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                        * Interview - Jihad/Hitmen *
Feel welcome dear readers, to another of the classic
'Domination' interviews.
Over the months i often thought it wise to contain
a varied range of interviews from former sceners,
ones currently at their peak and other more
established ones.
This particular one however, is of a scener returning
to normal activities after some time in the wilderness.
I feel proud to present to you.. Jihad of Hitmen.
D) - Domination
J) - Jihad/Hitmen
D) Hello and welcome to the Domination, glad to have you
here in this little chapter.
As normal with most magazines, please introduce
yourself to the readers, i.e; looks,name,sex (?!) etc..
J) Well, my real name is Marc.
I am black and am around 1.88m tall. My weight has got
up to 102 kilos, which is truely too much.
I am also 25 years old.
D) It is always great to see flames of the old scene
nowadays, one of these flames is the return of Hitmen.
Why the rebirth of Hitmen? Why not start up a new
J) Since i invented Hitmen and ran the group together
with Curlin, this group meant a lot of fun for the
people that had been in it.
So when the idea to rebuild Hitmen rised up, we didn't
think about a new group name at no time.
Since it was almost the same people as years ago.
D) A few years back you made some great modem
orientated hacking utilities, which ones have you made
and what would you regard as the most useful
scanning and code hunter program on 64?
J) I guess the most important thing i did for the h/p
scene were the blueboxes i released.. the earliest
bluebox released (The Hysteric/Rsi bb was later)
and it worked fine.
Anyway, i did several scanners for pbx's & vmb's.
Released one or two.. but as i said, the bb was the real
D) What are your views on the current h/p scene, such
as the Internet growing more and more commerical,
blacklisting of boards, and general phreaking these
J) Hmmm, as for the Internet, i didn't ever like it..
as mwith the upcome of windows pc and similar lame shit
it grew much to commercial..
It is a thing i can really go without it, and for shit like
blacklisting: it was more or less abvious that phreaking
around would get harder some time..
As anyone claims to be a cool hacker/phreaker
nowadays (yeuch!).. and i really doubt that it gets less
dangerous.. to be exact, i know that for 100%.
D) Hitmen have been a noticable force since their
return, what have you guys got planned? what is the
goal Hitmen wish to achieve on this late age of the c64?
J) The first thing we in Hitmen want to have is
friendship and fun and then naturally, some really
decent releases.
D) You must have an interesting history on this
computer. Could you give the readers some details on
when you first entered the scene and what groups
and things you have done up till now.
J) To be honest, this is the hardest question in this
interview, as i can't really remember.
Most of that time is gone too long. I remember that i
started the first coding attempts in 1984 with some
sort of GCS monitor.
I entered the scene in 1988 when i joined Vision, with
the help of Curlin.
Sometime after that, Spitfire got to know me and
invited me to join Action.
After some quarrels with him, i decided to build Hitmen.
Curlin joined, and off we went. After that i don't
really remember the correct order things went.
I quit the scene, rejoined, quit again.. i don't really
When we decided to let Action die, i joined Arcade.
I didn't do too much at that time besides phreaking, but
it helped people a lot.
When i left c64 for pc, and now i'm back.
This is an incomplete summary, i know, but i don't really
remember the exact dates.
D) Glad you chose the right choice from pc back to c64,
which i think a lot of sceners do, not knowing this is the
original one.
What would be your favourite all time of the following..
Cracking Group - Radwar.
Hacker/Phreaker - Gadget/Action (Besides me, eheh).
Demo Group - Censor Design.
Cracker - Snacky/Genesis Project.
Ntsc Fixer - Peacemaker/Hitmen.
Coder - Bob/Censor Design.
Musician - Vibrants (all time best).
Graphician - Hph/Vision.
Group - Hitmen (what else?).
Disk Magazine - Sex'n'Crime by Amok.
Girl - My actual (always).
Food - Pizza.
Past Time Activity - Spare time? coding.
Movie - Don't watch any - it sux.
Drink - Bitter lemon, Beer.
Drug - Don't take any, except some pot now and then.
Sport - Hahaha - would kill me.
Sexual Position - Doggy style.
Bbs - Channel 0, Mystical Paradise.
Game (c64) - Green Beret.
            (pc) - All sux.
D) What is your opinion on magazines these days?
Are they more professional than years ago..
How should they be?
J) The techniques have surely improved. But most of
them offer too few new info. But i guess this is caused
by a lack of really important news. I mean there are
less people left.
D) Have you ever left the scene? If so, what made you
and why return?
J) I left for the pc scene, i returned because pc was
lame and i didn't find what i expected.
D) Please give the readers some info on your jobs on
c64, in the past and present day..
J) Past: hack/phreak, crack, swap, modem trade, code
Present: crack if anything decent comes up, code
whenever i find the time. I can't try the h/p section, as
this would mean real difficulties with the job i'm
D) As most would agree, the illegal scene has had a
tremendous slump in the last years.. some hope maybe
with Escom apparently selling the c64 in Asia and
Eastern europe, what do you think is a possible cure
or this computer? more games? more hardware?
J) Nothing i suppose. The c64 technique us pretty cool
for learning how a computer actually works internally,
and cool extensions for it, but there won't be anything
to really reanimate this little, but cool machine.
D) Let's pray there is hope with new companies, some
of the readers out there must know you personally,
feel welcome to say some hellos to any you feel should
be greeted..
J) I know far too many guys outta the scene, so i will
give some regards, group wise. To old (maybe no more
existing) and new groups in no order..
Action, Hitmen, Vision, Genesis, Fsw, Beastie Boys,
Radwar, Tli, Rsi, Onslaught, Alphaflight, Vibrants,
Dominators, X-Large, Triad, Censor, Crazy, Extacy,
Trc, Success, Sharks, Chromance, Wartec, Cosmos,
Legend, Ikari + Talent, Empire, Exodus, Random, Hotline,
Manowar, 711, Elite, X-Ray, Enigma, Arcade, Contex,
Digital Excess, Derbyshire Ram, 20cc, Flash Inc, Pulsar,
Wwe, Hurricane, Rebels, Fairlight, Illusion, F4cg, Ga,
Ruthless, Mcg, Mdg.
I hope that i at least mentioned half of them :)
All what you can see above is the result of a pretty
short brainstorming and should include all the people
i traded,swapped,got to know over the phone,met at
parties, coded for and with and all the cool people in
the actual and past groups.
Thanks for your comments Marc and for the time of
the interview.
         "A sociopath, lacking the restraints that hold
           a normal character together. Can become
           anything. A morality freezer, to be universally
           Charming chameleon with a scorpion's tail"
                                                                 - Color of the night.
                                                                            Jazzcat Of
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