMEN. (ger)
The third one in the leading position. Together with
Jihad and Curlin, he reformed the HITMEN-gang.
Running the EHQ 'Mystical Paradise', doing a few
cracks, organizing, coding and (of course) fixing,
besides calling the boards, he is one of the most
important members of HITMEN. He is the one, setting
up thounsands of 1-800 numbers and also tollfree
numbers for Sweden and Germany to TMP. Also setting
up tollfree numbers for other boards, shows
something about his attitude.. (ger)
One of three swappers in the team. Beeing in the scene
for quite a long time, makes him knowing a lot of people
in the scene. Sometimes he also is calling boards and
shows, that he is not just interested in the mail scene.
He mainly is coding intros for the group. Sometimes
he was seen on the boards, but at the moment it is
a little quite around his person.  (ger)
He is the other one of the 'swapper-team' in HITMEN.
Together with Racoon, he managed to cover the mail
scene with their sendings. Frequently he was seen on
the boards, but regular he is calling his EHQ. (ger)
The Ministry
After the kicking of Dodger, they do nearly all cracks.
Why 'they'? With Jayce & Marcus two swedish crackers
build a team that is well known for their weird ideas
and behaviour. (swe)
He joined HITMEN to control the swedish section of
the group. Besides his job in HIT, he is writing for the
 acewell known magazine 'PROPAGANDA'. His slogan is: PAY!
And his hobby is: PARTY!... So he is known to the scene.
Regulary he is calling out to the boards and is filling
the subs with a little quality (?)... }  (swe)
A graphician! Not beeing long in the scene it comes that
HITMEN is his first group. Mainly he is doing board-gfx
besides other styles. Calling out the boards and writing
for the DOMINATION magazine are his other jobs. (ger)
Seen on nearly every board. Besides Lawnmower man
(who left the group), he is the one doing hacking and
phreaking for the group. (ger)
He is the newest member of the group. Primary he
joined to do a GFX job. In former days he used to do
this job for Hardcore.. (ger)
 tion. After this journey we will have a look at the
story of HITMEN.
It is well known, that HITMEN was existing in another
form, with some different members. JIHAD, PEACE-
MAKER, CURLIN and RACOON used to be in the 'old'
formation. In former days they concentrated on
cracking, while it is said that they nowadays concen-
trate on fixing. Do they really just concentrate on fix-
ing?? I guess not. Rumors say that they are working on
a demo, to be released at the X96 for example. Also
they showed (not just on the mail market), that they
are able to crack games. Another point is that they can
call out, what means that they have capable hackers/
phreakers. Nearly every member does his part to give
the group the chance to call out. And even if somebody
is 'just' scanning numbers, he is giving those scanned
numbers to those people, trying to hack on them.
At the moment they are the group calling out most.
There were some changes concerning the member-
stats in the last few month. First Shok'Ray was kicked,
  the Hbecause he didn't keep internal stuff for his own.
Quite a while after this, Dodger was kicked, caused by
his attitude towards the group, meaning his lazyness
for a long time. Furthermore Moby was kicked after
he showed how inactive a member could be. With his
leaving, the polish section of the group died. Lawn-
mower Man left the crew, infact that he does not get
along with the behaviour of certain groupmates. Arro-
gance also got deleted from the memberstatus! And
last but not least, Zore joined as another graphician.
With THE DUNGEON they got a well known BBS as their
WHQ, even if THE DUNGEON was offline for a long period
now. With the return of the MYSTICAL PARADISE, Peace-
maker managed to have a EHQ for the crew, but not
enough. WAQ was added to the list of their boards
finally, so that there is a list of well known boards to
mention. But back to the roots! Where for example does
the name HITMEN come from? A song from the Sisters
of Mercy was the source for the name given to the
group by Jihad. That also is the reason for the
Merciful Release sign they used in several intros.
 ise', The reason for the rebuilding was the fun they were
expecting in and with the group. All in all we will hear
from HITMEN, I guess. At least at the next party..
Their Boards:
The Dungeon * new-number-soon
The Mystical Paradise * XXXXXXXXXXXX (etc.)
Warez Aquarium * XXXXXXXXXXXX
That should be enough about Hitmen for now.
Next issue we will have a look at another group.
See ya latah....
                                                                Faithfully, yer TYRON
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